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He Soon To Thee Shall Sacrifice - A ΣΕΧstory (2005)


It was a quiet Friday evening and I was sitting quite happily in my blue easy chair in the den, with a fire roaring under the mantle. A tall glass of sherry stood on the side table next to me and I was deeply immersed in the pages of essays written by one of my English classes. My red pen seemed lubricated with exasperation as it slid across page after page of the most appalling atrocities to the English Language, and I found myself cursing once more, the invidious structure we know here in America as secondary education.

I was less than half way through when I heard a knocking. Unlike Poe, it was not on my chamber door, and it sounded much more insistent than a raven, nevermore. Sighing, I put aside my lap desk and papers, rising from my chair and I padded across the house.

I was already dressed for bed, since the time was well past nine and for once I was glad that I had wrapped my robe around my flannel pajamas. I walked through the foyer and flicked on the front porch light and saw through the glass window of the door that three girls stood before my house.

Two of them I immediately recognized. Both were students of mine and there was the fact that one of them had a paper, totally marked with red ink, in my finished pile beside my chair. The other hadn't yet to turn in the assignment, but it would be due on Monday.

The third girl was much older, easily a senior, while the other two girls who were my students were in their junior year. Her long blonde hair, flashing blue eyes, and mischievous smile were very alluring and I found myself gazing at her as my fingers turned back the dead bolt and opened the door onto the crisp spring night.

"Hello, Professor!" said Elizabeth, my already corrected student, with a little wave. She smiled at me as I nodded to her.

"Hi, Professor." Said Courtney, who stood there, a silly grin on her face as she clasped her hands together.

"Ladies, I'm not sure what you are here for, but the truth of the matter is that I much prefer to speak with students during my office hours. It's a violation of the department policies to meet with students off campus."

The stunning blonde behind my students nodded. "We know that professor. We had something very urgent to discuss with you."

My eyes narrowed, intrigued. "I'm sorry. You look familiar, but do I know you?"

The senior shook her head. "No professor, you don't. But I'm responsible for these two girl's grades, and I thought we should come and discuss it with you."

I leaned back and assumed a haughty expression on my face. This had happened to me before, albeit rarely, but it seemed that every couple of years there was a girl who thought that she could improve her grade with a little off campus extra credit. Those of us in the profession of teaching knew that accepting this kind of proposal was the surest way to lose your job, not to mention never being hired by the academic community again. Despite those disgusting abominations of the English Language that abound on Internet Porn Libraries, real college educators NEVER take advantage of those offers.

"I'm sorry ladies, but grades aren't for sale. That is the only thing I will say on the matter. Now, I have to get back to grading essays, and I would recommend to you, Courtney, that you spend your weekend working on yours."

There were a collection of sour faces before me and I stood there, like the rock of Gibraltar, assured in my moral conviction. The three girls spent a moment looking at each other and then the blond girl opened her purse.

It is always alarming when one sees a weapon pointed at oneself. And this case was no different. What looked like a gun, I recognized as a taser. Recently, our own campus police had equipped themselves with this non-lethal weapon in order to appease more liberal entities. How this young lady had acquired one was beyond my understanding. I stood my ground, knowing that even if she were to shoot me, I wouldn't budge on my principles.

"I can assure you, young lady, that threatening me will do you no good. I won't abide that kind of coercion and I will immediately call the police. If you put that away, I will be willing to forget this ever happened." I said.

"Professor, this taser produces in excess of over one thousand volts, which will render you unconscious. Please back up into the house, because I would rather not have to drag you through your own foyer." The blonde girl said with a smile.

I swallowed once, my bravado seeming to evaporate. I spent an eternal second contemplating my choices, raised my hands, and then began backing up. The blond girl entered first, keeping the taser trained upon me as my two students immediately followed. I only noticed then that Courtney was wearing her book bag.

When I reached my den, still staring at the attractive blond who held a weapon upon me, I heard my front door close and the dead bolt slide home. Elizabeth entered the room, nodding to Courtney and the blond girl. I stood in front of my chair as Courtney began rifling through the already graded papers and picked out Elizabeth's essay.

