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In Their Hands (2004)

In Their Hands

They made an odd troop as they wound their way through stands of evergreen and pine. Soft streams of sunlight glittered down between the needles in golden showers, lighting up the forest floor with warm sparkles. As they hiked, soft cool breezes flowed down from the mountains, cooling them ever so slightly.

The boy at the front never hesitated as he led them upward, moving through the woods to the meadow. He wore a dusty pair of jeans and a faded tee shirt which announced his participation in Camp Peaten Soccer Camp. His boots had that scuffed, used look common to outdoorsmen. He looked like an athlete, strong but wiry, despite his still small height. He was prepared too, with a pocket knife dangling from a belt loop next to a small compass.
In his left hand he held a walking stick, tall, strong, and smooth. It reached over his head by a good twenty four inches, almost six feet tall. He held it loosely, almost comfortably, as if the staff gave him some measure of confidence that only older men have. Despite his youth, his face bore a look of determination and courage.

The boy behind the leader bore no resemblance to the first, being somewhat fat and stocky. Unlike Chris, the second boy seemed to be huffing as he plodded behind. His knobby knees poked out from under a large pair of khaki shorts that seemed to be perpetually in danger of falling. He wore a leather belt that cut into his pudgy waist, sinking into small rolls of fat and the waistband of his shorts.

He mopped his forehead with a free hand, glancing about as if frightened. A large knapsack was slung over his shoulder, and he carried a cloth wrapped tube almost four feet long in his other hand. His face was splotchy from the exertion of the hike and he frequently reached down to his hip to pull a bottle of water from his pocket, sucking on it like a gerbil in a cage.

The third hiker walked with light steps, following Chet, ignoring the fat boy's frequent pauses to drink. Her large blue eyes continually danced around, drinking in the beauty of the forest. Unlike the two boys in the front, and the one that followed her in the back, she bore no staff or packs, no water or compass, totally at ease with nature's grandeur.

Each step she took sounded out with a light smack as the flip flops she customarily wore snapped upward to meet the soles of her tiny feet. Her shoulder length brown hair curled around her face, contrasting her pale freckled skin with its rosy coloring at her lips and cheeks. A tight pink cotton tee shirt, printed with flowers and smiley faces covered her shoulders, tucked tight into a small pair of gray shorts with the word "cheer" emblazoned across the back.

The final boy walked on with a look all too similar to the leader. His eyes never strayed from the swaying bottom and bare legs of the girl in front of him, and looks of delight and mischief flashed across his visage like lightning. He too grasped a huge staff, so similar in appearance to the leader's pole that they could be identical twins, hued from the same tree.

Eric had forgone the denim jeans favored by Chris, the leader, instead opting for the lighter denim shorts currently in fashion. He too carried water, but it was more for necessity, rather than as a crutch. He was slightly taller than Chris too, but still did not come close to topping the height of the pole he carried.

On they walked, moving forward until they breached the edge of the forest, coming out upon a lush meadow filled with grass and dandelion. Angie immediately jumped forward, running through a blizzard of butterflies, dancing above the clover. She laughed as she held out her arms, letting the tiny angles land upon her arms and even her freckled nose.

"Let's get set up," Chris announced, turning to the other two boys.

Chet looked around fearfully at the surrounding woods. "Are you sure about this Chris? I mean, someone could be out there watching us." Chet's eyes showed a glimmer of panic. Chris glared at the boy.

"Show some courage, Chet. You agreed to this. This is exactly what you wanted. Remember?"

Eric just looked on as Chet hung his head.

"Look, Chet, just go set up the rocket, okay? We'll handle the frame."

Chet nodded, walking away into the meadow toward a large stump of some forgotten tree and a small cleared space and dumped his pack on the ground, rummaging through it.

Eric glanced at the fat boy. "You think he'll go through with it? It's a little extreme, even for you."
Chris shrugged his shoulders. "We'll find out, won't we? It's a test, Eric. I'm always testing."

Eric nodded, still looking serious. "This test will have some serious repercussions though, if he has the balls," he paused and looked at the girl. "Angie's having fun though, isn't she?"

Chris actually laughed. "Yeah. Butterflies, nutterflies. But she'll get to fly with them soon enough. Come on. Let's get the poles done." Chris beckoned to Eric and they walked to the clearing, grabbing precut lengths of hemp from Chet's pack.

