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Part Two

Day 3 7:19 am

I have a nine o'clock class this morning. I'm wearing a tee shirt and panties right now, sitting at my breakfast table. When I sat down I heard the clack of the base of the vibrator striking the wooden seat. I felt it ram up into me. My thighs buckled at the sensation. Every little movement inside me I feel now. I can feel my muscles tightening and relaxing around the vibrator. I need to masturbate again.

I'm gonna turn it on. I know I don't have to, but would you believe I want to? Yes. Right now, while I'm eating. I'm going to keep it on until I shower.

It's on. Can you believe I'm writing in a journal with a buzzing vibrator inside me? I must be a sight to see, or even imagine; some poor fool of a girl, blonde hair a blazing, trying to eat her little whole wheat bagel while inside her, like some mad insect, a buzzing tormenting little stick drives her insane. LOL.

My bagel is done. Now its time to go back to bed. I'm going to take this vibrator and fuck myself silly with it. No. Wait. Not my bed. Right here in the living room. And I'll crack the shades so if someone looks in and looks straight down they will see me on my back, legs spread, my hand holding the vibrator. Oh God the thought is making me so wet!

Day 3 8:57 am

Got to class early despite my little adventure this morning. Cracking the blinds was fun and exciting, but I don't think anyone saw me. At least if they did, they didn't stop to watch. I would have seen them.

I feel totally exposed though. I'm wearing another skirt, a loose one at least, just as Master Michael requested. Yet the feeling of the chair on my bare bottom is very…distracting. No bra or panties today. The ben wa balls were good this morning. Not as demanding as the vibrator or the bullets. Walking to class this morning was not anywhere as difficult as it was yesterday or Monday. In fact, I made it all the way to class with out going nuts. I'm wet of course. Its tough not to be considering the fact I have two large golf ball size spheres inside me, each with a tiny bell of mercury rolling around inside.

I'm beginning to think my vibrator isn't enough for me. Oh, not for this experiment, but while laying on the floor this morning, I began to wish that I had something a little bigger. Like a large rubber dildo. Something that would be soft, yet firm. Maybe something I could warm up. Hmmm…maybe I need to go to the toy store today?

Day 3 10:01 am

Still not having any problems walking around with the ben wa balls. Kat will be so jealous. Our little game of walking the mall, seeing who has to go masturbate first in the women's rest room is now a sure thing for me. I'll win. I can tell they're there, but they aren't bothering me.

Day 3 11:04 am

Last class. Walking to class was still not a problem. It's like the ben wa balls now only provide a minor touch of stimulation, certainly not the same effect as having the bullets or vibrator inside me. They're quiet, and feel good rolling around inside. After three hours of them inside, I feel sexually liberated, even aroused, but not screaming lustily. Sorry Master Michael, but the results are kinda in. Constant sex toy torment results in a lessening of response.

Day 3 12:55 pm

Lunch time. I made it past my bushes just fine. I'm horny. I want sex right now, but I'm handling it. I'm eating, then I'll put in the vibrator and endure my first hour of torment. Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to it. I want to orgasm right now. This morning has been a soft sensual foreplay session, even with my clothing selection. Well, my tuna fish and crackers are gone now…so on to the bed room.

Day 3 2:35 pm

Note to self: Don't masturbate at the BEGINNING of your hour of torment. Sure, it's an easy way to spend ten minutes, but it doesn't really lessen the impact of having a vibrator, turned on to the max, rammed up inside you. I tried to read. I tried watching television. I rolled on my bed. I even tried listening to music. Nothing helped. Sexual frustration. I ended up masturbating two more times. I just can't help it. The vibrations are driving me crazy. While the ben wa balls don't seem to drive me over the edge, anything that buzzes does. I'll spend the next hour of torment with my bullets. Hopefully they will be a little less…intrusive.

Day 3 5:57pm

Okay first of all, I need to say that I just put my bullets in and they're on. I'm laying on my bed, naked, my thighs together, and I'm writing to keep my thoughts concentrated elsewhere than between my legs, which is where they want to be right now.

Well…I had an interesting afternoon. I'm still not sure if I'm shocked and disgusted, or whether I'm intrigued. I still don't know what to make of it. But I guess I should explain from the beginning, right?