"Good Lord, Liz. This sucks!" Courtney said after reading some of my handwritten remarks in the margins. She handed it to the blond who began reading the paper, keeping it eye level with me, the taser still pointed directly at my chest.

"Courtney is right, Elizabeth. This is awful. The professor is totally right in giving you this grade." The blond turned and glared at my errant student. "I want all of your essays turned in to me prior to handing them in, got it?"

I admit that I felt slightly curious. I was expecting to be told to re-grade her paper. Or change the grade. Certainly a vindication of my appraisal was not what these girls were here for. I finally dropped my hands from their earlier position, and put them on my hips.

"Okay, well we've definitely learned that Elizabeth can't write an essay." Said the blond. "But that isn't why we are here, so I think we should begin." She smiled at me once and shook the taser. "All right professor, off with the robe."

My surprise must have been evident. "Excuse me?"

The blond looked at me with supreme confidence. "You heard me professor. I said to take off your robe."

I resisted. "And may I ask why?"

"Are you asking why?"

I'm afraid my sarcasm got the better of me and I nodded. "I suppose I am."

The blond took two steps closer and held the front of the taser up, only a foot or two from my chest.

"Because I have the taser, and you don't. If you don't take your robe off, I'll shock the shit out of you and have Elizabeth fly your robe and your pajamas from the campus flag pole."

I've seen determination in people before. Extreme self confidence of the type that makes great leaders bring their followers through insurmountable odds. The steely glint in this woman's eyes was of that grit, that firm commanding presence that I had fought so many years to attain. And now I was the weak one.

I shrugged off my robe, throwing it down upon my chair, standing there in my pajamas, trying desperately to look as confidant and self-assured as possible.

"Satisfied?" I asked, my voice seeming to sound shaky and weak to my own ears.

The blond girl grinned. "Not in the least. Take off your top too."

I hesitated only for a moment but then proceeded to follow the order as the two sharp spikes of the taser electrodes were waved under my nose a second time. I felt my skin prickle in the cool air despite the fire and I tossed my pajama tops on top of my discarded robe.

Courtney had moved to the side table and dropped her book bag unceremoniously on the top, digging through it as if searching for a writing instrument. My eyes widened in alarm as I saw the heavy thick leather cuffs she extracted and I suddenly began to wonder what this whole episode was about.

"Take off your bottoms now." Ordered the blond.

I shook my head. "They're all I'm wearing." I replied.

She shrugged. "So?"

"I will not remove them, no matter what you say. Now put that thing down and leave my residence immediately."

"Uh oh, professor. You shouldn't make Kristen mad." Courtney said.

I folded my arms across my chest. "Kristen is it? Well let me tell you, Kristen, that what you are doing will certainly result in your expulsion from the college, as well as Elizabeth and Courtney. I hope you understand that."

Kristen smiled once more, her soft blond hair framing her face. "Take off the pajamas, now."

I held my stance, my arms folded across my bare chest, a look of impenetrable immobility on my face.

And then she fired.

I remembered the pain of the taser exploding through me, but remember nothing else from that moment. When I awoke I discovered that I was lying horizontally on my own bed, my arms and legs stretched out to each corner and securely bound. Each wrist and ankle was covered in the thick leather cuffs I had observed Courtney remove from her bag, and as I pulled on my restraints I saw that the girls had used short bungee cords with hooks to secure me.

I was alone in my room, lying atop my own bed, my body uncovered and naked, totally helpless. I looked around and wondered if my fate was to be discovered atop my own coverlet by some hapless school official who no doubt would receive a call explaining my predicament.

"Well, well. You're awake!" Came a voice from the hall. I raised my head and saw Courtney standing in the doorway. I felt a moment's humiliation; my naked body exposed for this twenty something beauty that I was old enough to have fathered. I will admit that like every man, I have lusted over the young firm flesh that parades before me every day, but I have always been strong, able to resist the temptations.

I felt myself rouse, hardening in a mixture of sexual excitement and embarrassment and I heard a soft chuckle. I watched as Courtney came right to the foot of the bed and reached out, softly stroking my cock with the lightest of touches. I could only gasp as the sensations flooded through me.

"Like that, professor?" She asked.

