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The Cubicle

“New girl, huh?”

Jessica looked down into the red lit cubby and felt suddenly uncomfortable.  She shifted her weight self-consciously as the matronly woman next to her put a comforting hand on Jessica’s shoulder.

“Kate, this is Jessica. I’d like you to show her the ropes, the timers, and most importantly, how to service the clients properly.”  The matron looked at Jessica with a smile and motioned to the woman who knelt in the sunken cell before them. “Kate is one of our most popular girls and she’ll be teaching you the basics about the business.”

Kate grinned up at Jessica, her lips pursed in a crazy, cockeyed manner that was actually unattractive.  In fact, the entire girl wasn’t exactly what Jessica had pictured working in this particular business.  She was wearing a skimpy bikini that covered tiny breasts that could have seriously used implants just to look normal.  Her chin was blocky and looked like it had been carved from a two by four, rather than porcelain and to Jessica’s eye, it appeared Kate’s nose was too long and her eyes too close together. It gave the girl a pinched look.

“Um, okay,” Jessica said nervously.

Kate grinned and reached up, grabbing Jess’ hand.  “We’re good, Momma.  I’ll show her the ropes.”

The matron’s eyebrow went up and then she smiled. “I’m sure you will.”  Then the woman turned on her heels and left Jessica with her new tutor.

“Step into my parlor?” Kate said nasally, the words almost sounding like a whine.  Jessica swallowed and then dipped her head, ducking into the small, red lit cubicle as Kate moved backward into the little den.  The small wicker door shut behind her, Jessica had to consciously take a breath and work through the feelings of claustrophobia that hung like a dark set of clouds.

The room was tiny, only six feet long and barely four feet tall.  It was impossible to stand up.  The floor was covered in what could only have been described as a vinyl mattress and from the wear and tear on it, an old one.  Odd scents competed with each other and Jessica thought she could smell soap, chocolate, watermelon, and the stale scent of cum.  A small porcelain drain stood off to one side, as did two hampers, one filled with small folded white washcloths, the other half empty and holding used linens.

Kate saw the look on Jessica’s face and nodded sympathetically. “You get used to it, and actually it’s not so bad when you’re in here by yourself.”

Jessica nodded. “Why is the light red?” she asked.

Kate shrugged. “No clue. I think it’s to keep things sort of half way dark, or maybe it’s because red is considered a hot color and we want the men thinking hot thoughts right?”

Jessica licked her lips nervously.  “I suppose.”

            Kate let out a laugh. “You suppose?  You’ve never been to a cock n’ wash have you?”

            Jessica’s eyebrow went up. “Well, not as a customer obviously,” she retorted.

            Kate held up a hand pointing to a control panel with multiple displays.  “Look, here’s the light panel.  See this toggle?  Flip it up to let clients know your booth is open.”  She flipped the little switch and a moment later Jessica heard a door open.  A small black curtain at the far end of the little cubicle suddenly was pushed aside and a man’s cock appeared, his stomach pressed against the top ridge.  Kate grinned and immediately moved forward.  Jessica watched carefully as Kate grabbed a medium sized bowl and set it in a small wire frame underneath the man’s genitals.

            It was the smell that hit Jessica first and she almost gagged.  Kate didn’t seem to notice and actually reached up and grabbed the thick rod, giving it a gentle but firm squeeze.  It stiffened dramatically and Kate reached out and poured a decent amount of warm water from a small electric pitcher that had been hidden in a small hole in the wall.  It was plugged into a nearby wall socket and steamed lightly when it went into the porcelain bowl..

            “Always keep the water warm and I like pouring it into the bowl first,” Kate said.  She dipped her fingers into the water as Jessica moved forward to get a better view.

            “Do they always smell?” she asked with a grimace, motioning toward the semi-rigid cock hanging a few feet away.

            Kate shrugged. “Some do.  Some don’t.  Depends. I’ve noticed some of the guys don’t bother cleaning after they masturbate and so you get that reek.  But don’t worry.  The ventilation is good in here and the moment we get him clean the smell goes away.”  She turned and looked up at the small readout underneath the control panel.  “Okay, he’s bought a full cleaning, but not a shave.  That’s important.”