Chet was setting up a wire frame work, running wires from the base and stretching them out to the stump where he connected a small black trigger box. Angie, looking curious, approached him, studiously watching.

"What are you doing, Chet?" she asked suddenly, startling him.

"Uh…I'm setting up the model rocket," he said, looking away from her, obviously not wanting to say more.

"Is that the rocket there?" Angie asked, pointing to the cloth wrapped tube. "It's a pretty big rocket isn't it?"

Chet nodded, his mouth dry. "Uh…yeah. It is."

Angie sat down on the stump, bringing her long legs upward and tucking her knees under her chin. She was much taller than any of the boys, and her long limbs made her look slightly elfin. Chet gazed up her with undisguised longing.

Chet turned back to his work, becoming clumsier than usual under her intense gaze, taking numerous attempts to finish the stand. Finally he stood, squatting down to retrieve the rocket while unwrapping it carefully.

It was tall, almost a full three feet, and a glistening white. Its multi-finned body, stood proudly erect, like the surrounding trees. Chet carefully attached it to the wire stand.

"That's a big rocket." Angie said again.

"It's a three stage rocket." Chet replied, concentrating hard on connecting it to the upright.

"What's that mean?"

"Well it means that there are three little rockets in one big one. Each rocket has its own separate engine. Here, here, and here," Chet said, pointing to portions of the rocket. "The engines ignite at certain moments."

"Did you build it?" Angie asked.

"No, Chris did. I just helped him a little on the tube. We had to reinforce the tip a little." Chet's eyes widened.

"Uh…he did the engines though."

Angie smiled. "It looks like a fun hobby. Are we going to launch it?"

Chet swallowed. "Um…yes."

"How many times?" Angie's eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Chet's voice faltered. "It can only go up once. After that the motors will be burned out." He stared at her, his mouth slightly parted.

Angie stared back at him, still grinning. "Do you think I'm pretty, Chet?" she asked suddenly.

Chris stepped up, interrupting before Chet could think of a response. "That's enough, Angie." Then he smiled softly. "Why don't you come right over here where Eric and I have the poles.?"

"Okay." Angie replied, hopping down off the stump.

Together they moved a few feet away from the rocket, Chet's eyes still burning as he watched them. Both of the long poles lay on the grass and Angie took a moment, standing between the two, looking at the lengths of rope tied to the tops and bottoms. Chris and Eric had tied two long strands to the top of each pole and stretched them out and downward, like the taut lines of a tent. Four smaller lengths stretched inward, one from the top and bottom of each pole.

"Nice knots," Angie said, pointing to one of the poles. Chris smiled.

"Angie, you need to take off your clothes," he said strongly, but with warmth.

Angie looked surprised. "I do?" she asked.

Chris nodded. "Yes. You do," he replied.

"All of them? Everything?" she asked again, still uncertain.

Chris chuckled. "Yes, Angie. Everything."

Angie shook her head. "I don't think so, Chris. It's very nice up here, but the grass is sharp and it will hurt my feet," she looked down at her pink painted toe nails.

Chris frowned. "Would you like to keep your flip flops on?" he asked.

Angie's eyes brightened. "Yes! That would be great," she said.

"Well then, take everything off but your flip flops, okay?"

"Okay, Chris," Angie said brightly.

Angie took hold of her tee shirt at the waist and pulled it upward. Chet rose from his stand, approaching with a strange hunger on his face. Angie's shirt bared a pink sports bra that encased a small but firm pair of curves. She carefully folded her shirt in quarters, laying it down gently in the grass.

Chet's breathing came in hoarse gasps as Angie peeled the sports bra from her body with little concern for her audience. Her skin was a delightful cream, sprinkled with tiny brown flecks, smooth and tender like a lamb. She turned, totally indifferent, seemingly ignorant of the effect her body was having on Chet. Her breasts were small but firm, young and perfect.

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and yanked them downward over her calves. Her bottom was covered in pink cotton, with only the barest of dark over her sex. She carefully pulled her sandals through the shorts, once more folding her clothing and piling it carefully together.

Chet's fists were clenched as she removed her panties, lifting each foot delicately through the leg holes, baring her deepest secrets to the gathered boys. Chet, Eric, and even Chris, watched in rapture as she unconcernedly finished unclothing, allowing them to see her body au natural.