I grit my teeth, arching my neck, and I shook my head. "No, Courtney. You shouldn't do this. Just let me go."

Courtney laughed, a light silvery ring that chimed in my head. "Oh no, professor. I don't think so."

She sank to her knees at the foot of the bed and I realized she was kneeling on something, probably the ottoman from the living room. She bent over at the waist and I felt her breath on the tip of my cock.

The touch of her tongue on my tip was enough to send a wave of intense sensation right through me, and as it began to swirl around the head of my cock, I moaned with a mixture of denial, fear, and ecstasy. Courtney's mouth engulfed my entire shaft and I felt her begin to suck, her head bobbing up and down as she deep throated my entire rod with slow and deliberate movements.

It was incredible. Easily the best of the few experiences of fellatio I have had. To put it in the crudest language, Courtney was an incredible cocksucker. She wrapped one hand around my cock as the other stroked my balls, her face rising and falling as she swallowed the thick meat of my granite organ.

I came quickly, a bubbling, exploding, geyser of white froth that seemed to shoot forth like Old Faithful. Courtney cooed once and opened her mouth, quickly licking up my fluid as if I were a popsicle in a child's hand.

I felt myself sigh once as my member softened in the girl's hand and I relaxed against my bonds. Unknowingly, my body had tensed as orgasm was reached and I felt the bungee cords pulling me taut once more. Courtney gave my shaft one last little squeeze, still licking my milky white cream from her lips, as she rose and headed to the door.

Only to be replaced by Elizabeth. My other student, the one whose paper I had marked up so badly approached the bed, looking down at my spent organ, lying wet and soft against my belly. She too knelt down on the ottoman, grasping me in a soft hand, pulling my cock upward so that it was stretched out, the tip barely exposed in her closed fist. She squeezed as she spoke.

"Feel good, professor? Did you enjoy Courtney's blowjob? I'm just as good you know. She may be a better writer than I am, but I can give just as much pleasure, you know." Elizabeth murmured to me.

I raised my head to look down at her, her tender face inches away from the tip of my cock. "Elizabeth. You don't have to do this. Just let me up and I will totally forget about all of this. We can work on your paper together, during my office time. I can tutor you even. Just please stop this and let me up!"

I admit my language was a bit forceful, and I'm sure full of desperation. Despite the incredible pleasure I had just experienced, I knew that the situation could only worsen. I moaned in exasperation as she gave me another squeeze.

Her head dropped down and once more I felt the soft warmth of a tongue against my cock. She began rhythmically squeezing me in her hand as her tongue swirled round and round my tip, sensitizing it. Her fingers opened and she slid her hand down my semi rigid shaft until she was able to pinch the base of my cock, pressure forcing blood to the head.

I groaned as I felt the stirring in my loins. The steady massage and tonguing Elizabeth gave me, her brunette hair dangling down upon my thighs, was more than I could stand against. I bit my lip as my body betrayed me, hardening once more in the mouth of a student.

It is my understanding that there is an oriental or perhaps Indian art that teaches a multitude of methods to fellatio. Up to this point, my own experiences with this art had been limited, with the exception of the current situation, to one rather wonderful experience in high school. Unfortunately, I remember very little of that early experience, mostly since I experienced orgasm shortly after my high school girl friend had taken me in her mouth. Being much older and wiser, I was certainly aware that there was an art to bringing a man to orgasm with the mouth; I had just never experienced it.

However it was obvious, from the radically different technique that Elizabeth was using to stimulate me, that both Courtney and Elizabeth had been trained in that art. You would imagine that there are only so many ways that a cock can be sucked, but I know now that there are hosts of specific actions that increase pleasure during fellatio. Elizabeth sucked my shaft into her mouth and began slurping on it like a straw, sucking in air around it, and then blowing back outward.

I groaned out loud as I felt my cock stimulated, the sides softly stroked. I was still sensitized from Courtney's ministrations, and I felt the blood pump through me like fire. My hips rose as my body betrayed me. Elizabeth wrapped a finger and thumb around the base and began squeezing me, her fingers curled around my balls. I gasped as waves of pleasure shot upward through me, hammering deep the sense of urgency and need.