            “We shave them too?” Jessica asked.

            Kate nodded. “Sometimes. It’s not often. I actually like it.  It’s kind of fun to use the depilatory on them.  The tingle, you know,” Kate said.  “But most guys seem to like their pubic hair so I only do two or three shaves a day.”

            Jessica nodded as Kate pulled out a bottle of soap.  She poured a liberal amount along the entire length of the man’s cock, which was now quite stiff and she put aside the bottle.

            “There are lots of techniques for washing, but see the timer?  You have to wash for at least that amount, no matter what else happens.”  She began stroking the cock, working the suds into the flesh and rolling her fingers through the foreskin folds.  In seconds the thick sausage was covered with white suds and the scent of pine filled the room. 

            “Well, it doesn’t look that hard,” Jessica commented as Kate worked her hands back and forth.

            “It’s not.  It’s just you have to remember that you aren’t just washing them.  An orgasm is part of the experience and trust me; you want them as close as you can get them just from the washing part, but not to close if you want the tip.”  She slid her fingers back and forth, forming a sort of capsule around the man’s cock.  Jessica watched, taking note of the way Kate held her hands and how she played with the tip, literally twisting her fingers around it like turning a knob.  Jessica wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard a male groan.

            “The tip?” Jess asked.

            Kate nodded. “Yeah, the tip.  Service without a shave is sixty bucks straight up, but you have to split that fifty fifty with Momma, since she provides the soap, the towels, the oil and all.  Not a bad deal.  But the tips are all yours.”  Kate didn’t explain any more and went back to rubbing the swollen shaft in front of her with gusto.

            A moment later Kate began cupping water with her hand and rinsing off the soap covered cock.  It didn’t take long and then the thick rod of aroused flesh was poking straight out toward Kate, who reached for another bottle.  She held it up and flashed it at Jessica.

            “Oil,” Kate said with a wiggle of her eyebrows.  She uncapped it and again poured a line of the viscous fluid down the top of the man’s shaft.  It glistened in the red light and then Kate began working it in.  “I have to admit, this job is easy on a girl’s hands,” she said.

            In seconds the man’s cock gleamed and you could tell from the throbbing pulse, easily visible, that he was aroused.  Kate worked the oil in, occasionally glancing at the timer.  A few minutes into the deep tissue massage she turned to Jessica.

“Now here is where it get’s interesting,” she said with a naughty grin.  “Standard service is the cleaning and hand job.  But if you want the tip, you can offer other services.”

Jessica’s eyes narrowed in confusion. “Other services? I thought we just rubbed them until…”

Kate laughed. “Oh sure, if you want to wait for the occasional newbie who doesn’t know jack to come to your booth.  Trust me, if you want clients, especially regular clients, you’ll provide the extra services.”  She leaned forward and reached out through one of the dark slats in front of her.  “I’m grabbing his ankles,” she said as she leaned forward, but then as she did, her mouth opened and she sucked in the tip of the man’s cock, running her tongue around in a warm, wet circle.

            Jessica looked on in astonishment.  A moment later there was a sound from the top of the cubicle and several twenty dollar bills were stuffed through a slot, falling on Kate’s back.  She let go of the man on the other side of the wall and grabbed the bills, counting them.  She held up two of the three twenty dollar bills and wiggled them. 

            “Two twenties means he wants a blowjob.  Three means he gets full service,” she said enthusiastically.  She stuffed the money in a small leather bag in one corner of the cubicle and looked back at Jessica. “Tip money is yours, so it’s important.”

            Then Kate reached down, grabbed the waistband of the bikini bottoms she was wearing, and pulled them down.  Jessica blushed, but in the dark red light it was impossible to see much.  All Jessica could tell was that Kate was shaved clean.  Kate turned back around to the man, stroked him again, just to keep him hard, and then slipped a condom on the thick rod poking through the curtain. 

