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The Phone Call At The Park (2003)

Amanda breathed in the cool morning air and smiled at the lush green colors of spring. The grass was rich and vibrant, boasting of renewed growth. She paused a moment as Manx pulled hard upon the leash, sniffing and rooting in the nearby bushes. Amanda let him have the lead and he pulled her off the sidewalk across the verdant meadow toward the children's playground. It was still early in the morning, and Amanda enjoyed the park this way. It was too early for school groups, yet too late for the normal bus riders who congregated on the monkey bars. The park was deserted.


The sound startled Amanda for a moment, but she quickly removed the cell phone clipped to the waistband of her red running shorts. She flipped it open and brought it up to her ear.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Hello, Amanda," A cool voice said, soft and masculine.

"Master?" Amanda's eyes widened. She heard the familiar chuckle.

 “Of course, who else would be calling you?"

Amanda laughed lightly. "No one Master, I’m sorry I didn't recognize your voice right off."

"It's okay, little one. Describe where you are."

Amanda looked around the park. "I'm at the park, Master. I'm walking Manx. We're pretty close to the playground right now," she said.

“Really and is there anyone around?" asked the Master.

Amanda paused before answering. There was no one, just her and Manx, and she knew what would happen if she told the Master. She felt a sudden tingling wetness and then a forceful surge in her sex and she smiled. "No one is around Master, just me and Manx." Amanda's master was well aware that Manx was Amanda's dog.

“Excellent slave and are there parallel bars in the playground?" he asked her.

"Parallel bars, Master?" Amanda didn't understand what parallel bars were.

"Yes, Amanda. Two metal bars at about hip height, approximately a foot and a half apart. You are supposed to support your weight on your hands and walk yourself along them," the Master explained with a lighthearted tone.

Amanda glanced at the playground equipment and saw the bars he described. "Oh yes, Master. I see them now."

"Go over to them, little one."

Amanda walked over to the bars, Manx fighting against her desires.

"No Manx over by the bars. Good boy!" she said to the dog. Then she heard laughing on the cell phone.

"Is Manx not following his mistress this morning?" the Master asked.

Amanda laughed. "He just wants to nose about. He'll behave. I promise."

"Just like his mistress," The Master stated.

Amanda's voice sounded demure as she replied. "Yes Master."

Manx and Amanda approached the parallel bars and Amanda could see that they were formed with long steel pipes stretched between two wooden posts. Manx sniffed around and under them as Amanda reached out to touch one. It was cold.

"I'm at them now, Master." She said.

"Good, now stand directly next to one and tell me if the bars are higher or lower than your sex."

Amanda bent over a little and examined the bars in relation to her own red clad crotch. "They're a little higher, Master but not much."

"Very good, Amanda." She could tell he was pleased. "Now, what are you wearing?"

Amanda had been taught the pattern and she immediately began at her feet. "I'm wearing my running shoes Master along with a pair of white gym socks. I have on my red shorts and a sports bra underneath a white tee shirt sir," she said quickly.

"A sports bra?" asked the Master, and Amanda could sense his displeasure.

"Yes Master, please forgive me, but when Manx runs it really hurts my breasts."

There was a pause and then the Master laughed. "I suppose if anyone is to hurt and abuse your breasts it should be me. Very well then, I will allow you to wear the sports bra when you walk Manx."

Amanda breathed a sigh of relief.

"However, you didn't ask for permission first, which I would have granted you. So you will be punished for that infraction. Do you understand?" he asked her.

Amanda gulped. She knew this was coming. He was always finding some minor thing that was an infraction that required her obedience and punishment. Her hands shook slightly and even Manx looked at her with a questioning expression. She was scared, and yet her body demanded its needs satisfied now they were aroused.

"Do you understand?" the Master repeated.

"Yes Master. I will accept your punishment," Amanda said slowly.

"I know you will, Amanda. I want you to start by removing your shoes and socks," he told her.