Again I exploded, a tiny pitiful amount of cream that seemed to pool a top my rod like an unsightly tube of paste. Elizabeth let out a tiny chuckle and extended her tongue. With a long rasping lick, she removed the fluids of my body, sending a painful shiver up my spine. I groaned again as she pumped my still hard cock with powerful yanks, and I had to grit my teeth as her palm grazed the edges of my tip. Then she let go, dropping my flaccid shaft so that it lay pointing toward my thigh.

I lay there with my eyes closed for some minutes. The chill in the house seemed to have abated in the heat of my throes, and I wondered as to the meaning of my rape. My mind was clouded with the vibrations of sexual release, and I fought the urge to doze. I felt Elizabeth leaving the room and I relaxed again, hoping my ordeal was over.

I felt her presence long before she touched me though. I could hear the soft whisper of cloth as someone kneeled once more on the ottoman. I thought I could hear her slow breath. And I knew it when she touched me.

Once more it was my sex, gentle fingers lifting me up, the warm enclosure of a mouth suckling, the soft caress of my scrotum, the tender probing of my anus. Most men can only bring themselves to release once, maybe twice under certain circumstances. It's a biological fact that has its history in our animal forebears when the female of the species found multiple partners, in an effort to assure that the most powerful and strongest male would father her offspring.

Kristen never said a word as she sucked upon my cock, twining her tongue round it. It was minutes before her fingers and tongue worked their magic, once more bringing the rush of blood that hardened my shaft. Her palm surrounded me as she kissed my tip, wrapping me in soft strength. She began to pump, driving her hand and head up and down my shaft, lubing me with her mouth, until my prick was a glistening pole of urgency, needing the release that could only come from her.

I bubbled forth, the pent up need coming to the surface under pressure, but without the volume of the two previous eruptions. I gasped with a mixture of pleasure and pain as Kristen licked my tip, my sensitive head swollen and pink.

"Please…"I groaned as Kristen continued to suckle me, despite my orgasm and the slowly fading strength of my cock. "Please…no more."

There was slight chuckle and I felt my cock released to lie flat against my abdomen.

"Professor, do you know what 'cock milking' is?" Kristen asked, reaching out and lightly running her fingers up and down my balls.

I shook my head. If I had known then it had been forgotten, unattainable in my current state.

"It's a practice where a man is forced to come multiple times, even if it hurts." She smiled. "You've got at least four more coming tonight." She flicked a finger against the tip of my cock, a hard slap that caused my thighs to buckle.

I'm not sure how long of a break they gave me, but I know it wasn't longer than ten minutes. My body lay cramped and tight upon my own bed, secured by the cruel whims of three girls who had tortured me with sexual pleasure. I almost whimpered in fear when Courtney came back into the room, this time holding a tube of lubricant.

I watched as she began removing her clothing, certainly no strip tease. Just the expedient disrobing that comes before showering, or changing one's wardrobe. The bed creaked as she sat on it, her pliable thigh pressing against mine. She uncapped the tube and squeezed out a large portion of cream, a clear gel that seemed to glisten. It was cold as she applied it, stroking just one side of my limp shaft. With seemingly endless patience she sat there, wrapping her hand around my cock with twists and pull and strokes in what seemed like a massage gone far down into the depths of eroticism.

It took almost ten minutes of stimulation before my body responded. I was even surprised, since I felt that no amount of rubbing could force my exhausted prick to stand at attention once more. I felt my blood stirring and once more the need of lust filled my shaft.

Courtney began pumping me harder, rubbing her palm faster up and down my cock. The gel congealed and became sticky, which resulted in a slight abrading as she rubbed me, but she dealt with quickly by applying more jelly. I looked down at my cock, seeing a turgid shade of pink, over sensitive skin on a rock hard shaft. I groaned as it trembled, her fingers bouncing heavily over the ridge of my tip, the most sensitive spot on a man's cock.

Once more I came, crying out, pulling against my bonds, as she stroked me. She didn't stop either, despite my thrusts and pain filled cries. She pumped until I went totally soft, the top of her fist covered with a mixture of gel and what little cream I had produced during my rest.

