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Corporal Punishment

Part Two

Chapter Four: The Electric Lecture

They entered the science lab and Dr. Cook smiled and waved at Ms. Temis who stood at the front of the class, a severe look of displeasure on her face.

"So here is the miscreant! I appreciate your bringing her Doctor Cook. Did she give you any problems?" Ms. Temis asked.

Dr. Cook laughed. "Not really. She just spent the last hour trying to figure out the degree of slope on a triangular pyramid that she was sitting on."

Temis sneered cruelly at the still thumb to nipple bound girl. "I trust the degree was severe?"

Dr. Cook shook his head. "On the contrary, it was a light slope, much more agonizing on her I would imagine."

Temis waved her hand. "Whatever. Sit her down here in this chair." She motioned to a large wooden chair with arm rests that sat next to the tall lab table. Dr. Cook lowered Tami down, who gasped, her eyes watering as the pain of her earlier caning surged through her butt.

"That will be adequate, Dr. Cook. Thank you." Ms. Temis said as Dr. Cook released her.

"Anytime, Ms. Temis. I hope her punishment goes smoothly." Dr. Cook reached down and tilted Tami's face up. "It was a sixty five degree slope, Tami. Good penetration depth, not to mention the spread. I hope you rethink your attitudes toward the teachers, or otherwise you will end up hurting a lot more than you are right now." Dr. Cook patted her head softly and turned, leaving her to Ms. Temis.

"Well first, let's get those ridiculous strings off your tits." Ms. Temis said crossly. With a snip of a pair of scissors Tami gasped as the weight of her arms dropped free of her nipples. It took a bit more care to get the tightened little loops of each nipple, but Ms. Temis worked quietly and with care until the string came loose, leaving two dark red marks surrounding each protruding nub.

"Hmmmm…" Ms. Temis hummed, leaning back. "That worked out better than I could have hoped. Put your arms on the rests, Ms. Edwards."

Tami lifted her arms to the rests, laying them gently down on the hard wood. Ms. Temis pulled out a roll of duct tape, tearing a two foot long swath free from the spool. Tami watched almost dispassionately as the science teacher wrapped her right wrist to the arm rest. More tape secured her elbow and other arm just as tightly and Tami only began to panic when Temis actually stooped to tape her ankles and knees to the chair. Lastly Temis pulled another small strip and placed it across Tami's mouth, effectively muffling her. Tami's responding squeal was nothing more than a minor noise.

Temis turned to the class, who had been watching with interest as Temis prepared Tami, and the young teen saw that a couple of the same students who had been in her math class were also in this one. One boy near the front was wiggling his eyebrows and making the form of a pyramid with his fingers, smiling mischievously.

Temis finally stood up and turned to the class. "Today we will be discussing the terms and facts of electricity, its uses and effects." She held up a thin wand with a glass end. With a quick flick of her thumb it started to glow purple. She turned toward Tami and lowered it quickly to the girl's swollen nipple, touching the violet wand to the stretched and abused flesh.

Tami shrieked so loudly that the class was grateful her mouth was taped. She jumped wildly in the chair, her entire torso rising upward. Temis pulled the wand away and put it down. Another long stretch of tape around Tami's middle secured her to the chair and Temis reached for her wand again. Tears poured down Tami's face, soaking the duct tape on her mouth, as she shook her head violently, her brown eyes begging, pleading with Temis not to shock her again.

But the science teacher bent forward and began touching Tami indiscriminately with the wand. The class watched as Tami bucked against the restraints as the wand touched her breasts, then her underarm. Temis moved down, ramming the wand into Tami's belly before pressing it for almost a minute against Tami's clit.

Tami could do nothing to stop her, her breathing coming in desperate gasps of sucking air as she tried to breathe through the sharp pains. Temis continued downward, shocking the young teen's thighs, the backs of her knees, and then finally the soles of Tami's feet. Tami began to choke, her throat closing up and Temis rose, quickly ripping off the tape covering the girl's face, letting the tortured girl get a huge breath.