"Yes Master," replied Amanda. She looked down and stepped on the heel of one shoe, pushing it off over her ankle. Her other shoe was not as easily removed, but she accomplished it. She lifted her foot and yanked off her sock, stuffing it inside her cast off footwear. The other sock followed quickly.

"I'm barefoot now Master," she said when she was finished.

"Good. Now I want you to pull down your shorts and remove one leg from them. Keep them around one ankle. If anyone comes you can quickly get them on again before you are closely observed."

Amanda gulped and began pushing her shorts down. The leash made things difficult and she quickly tied it to one of the parallel bars beside her. Manx sat down and watched as Amanda pushed her red shorts downward, exposing a soft flowered wet spot in the cleft of her legs. As the shorts flowed over her thighs it fell loosely and puddled around her ankles. She stepped out of one side and glanced around fearfully. Another surge of wetness made her shudder and she realized that the threat of exposure had her excited beyond measure.

"It's done Master," she said, her voice trembling from a combination of fright and desire.

"Excellent, little one. I want you to lift your leg over one of the parallel bars and straddle it."

Amanda looked at the bar and threw her leg over it. The skin of her calf touched it and she recoiled slightly from its cold surface. She again felt its icy touch on the inside of her thighs and she stood high upon the tips of her toes to ensure that it wouldn't touch her dripping sex.

"I'm straddling it, Master, but I have to stand on my tippy toes to keep it from touching my sex, sir. The bar is freezing" she said, her toes digging into the soft sand of the playground.

"But that is what I want, little one. This is your punishment. You will stand there until I tell you to get off, or unless someone comes to the playground. I am fully aware your cute little calves will ache. And I'm fully aware that eventually, you will let yourself down, resting your full weight on your soft, wet, aching little sex. The cold will sear into your body and you will find the strength to stand again. And you will stand, not as long, not as steady, until you drop down once more."

Amanda was speechless. Already she could feel a slight burning sensation in each calf and her body quivered at the Master's cold heartless punishment. Her throat tightened and she tried to swallow, to even say something, but nothing happened and she became aware of only the beating of her heart and the increasing tingling in her legs.

Her breathing increased as her mind realized her body was incapable of holding off. The muscles of her calves burned with the effort to remain on her toes until finally her body overrode her mind and relaxed the straining muscles.

Her sex was already soaked and a thin glistening film coated its puffed petals. As her body lowered itself, each fold of her sex parted, sliding along the cold steel as the bar fit its way upward, crushing her clit against the base of her pelvis. She cried out and used her free hand to push against the bar biting into her, but she heard the voice in the phone order her to stop and put her hand behind her head.

She followed the command as her legs once again obeyed her instructions and lifted her from the bar. Her sex ached, bruised and cold from the intense pressure and temperature inflicted upon her delicate flesh. But as she rose up she felt a sudden burst of heat as well, and a feeling of pleasure washed over her body. Her mind wavered on her body's desire and then suddenly her legs gave out again, dropping her downward onto the steel bar.

She groaned, loudly and forcefully as she found herself sliding herself across the bar. Her weight centered itself on her tender sex, driving it down forcefully upon the bar. She rocked forward, catching her clit and dragging it under the crushing weight of her body. And then her legs worked again and she lifted herself off.

Her voice cracked as she moaned into the phone. "E-e-everything h-h-hurts-s-s,” she stammered.

"And you love it, don't you. You don't want it to stop," the Master said.

“N-n-no, n-n-never” gasped Amanda and her legs failed again.

"We won't stop it yet, little one," he said as she ground herself downward and then lifted herself off. Tears coursed down her face.

"Now listen to me, Amanda, as you are tortured. Your body is like a piece of steel. I will shape it to my own will. I will temper you as the blacksmith does to raw iron. I will make you perfect."