First of all, I had a brilliant idea. The ben wa balls are for public wear right? So instead of enduring another hour of torment with my bullets or my vibrator, I decided to go out. Don't worry Master Michael, I wore the outfit you selected for me at the beginning of the day. Of course, that was some of what got me into trouble. The other thing was my idea of getting a large rubber dildo. So in went the ben wa balls and off I went to my toy store.

I go to a place called MegaAdultFunHouse, which is this huge building in an industrial section of Dallas. Lots of videos, and a huge selection of different toys, everything from bondage whips to cuffs to well…large rubber dildos. So here I am, blonde stupid 21 year old girl, standing at a wall of dildos wearing a short skirt and a tee shirt with no bra. Now that's dumb.

Of course, it was a yuppie place. All the men inside politely ignored me while staring the whole time. This of course turned me on and I ended up selecting a huge nine inch rubber dildo with a flesh tone and real skin texture. Three inches wide. It's huge. Oh God, I'm so wet right now. Just the thought of it…damn it I'll be back in a sec.

Day 3 6:15 pm

Sorry about that. God, I'm tired. I can't even remember how many orgasms I've had in the last three days. This is insane. Where was I? Oh yes…okay I was at the video/toy store and I went up to the counter with that dildo. There was a nice attractive older gentleman there, kind of plain looking, but not in a bad way. He rang up my purchase and handed me the bag. Then he said in a low voice that if I wanted to take my purchase into the arcade, he would make an allowance for me. Now I had never been back there. I looked over at the door leading to it, smiled, and thanked him. I think he realized that I was about to leave and then he said that if I wanted to earn some money, that he had an opportunity for me.

Okay, yes I'm stupid. I heard the word "money" and I nodded eagerly. That's when I got shocked. He told me that the last stall on the left in the arcade had a glory hole. He told me I could earn twenty dollars a blow job. I guess I didn't look that shocked because he just continued on as if that was a normal proposal. Then he offered me two hundred bucks an hour if I were willing to perform every Saturday night in the middle of the sales area demonstrating a product, which I then could keep for free!

I think I stammered a "thanks for the offer. I'll think about it." Response and left in a hurry.

I know, I know. I shouldn't have been so stupid. Yet, part of me is thinking about it. A little roped off section of the sales floor. Me naked and masturbating right there in the middle of the room…what an idea! It turns me on. It's making me want to orgasm again. Imagine trying new toys, one every week…I'm so tired. I can't take this.

Day 3 7:32 pm

I'm sore. I think I masturbated too much this evening. I even used my new dildo. It's a sex toy right? I shouldn't have made myself come that last time, especially knowing I have to get online soon. The bullets are just sitting inside me right now. I think I'll scan my journal and email it to Master Michael.

Excerpt from Instant Messaging.

Michaelalexander7575: Hello Angie. How are you?

Angiefun: I'm very tired sir. This is really beginning to get to me.

Michaelalexander7575: Well I can't think of a better qualified person to endure it. I really do appreciate your assistance. Have you emailed me your journal?

Angiefun: I've sent it sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Excellent. Describe to me your current state of attire as well as your physical position and condition while I read it.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Angiefun: I'm currently nude sir. I am sitting on my chair at my desk, with my legs spread to either side. I currently have my vibrator inside myself and it is on. Right now I feel exhausted. I've orgasmed more times that I can remember and I'm sore. I can feel it right now. Having the vibrator in me hurts.

Michaelalexander7575: Well, I'm not too concerned. Your journal is very interesting today. You had quite an adventure at the toy store.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Are you seriously considering the man's offer?

Angiefun: Not really sir. I can't imagine stooping to that level, despite my fantasies.

Michaelalexander7575: Well, this is certainly a decision that you must make for your self. But I can say that there are two things to consider.

Angiefun: And they are sir?

Michaelalexander7575: While performing on the main sales floor, as you call it, will earn you good money and a free sex toy, you will be totally exposed, including your face to any man who has a camera cell phone.

Angiefun: Oh my God! I hadn't thought of that!

Michaelalexander7575: Exactly. However, the gloryhole option could be utilized to earn extra money without exposing your identity. Do you enjoy sucking cock, Angie?

Angiefun: To an extent Sir. I've only sucked on cocks that I know.

Michaelalexander7575: There can be a stimulation from acting with a complete stranger. Still, it is your choice.

Angiefun: So you think I should do it?

