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Kikkus (2011)


By: Michael Alexander

Yuki Ichiru fumbled with the combination of her locker as she tried to simultaneously turn the tumbler while juggling an armful of textbooks.  It wasn’t easy with the rush of students flowing behind her, jostling her occasionally, or the fact that she was forced to translate the numbers into Japanese.  Her English was understandable, but only barely, and she was still at a point where everything had to be consciously converted into her native tongue.  She had been late learning the foreign tongue and her accent had made her the butt of some snide comments.  She messed up twice before the padlock finally opened and she was able to pull the door outward.

A small white envelope with a pink rose fluttered to the ground.  Yuki’s eyebrows narrowed and after stuffing her collection of books into the limited space, she bent down and retrieved the envelope.  It had her name on it, written in bold black ink, with graceful curved letters.

“Oh my God…” someone said behind her.  Yuki turned to see a white faced girl staring at the envelope.  Like Yuki and everyone else at the school, she was dressed in a white blouse, blue tie, and blue plaid skirt.  Her long brown hair fell to her shoulders and she seemed to tremble.

Yuki cocked her head, wondering what was wrong with the girl.  Yuki had never met her before, having only transferred to the school a week before. She had been engrossed in her studies, making sure she would get good grades, rather than socializing.  This girl look scared.

“You… okay?” Yuki asked in her heavily accented English.  She wasn’t quite yet used to the common English idiom, but her question was sincere. She reached out to touch the girl on the arm.  The brunette girl looked up at Yuki, her bottom lip quivering. 

“You’ve been summoned by Kick!” the girl whispered, eyes still wide in an expression akin to horror.  Yuki didn’t understand.  Kick in her mind was a verb, an action, something you did to a ball.  This girl spoke as if the word “kick” was a noun.

Yuki looked confused.  “Kick?” she asked.

The girl nodded and it looked as if tears were forming in her eyes.  “Yes.  Just what ever you do, don’t ignore it!”  Then she whirled and hurried off down the hall, dark brown locks disappearing in the sea of other students.

Yuki looked at the envelope in her hand, but since she only had two more minutes to get to her next class she jammed the envelope into her biology book and slammed the locker closed.  A spin of the lock followed and she went off to learn mitosis.  She forgot about the note as the teacher began lecturing on some sort of cellular process and it wasn’t until the end of the day, when Yuki began the long march home, that she had a chance to open the envelope.

The paper was pink; the same color as the rose on the outside, and the ink a startling shade of red.  Yuki concentrated, translating each word into Japanese, working out the letters.

Yuki Ichiro,

Welcome to Benchwood Academy.  It’s great to have a new sophomore student to get to know.  You are commanded to present yourself to the sisters of Kick on Wednesday at 4pm in Gym A.


Becca Garden


Yuki blinked.  An invitation?  Gym A?  4pm?  Wednesday was tomorrow.  But she couldn’t!  She had her gymnastics class tomorrow afternoon.  She had been a gymnast since she was two and before they had moved her parents had made sure they lived near a top quality gym.  She turned the paper over.  There wasn’t a way to contact this “Becca Garden” and Yuki felt a sudden surge in disappointment.  She had so wanted to make friends.  Then Yuki thought back to the strange behavior of the girl in the hall.  Why had she seemed frightened?  Yuki replayed the whole thing in her mind and finally decided that the girl had been jealous of the invitation, and perhaps upset that she hadn’t received one.  Yuki sighed.  Her first real opportunity to meet some people and she was going to have to miss it.  Damn!

The next day was another long one of traversing a barely familiar school, to classes she wasn’t really prepared for, with teachers who spoke so fast.  In the struggle to keep her mind clear, she totally forgot about the invitation, much less Becca Garden, and she finally grabbed her stuff and headed home at the end of the school day.  Four o’clock came and went with Yuki blocks away, tumbling and swinging from the parallel bars. 

The next morning it took Yuki almost an hour before she noticed the stares being directed toward her.  There was whispering too, almost as if there were some dark secret that everyone knew but her.  Even more disturbing was the occasional angry looks a few of the students gave her.  All of those came from older student, but Yuki couldn’t understand what she had done to anger so many people. She didn’t even have classes with most of them! As the periods passed by she began to feel the pervading antagonism like a weight, crushing her spirit.  When school was finally over she was glad to grab her bag and head for home.  Just as she exited the building, two of the upper class girls she had seen scowling at her earlier that day stepped onto the sidewalk, barring her path.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the large red head asked.  She was over weight but rather tall and towered over the petite dark haired Yuki.  The other girl was a golden blond, with a sharp nose and piercing blue eyes.  Her arms were crossed.