Temis put down the wand, patently ignoring the rest of the class. She picked up several small metal clamps, each shaped with tiny metal teeth and two colored wires leading away. Tami screamed, her voice almost gone, as the first clamp snapped shut on her left nipple. A second bit down on her right and Tami went ridged, her mind almost shutting down from the pain. Temis pulled a third clamp, larger with less ridges of teeth and bent between Tami's legs. In a flash, Temis had pulled the teen's clit outward, letting the pincers of the clamp close insanely tight on the girl's flesh. Tami's eyes rolled backward into her head, but she held on to consciousness.

The wires all lead to a large black box on the science table. A large black extension cord reached to the small electrical socket embedded in the basalt surface. Temis smiled, her eyes glittering with excitement as she turned the small knob on the box to setting one.

Tami gasped, her body trembled as what seemed like a desperate itch crawled over her body, but centering on her clit and nipples. At last Temis turned toward the rest of the students, explaining the difference between amps, watts, and volts. She talked of electrical pressure and electrical volume, but Tami missed it all as the young girl dealt with the crawling of her skin.

Temis turned the knob to level two and the crawling itching feeling became a tingling. Tami moaned and she sobbed once as she felt a strange sensation from her sex. A deep rush surged through her and she felt a wave of moisture seep from her slit onto the chair. The tingling spread through her loins until she could feel it even along the rim of her bottom.

Temis continued her lecture, but stopped long enough to turn the knob to level three. Tami cried out, but not in pain, as the electrical surge sparked the necessary feeling in her sex. Tami moaned, groaning and trying to pump her hips as the electrical tingling became a sharp prickly-pin feeling. Her voice smoothed into a fluid cry of pleasure.

Temis snarled and picked up the violet wand again, touching it to Tami's breast, shocking the girl back into pain. Tami looked up at Temis, her throat sore and raw from her screams. But the orgasm faded back into the pain washing over Tami.

"This is punishment, Ms. Edwards. It's not for your sexual perversions." Ms. Temis said, her voice hard and edged. The knob clicked to level four and Tami began jerking in the chair, her muscles no longer under control.

The class watched in amazement as Tami's body seemed to tremble in the chair, shaking as if some crazy puppeteer were controlling her. Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head and her teeth grit tightly together. Without warning, Temis snapped the knob to five as the class gazed on in rapture.

Tami couldn't control the convulsions as her body reacted to the electricity. She was sure, in the recesses of her mind that Temis was burning her, as the shocking pain couldn't be explained any other way. Her mouth was open in a soundless scream, her throat long before closed to prevent further damage. Her clit felt as if someone had ripped it from her body, her breasts nothing more than huge balls of pain that hung from her chest, hurting in ways she was unable to describe.

And then it was over. Everything stopped and Tami opened her eyes, looking down at her perspiration soaked body. A puddle of her juices sat between her spread legs and her flower was still leaking. She looked up, her muscles aching but no longer in pain, as the class slowly exited the room, heading toward the cafeteria.

Ms. Temis undid the clamps, and Tami groaned, biting her lip as the small pains shot through her breasts and then her loins. Ms. Temis used her scissors to cut the duct tape, freeing Tami from the chair.

"You're eating lunch in the teacher's lounge, Ms. Edwards." Ms. Temis said. "No one wants to baby sit you in the cafeteria, so you will accompany me. Get up!"

Tami struggled to her feet, surprised that her body responded to the order. She realized that she no longer hurt from the whipping she had received at the assembly, the other tortures she had endured far surpassing the minor damage the principal had inflicted upon her.

"Let's go, Ms. Edwards." Ms. Temis said, pushing the girl toward the door. Once more Tami found herself in the hall, but this time it was empty, since all the students had hurried to the cafeteria. Surely, Tami knew, the topic of conversation would be the Assembly and her three classes.

Chapter Five: Lunch Humiliation

Ms. Temis led her to the teacher's lounge where the science teacher dropped a hot lunch from the school's kitchen in front of her. Tami ate in silence as the other teachers in the room joked and talked as if she wasn't even there. In a way, the indifferent attitude they displayed was more torture than the attention Tami had received from her classmates. Totally humiliated, Tami shrunk down in her seat, trying desperately to disappear.