Michaelalexander7575: Yes. At least once. Try it for an hour and see what happens. Lock yourself in the room, strip naked, keep a little post it note pad and a pen. Write a "$20" on a piece of paper and then hold it through the hole. If you get a cock and no money, give it a kiss and then leave it alone. If you get the money, you need to suck it until it comes.

Angiefun: Do I have to swallow sir?

Michaelalexander7575: Your choice Angie.

Michaelalexander7575: Just remember no sex with out protection.

Angiefun: yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Now, let's discuss your journal entries about the ben wa balls. It's become obvious that these balls of yours are no longer serving their purpose.

Angiefun: I'm still experiencing sexual stimulation from them, sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Yes, but not extreme stimulation. That's what we are looking for here. I need to you experience extreme stimulation. So, starting tomorrow we retire the ben wa balls. You will wear shorts, panties, and a tee shirt. No bra. You will wear the bullets to class. You will turn the bullets up to high for your walks between, to and from class, but may turn the bullets off during class.

Angiefun: But sir! The bullets are loud enough that anyone standing next to me will hear them!

Michaelalexander7575: Good. Then the added embarrassment will bring your arousal to a higher state. That's the point.

Angiefun: Please sir, don't make me do this.

Michaelalexander7575: You have too. You agreed.

Angiefun: I realize that sir, but this is going too far.

Michaelalexander7575: No it isn't. It doesn't violate a single one of your limits. That was our agreement. Now, no more objections. The only choice you have before you is whether you will be going to your toy store tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, if you do go, you have to wear the bullets, and keep them on every second you're in the store.

Angiefun: Sir I don't think I can do this.

Michaelalexander7575: You can and you will. I told you no more objections. Now I have to punish you. Get two clothespins, put them on your nipples.

Angiefun: But sir! PLEASE!

Michaelalexander7575: Now you need a dozen clothespins. One on each nipple and then five on each side of your pussy.

Angiefun: Sir…please…

Michaelalexander7575: Thirteen now. Because you need one on your clit.

Michaelalexander7575: Do it. And get your mic on.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: And don't think you've gotten out of having to sleep with your vibe or bullets on. I want another hour and a half.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Good. No more arguments. I want to hear you're your voice. I like your little squeals of pain when you clip your nips.

Angiefun: Yes sir, I'm turning on my mic right now.

End excerpt from Instant Messaging

Day 3 11:57 pm

I'm so tired. I hurt. I'm sore everywhere. He kept me online over an hour. Tortured. He hot waxed my breasts, made me masturbate for him twice. But he's right. My limits haven't been broken yet. I'm going to try to sleep with the vibrator tonight. So tired…

Day 4 7:57 am

I did it. I didn't think I could, but I did. I slept with my vibrator on. I had the most incredible dreams. Lots of sexual dreams, and I suspect that I even orgasmed once or twice. At least when I woke up this morning, I was sticky, hot, and very horny. I immediately masturbated which provided some relief.

Right now I am sitting at the table eating breakfast. Honey Nut Cherrios. I like the idea of an unsinkable O. I eat it with bananas.

I'm wearing my denim shorts, a red tank top, panties, a maxi pad (I'm not stupid), and of course my bullets. Both little balls are up inside of me. They're off right now, but I can feel them. Not as stimulating as the ben wa balls when they're quiet.

I admit I'm a little concerned about this. I know the effects the bullets have on me. I almost would have preferred the vibrator, except getting to it to turn it off and on would be troublesome. Well, I have to deal with it no matter what. I still can't believe I slept with my vibrator on!

Day 4 9:32 am

Master Michael, this is the hardest thing I've ever done. I want you to know that. I was late getting to class because I had to stop at a restroom and masturbate. Can you even contemplate that? Being so aroused that you just have to stop what you're doing and whack off? Does that happen to guys? I don't even know. I know that this is going to be a difficult day. Thank God my next class is just in the next building over!

Day 4 10:57 am

That was a quick walk and I survived it. Four and a half minutes with the bullets on. The walk home will be harder. It takes almost twenty from here. Will I make it? Or will I be behind the bush again?

Day 4 1:07 pm

Well the answer to the question is that I made it home. Oh, I needed to masturbate when I was at the bush, but I bit my lip and kept going, promising myself to fall to my knees the moment I got home and let myself cum. Of course, I did the moment I got home. I feel a lot better now. I've still got the bullets in me, and my shorts are on. Right now I'm eating lunch. Whole wheat pita, crab salad, and a big glass of cranberry juice.