Yuki translated the words, but the tone was easy to understand.  She took a step backward, suddenly wary.  “I am going home.”

The red haired girl shook her head.  “No you’re not.  You’re on your way to Gym A.  No one refuses to come before Kick.”  She reached out and grabbed Yuki’s arm.

Yuki’s eyes widened as she was twisted around and marched back into the school.  A surge of raw fear went through her.  Why would these two girls do this to her?  What was going on?  She didn’t even understand what they wanted, or what they were asking or what they were kicking?  Was it some sort of sport?  Was it some sort of after school game?

The red-head’s fingers were tight around Yuki’s upper arm, while the blond didn’t bother to touch her.  Together, all three weaved through the mostly abandoned halls.  The few times they passed other students Yuki saw them look quickly down, as if they didn’t want to be noticed or say they had seen Yuki.  It was decidedly strange and added to the feeling of unrest that had settled in Yuki’s stomach.

The blond moved forward and pushed open the doors of the Gym and they stepped into the semi-lit darkness.  A pool of light came from a single over head lamp that was directed downward from the ceiling.  The rest of the room was cast in shadows.  When the door shut behind Yuki and her escort, it rattled in its frame with a metallic boom, echoing through the chamber.

Yuki blinked, eyes trying to adjust to the darkness.  She realized that there were several other girls standing on the gym floor.  One of them, a tall brunette whose uniform seemed custom tailored to accentuate her curves, stood just at the edge of the light.  The skirt was just a tad bit too short, the shirt just a bit too tight.  Steel gray eyes peered at Yuki and a haughty look crossed the brunette’s face.  She looked at Yuki and then smiled.  It was not a nice smile and Yuki suddenly had the urge to run.  The red-headed girl’s fingers tightened on her forearm.

“Ah, so Yuki has finally decided to join us.  Very well.  Bethany, Veronica, take her aside until we are finished with Christy.”

“Yes, Becca” the red haired girl replied.  Yuki was jerked sideways as the red-head girl, whose name was evidently “Bethany,” pulled her away from the light.  Veronica followed and Yuki found herself at the wall of the gym.  The girl Bethany had called Becca stepped into the light and motioned off toward the other side of the gym.  Yuki guessed this was Becca Garden.

A moment later a trembling girl stumbled forward into the light.  She couldn’t have been more than fifteen and a freshman.  Her mousy brown hair gave her appearance a sort of cuteness that would eventually become beauty, but for now merely appeared adolescently innocent.  Becca took a deep breath, putting her arms behind her back.

“Your name?” Becca demanded, her voice rose in volume, as if she were addressing a crowd.

“P-p-please… don’t kick me!” the poor girl begged.

“YOUR NAME,” Becca said slowly, enunciating the syllables individually.

“Christy!” the little mouse squeaked.  She wrapped her arms around her body and Yuki realized that the poor girl was terribly frightened.  What was going to happen?  Yuki couldn’t help leaning forward, her mind stuttering along as she translated every spoken word into Japanese before understanding.

Becca nodded.  “Christy, you have been summoned before Kick to meet your yearly requirements.  Are you ready?”

Christy let out a wail and seemed to fold to the ground.  Yuki took a step forward but was caught by Bethany who pushed her back toward the wall.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be your turn soon enough, bitch.” Bethany whispered, her fingers tightening around Yuki’s arm.

Yuki hadn’t recognized the last word but she was too concerned about Christy.  Becca didn’t go to the girl on the floor, who was now sobbing.  Instead Becca Garden lifted her hand and there was a rolling sound of something heavy being pushed out into the center of the gym.

From the opposite side of the lacquered wooden floor, a large cart appeared from the darkness.  Two more Amazon sized girls manhandled a wooden frame, easily six feet tall and five feet wide, complete with a large heavy base, into the center of the light.  In the process they had to move Christy and to Yuki’s astonishment and horror, they did this by literally kicking her out of the way.  The impacts rolled the little freshman to the side where she remained in her crying heap.

Yuki tried to fathom the purpose of the wooden frame.  It had ropes attached to it, one in each corner and the thing looked sturdy enough to support an entire grown man’s weight.  The two girls who had brought out the object pushed the cart back into the darkness and then grabbed Christy, hauling her to her feet.

Still bawling, Christy was dragged forward into the frame.  To Yuki’s horror, Christy’s hands and feet were quickly tied off, the ropes pulled outward and wrapped around the wooden frame.  The poor girl’s skirt slid upward slightly as her legs were stretched to the far corners of the frame.  Yuki couldn’t see Christy’s panties, but another inch and they’d be exposed.

