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The Arcade Series: Tower of Terror (2004)

Tower of Terror

I was struggling. My eyes narrowed and my brow painfully tightened as I bit my tongue, trying desperately to work out the schedule. Too many days-off requests, with everyone wanting to go to Ren Faire! I threw down my pencil in disgust, leaning back in my chair and taking another sip of my Mountain Dew.

"Jeff?" I heard my name and I turned to the doorway. Jacqueline, one of my staff, was standing there with a mischievous smile on her face as she leaned against the doorframe. "You doing all right?" she asked me.

I sighed. "Yeah, I suppose. It's just this schedule. Everyone wants a weekend off during Ren Faire and I'm having trouble working it in." I shrugged.

Jacqueline laughed, a silvery bell sound that some how sounded sarcastic. "Well, you ARE the boss. You get all the hard jobs." She brushed an escaped strand of her gold strawberry hair out of her jade colored eyes.

I raised one eyebrow. "What do you want?" I asked suspiciously. Jacqueline was the one employee who got away with ordering me about, not to mention unbridled sarcasm. She had joked that it was the red hair. I'd do anything for a red head.

"I finished closing. Everyone's gone, including the Bowling Alley staff." She replied.

"Hmmm…tickets restocked? Counter replenished? Debris cleaned up?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes. All finished."

"So go home. Relax, go mentally torture someone else. I've got work to do."

"I'm not ready to go home yet. I haven't finished mentally torturing you." She replied, glancing around the office.

I paused and looked deeply at her. Her high cheek bones and angular face had always intrigued me, which probably explained why I had hired her. She looked fetching in her black polo and khaki capris, the later which wasn't quite policy, but I made allowances for Jacqueline.

"So what's on your mind, Jackie?" calling her by her nickname.

"That new game we got." She said abruptly.

"Tower of Terror? What about it?"

"I'm interested in it. How does it work?" She asked, moving across the office and taking a seat right next to my desk.

I leaned back in my chair. "Well, it's pretty simple. Those two metal rods that stick out of the control panel have a low voltage current in them, along with a high power motor that shakes a type of metal spring inside of the rod.. The faster the motor goes, the harder the rods shake. The goal is to get all the way up to max power without letting go." I explained.

"So you have to hold both handles, then?" she asked.

"Yes, or at least two people who are touching have to. If either let go, the power shuts off."

Jacqueline looked intrigued and I could see her inquisitive mind churning as she mulled over my explanation. "Is there a lot of electricity going through you?"

I laughed. "No. It's just enough to tell the game circuitry if you let go of the handles. You don't even feel it. Besides, the vibrations are enough, trust me."

"I see." She replied.

"Did I satisfy your curiosity?" I asked her.

"How long do you think the handles are?" she asked suddenly.

"Uh…I guess about six inches from the control panel, but the whole rod is about a foot long from the mounting point. Why?"

"How wide is the handle?" she asked, ignoring my question.

I sighed in exasperation. "Well, Jackie, you've walked by the game as much as I. Use your eyes or go measure the thing. Why is this important anyway?" I demanded.

"Just answer the question, Jeff!" she ordered, her eyes flashing with anger.

I shrugged. "Oh about an inch and a half, maybe two inches wide." I replied.

Jacqueline smiled and looked at me, her face beaming in delight.

"Uh-oh. I hate it when you get that look." I said, alarmed.

"I need to ask you a favor. A very important favor." She said, her voice dripping with honey.

I slid my chair away from her, caution writ large upon my face. "What kind of favor?" I asked, my voice suspicious.

She leaned forward, planting her freckled elbows on her khaki knees. "A very personal favor. Just for me." She batted her eye lashes seductively.

I knew I was doomed already. It wouldn't matter what she asked, I would do it. I knew I was weak, but she had wrapped me around her little finger months before, seeing which rules she could get away with breaking. I suppose it had happened at the hiring interview.

"So what's the favor?" I asked, my voice breaking, raising the flag of my surrender.

She grinned. "I want to play it."

"Huh? You want to play Tower of Terror?" I looked at her incredulously. "So go play it. It's after hours and you know staff is allowed to play any game off the clock."

She moved forward in her chair until the space between us was only a few inches. "No, Jeff. I want to play it in a very special way. And I'll need help." Her lower lip caught in her teeth.

A sudden image flashed through my mind and my eyes popped open. She couldn't! I opened my mouth but I merely stammered unintelligibly.

Jacqueline laughed and stood up, taking my hand and pulling me up from my chair. I still was babbling nonsense as we left the office and made our way across the redemption area to the main concourse. The Tower of Terror game was standing near one of the changers, a show piece that was attracting a lot of attention. The grinning skull at the top of the light bulb filled spine glared down on us as we approached the console.

Jacqueline had grabbed a step stool from the redemption area, one that little kids used to play taller games, and she dropped it with a clatter on the flag stoned concourse floor in front of the game. I stared at the handles, two thick huge rods that stood erect from the console like two obscene phalluses, an image that had not previously crossed my mind.