What I'm really doing is trying to make a decision. Do I go back to my toy store? There are so many things to consider. Master Michael seemed to really want me to try it. But there is the fact that I have to have the bullets in and on for the entire time. I'm worried that I might get a little carried away.

Sucking a stranger. It sounds daring and provocative. It sounds dangerous. It sounds fun.

I need to go shower.

Day 4 4:01 pm

I need to go shower. Again. I'm gross. I'm sticky all over my face and chest. My hair has cum in it. My shorts and shirt are ruined. They'll probably stain. There is cum all over them. But I need to write first. I have to write this down while it's still fresh. I'm sitting here in my car outside the toy store. I was in there for an hour and a half, in that back room with the hole. I was in there all of a minute before there was a cock sticking out through the hole. I did what you said sir. I wrote twenty on the paper and gave the cock a little rub and wrapped the paper around it. The cock left and a twenty dollar bill came through. I took it and the cock was back. I forgot to take off my shirt, though I admit I remembered to turn on my bullets. I took that cock in my hand and then my mouth and I felt my orgasm coming. Just the thought of squatting like that, sucking on someone I couldn't even see or know was incredible. I came in seconds, without even touching myself. The cock I was sucking on didn't last either. He popped quick and caught me right in the face. It dripped every where.

I took off my shirt when the cock disappeared. It took maybe two minutes before a new hard cock was in the hole. I passed another twenty note, which got sent back with a bill. Ten minutes. Forty dollars. Two orgasms. And on it went. I ended up kneeling on my shirt while I sucked. The only reason I stopped is I got tired. My mouth ached. I've got three hundred and forty dollars.

That was the most embarrassing thing I've ever done. I can't believe I did it. Going home now. Got to shower. I can't believe I did that.

Day 4 5:32pm

I'm about to start another hour of torment. I've decided to use the vibrator instead of the bullets. I need something long and hard inside me. I will try to hold off masturbating as long as possible, but I think my memories of this afternoon will dictate the timing. Turning it on now.

Excerpt from Instant Messaging.

Michaelalexander7575: Hello Angie. You're on a little late tonight. It's already 8:15. Are you okay?

Angiefun: No sir I'm not okay. I can't take another day of this. Not even this night. I'm sore, I'm tired, and I've orgasmed so many times that it hurts to think about it.

Michaelalexander7575: Did you wear your bullets instead of the ben wa balls today?

Angiefun: Yes sir I did. It made a dramatic difference. I'm so sensitive right now that I'm having to keep the vibrator on low just to keep from screaming.

Michaelalexander7575: Really? Your body is that sensitized?

Angiefun: Yes sir. I'm going crazy right now. The slightest touch sends me over the edge. My clit is swollen and poking out constantly. Even wearing panties seems to hurt or irritate me.

Michaelalexander7575: Well, these are certainly interesting descriptions. I presume you've emailed your journal to me?

Angiefun: Yes sir, I did.

Michaelalexander7575: Excellent. I will read it right now. Since you just mentioned the vibrator, I presume you are sitting appropriately and are nude?

Angiefun: Yes sir I am. Through great force of will sir.

Michaelalexander7575: I appreciate that. I'm impressed with your courage and willpower. Let me read your journal now.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Angiefun: I hope you find it satisfactory sir.

Michaelalexander7575: So you chose to be a slut today. My goodness, what an adventure you had! You even managed to sleep with the vibrator on! I'm terribly proud of you right now. I presume you masturbated during your "last hour of torment"?

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: Have you used your new dildo?

Angiefun: Yes sir, I have. Yesterday.

Michaelalexander7575: Did you enjoy your experience at the toy shop?

Angiefun: Yes sir, kinda.

Michaelalexander7575: Kinda? Explain.

Angiefun: It was an intense sexual experience, having those guys just shove their cocks at me. And with the bullets, I was the one cumming. But I was so embarrassed, walking in and especially walking out. I was dripping with cum. It was all over me. I looked like one of those porn stars you see on video, or one of those characters in one of your stories.

Michaelalexander7575: LOL. You never know when you might end up in one of my stories, Angie.

Angiefun: God, I hope not sir. I would die from the humiliation.

Michaelalexander7575: Now why do you say you can no longer continue? Technically the four days are not up until tomorrow at 7 am.