Coach Hampton entered into the teacher's lounge with a smile. "Hi, Sheryl. I'm here for Ms. Edwards."

Ms. Temis looked up at the huge hulking coach, his gray hair framing his face. "Take her, Mark. I've got to get to my next class." She said waving her hand.

Coach Hampton strode to where Tami was sitting quietly. "Let's go, Ms. Edwards."

Tami nodded obediently and rose from the chair turning to follow him.

"Um! Excuse me!" said Ms. Temis angrily. Tami turned back to face her science teacher in surprise and flinched as the woman picked up the half eaten meal tray, turned it sideways and pushed it against Tami's bare body.

"I'm not your maid! Clean it up yourself! And drop the tray off at the lunch room on your way to gym." Ms. Temis said angrily.

Tami's eyes flooded with tears again and she felt the warm leftovers slide against her breasts. She could feel a bit of the gravy slip downward past her hip and move along the flow of her leg to her flower. She brought the tray downward and looked at her chest. It was spotted with mashed potatoes, gravy, and the nasty cranberry sauce the school served.

Coach Hampton rolled his eyes. "Was that really necessary, Sheryl?" He asked resignedly.

Temis glared at him. "Yes. It was."

Coach Hampton sighed. "All right. Come on, Ms. Edwards. We'll drop that off at the kitchen.

Tami led the way as Coach Hampton followed, pushing her onward as she kept slowing. The loud rowdiness of the lunchroom overwhelmed Tami as they came closer and closer. Finally, Coach Hampton opened the doors to the lunch room and Tami stepped in, holding the tray in front of her splattered body like a shield.

A sudden hush fell over the students as they spotted her, but then loud cheers erupted and Tami flushed bright red as students began yelling at her, commenting on her lunch decorated body. She hurried forward to the kitchen, depositing the tray in on the counter.

"Just a second, Tami." Coach Hampton said, looking in at the kitchen. "Let's get you cleaned up." He took her arm and pulled her onto the water soaked tiles of the kitchen back to the large sinks and washer. A large portly woman held a nozzle with a squeeze trigger and was rinsing off the trays when Coach Hampton approached with Tami. Steam rose from the torrents of hot water gushing from the nozzle.

"Pardon me, ma'am." Coach Hampton interrupted. The woman's eyes widened in astonishment as she saw the unclad beauty in front of her.

"Ms. Edwards got a little messy while cleaning up her lunch. Would you mind spraying her off?"

The woman's eyes cleared in understanding and she turned the hose toward Tami. Tami braced herself as the toggle was pressed and a high powered jet of hot water streamed toward her, soaking her body in a scalding torrent. Coach Hampton ordered her to sluice the food still clinging to her off and finish rinsing. The water was hot and in a few moments Tami was clean, but bright pink.

"Spread your legs, Tami." Ordered Hampton, who took the nozzle from the washerwoman.

"Oh please no, Coach!" begged Tami.

Coach Hampton's face hardened. "Your pussy is soaked, and not from water. I won't tolerate it. You aren't supposed to be enjoying this. Open them or I'll get the football team in here to open you up. And when I do that I won't just spray you with this water hose, I'll have you fucked with it. Now open up!"

Once more Tami choked up, small sobs escaping from her throat as she spread her legs. Coach Hampton bent over slightly, moving the head of the nozzle to right under Tami's exposed slit. His finger hit the toggle which opened the flood and the steamy water surged upward into Tami's pink creamed slit.

Tami screamed, her fingers going down to her crotch, but she had at least the presence of mind not to cover herself. Her legs buckled and even her ankles seemed to jitter as the scalding water purged her sex. Water flowed over and off her body to stream downward, gurgling down a drain nearby.

Finally Coach Hampton stood upright, the spray stopping. "Okay. I think we're done here. Let's go, Tami."