"Uh, Jackie, I'm not so sure about this. I mean…" I stuttered out loud, turning to my devilish employee.

"Oh hush, Jeff. I know what I'm doing." She stepped on the heel of one battered shoe, pulling it off. "This will be fun."

I gulped, realizing that I wasn't going to voice any more objections as the second shoe followed the first. She wasn't wearing any socks and I became suddenly fascinated with the red tinting of her toe nails.

"They match my hair." She said smugly, wiggling her toes.

I nodded dumbly and then stared as she began to unbuckle the large black leather belt she customarily wore. It was a popular model, studded with silver brads throughout the length, looking more like some strange bondage garment than a high school teenage accessory.

Her pale fingers unsnapped the single button that held the waist of her capris together and I saw my first flash of her belly. My breath came in a ragged gasp when I saw the flashy glint of a belly ring. Her thumbs began to pull the waist band apart and I tensed as more rosy flesh was bared.

She was wearing pink cotton panties, low riding that bared her curved hips and I licked my lips in anticipation. Jacqueline pushed the Capris downward, turning slightly to show off the curve of her bottom. She wiggled her hips once to tantalize me, and then pulled the panties all the way down to her ankles.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. This was incredible. Despite her French sounding name, my employee was Irish colored right down to the core and I had always known that dye had never touched her head. But there, right at the apex of the most beautiful slit, was a tiny wisp of red hair. I supposed she shaved the majority, keeping the last little bit as proof of her Irish background.

I looked into Jacqueline's eyes, seeing the deep green flash, sparkling. She was enjoying every second of this strip tease, watching me loose what little control I had in the situation. With Jacqueline, power was as important as pleasure, and I knew very simply who was in control.

While I stared at her body, she quickly pulled off her shirt, tossing it on our Brave Firefighters game. My eyes only glanced that way as she unhooked the white bra she wore, baring two white creamy globes, spattered with a faint star dusting of freckles, surrounding the larger moons of her nipples. I think I stopped breathing for a moment.

Jacqueline wasted no time and stepped up onto the stool, holding out her hand to me, obviously wanting me to help her up. I hesitated, looking at the thick metal rod.

"Uh…Jacqueline…don't you want… I mean don't you think you should…you know, um…doesn't it need to be lubricated first?" I stammered.

Jacqueline laughed at me. "You are sweet dear man. No, I don't need any lubricant. I've got my own and I'm gushing." She said sweetly. At that moment I detected the scent of her sex, a strong sweet scent that almost brought me to my knees.

I helped her up on to the console, sitting her down right between the two handles. My hands trembled as I touched her skin. It was warm and soft and yielding. With a casual ease, she lifted her left leg over the rod, spreading herself open and I was able to see right down into her cleft.

Her flower was a deep pink, almost reddish hued, with thin lips that nevertheless looked so sensitive and delicate. The entire length of her slit glistened and I could see that she was right about not needing anything to make the entry of the huge game handle easier. The tiny weft of auburn hair above her petals merely added to the enchantment.

"We ready?" she asked. I could only nod, not trusting myself to speak. She placed one hand upon my shoulder and the other upon the game, pushing herself up. I watched, still between her legs as she positioned herself delicately above the right side rod. She rocked her hips forward and back, rubbing the hard straight edges of the top through the folds of her sex, making the hard metal slick.

Jacqueline moaned slightly and a shiver ran through her body. "It's a little cold." She admitted to me.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked her softly.

Her eyes hardened like agates and she suddenly let herself down, letting the huge handle of the game fill her body to the brim. I suppose her anger allowed her to deal with the cool impersonal object impaling her, but I could only imagine what it felt like. Her eyes widened in shock and she shifted on the console, obviously trying to deal with the awesome entrance.

"Are you okay?" I asked, alarmed.

She nodded. "Yes. It's just a little thicker and deeper than I was expecting."

"You want to stop?" I asked, masking my hope that she would refuse, continuing on to the excitement of actually playing the game.

This time she shook her head. "No. I'm ready now. It actually feels pretty good inside me." She smiled.

I gulped and nodded back. "All right. We'll try this on the first level. One thousand volts the game says. I'll hold on to your knee and the other handle. If you say my name, I'll let go and the vibrations will stop. Okay?" Jacqueline nodded.

I bent over and used my game key to open the coin door. There wasn't a service button on this game, so I flipped the coin switch twice, hearing the coin up credit tone. The odd tingling music started, a low throbbing base, and I could see the lips of Jacqueline's sex tightening around the silver shaft embedded in her.

"You ready?" I asked, after selecting level one.

She merely nodded, grabbing my shoulder and squeezing it tight.

I took hold of her bare knee, once more reveling in the soft pliant flesh and the dark contrast to my own hand. I placed my other hand on the still exposed rod and the game responded by picking up the music and sounding an alarm.