She went to the master bathroom and I heard the water running in the sink. I turned and looked, seeing the beauty of her naked body standing before the vanity, washing her hands. I wondered what I had done to deserve such torture, to be humiliated by one of my own students, fondled, petted, forced to come.

Courtney smiled and me as she exited the bathroom, leaning over me and giving me a view of her dangling breasts. She planted a soft kiss upon my forehead and ran her fingers through my hair.

"You're doing great, professor. Keep it up." She laughed a little and turned as my mind finally noticed the pun. Her swaying bottom exited the room and I realized that she had left her clothes piled there on the floor.

And then Elizabeth was there, pulling off her own shirt, baring a set of creamy unsupported globes with huge nipples. Her jeans came off just as quick and my eyes settled on the shaven pubes of her pink flower. She too climbed up on the bed, but unlike Courtney, she straddled my chest, facing my cock. I studied the curve of her bottom, the dimples on each side of her spine as she poured lotion from a bottle. A little snap sounded the closure of the container and once more I felt tender fingers taking hold of my organ.

Warmth. Almost hot warmth. The oil she spread upon my cock heated as she rubbed it in, sending waves of pleasant massaging heat through me. Thankfully she avoided the sensitive ridges the Courtney had taken such pleasure in stroking with her palm, concentrating more on the slow long strokes that men prefer over any other.

Elizabeth put her palms together with my cock between them, drawing upward, stretching my cock out as she stroked it. I felt the hardening, a difficult thickening, as if my cock didn't want to become firm. She tickled my balls and ran a finger over my anus, setting me arching.

But it was enough. My cock, while not as hard as it had been for Courtney, firmed up and Elizabeth began a unique stroke I had never experienced. She cupped her right hand over my cock, the tip sinking into the soft flesh of her palm, her fingers extended downward like a condom. With slow movements, she simulated the sinking of my cock in a woman's body and I felt the intense satisfaction of soft friction along my entire length.

My body hummed with pleasure and I began to thrust upward through her hand as the needs of lust moved me. My breathing came in rapid bursts as I fought hard to thrust in a way that would move me toward explosion, despite the soft and steady caresses that Elizabeth forced upon me.

It seemed like forever, a longing that filled me up, as she caressed me. I begged, I pleaded with her to let me explode, a torture unlike any I had experienced. She laughed and then placed her palms together as if praying, my rod sandwiched between.

Then she began rubbing, my cock begin swirled between her fast moving hands. She pressed them together, mashing my shaft in back and forth motions as if she were trying to warm her hands, or create fire using me as her friction stick.

I cried out. My cock was throbbing, my thighs and buttocks tensing painfully, my hips trying to thrust up. Her toes dug into my sides and I felt her legs squeeze me as she rubbed. I cried out, almost screaming, as I exploded between her hands.

Thankfully she stopped, only keeping the tight pressure as my member leapt in her hands. I bucked and then collapsed as my orgasm ripped through me, sending small spurts of clear fluid out of the tip of my cock. Elizabeth squeezed me hard, then let go, my cock falling wilted and spent.

My entire body ached. My shaft tingled from the intensity of the frictions that had been applied to it, and I felt as if I had never slept in my entire life. I imagined that I had been tied down for well over three hours as the girls wandered into my room, each individually, to spend their own time tormenting me. I closed my eyes.

"How are you feeling, professor?" Kristen asked, waking me up from my doze. I startled, still feeling the tingling in my cock and I looked down at my red tinged shaft. I realized I had slept for only a minute or so.

"Thirsty." I said. It was only a moment ago I realized how desperately I wanted water.

Kristen smiled. She rose from the side of the bed and walked into the bathroom, taking a paper cup from its little holder and filling it with water. It was only as she returned that I realized that she too had disrobed, her body a glorious apparition of celestial beauty.

For a moment, my head spun and I remembered a fragment of poetry of Sappho, a Greek poet who ran a sort of girl's finishing school on the island of Lesbos. It was from the Hymn to Aphrodite. Even now I'm not sure if I recited it aloud where Kristen could hear.

Thou now he shuns thy longing arms; He soon shall court thy slighted charms; Though now their offerings he despise, He soon to thee shall sacrifice; Though now he freeze, he soon shall burn, And be thy victim in his turn.