Amanda groaned again, shaking as she dropped back down upon the bar. Pain lanced upward from her groin and changed into the spiraling heat of ecstasy as she rubbed herself back and forth. Her body quivered and she began radically bouncing up and down as her legs alternately regained their strength and lifted her abused and sore sex from the pole; and then failed, dropping her back down.

The Master listened to her, hearing her cries of relief and pain, of desire and fear and then the ragged breaths of a body pushed to its limits.

"Get off the bar now," he said firmly.

There was no answer. Amanda was too involved with the pain coursing through her and the warmth it left behind.

"GET OFF THE BAR!" he shouted.
Amanda flinched and pulled herself off. She collapsed in the sand, her legs unable to support her weight. Her body shook with racking sobs as she felt the pain dissipate into an intense heat, then comfortable warmth. After a few minutes she raised her head and saw the phone lying in the sand.

"M-master?" she said, as she picked it up.

"Are you okay, Amanda?" he asked hurriedly.

Amanda looked down at herself. She had totally lost her shorts while on the bar and they lay in the damp sand next to her. Her limbs still trembled and she felt as if something large and terrible had been used upon her. But a deep need still resided inside her.

"I g-guess so. I feel like someone shoved a baseball bat into me," she said, an unrestrained giggle coming out of her mouth as the stress rocked through her.

The sigh of relief on the other side of the phone was audible. "I can imagine. You will be sore for the rest of the day. I recommend you take it easy, little one," he replied.

Amanda's eyes narrowed in disappointment. "You mean that's all, Master? The punishment is over?" Her hand slid down between her legs and she gingerly touched her sex. She winced as a new flood of pain rushed upward, but she felt the spurt of wetness and the overlaying feeling of need.

"Yes, Amanda. The punishment is over."

"But sir! It wasn't enough!" Amanda sounded distraught

"Not enough?" the Master asked, surprised.

Amanda groaned as her fingers pinched her clit. "N-n-no Master, p-please I need more.” 

There was a silent pause on the other end of the line as Amanda's fingers slid over the wet and sensitive lips and folds of her sex.

"All right, Amanda. Then go get your shorts," her master ordered.

Amanda looked down at her ankles. Bare skin reflected the morning light and she spotted her red colored shorts laying a few feet away. How had he known?  "Yes Master. I will put them on again if you want," she said into the phone, her fingers still rubbing her sore clit, spreading the glistening moisture around and over the tender flesh.

"Go ahead, Amanda. Put them on and bring them up to your knees," the Master ordered. Amanda stood up and plucked the shorts from the gravel beneath the parallel bars. Carefully yet quickly, she stepped into them. When she was finished she told her master.

"Now I want you to take Manx's leash and run it between your legs so that you are holding the end of the leash in the small of your back. The leash should actually split the lips of your sex." He said to her.

Amanda clutched the phone between her shoulder and chin. She ran her left hand down her buttocks and reached up through the space between her thighs. She quivered as her right hand passed the leash through and she straightened up, pulling the rough hemp rope across her sex and up through the crack of her bottom. Manx looked at her quizzically. With her fingers, she split the enflamed folds of her sex and pulled the rope upward into it. A slight groan escaped her lips as she pulled the rope tight against her clit. Her right hand groped for her shorts and she pulled them upward. As the waist band went up the leash was caught and pulled tight into the crevices of her body, making her body spasm.

"Feel good?" her master asked.

"Oh, Master. It feels like torture. I want to touch myself so badly," said Amanda with her chest heaving. Manx pulled lightly on the leash. Amanda groaned as it rubbed against her clit.

The Master chuckled. "Well, you can hang up the phone and walk Manx home now. Just like that. When you get home you can pleasure yourself to explosion," he said.

Amanda sighed in relief. "Thank you so much, Sir!

"Bye, dear one."

Amanda pressed the end button and slipped the phone back into her pocket. Manx pulled on the leash again, eager to be off and Amanda's breath caught in her throat.

"All right Manx. We can go now," she said softly. "And I can come now."


The End

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