Angiefun: Because my body hurts now sir. It's painful to masturbate this much. I can't take it.

Michaelalexander7575: Well, you have to at least go tonight. All the way through till tomorrow morning. No exceptions. You promised me four days and you will deliver. Tonight I want you to try to sleep with either your vibrator or bullets on and inside you.

Angiefun: Please please please please please sir…please don't make me wear them tonight.

Michaelalexander7575: Argue with me more and you'll be punished.

Angiefun: Sir…please understand my concern.

Michaelalexander7575: Oh I understand. Far to well. You are bailing on me.

Angiefun: No sir, I'm not, I'm just trying to help you understand what I'm going through.

Michaelalexander7575: You're pleas will not work with me young lady, and if I hear one more of them you will be punished right now, on that swollen clit of yours.

Michaelalexander7575: I will take your silence for acquiescence.

Angiefun: Yes sir. I will wear my vibrator tonight.

Michaelalexander7575: Good. I expect at least one more journal entry tomorrow morning.

Angiefun: Yes sir.

Michaelalexander7575: And Angie, I'm very proud of you. I've never heard of anyone managing to last four complete days stuffed with sex toys. And you haven't just been stuffed, they've been active inside you so much of the time. You've done fantastic. And because you've done fantastic, I want you to really think hard about trying to last one more day.

Angiefun: Sir, there is no way I'm going another day.

Michaelalexander7575: Yes I realize you have said that, however I want you to think about what kind of person you are. Think about the things you crave. I know you and I know that deep down you want these things to happen to you.

Angiefun: I'll think about it sir. I'll let you know tomorrow morning.

End excerpt from Instant Messaging

Day 4 11:03 pm

I've come again. Sitting there, obscenely spread by this online dom. Can you imagine what it's like, trying to type and talk and chat and think when you've got a vibrator rammed up inside you?

I will make a decision tomorrow, based upon how I feel in the morning. Right now, I'm tired and sore. And one last time, the vibrator is going on…good night.

Day 5 7:14am

I managed it. I had to masturbate once, which was painful yet oddly satisfying. And of course I woke up hornier that a mad longhorn steer playing a trombone. That of course required me to masturbate. Except this morning I used my new dildo. Oh wow. That was so much better. I'm going to keep the dildo inside me during my "down" times today. Soft, yet firm, filling in a totally different way.

Oh. I guess that kinda decides it, doesn't it?

I'll email Master Michael and let him know I accept.


Email from Master Michael to Angie

Dear Angie,

I'm fully aware that you plan on continuing the experiment through today. How do I know this? It is because I know your character so thoroughly. We have known each other for two years, my dear girl. You've been a part of my life. I've enjoyed your company, your complaints, and certainly your squeals, moans, cries, and gasps over the years.

I know you will continue because of your very nature. I know you to be a true sexual masochist, or in the terms of laymen, a pain slut. I know you crave the sexual epiphanies that come with discomfort and pain at the moment of climax. I know you enjoy being embarrassed, humiliated. I know you like nothing more than to tied, bound, whipped, stroked, tormented, and then allowed to orgasm. I know these things about you.

Even now, while you're reading this, I'm willing to bet you are sitting at your computer naked, the vibrator inside you buzzing away. I would bet that if I told you too, you would have your nipples clamped in a heart beat. I know you would insert ice cubes into your body for me. I know these things about you.

If it were up to me, I would force you to keep a sex toy inside yourself for good: a permanent reward for a true pain slut. It would remind you of your place in my life, of your own needs and desires. It would remind you of what you want, and bring those satisfactions you crave.

Today, in class, the bullets need to stay on. On low if necessary, but I want them on. Your purpose is not to be the test of my experiment, but to suffer the sexual torment I want to inflict upon your body. If I could, I would have you go naked. Today, the bullets, or the vibrator stay on the entire time. I don't care what you have to do to survive it, but they stay on.

I will know if you violate my orders. I will know because you can not lie to me. And if you do violate my orders, your punishment will be swift and painful, and will not satisfy you.

I will speak with you tonight at our regular time


End Email from Master Michael to Angie


Email from Angie to Master Michael

As you wish sir.