And was I the victim? Had I shunned some longing arms? My mind churned sluggishly as Kristen held the cup to my lips. The water was sweet, as sweet as Kristen's visage, and I gazed up at her in rapture.

Unlike Courtney and Elizabeth, Kristen moved to the foot of the bed and sat down upon the ottoman. Her white cream breasts were beautiful to behold and I admit that I craned my neck to watch her as she set a small jar down, a thick dollop of cream on her fingers.

I gasped as she grabbed my cock and began rubbing the cream into the tip. Her fingers swirled around the edge, that sensitive part that was already so tender, so sore. I gasped as the pain hit me and I felt as if my cock were being rubbed with sand paper. Despite the cream, it hurt. And I shook as she tortured me, rubbing just those spots, interspersed with long strokes up and down the underside of my shaft.

But in moments I knew that she had succeeded. I knew my rod had hardened, and Kristen made a circle with her fingers and began sliding the ring down my shaft, squeezing every little bit. My moans and cries were becoming louder and I heard her call out to Courtney, who padded into the room, still naked, holding one of my books of poetry. Kristen didn't even pause in her manipulation of my shaft as she spoke.

"Courtney, he's making a little too much noise. Can you gag him?" Kristen said, eliciting a painful cry from me as she slid her fingers round the edge of my tip. Courtney nodded and put the book down upon my dresser. One knee came up on the edge of the bed and she swung herself astride me over my chest. Carefully she edged up, my nose only inches from her sex.

The throbbing painful rub of my cock didn't overwhelm my senses enough to not notice the scent of Courtney's arousal. It permeated her shaven slit and I saw the wet juices there. She moved forward and I realized that I was about to be gagged with the moist petals of her flower. She squirmed again and then my mouth was full covered with sodden folds of pink flesh, a musky salty flavor of young horny girl.

I know I licked at her clit, punctuated by the cries and animal like thrusts which came regularly, caused by Kristen's touch. Courtney writhed above me, pinching her own nipples and running her fingers over her body, sometimes placing her hands on the wall for support. I felt the fluid of her orgasms seep down my chin as she cried out, matching my own anguished moans.

And then I came, a painful, exquisite release that left me shuddering, trying to get my breath between mouthfuls of still quivering girl. My cock throbbed and stung painfully between my legs and I lay trembling beneath both girls like a bowl of gelatin. Kristen continued to play with me, but left the bright red ridge alone, as well as the tip, instead giving me the same slow strokes that Elizabeth had used to excite me.

My mind reeled. My body ached. I felt light headed and exhausted, excited and tormented all at the same time. My arms were cramped, as were my legs and I couldn't even find the strength to pull against the bungee cords.

Kristen finally let go of my cock and moved to my right arm, releasing the bondage cuff from the bungee cord hook. Softly and carefully she bent it, working it over and over, massaging the muscles. I groaned as circulation was restored and the little pins and needles of feeling shot through me. Satisfied as I flexed, she returned my arm to its bondage and moved to my right leg, repeating the process.

I felt another touch on my cock as Kristen moved my leg, relieving the cramps and I felt Courtney begin the soft strokes once more.

"Oh god…please…no more."

Courtney smiled and continued her stroking of my shaft as Kristen went on to my left leg, releasing my bonds, but holding my ankle tight.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I asked, fighting to regain control of myself. Kristen re-secured my leg and moved to my left arm. She leaned close and pressed her breasts into my face.

"Because you need to understand that the girls of Sigma Epsilon Xi will do anything for their members. Including the domination of their professors."

"I'll report you." I said, my voice slightly muffled under the supple breast flesh.

Kristen laughed. "No you won't. While you were unconscious, we posed you in a variety of positions that are embarrassing. And of course the coupe de grace was the picture of you, lying back on the couch, with one of your students naked, giving you head, tears pouring down her face, mascara running." Kristen smiled and lifted herself up.

"We don't mess around professor." Courtney said from the end of the bed, grasping my cock firmly and squeezing.

Elizabeth came into the room, as naked and beautiful as the other two girls and holding a camera phone. "Professor? I'm really sorry about my essay. I realize you can't change the grade, but I can promise you that I will do better in the future." She held up the phone and I heard the tiny buzz of the camera.