Chapter Six: An Active Egg

Tami stumbled to the kitchen door, her skin still steaming, as Coach Hampton handed the hose back to the smiling woman. The only thought in Tami's mind was to escape the kitchen and she was surprised to see that the lunchroom was empty.

Coach Hampton took her arm and she found herself propelled at a faster speed as they exited the lunchroom and walked to the gym. The cool spring air seemed almost icy on her flushed skin and goose bumps rose along her arms and legs. She turned her face upward toward the sun and realized that the hot wash, if nothing else, had seemed to loosen her body up, relaxing and easing some of her pain.

The gym was a large building with four sets of double doors leading to the main basketball court, along with two side courts separated by bleachers. Coach Hampton opened the door for her and pushed her toward the side court where her class normally met. A lump caught in Tami's throat as she saw her class sitting spaced out, ready for their normal warm up exercises.

All eyes stared at her and she resolutely stared forward, trying desperately to ignore the hungry stares. She started to move to her regular spot, but Coach Hampton stopped her, pushing her to the front of the group.

"You get to lead us in our warm up exercises, Tami. But first, I want you to have the proper attitude for it. Spread your legs." Coach Hampton said, reaching into his pocket.

Tami faced him, spreading her legs just as she did in the kitchen and watched with trepidation as he removed a small egg shaped object. It was purple and small short wire dangled from it.

"Mr. Conner! Front and center!" Coach Hampton called out. One of the boys immediately jumped up and approached.

"Yes Coach?" asked the boy.

"Please take this object and insert it into Ms. Edward's vaginal orifice." He said as a wave of laughter washed through the group.

"Her what?" Conner asked, his eyebrow raised.

Coach Hampton sighed and rolled his eyes. "Her pussy, Conner. Her pussy."

That caused more laughter and the boy's face flushed as he took the object from Coach Hampton and knelt down in front of Tami. Tami's face flushed red. Billy Conner was the school's biggest nerd and this was probably the first time he had ever actually seen a girl naked, much less got to touch one!

Conner at first just tried to push it in, but when it proved difficult he took hold of one side of her sex, pulling it open. Tami was surprised to realize that her flower had lubed itself already, despite the scalding wash she had endured. It didn't take long for the object to soak, slipping in quickly.

"Make sure it's in deep, Mr. Conner. Stick your thumb in and push it all the way into the back."

Tami gasped as she was penetrated for the first time that day, deeply, and she trembled slightly as a wave of pleasure hit her. Billy Conner grinned, his pimply face smiling in such a way that Tami almost felt sorry for the little geek. He mashed his thumb up and in, wiggling it against the sides of her well like a little worm in its hole.

"All right that's enough, Mr. Conner. I appreciate your assistance. Go sit down."

Conner stood up, suddenly looking at his thumb, coated in Tami's juices. He didn't seem to know what to do with it. He stood there with a look of disgust and of excitement all at the same time.

Coach Hampton made two steps and grabbed Billy Conner's arm, taking hold of his wrist. He pulled Conner back up to Tami and held the slick thumb up to Tami's mouth.

"Open up, Tami. Suck all that stuff off." Ordered Coach Hampton.

Tami opened her mouth and the coach pushed Conner's thumb in. Tami almost gagged, tasting the salty musky flavor, but she sucked on the boy's thumb until the coach pulled it out.

"There you go, Conner. Go sit down." Said Coach Hampton.

"Thanks Coach." The boy said with a smile.

Coach Hampton waved at him and turned to the class. "Everyone up! Twenty five jumping jacks now!" He turned back toward Tami. "You get to lead them, Tami."

Tami stared out into the sea of faces, trying desperately to find the courage. She dropped her arms to her sides and watched as everyone did the same. With much trepidation she called out the start.

"Ready, set, go. One. Two. Three…" Tami yelled out loud.

Tami began on one, jumping up and spreading her entire body, her beasts flopping. As normal, the Coach took over the counting as Tami became winded, but a sheen of perspiration coated her and her breasts ached from the bouncing. Just as they finished Tami cried out, dropping to her knees, her hands going to her sex.