Christy’s head was hanging down and torrent of tears steadily fell onto the frame’s wooden platform.  She was still crying when Becca Garden came forward holding a small container in her right hand. Becca bent down and tossed something out in front of Christy.  The room seemed to go silent and then Becca bent down, studied something on the floor, and announced loudly “ELEVEN!”

The roar of cheers startled Yuki who looked around.  Her eyes were still adjusting to the lack of light, but she now realized that there were other students sitting in the bleachers, watching.  There must have been at least forty or fifty of them!  Yuki couldn’t understand why they were cheering.  What did the number mean?

Becca Garden went up to Christy, lifting her head by a single finger placed under the poor girl’s chin.  Tear streaked cheeks appeared and Becca shook her head in disgust.

“You’re pathetic.  I’d tell you to get ready, but I suspect it won’t matter.”  Then Becca reached down, grabbed Christy’s skirt, and pulled it up, exposing the white panty clad crotch.  Yuki took another step forward, anger flaring inside her, but was once again stopped by Bethany and Veronica.  Becca Garden tucked the hem of the skirt into Christy’s waistband, leaving the white cotton panties visible.

“Let us begin,” announced Becca.

Another girl appeared out of the darkness.  She walked straight up to the bound freshman who was struggling against the ropes.  Standing a good two feet in front of Christy, the girl stopped, studied the bound girl for a moment, and then pulled back her foot.  Yuki stiffened in shock as the older girl lashed out, swinging her leg in a vicious arc that ended with the top of her foot slamming into Christy’s exposed, wide open, panty-clad crotch.  The freshman girl literally was lifted up several inches, her legs pulled taut against the rope binding her, before screaming in agony.  Christy’s knees buckled, but the hemp around her wrists kept her upright.  Her sobs filled the gym but were lost in the roar of approval coming from the spectators.  Another girl stepped forward from the darkness as the first moved off.

Yuki’s fingers tightened as she clenched her fists.  Oh my God! How could they DO THIS?  Where were the teachers?  How DARE they?  Another terrible kick was delivered to Christy’s sex.  She twisted in the frame, trying to mitigate the pain.  Yuki watched as a third girl came up, aimed her foot, and sent another solid thunk into Christy’s crotch.  Yuki couldn’t stand it.  She turned toward Bethany.

“Why?  Why are you doing this?  What did she do?” Yuki demanded loudly, hands on her hips.

Bethany looked at Yuki in surprise.  “Do?  She didn’t do anything.  She’s not a member and all non-members get kicked.”

“What?” said Yuki, suddenly understanding her predicament.  Her eyes widened in alarm.  She wasn’t here just to witness Christy’s humiliation.  She was next in line!” The fight or flight response suddenly kicked in and Yuki pushed Bethany away and made a run for the door.

But Bethany was ready for it and had Yuki pinned in seconds.  Veronica came in to help, even as Christy let out another agonizing wail from the center of the gym floor.  Yuki was driven to the ground, hands pulled behind her back.  Her view of Christy was blocked by a set of slightly higher than regulation heels that appeared in front of her face. Yuki knew that it was Becca Garden.

“Take her to the lockers and get her prepped.  We’ll show our little Japanese friend what it means to disobey the will of Kick.” Becca said, her voice filled with ice. 

Yuki was jerked to her feet, her teeth rattling as she was marched and pulled across the gym.  Strong hands held her and she passed within a few feet of Christy.  The poor freshman girl hung limp in the frame, her thighs red from the glancing blows.  As Yuki passed another girl approached from the front and placed a bare foot kick into Christy’s open legs like a golf club hitting a pillow.  Another croon of suffering came from the girl and then Yuki was pulled away, forced toward another door.  They entered a locker room with long wooden benches between rows of lockable cubbies.  Yuki was shoved down onto a patch of bare floor.

“Strip bitch!” ordered Bethany.  Yuki’s palms stung from catching herself and she looked up at Bethany, not understanding the large girl’s words.

“Please, I do not understand!” Yuki said, tears now seeping down her cheeks.

“You don’t understand, strip? I thought all you Japanese were supposed to learn English in school.  Well, never mind. I’ll show you what strip means,” Bethany snarled.  She reached out, grabbed Yuki’s shirt at the collar, and then yanked hard.

Buttons went flying across the locker room like a shower of cherry blossoms.  Yuki gasped, her hands coming up to her torn shirt, but both Bethany and Veronica moved in, fingers grasping, tearing, pulling.  Yuki tried to stop them but only ended up getting her wrists caught in an iron like grip.  She screamed aloud, hoping someone would hear her, but a quick blow across the face dazed her and the cry faded.  Her shirt was tugged off and she felt Veronica unsnap the bra, freeing Yuki’s ample breasts.  Next Bethany yanked off Yuki’s pumps and knee high socks, revealing purple painted toe nails.  Yuki tried to curl up, but then came the ultimate humiliation.  Bethany grabbed Yuki’s skirt, yanking it down, leaving the poor Asian girl in nothing but her white cotton panties.