End Email from Angie to Master Michael

Day 5 7:32 am

I'm sort of dreading this day, and welcoming it as well. An entire day with the bullets or my vibrator on. I'm trying to decide which to wear. The vibrator I could wear with a skirt. Oh. Master Michael said I had to wear the bullets didn't he? Damn. All right I guess I'll wear the bullets. I need to get dressed. My mini skirt, my halter top and nothing else. First class is at nine.

Day 5 8:56 am

I'm desperate. I can barely hold my pen. I can hear them right now, buzzing. No one's asked me yet what that noise is, but I know they can hear it. I can hear it. I can feel it. I'm so bothered. I need to fuck right now. I can't. Its class right now. Walking to school was so hard! The buzzing didn't stop when I got to class, I just turned it down. Can I rub my clit under my desk? Would anyone notice? My other hand is down there now, pressing on my clit. I'm so sore. I'm swollen. The controller is tucked into my waist band right up front. Anyone seeing it can probably figure out what it is. I can't believe I'm doing this. It would be so easy to slip a finger into myself. I want to. I have to. Oh god yes. Quiet. Bite my lip anything so I don't slip up and let everyone know. Oh yes that's it its perfect…

Thank God no one is sitting next to me. I just came right here in my seat while the prof drones on. I don't even know what he's talking about. All I know is that my pussy is burning. I need it. I'm soaked. I can feel my juices running down my leg. My skirt is wet under me.

Class is almost over. I can survive just a little longer. Than I can cum again.

Almost there.

Day 5 10:04 am

I feel like I'm about to hyperventilate. My thighs are quivering constantly. The muscles of my pussy are constantly contracting and relaxing, over and over, squeezing the bullets. I'm leaking. Copious amounts of fluids seem to be pouring out of me. I can feel my wet thighs.

There is a longing, like a dehydrated man dying of thirst. A desperate need that I can't explain. Its right inside me, being…poked and prodded and tormented on and on by the bullets. I want nothing more than to be lifted, spread, and plugged, deep. Now. I can barely hide it from the class. The boy next to me knows. Suspects. He looks at me strangely.

So thirsty. I want a soda. Vending machine out in the hall. After class, if I can make it that long. My body needs sugar. If my finger touches my clit I have to scream so I can't touch. Can't touch Can't touch.

Please hurry. I need this class to be over now.

Day 5 11:32 am

I missed my last class. I couldn't go to it. I was in the bathroom. Exploding and exploding over and over. I'm so tired. I ache and I hurt everywhere. I drank two sodas. The whole bottle on each one. I think I'll just go home. Will I make it?

Day 5 12:04 pm

I'm home. I've already masturbated once again. I'll take a shower. I need a break. I can't take this. I'm so sensitive and sore that touching myself hurts, yet the bullets and vibrator don't hurt…they just drive me to touch myself. I feel like I'm in some sort of hellish cycle of pain and ecstasy.

Can you even understand?

Day 5 3:04 pm

I took an hour and a half bath. I'm better now. The ben wa balls did very little to stimulate me during my time. I barely felt them. Even now as I sit here at my desk writing, I wonder which I should put in, the bullets or the vibrator. I will go with the vibrator now.

There, it's in. Feels so different from the bullets. Large and long and driving up into me. Like a granite rod rammed deep. Impaled by Vlad. Buzzing away like a busy busy bee inside of me. Can you imagine what its like? Being impaled? There is no way for a man to understand this. No way to understand what you've done to me. I need it now, all the time.

I've decided what to do. I need help. I can't face this alone. I'm going to call Kat and beg her to come over.

I told her everything. She's coming. Thank God. If I can only hold on.

Day 5 6:04PM

Hello, this is Kat. I thought I needed to explain what is going on and why the handwriting changed in Angie's journal. I've read the whole thing. I'm a little amazed my darling girl agreed to this, but then she has always been a glutton for punishment. When I got here I found her sitting on the couch, half naked, ramming her little vibrator in and out, eyes closed, not even caring that the slant on the blinds was open enough that anyone walking by could see her. I let her finish while I read her journal and then I took things in hand.

First of all, she is currently lying down in her room, on the bed. She still has the vibrator inside of her, however a set of ankle cuffs and two leather belts around her knees and upper thighs are keeping it nicely in place. Her wrists are bound together and I tied them to the bed frame above her head. She's been like this almost two hours.