Chris smiled. "You're very beautiful, Angie," he said.

Angie smiled back at him. "Thank you. I'd like a kiss please."

Chris nodded and stepped right up to her. He leaned forward and touched his lips to her mouth, softly, and tenderly. Angie closed her eyes as he touched her, smiling.

Chris moved backward, and then leaned downward, picking up one of the ropes and taking hold of Angie's wrist. She didn't resist or even question him as he wrapped the rope around her arm, tying it securely. Eric moved forward and repeated the procedure on the other arm, while Angie alternated her curiosity between the boys.
The poles had moved closer during the tying and the boys went to the bottom end of each pole and took hold of the two other short ropes. Bending down on knees, they wrapped hemp around each of Angie's ankles, tying her legs off to each pole. When they were finished, they grabbed the poles, lifting them upright and bringing them close to Angie's body. Her arms hung limply at her sides as she stared at the ropes and the poles and the smiling boys beside her.

"Let's go over to the rocket, Angie. I want you to be able to see it when it goes off," Chris said. Together, they walked toward Chet, whose eyes had widened. He stumbled backward out of the way as the trio stepped right up to the rocket.

Angie stood only inches away from the rocket and Chris and Eric pulled her forward until the tip almost touched her belly. Then, with a quick glance at each other they began to back away from her, pulling the poles with them. Angie felt the slack in the rope tighten and she raised her arms outward, letting the poles pull her. The ropes on her ankles began to tug at her feet and she quickly spread her legs to avoid falling over. The boys pulled her tighter and she relaxed her body as the poles kept her upright and spread wide next to the rocket.

"Chet. Get the stakes," Chris ordered the sun struck fat boy.

Chet nodded rapidly, a look of wild intensity flashing across his face. He rummaged in the knapsack and held up four yellow tent stakes and a rubber mallet. Chris just glared at him until he quickly took the guidelines still hanging from the pole tops and began hammering in the stakes through the loops tied in the dangling ends. Soon Chris let go, the guy wires handling the strain of keeping Angie upright and spread apart.

Chris stepped in front of Angie and admired her body once more. Her nipples were smallish and pink; the perfect size for her body, and the soft down of dark hair above a still bare slit was almost mesmerizing. And yet for Chris, it was the thin but delicate folds of her sex, the deep and inviting depths of her body that held the attraction.
In no time at all, Chet finished staking the other pole, and Eric joined Chris in front of Angie. Finally Chet gathered the courage to look at the smiling girl, stretched wide apart like a cross. Angie's eyes glittered as she looked back at the trio of boys, admiring her.

"Are we going to launch the rocket yet?" Angie asked.

Chris laughed suddenly. "In just a moment. We have to get it positioned just right."

He moved forward as Chet watched, his head shaking. Eric quickly came forward to help as Chris took the rocket and stand, tipping it toward Angie. With careful movements, he moved the rocket forward until the rounded tip touched the slightly parted folds of her sex. Slowly, he pushed it through her slit, rubbing it over her clit until the nose cone glistened from the juice of her body.

Angie closed her eyes and moaned, pushing her loins forward as the boys rubbed the rocket against her. Soft sighs escaped her lips and she pulled against the ropes holding her. As the tip caught her clit, she gasped, opening her eyes to see Chet rubbing the bulge in his shorts, staring at her.

Chris pressed upward on the rocket, pushing the top five inches deep into Angie's flower, the folds of pink enclosing the white phallus in a wet envelope. Angie cried out in pleasure, arching her back and standing on her tip toes, as the two boys positioned the rocket directly under her, its launch path straight up and through her body.
They stood up, moving away from her as she began to pump herself up and down upon the rocket. Over and over she groaned, while little rivulets of juice ran out from around the cone down the sides of the rocket. Finally, she whimpered, shuddering as the orgasm exploded inside her like a starburst. Her body tensed, hard, and tight, and then relaxed again, sagging in its bondage.

Chris smiled at Angie, who stood still tied and happy above the rocket. He stepped forward and planted another kiss on her pliant lips.

"It's time to launch the rocket, Angie," he said.

Angie nodded, looking down at her own dripping sex, still wrapped around the white missile. "It's going to hurt. Isn't it?" She said calmly, her body bouncing ever so slightly.