Bethany stood up, handing the ruined and removed clothing to Veronica.  All of it went into a nearby trash receptacle.  Yuki curled up into a ball, arms hugging herself, covering her breasts.  They waited another ten or fifteen minutes and then the door opened.  Yuki looked up to see Christy dragged into the locker room.  She was limp, clearly in pain, and bedraggled.  Her skirt was off and she was tossed onto the floor like a pile of used gym towels.  One of the girls that had helped carry the abused Christy turned to Bethany and nodded.

“Becca says they’re ready for her.”

Bethany nodded and walked over to where Yuki lay.  The half-naked girl resisted, but was hauled to her feet, arms almost pulled from their sockets before Yuki managed to get her bare feet under herself.  Bethany and the blond girl escorted Yuki out the door, holding on to both arms, half dragging, and half pushing the stunned and frightened transplanted student into the light.

The wooden frame was still there, but another piece of furniture had been added to the scene.  A large wooden table stood just off to the side and Yuki could see that a number of objects lay artfully arranged across its surface.  Because of the shadows, Yuki couldn’t really tell what was there but she knew it did not bode well.  She was dragged to the wooden frame and placed squarely between the two uprights.  Yuki’s arms were lifted and quickly tied with the rope.  Then Bethany and Veronica pulled and Yuki’s hands were tugged toward the top corners of the frame.  She went up on tip toe as she was pulled taut, almost dangling.  Her large breasts hung heavy, totally exposed, the rosy tips clear in the hard light.

Becca Garden stepped forward, entering the circle of light and the glare she directed at Yuki was enough to melt ice.  “Your name?” Becca asked, obviously for the crowd. 

“You know my name,” Yuki said, summoning a mantle of courage around her. 

“You will say your name,” Becca said slowly, placing emphasis on the last word.

Yuki shook her head, the long straight beautiful black hair shining in the light.  “No.”

Becca’s eyes narrowed.  “Yuki Ichiro, you were summoned before Kick to meet your yearly requirements.  You failed to appear and had to be forced.  Furthermore, you have shown nothing but disobedience and disrespect for this organization.  You will be punished for your behavior.”  Becca paused for a moment and then a cruel sneer appeared on her face.  “Severely punished,” she amended.

Strong fingers suddenly touched Yuki from behind, sliding down her naked waist.  It was Bethany, who grabbed hold of Yuki’s white cotton panties and yanked them down, tangling Yuki’s feet even as the poor girl took her weight on her wrists and aimed a futile blow at the fat red-haired girl’s face.  A spark of anger exploded inside Yuki as the thought “you want a kick?  I’ll give you a kick!” roared through her.

But Bethany used Yuki’s panties to tangle the bound girl’s blow and then the last shred of Yuki’s protection was cast away.  Bethany and Veronica each grabbed an ankle.  Yuki fought with all her might, but her legs were drawn outward, thick heavy rope wound round each ankle.  In moments she was bound just as Christy had been, but naked, exposed, and much more terribly vulnerable.  Yuki understood this however.  Christy, while obviously unwilling, had at least shown up and not fought.  Becca Garden moved over to the table and picked up something metallic.  It dangled in her hand and she brought it over to Yuki, holding it up to show not just the “prisoner” but the crowd. 

“Isn’t it ironic that these are called Japanese Clover Clamps?” Becca asked with a slightly smile.  Yuki stared in horror at the metal pincers.  They were connected by a heavy chain and Yuki didn’t need much imagination to realize what part of her body the clamps were intended for. 

“Yamete-yo!  Sawannai-de!” Yuki yelled, no longer translating her words into English.  She twisted away from Becca who squeezed open the pair of clamps and quickly managed to attach them to Yuki’s nipples.

Yuki had never experienced anything like it before.  Pain lanced through her breasts and she felt a spark of energy that spiraled up through her body.  Every part of her tightened, from her toes, to her fingers, but then she turned scarlet, not at her exposure, or the upcoming torment, or even because of the brutal pain she was feeling on her nipples.

She turned scarlet because she felt a surge of wetness between her legs!  She turned her head and pressed her face against her arm, hoping that her body’s betrayal wouldn’t be discovered.  Becca moved away, not noticing Yuki’s humiliation, once more going to the side table.  This time she returned with two metal cylinders, each topped with a thin hook.  These were brought forward, one in each hand.  Yuki shook as Becca calmly and deliberately hung the heavy one pound weights from each clamp.