Courtney laughed and then smiled. "Come on, professor. You've got to get it up one last time."

The rubbing intensified and I closed my eyes and grit my teeth. Slowly they put their hands upon me, tweaking my nipples, rubbing my chest and arms and legs, and of course the constant attention to my cock.

Finally I was hard again, a strong uprising of blood and heat that rose upward. I groaned as Kristen straddled me low, over my loins. Elizabeth moved to occupy the spot Courtney had climaxed in and I found myself suddenly awash in female scents and sights.

I felt Kristen lower herself downward onto my cock, clasping it firmly in the soft flesh of her pussy. For the first time that night, I felt the sensitive medium that Aphrodite had always intended for man. My throbbing cock felt the sensitivity subside as the fluids bathed it, perfect flesh surrounding it.

My mouth opened onto Elizabeth's clit and slit, sucking in the vast folds of her sex, using my own tongue to pleasure her as she had pleasured me earlier. I swallowed her juices and felt permeated with them, from my loins to my head.

Both Kristen and Elizabeth came before I did. Kristen rocked back and forth, reaching behind her to cup my balls, caressing them. Courtney had moved forward and was busily sucking on Kristen's upright nipples, while Courtney's hand cupped and thumbed Elizabeth's own stiff nub. The girls moaned and then gasped as their orgasms filled them.

And then it was my turn. The last explosion, that was nothing more than a minor pop, a throbbing, painful release that left me tender, and yet so satisfied. As the sucking sound of my softening shaft came from Kristen's rising, I lay there stunned with the sexual epiphany I had experienced.

They left me there. I heard them getting dressed in the living room, the excited babble of girl voices. My mind wondered just what demands were being made of me. Why create the option of blackmail when I had just been told that I did not have to change Elizabeth's grade? I felt confused, as well as tired and spent.

They came back into the room, well dressed, makeup refreshed, with Courtney holding her backpack. I watched, suddenly feeling trepidation as Kristen fished out her taser, stood between my legs, and held it just a few inches from my balls.

"I hope you will be a good little boy while we untie you, professor." Kristen said with a bit of menace in her voice. I nodded, knowing that even had I wanted to, I was in no condition to rebel.

Courtney and Elizabeth quickly uncuffed me, pulling the bungee cords off the bed and stuffing them into the book bag. After a moment, my legs were freed as well and I kept still, not wanting Kristen to think I was going to give her trouble.

I jumped slightly as the taser touched my cock, moving it downward so it flopped between my legs, a limp shriveled worm.

"Now let me tell you professor, that from now on, neither Courtney nor Elizabeth will receive a bad grade in your class. For my part, I will do my best to tutor them. In fact, their papers will be relatively good and you will be able to give them A's despite our little conversation. Hopefully that will assuage your code of morality."

Kristen poked my cock with the end of the taser. "As to our little fun tonight, you need to keep that to yourself or you will discover the pictures posted all over the internet and on fliers here at the school." She laughed. "We'll send them to you via email so you know exactly what you want to keep quiet about."

She came around the side of the bed and leaned down to my face.

"And if you ever want to be our little toy again, just let Elizabeth or Courtney know, and I'd be happy to come down here and see if we can break our record of seven orgasms."

The pain of the taser was excruciating and I blacked out.

A day later, after I had recovered, I received an email filled with over a hundred pictures. Me in several poses with both Courtney and Elizabeth, one in which it appeared I had spanked them, another where I had forced them to provide me with sexual relief. I knew that these photos would destroy my career so I kept silent, and have so all these years.

I know more about Sigma Epsilon Xi now; the outlaw sorority that takes in young girls, usually sophomores, trains them to be bisexual sex slaves, then allows them to move upward and become more domineering while still subservient to the seniors. Eventually, a select few with the supreme confidence, mannerism, and capabilities become the leaders and true mistresses of the organization. There are many chapters, spread throughout our country, and even oversea. And slowly I have been putting together a list of women, powerful ones in politics, medicine, academia, law, and business who are all alumni of Sigma Epsilon Xi.

And in one way, so am I.

 The End

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