I've tied up Angie before. She has always been supple and perfect for long tortures. I admit never having conceived of such a cruel activity for her to participate in though, and I blame myself for her getting into this. We've had a parting of the ways since we got to university, and perhaps if I had kept her under my thumb, the way I did in high school, she would never have sought out another person to torment her.

She is currently moaning into her ball gag. Tears are running down her face and her entire body is writhing. Its actually fun to watch. If she weren't so paranoid about cameras, I'd be snapping pictures and setting up a video camera. Now, I'm fully aware of her upcoming meeting with Michael.

I will put Angie's headphones on and just let her speak. Of course, I'll have to take the gag out. I haven't wanted to listen to her beg these last few hours. I know she wants the vibration to stop. But considering what she agreed too, there is no way I'll allow it. As a domme I know what is required of our subs.

Day 5 7:32PM

She looks incredible right now. I've oiled her, so her body glistens and shines. She is just laying there, twitching, as little nervous shocks are sent from one end of her body to the other. She relaxed somewhat at one point and I asked her if she had orgasmed. She indicated positively, so I am pleased. The rub was a reward. I'm hoping that Michael allows me to continue playing with her after their conversation as long as I keep either the vibrator or the bullets inside her. I'm having an idea that is bursting to come out. It's been a long time since I took Angie, and she is so beautiful.

Begin transcript excerpt from online audio conversation

Michael: Well, well Angie. I can hear you moaning. Was it so difficult to endure, dear heart? Did you really have to call Katherine over to assist you? I'm disappointed in your willpower, but I appreciate you arranging the meeting between your Kat and myself. We've had quite a conversation. She also took care of scanning and emailing your journal to me.

Angie moans and makes a muffled noise due to the gag. Michael laughs out loud.

Michael: That is a pleasing sound to me, however I need to hear your voice. Katherine? If you would please remove Angie's gag. I would like to hear her beg for release.

Kat laughs.

Kat: Certainly Michael.

Angie: Oh God! Please please please stop. I can't take it. Please…(interspersed sobbing). Please stop.

Michael: Angie, as much as I would like to make it stop, you did agree to this. All the way till tomorrow morning. Katherine has already advised me of her desires to see you through till seven am tomorrow and I find her…plans mesh nicely with my own. I've released you to her provided she continues the experiment through.

Angie: Please sir, don't make me. I keep coming but I'm so tired! I can't take this. It's like a water torture, or constantly being poked. I hurt. It burns in places I can't even describe!

Michael laughs.

Michael: Katherine, why don't you reinsert Angie's gag. I'm finished listening to her pleas. I would punish her, but your description of what you intend to do to her after our conversation more than suffices.

Katherine: I'm glad you approve, Michael.

End Audio Transcript

Day 6 7:37 am

I have survived. It's been a complete five days and I've made it. I ache all over. Last night, Kat punished me. She left the headphones and mic on, so that Master Michael could hear. She loosened the belts around my legs, unclipped my ankle cuffs, and then spread my legs wide to the corners of the bed. The vibrator slipped out, but she was totally prepared, inserting my bullets in record time. She didn't bother with the low setting either.

I have to tell you that the four or so hours I spent bound like that were hellish. The constant arousal, Kat touching me, rubbing me with the oil, it was like fire all over my body. Inside it as well.

Master Michael was particularly pleased with my screams through the gag when Kat whipped me. She had brought one with her, unbeknown to me, a thick leather multi strand cat of nine tails. It walloped loudly against my breasts as she struck. But it was when she removed my gag and straddled my face, forcing me to lick and suck on her, that her normal cruelty came out. As I licked her, my body burning in pain and desire, she whipped my pussy. Hard. And she didn't stop till after she came, and after I came. Even now, my pussy stings and is sore to the touch from that whipping, with the bullets inside me.

But I did manage to sleep after that, and with the bullets going inside me. She kept me tied up all night, only to wake me with her tongue on my swollen clit, a finger in my bottom, and the buzzing of the bullets. I came in seconds.

I survived this experiment, Master Michael. You now know exactly what happens to a girl when stimulated for so long. It is my prerogative to remove any sex toys and not have anything inside me again, for as long as I want.

But I want you to know that as I'm sitting here, naked, with Kat across from me at the table, there is a long cylindrical object, purple in color, tapered at the point, containing a motor and two AA batteries, that is buzzing away on high, and right now it's buried inside of me. I know it won't be coming out for awhile. And that's the way I want it.



The End


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