The bite on her nipples increased dramatically and Yuki tried hard not to move.  Even breathing caused the weights to swing, pulling on her tender nipples with added pressure and force.  The pain was excruciating.  Worse, Yuki’s sex had started to pulse in time with the throbbing of Yuki’s nipples.  After a moment, Yuki realized she actually had to concentrate on not thrusting her hips forward.  Her expression went dark as she tried to force her body to respond.  Becca misunderstood Yuki’s look of intensity and watched as Yuki tried to deal with the torment. 

The brunette senior returned to the table, picked up a thick leather paddle, and slowly circumnavigated the circle of light.  Yuki saw what Becca was holding and tried to brace herself when Becca moved behind her.  But nothing could prepare the sophomore girl for the swat delivered.  It was as if her entire backside had been roasted and then dragged across forty feet of asphalt.  She let out a powerful cry and stiffened in her bonds. 

“Ikkenai!” Yuki screamed, her bottom jiggling as she struggled to find an outlet for the pain.  Becca responded with another stroke across both smooth creamy buttocks, turning the white skin scarlet.  A third, fourth, and fifth stroke, each powerful enough on its own, became a wall of fire for Yuki, scorching her backside like some mighty dragon. But with each spank the heat moved forward even as the pain caused her loins to tighten spasmodically.  More strokes followed and the skin of Yuki’s bottom quickly abraded, and then split. Becca only stopped when the damage looked serious enough to require Yuki to sit on a pillow for the next week.  As it was, a full fifteen spanks were delivered to the poor girl’s bottom, leaving it a dark red, both buttocks capped with a blistered circle of damage.

Yuki sagged in her bonds, not even capable of standing upright on her own. The pain and the heat from her spanking were just too much.  Her voice felt raw, her throat nearly as abraded as her ass.  Her screams and begging had gone unanswered and then Becca dropped the paddle back down on the table, only to pick up the small container Yuki had seen before.

The Kick president stepped up to Yuki and rattled the contents of the container in her hand.  A quick toss resulted in two white cubes falling to the floor.  Yuki blinked, but was unable to see due to the tears obscuring her vision.  Becca knelt down, picked up the dice, and put them back in the container.

“Five.  A two and a three, Yuki.  Five kicks are all you would have had to endure in order to meet your quota.  But oh no.  You decided to ignore the summons.  Now you will receive the full amount of twelve kicks, plus the punishment set.”  Becca stepped away, put the container back on the table and then moved into position.

Yuki watched it coming.  Becca’s high heel and stocking clad foot came up swiftly and there was nothing Yuki could do about it.  She was too tightly bound to twist more than an inch or two out of the way and then the top of Becca’s foot came into contact with Yuki’s sex, crushing the labia, stinging the clitoris, and delivering a bruising blow to the poor girl’s pubis that felt worse than the spanking.  A crushing ache suddenly blossomed between Yuki’s legs.  She gasped.

Worse, the kick had forced her entire body to rise up in the frame, setting the weights at her nipples swinging wildly.  Becca moved aside even as Yuki screeched, teeth clenched, eyes closed, her body twitching with pain overload.  Another girl stepped forward, this one wearing the standard pumps required, and punted Yuki’s crotch as if she were trying to score a field goal.

Almost passing out from the torment, Yuki’s breaths came in shuddering gasps. Her body twitched, her pussy clenching and releasing, the petals in pinched agony.  Her knees had buckled, turning in slightly, not that it did a single bit of good in protecting her.  In short order Bethany was standing in front of Yuki.  Oddly, she had pulled off her shoes and socks and was standing there barefoot. The fat red-haired girl pulled a foot back and let out a short but vicious kick that grazed Yuki’s thigh and then smashed against the swelling and reddened petals of Yuki’s sex. It was a short kick, and Bethany’s toe actually penetrated into Yuki’s sex slightly.  It came back glistening.

Bethany blinked and then looked at Becca Garden.  “Becca?  She’s turned on!” 

Becca’s eyes widened.  “What?  Seriously?”  She stomped over to Yuki and reached down between the Japanese girl’s legs.  Pushing aside the thick black hair, Becca jammed her thumb into Yuki’s sex, feeling the building wetness and then the convulsive tightening of a pussy reacting to penetration.  She wriggled the thumb around inside Yuki, who moaned, her hips now thrusting, and fucking Becca’s digit. 

“Why… you slut!” Becca announced loudly, making it clear to the entire audience that Yuki was sexually excited.  She extracted her thumb with a noisy sucking sound and then shoved it into Yuki’s open mouth, forcing her to suck her own juices.  Yuki gagged on the salty musky fluid but managed to choke down the excess, cleaning Becca’s thumb. 