Coach Hampton stepped over her, a small control box in his hand. "I hope that feels good Tami. That vibrator is on its highest setting."

Tami moaned, rubbing at her flower, almost incoherent while dealing with the earthquakes inside her.

Coach Hampton pointed at three of the boys. "You three go into the hall. There is a table with a box on it. Bring it inside. Also you will find a cooler there. Bring that as well." The three boys leapt to their feet, running to the hallway.

In a moment, another table was brought to Tami. She lay on the floor, her fingers rubbing her clit as she brought herself to a climax. In the center of the table there stood an odd looking open top box. Two circles had been cut out on the sides, and the entire inside of the box was lined with a garbage bag. Coach Hampton leaned over and opened the cooler. The class watched as he took a scoop from the blue ice chest and poured a smattering of tiny ice cubes into the box. He dropped the scoop back into the cooler.

"Well Tami. It looks like you are in pain there. So we will do what we normally do. Put it on ice."

Coach Hampton was a big man, as big as Doctor Cook had been if not bigger. He squatted down and picked her up as easily as if he were bench pressing weights. Tami startled in surprise and squealed as he held her up over the table.

"Spread your legs again, damn it." He said has he positioned her over the open top box. Tami did as she was told and Coach Hampton lowered her into the box, her open legs fitting perfectly into the cut holes on the sides. Her skin came into contact with the first few pieces of ice and she tried to lift herself up, squealing.

"Gentlemen, go get me two jump ropes!" Hampton said, pushing down on Tami shoulders. Two of the boys who had brought in the table and cooler ran to the storage closet, yanking two jump ropes out and bringing them back at a run. Tami shivered and cried as she dealt with the cold pressing up into her bottom and along the very bottom of her hot slit.

"You. Get under the table and tie her legs together as tight as possible. I don't want her to be able to pull up. Understand?" Coach Hampton ordered.

Tami felt the rough rope being wrapped around her left ankle. Then her leg was pulled tight and she felt her legs bent under the table. Her right leg was secured and she found she couldn't move less than an inch up or down, and certainly not enough to escape the freezing ice that had already numbed her.

Coach Hampton released her shoulders and pulled her arms behind her back. In short order, as if he had done it countless times to hundreds of girls, he tied her wrists together, then lashed the jump rope upward, bring her elbows together in an agonizing tightness. Just as Tami thought it couldn't get worse, Hampton went to the cooler and began pouring more ice into the box behind and in front of her.

Tami squealed loudly as the ice completely encased her sex. Worse, Coach Hampton hadn't turned the vibrator off. He reached down between her legs and spread her slit, taking the time to push a few ice bits into her swollen flower. He dried off his hands on his shirt and reached once more into his pocket, pulling out a small roll of athletic tape.

He tore a five inch piece off and picked up one of the ice bits. He positioned it in the center of the tape and the quickly pushed the taped ice against her left nipple. The tape clung to her skin perfectly and Tami shook and cried as the cold seared her nub. Hampton repeated the process for her other breast and Tami shivered, crying, and jerking as the combined vibration and ice, surged pain and discomfort through her.

Coach Hampton had the rest of the class run laps around the court, passing Tami in an unending circle. He didn't even complain as they slowed when they passed her, eyeing the trickling water from her breasts. After about twenty laps, Coach Hampton ripped the tape of Tami's breasts, the ice long since melted and each nipple as darkly pink as when he had scalded her body with hot water.

When she was lifted out of the box her bottom, legs, and loins, were bright pink, cold and icy to the touch. She dripped water all over the table and floor as she was deposited on the court with an icy thump.

"The custodian will be here in a moment, Tami. I want you to mop up this mess." He reached into his pocket and removed the control pad, turning off the vibrations inside Tami's sex. "There. That should at least ensure that you keep your mind on cleaning up this water." He turned to the class. "Everyone to the showers!" Tami lay sobbing on the court floor as the class walked past her body.