Chris nodded. "Oh yes. It's going to hurt. He pointed at Chet. "Chet is going to launch it." He looked back at

Angie. "You want it to launch, don't you?" he asked.

Angie nodded. "Yes, Chris, I want it to go up and up and take me away."

Chris raised a single finger and stroked one of her nipples, making it harden. "I can't promise that, Angie." He backed away.

"Chet, it's time to launch. Come here," Chris ordered.

Chet groaned and pressed hard against the bulge in his shorts. A growing wet spot had appeared and the huge lump of his shaft began to shrink.

"Uh Chris…we can't. I mean, we can't launch it like this. Inside her I mean."

Chris' eyes grey hard and he grabbed Chet's shirt, yanking him over to the control box. "Damn you, I told you to launch the rocket! I told you before we ever came up here what we were going to do. I explained how she would fuck it before we launched it right up into her pussy! You were so desperate to see it! You talked and talked about what you would do to her! Well damn it, there she is! She's got it right where you wanted it! Now press the god damn button and do what you said you would or we go home, right here and now." Chris threw Chet to the ground in disgust.

Chet began to cry, looking at Angie who watched with him with pity in her eyes. Slowly he crawled over to the control box, picking it up and looking at it with desperate hopelessness.

"Just remember, you will be the one who killed her," Chris said contemptuously. Chet burst into tears, blubbering through them at the bound and helpless girl. "I-I-I'mmmm sorry A-A-Angie…I w-w-wanted to see you and h-h-have you. A-a-and Chris s-s-said I could l-l-like this. I d-d-didn't k-know he would really d-d-do it too you."
Chris leaned down to Chet while Eric watched impassively. "You said you wanted to see her fucked and killed, not me. Well, she's been fucked, so kill her like you promised you would if I made this happen."

Chet bit his lip and reached out to the control box. His hand wavered over the button and all of them, Angie, Chris, and Eric watched as he hesitated. Then he cried out and slammed his hand down upon the button.
There was a loud pop and cloud of smoke and a sizzle. Angie screamed out loud, not in pain, but in surprise. Eric had jumped backward and Chris grabbed Chet by the shirt, dragging him forward toward the cloud surrounded girl.

Slowly the smoke cleared and they all saw Angie. She was tugging hard on the ropes, tears streaming down her face, her mouth tight. Her whole body was shaking and she was bucking her hips wildly. The rocket, still sputtering at the bottom, was embedded deeply in her sex, much farther in than it had been before. Streams of wetness flowed down from around the pink folds surrounding it.

Chet's eyes widened. "W-w-what happened?" he asked, bewildered. Chris pushed him to the ground.

"Idiot. I removed the second and third stage engines after we finished the model, and I replaced the first stage engine with such a small one that it wouldn't lift that monster higher up than four or five inches. I wanted to see if you would do what you promised. This was a test, Chet. One which I must say, you passed, despite your blubbering."

Chris stepped up to Angie, stroking her as she began to calm down.

"Angie just had a tremendously powerful thrust, from a unique phallus." He stroked her cheek. "Did you come, Angie?"

Angie nodded weakly.

Chris chuckled and patted her hip. "Good. Did you enjoy the rocket launch?"

Angie smiled, still weak. "I thought it was supposed to go all the way up," she asked.

Chris laughed lightly. "You were standing in the way, dear heart."

Angie frowned ever so slightly. "I still wanted it to go all the way up."

Chris began to untie Angie's wrists and Eric stepped up to help. Chet remained collapsed on the ground as the two boys cleaned up the site, helping Angie back into her folded clothes. Finally, Chet stood up, still unwilling to look at Angie. He packed up the stand and picked up the rocket. Its tip had fallen in the grass, picking up an assortment of debris, but Chet could still smell the sweet scent of Angie, soaked in. He sighed deeply and followed them out of the meadow, leaving the rocket as a silent testament to her ordeal.

In single file they made their way downward, through the pines and the crimson light of the sunset behind the mountains. The warmth of the afternoon sun disappeared as did the sparkling rain of sunlight. The leader, calm and thoughtful, chose their path, as he always had. His faithful companion brought up the rear, following closely, mind linked with the former. Chet walked on in a daze, unable to comprehend the choices he had made and their consequences. And Angie, still giddy with the pleasure of butterflies and rockets, delighted in the trees and the sun, and the boys, of being in their hands.


The End

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