“Well, I suppose we can move to the punishment phase a little quicker, not that it will reduce the number of kicks you’re getting, slut.”  Becca took a step back, giving Yuki a dirty look.  Yuki slumped in the frame, her body a riot of agony even as she felt the humiliation of her body’s betrayal.  How could she even possibly be turned on by this?

Once again it was Bethany who came forward, but not to kick Yuki.  She had picked up one of the large items on the table, a strange looking device whose design was unfamiliar to Yuki.  Except for the rubber dildo that seemed to stick out of one side of a padded block, she had no idea what it was.  What seemed odd to Yuki was how small the dildo appeared.  It couldn’t have been any longer than two inches, though it was at least two inches thick.  There were various straps and Bethany approached, shaking out the attachments.

Yuki gasped when the tiny dildo was rubbed through the wet petals of her slit.  Then with practiced dexterity, the club’s enforcer began strapping the “device” on Yuki, making sure that the full two inches of rubber cock were properly aligned and buried inside Yuki.

Yuki was a virgin, but like many girls her age, her hymen had been broken by the physical exertions of gymnastics. She had never had anything bigger nor longer than Becca’s thumb stuck up inside her.  Even her own simple sexual explorations hadn’t gone any farther than some judicious rubbing of her clitoris, and the idea of having that rubber cock up inside her put mixed feelings into her head.  Part of her recognized what this was: a brutal object rape.  Another part of her, the dark secret part that had responded to her torture with arousal, wanted to be fucked.  Hard.

But when Yuki wiggled around, the dildo still didn’t penetrate more than just those first two inches.  Worse, the padded block was now covering her pussy.  It seemed cushioned and Yuki shook her head, thinking “well at least it won’t hurt as much now!”

Another girl approached.  She too was dressed in the school uniform, soft pumps on her feet.  She took a running start and then swung her leg, slamming the top of her foot into the padded block suspended between Yuki’s legs with a blow that lifted the bound girl to the limits of her bonds.  The ropes tightened around her ankles as Yuki was punted in the wooden frame.

Yuki let out a squeal unparalleled to anything she had uttered to that point.  Her eyes flew open wide at the incredible pain splitting her in two and she only realized what had happened when the pain ebbed slightly, allowing her to connect cause and effect.  Already, the dildo was slipping back down to its original position as Yuki adjusted to the forced penetration of twelve inches of flesh toned rubber, straight up into her sex. For a girl who had never been fucked before, it was a brutal, evil introduction to cock.

“Figured it out yet?” Becca asked, stepping up to Yuki’s side as the little Asian girl began sobbing.  “There’s a spring that pulls the cock out after we kick it.  So does your little turned on pussy like that?”

Yuki shook her head.  Pain was flooding through her bruised sex and Yuki was pretty sure she wasn’t finding this a turn on.  She clenched her teeth as the next girl in line approached.  Yuki turned and glared at Becca Garden.  “Jiguko e ike kono ama!”

Becca clicked her tongue and shook her head.  “I have no clue what you said, but I’m pretty positive it wasn’t nice.”  Becca turned and pointed at the next girl in line, motioning for her to come forward.  Yuki turned and watched the kick coming.  Once again a foot impacted forcefully with the padded device between Yuki’s legs.  The spring compacted under the pressure of the kick, allowing a full ten additional inches, to the two still in Yuki, to rapidly penetrate.  Yuki once again let out a full screech, teeth clenched, eyes closed, her body shaking as the pain exploded through her again. 

Becca didn’t wait for Yuki to relax though.  She stepped away and the line continued.  Yuki could barely see through her tears as the next girl approached with a cruel and yet excited look on her face.  The next kick came within thirty seconds.  Even before Yuki recovered from the previous kick, the next blow between her legs drove the thick rubber cock up into her, splitting her body in two.  The line seemed to go on and on and soon Yuki was exhausted, her body limp as the kicks continued, each one driving the rubber cock deep into her body. 

But as the kicks came unrelenting, each one forcing the rubber dildo deep into Yuki’s sex, she found herself gradually acclimating.  The pain began to ebb as her sex adjusted to the width and depth of each penetration.  Her body was already lubricated to some extent and to Yuki’s astonishment, between one kick and the next there was a new sensation, something she was relatively unfamiliar with.  Her hips swung forward as the next kick came, changing the angle of the penetration.  She let out a new cry, but one filled with a far different emotion than just the pain and humiliation of her torture.  This cry now had the tone of deranged pleasure. 