A few minutes went by and Mr. Chin, the custodian, arrived with his mop bucket. Unlike the rest of the male staff, he didn't ogle Tami, handing her the mop as if she were just a recalcitrant child. Tami struggled to her feet, taking the wooden handle and slowly running it through the puddled water. She swirled the water around, barely registering her actions when suddenly Mr. Chin smacked her ass hard with his hand, startling her.

"No! It must be wrung out now. You wring!" He pointed at the mop bucket which had a lever press. Tami stumbled to it, lifting the mop up and putting the head in the bucket, pushing down on the lever. Slowly the water streamed out of the mop into the bucket.

Mr. Chin clicked his tongue in disapproval and grabbed the mop from her. "You do not'ting right!" He pushed her aside and grabbed the mop, quickly finishing up the spill.

"You stand there. In front of bucket." Mr. Chin ordered. Tami stepped between Mr. Chin and the bucket, a look of bewilderment on her face.

"You spread leg now." Chin pointed at her legs, moving his hand rapidly outward, motioning her to spread her legs.

"What?" Tami exclaimed. "Fuck off."

The custodian's face grew hard and he stepped forward, his hand swinging, connecting with her face.

"You open now! Or I tell Coach!" He yelled.

Tami held her hand to her stinging face, tears glittering in her eyes. Slowly she spread her legs, allowing Mr. Chin to see her engorged clit, and even the little black wire dangling out of her sex.

Mr. Chin squatted down and pushed the mop between her ankles, bringing the head of the mop upward and into the lever press, so that Tami was straddling the handle. He then rose up, bringing the handle with him. Tami gasped when she felt the wood touch her sex and she brought her hands down to hold the mop handle away.

"No! You put hands on head!" Chin said, anger flashing in his eyes. Tami bit her lip and raised her arms, linking her fingers behind her head. Her knees buckled slightly as Chin pulled upward on the handle, burying it in the soft swollen flesh of her flower. Tami rose up on tiptoe, trying to keep him from hurting her, but the man seemed to enjoy the crushing pressure he was applying to her sex.

Tami squealed as Chin started pulling up in sharp little tugs. Each one felt like a blow against her sex, made worse by the multiple punishments she had endured earlier. Tears were dripping down her face, her body cringing as Chin pounded her, his face a gruesome delight.

Suddenly the buzzing in her sex started once more, making her almost drop her hands. Coach Hampton appeared, his face in a dazzling smile as he watched Chin yank the mop handle upward into Tami's crotch. Tami felt herself ripening again as the handle pinched her clit over and over, mashing it against her bones.

Coach Hampton watched Tami's face then placed his hand on the mop handle. His finger hit the off switch on his remote.

"I think that's enough Mr. Chin. Any more and she might have an orgasm. Can't have that." Tami groaned, pushing down hard on the mop handle just as Mr. Chin dropped it.

"Now, now, Tami. You've got two more classes to go. I believe you are in English Literature next with Mrs. Rutger?" Coach Hampton asked.

"Yes, sir." Tami replied, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Well, let's head there now. We can get a good head start."

"Umm…sir? What about the thing?" Tami said, her voice cracking.

"What thing?" Coach Hampton asked, turning to look at her.

"The thing you had Billy put inside me. Doesn't it need to come out sir?" begged Tami, her voice thick with emotion.

Coach Hampton smiled. "Oh no, we can leave it until you get to Mrs. Rutger's room. I know she won't need it in you there, so I can get it back then."

Coach Hampton pushed Tami toward the doorway and together they exited the gym. Once more the afternoon breeze swirled over her skin, a warm touch after the icy torture she had so recently endured. They mounted the stone steps of the main building, entering through the thick glass door and into the carpeted hall just as the bell rang.

A flood of students poured out of the rooms, only a few noticing right off that Tami was walking though the hall, but quickly the word flew along the lockers. Once more Tami found herself walking through a student lined parade route, the laughter and shouts and whistles pounding against her ears. Coach Hampton glowered at the other students, but did nothing more than keep the few outstretched hands intent on touching away from Tami's body.


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