            A second later Kate was turning around.  She bent over and pressed her back to the ceiling of the little cubicle and then reached between her legs.  Jessica just happened to be sitting in the perfect spot to see what was happening and the thick cock disappeared into Kate’s swollen and wet snatch as if it were meant to be there. 

            “How are you… just ready like that?” Jessica asked, just a touch jealous. 

            Kate was already thrusting back and forth, one hand on a handle mounted to the cubicle ceiling.  There was the steady sound of flesh against flesh and Jessica could hear grunting from the other side of the wall.

            “I masturbate between clients and trust me, when you spend most of your day with cock in your hands and mouth, it isn’t that tough to stay wet.  Keep a vibrator in the cubicle with you, or wear a toy.  Ginzy does that.  She has a pair of those vibroball thingies that she keeps cranked up all the way during every wash she does.  Girl has more orgasms each day than her clients.  I could never handle that,” Kate said, even as she continued pumping. 

            Her eyes narrowed and she reached back down between her legs, stroking the man’s balls.  “Come on, baby.  Come on and pop for Katie,” she whispered.  The movements were sensual, but still impersonal. Jessica felt slightly repelled.  But then Katie cooed loudly and shook her ass.  She pulled away from the wall and reached up, grabbing hold of the condom covered cock and stripping away the rubber.  She tossed it in the small trash can and then immediately began cleaning away the sticky cum using the soapy water that still sat in the porcelain basin.  A moment later the flaccid cock was clean and still glistening with oil.  Kate took a small towel and patted the spent manhood dry.  Then the cock disappeared back through the hole and the curtain closed.

            “That was… educational,” Jessica said as Kate used the same towel to dry her nether regions.  The cock masseuse pulled her bikini back up and tossed the towel in the “used” hamper with a smile. 

            “Any questions?” she asked.

            Jessica bit her lip.  “What if they only pay for a blowjob?” she asked.

            Kate shrugged. “You can choose what flavor oil your cubicle is stocked with. I like watermelon, but Momma’s got chocolate and strawberry and a few others.  So after you oil you just suck on them and stroke them. I presume you know how to suck cock, right?” she asked.

            Jessica blushed again and nodded.

            “Good.  So no big deal.  The cool thing is they can’t see you so you can spit it all out in the trash can immediately after. I don’t recommend swallowing unless you like the taste of beer, garlic, and onion in your jism.”

            Jessica made a face. “I see.”  She paused, looking at Kate.  “So do the guys ever recognize you outside of…” she motioned around the cubicle.

            Kate laughed as she reached up and flicked the toggle switch, indicating her booth was open again, even as she poured the bowl full of water down the small drain.  “God no.  The guys out there think I’m this hot red head with big titties and an ass that would command top dollar on a dance line.” She shook her head.  “Hell, I walk out of here and I’d have to pay a guy to fuck me instead of the other way around.”  She grinned at Jessica with a knowing look. “You know what that’s like, right?”

            Jessica gave her an angry glare. “Excuse me?”

            Kate smiled sadly. “Oh honey, you aren’t exactly model material either. Hell, you ain’t even girl-next-door pretty.  Best might be said for you is you got good hair.  Besides, if you had the looks, you’d be dancing instead of wanting to work in a hole in the wall joint like this.  So you best get your shit together and know who you are and what you’re worth, baby.  Anyway, tutorial over.  Go back to Momma and she’ll assign you a cubicle.”

            Another cock appeared as the black curtain parted and Kate nodded and began washing the cock.  Jessica sat there for a moment.  It was all so demeaning.  But in her heart, she knew Kate was right.  Finally she sighed.  She laid a hand on Kate’s shoulder and the girl turned and gave her a curious look.

            “Yeah sweetie?”

            “So if I grab hold of their ankles…” her voice trailed off, the idea of some guy’s cock in her mouth almost repugnant.

            Kate laughed and nodded.  “You’ll be earning as much as me, baby.  You’ll be earning as much as me.”