The kicks still hurt, but each one added more sensitivity to Yuki’s already well plowed hole.  She discovered that if she arched her back, pushing her hips forward, the blows between her legs sent the rubber cock slipping through her and also cushioned her pubis, alleviating the pain.  With her breasts and hips thrust to the fore, and the repeated kicks fucking her, she began to respond positively to the stimuli.  The nipple clamps and weights suddenly seemed to add to her sexual arousal and as the line of girls, each clamoring to kick Yuki, finally approached an ending, Yuki orgasmed, screaming out her climax as her body shook with the first rush of sexual bliss she had ever experienced.  Everyone stood still, shocked at what they were witnessing.  The thought was repeated throughout the gym, unspoken but not silent.  How could she possibly cum from being kicked?

When Yuki finally slumped back down in her bonds, eyes closed, skin covered with a slick sheen of perspiration that made her glisten under the overhead lights, Becca moved to the wooden frame.  Her eyes flashed in anger and she practically ripped the padded block and its rubber spring cock from Yuki.  Instantly everyone saw the reddened flesh, the swollen petals, and the slight blue tinge from the bruising.  She was also dripping, the moisture of her sex literally streaming down her leg. 

Becca Garden tossed the dildo device aside and then grabbed Yuki’s chin, turning her head.  “You fucking slut! How dare you ENJOY this!” Becca snarled.  Yuki didn’t reply.  Becca released Yuki’s chin and drew back her hand.  It flashed between the girls and struck Yuki’s left breast, continuing across to the Asian girl’s right globe, setting the clover clamps and the chain swinging.  A grimace of pain crossed Becca’s face and she clutched her hand, even as Yuki let out another squeal of agony.

“You okay, Becca?” Bethany asked, coming up.  Becca held out her right hand. There was a small cut across the palm.  Becca looked furious, as if Yuki was responsible.  Becca ignored Bethany, motioning the large red-haired girl away.  She reached out, and removed the weight hanging from the clamp chain.  Tossing the weight away, she grabbed hold of the chain between Yuki’s nipples, and yanked as hard as she could.

Clover clamps are designed to tighten the more they are pulled, and they did tighten, but only to a point.  To Yuki, the pressure increased dramatically but then disappeared, replaced by an excruciating pain of the likes she had never experienced.  The blood rushed back into the crushed tips of her breasts and she let out another piercing scream. Her body shook as her breasts seemed to have been dipped in molten lava.  Becca threw the clamps aside and went back to the table.  When she returned to Yuki’s side, she held a wicked looking multi-headed whip.

Becca motioned at the next girl in line.  “Kick her, Helen!”

Helen hesitated.  “Her crotch is all wet, Becca! I’ll get her pussy juice all over my shoe!” she objected.

Another glare of anger came from the club president and Becca swung the whip angrily.  It hissed through the air and impacted across both of Yuki’s breasts, smashing the soft flesh into the Asian girl’s ribcage and drawing another screech from the bound girl.

“Then take your fucking shoe and stocking off, damn it!” Becca yelled.  “Or you’ll be the next person in this fucking frame!”

Helen swallowed in sudden fear and quickly bent down. It took only a moment to remove her shoe and sock, and then, with one foot bare, she stood up, approached Yuki, and lightly kicked the sobbing sophomore girl between the legs.

“That’s your idea of a kick?  Kick her again! HARDER!” demanded Becca.  She swung the whip again, this time back around the frame as the strands impacted across Yuki’s ass.  Yuki pitched forward at this new torment, making loud noises of protest.  Helen nodded and drew her bare foot back.  This time the blow between Yuki’s legs was solid and obviously powerful.  The pain shot through the bound girl even as her pussy was splayed and flattened.  A spray of sex juice splattered out from the impact and Helen had a slightly disgusted look on her face as her foot came back soaked.

As Helen backed away, Becca swung the whip again, once more striking Yuki’s breasts.  Thin red lines appeared across the soft white flesh and the dark pink tips of her nipples.  Yuki stiffened as the stroke stung, but then once more hung limply in her bonds as the next girl in line after Helen stepped up.  She too had taken off her shoes and socks and delivered the kick with force. 

Another whip stroke across Yuki’s chest took all of Becca’s attention and when she turned back to motion the next kicker forward, she discovered herself alone except for Bethany, who stood aside at the table.

“Where is the next kicker?” Becca demanded, whirling around, looking out at the darkness.

Bethany blinked.  “Uh… all the kicks have been delivered, Becca.  She was only supposed to get fifty of them.”

Becca blinked, her hardened eyes flashing.  “I’m the one who decides when she’s had enough.” Her tone was dark and deadpan. 

“Becca? I think she’s had enough.” This time it was the other enforcer Veronica who stepped forward.  Becca glared, furious, but then she turned, whirling back toward Yuki.  The poor girl was still sobbing, hanging by her wrists, limp.  Her skin was flecked with dark red streaks where the whip had stung her.  Her sex looked like some sort of mashed road kill that only slightly resembled a woman’s flower.  Her clit had swollen to twice the normal size and stuck out oddly.

The President of Kick threw the whip down and then took two mighty steps, bringing all her anger and frustration into one powerful boot.  The top of Becca’s foot smashed into Yuki’s clit with more force than any other kick given that day and Yuki literally was lifted off her feet, propelled upward until her outstretched legs were pulled taut by the ropes.  Her scream filled the gym and Becca pulled back to deliver another blow.  Both Bethany and Veronica rushed forward, grabbing Becca and pulling her back.  The three girls disappeared into the darkness, Becca’s spluttering demands getting softer as the two girls took her out of the gym.

Yuki felt hands releasing her.  She fell to floor, unable to move.  Her body felt like lead weights. It hurt to breath.  It hurt to even shift around.  She almost cried out when she was picked up by the hands and feet and carried back to the locker room.  Even that was almost more pain than she could bear.  She was deposited on the bench, the ruins of her clothing removed from the trash can and tossed atop her. She was left alone.

Slowly the pain ebbed but it didn’t go away.  An hour later Yuki finally was able to sit up.  The agony between her legs had faded to a throbbing ache and she struggled to slip back into her panties and skirt.  Her shirt was ruined of course, the buttons scattered across the floor.  She did her best to tie the shirt together, covering her breasts, her midriff bare.  She stood up, barely able to walk, and stumbled out of the locker room.

The gym was empty.  The wooden frame was gone.  No one was there.  She weaved her way across the play floor and to the hall door.  The lights were off, with only an occasional hallway light on.  Stumbling, one hand on the wall, she worked her way to the school office.  No one was there either and she wondered if she was all alone at the school, or worse, locked in.  But a telephone on the receptionist’s desk made her blink.  She sat down, hissing, hurting, and picked up the phone.  She had learned this number almost immediately after moving to America.

“911, what is your emergency?” a male voice asked.

Yuki took a deep breath. “P-p-please help!” she begged, trying to hold back the tears.

“Okay, calm down,” the dispatcher asked. “Where are you?”

“I’m at school,” Yuki replied.  “They hurt me.”

“You’re hurt?  Are they still there?”

“No, they are gone.”

“Okay, can you tell me what they did to you?”

Yuki broke down into tears and could barely speak.  “They tied me up…. Took my clothes… and they kicked me so hard!”

There was a distinct pause, and then the dispatcher asked, “Did you say they kicked you?”

Yuki nodded, still crying, then said “Hai!”

There was another moment of silence.  Then there was a click, as if something had been turned off. 

“Miss, I’m dispatching our chief of police himself to deal with this.  You’re at the Benchwood Academy I presume?” the dispatcher asked.

Yuki cried harder.  “Hai, yes,” she managed to choke out.  “In the office!”

“All right.  The chief will be there in just a few minutes.  Okay?  Wait right there.”

“Okay,” Yuki replied, her tears still coursing down her cheeks.  She hung up the phone and laid her head down on the desk.  The police were coming and then Becca Garden would get arrested. Yuki hurt everywhere.

Less than five minutes later a pair of blue and white flashing lights pulled up in front of the glass windows of the school.  A large man, dressed in a dark blue uniform got out of the car.  He slid his large black baton into a loop on his belt and he came up to the school with a grim look.  A key fished from his pocket opened the door and he walked up to the receptionist’s desk and Yuki.  Her red eyes and tear streaked face came up and she looked at the police officer in relief.  She burst into a fresh round of tears and he came around the desk, kneeling down next to her.  She threw her arms around him, burying her face in his shoulder.

He patted her back gently, not moving into the hug. It wasn’t professional.  She cried and cried as he comforted her.  A few minutes later she was able to control herself and when she finally had moved from sobbing to hiccups, he went to the small water dispenser and brought her back a cup.

She sipped it gratefully.

“Now miss, I’m the chief of police, and I need to know what happened tonight, and who did this to you.”  He sat down on the edge of the desk and removed his black wooden baton, tapping its long thick length into the palm of his hand.  Yuki looked up at him.  She had so much to tell him!  The kicking, the object rape, the cruelty of Becca Garden!  His badge glimmered in the light and as she opened her mouth, ready to tell of the horrors inflicted upon her by Becca, she read his name tag.

With a frightened look, she glanced up toward his steel gray eyes, eyes she had seen before, and let out a low moan.

David Garden, Chief of Police tapped the baton in his hand menacingly.  “So go ahead.  Tell me what my dear little Becca did to you…”


Saigo ni


The End

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