I was ready for the terrible vibrations, but I was unprepared for the startled scream Jacqueline let out. Her fingers tightened around my shirt collar, clenching it as she cried out. I could see her whole body shaking, her legs tightening up around the rod as it shook more wildly than any sex toy ever could. My left hand was thrumming from the building quakes, and I watched with fascination as Jacqueline's eyes rolled wildly left and right.

The level one sequence is only about ten seconds, and I was proud that Jacqueline lasted the entire play. Her body was quivering like a jelly fish when the vibrations stopped and her breaths came in ragged squeaks. A stream of her own love juices had run out from between her legs, slowly dripping down the side of the console onto the concourse floor.

As she calmed down I smiled at her, patting her leg and stroking her thigh. "Are you okay?" I finally asked when she looked ready to speak.

"Yes. Oh God, Jeff! That was incredible! I had such a powerful orgasm!"

"You did?" I said surprised. "But it was only ten seconds!"

"Oh yes! Couldn't you tell? It was like having a powerful machine inside me rubbing me so fast and so hard that my body overloaded with the sensations!" She smiled, her eyes flashing with delight. "Let's do it again, but this time on level two. I want it to last longer."

"Uh, Jacqueline, it doesn't really last longer, just the vibrations are more violent. " I warned her, wondering if permanent damage could be inflicted by this mad vibrator from hell. I wasn't sure worker's compensation would cover this one.

"I know. Just turn it on. I already am." She said, somewhat crossly.

Once again I keyed up the game, selecting the level two button with barely suppressed glee. Jacqueline spread her legs wide apart, letting me see her depths and the rod implanted within.

"I'll try to keep them open the whole time for you." She said a seductive look.

I grasped her thigh, this time much higher than her knee, feeling her smooth skin and the warmth of her loins. I wrapped my other hand around the left handle as the game began the start up.

Jacqueline was better prepared this time, shaking but not screaming as the vibrations started. Level two game play moves up through the vibrations much more quickly than level one, adding an additional five seconds to the mix. After about nine seconds Jacqueline was screaming again, rocking back and forth and rising up off the handle ever so slightly as she began to bounce upon its unyielding length. As the game continued I watched her tense, holding absolutely still and a look of intense pain crossed her face. Her teeth clenched and I could feel her hand once more curling around my shirt, nails digging into my neck.

There was a high pitched moan that came from her throat. Too my shock her sex began spurting, wet streaming arcs of juice that coated the game console, splattering me as it dripped downward. Jacqueline reached down with one hand, smashing it against her clit, rubbing it hard, just as the game stopped.

It took a lot longer for her to calm down, almost five minutes before she was able to even speak coherently too me. And through it all she remained impaled upon the rod. I knew, perhaps instinctively, that she would demand to experience the final level and I wondered if she could actually survive the extreme intensity of the game.

A puddle of her juices had appeared on the floor in front of the game and the pink fount from which they emerged still gushed from around the silver intruder. The muscles around her sex trembled, slight spasms rippling her skin as if tiny shocks were flying across her body. She looked at me deeply, an intense stare that saw right through my calm veneer to see the feelings of utter desire flooding me.

"Level three." She said. I rang two final credits on the game, selecting the last option, the hardest and longest of the ranges. My hand rested right at her groin, only inches away from her sex. She looked down and lifted my hand, placing it over the curved softness of her right breast.

Her fingers closed around mine and I felt her pushing my digits close, capturing the upturned nipple tightly. She moaned and I grasped the other handle, holding it as tightly as I did her nub. She took hold of my arm this time, her legs closing around the handle as the vibrations started to rock her. On and on the intensity increased, and I found myself pinching her nipple harder and harder as the sound and shaking rose. Halfway through she began panting, then squealing, then letting voice a full throated scream that echoed through the building.

Once more her petals exploded, her legs jerking wide apart and then closed again. I caught sight of the handle, buried, rumbling, and torturing the young beauty and I stared in fascination as her entire body jerked wildly. She let out one last piercing cry and then slumped forward, her body collapsing onto my shoulder.

I held her for a moment, my arms wrapped around her body, holding her upright, feeling the soft tenderness of her body. My nose caught the warm fragrance of her skin, of cream and peaches, mixing with the musky scent of her sex. I held her close as she continued to shake, her entire body reacting to her ordeal.

I didn't want to speak, to break this spell that held us both. I felt a wetness on my shoulder and realized she was crying, hot tears spilling on to me. It was one of those perfect moments, me holding this red crowned beauty, overwhelmed by the sensations, still impaled upon a huge shining shaft that was still buried in her soft pink wetness.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she raised her head and looked me in the eyes. Her tears had abated and what looked like a peaceful acceptance graced her face.

"Are you all right?" I asked her tenderly.

She nodded. "Yes. I'm a little sore, but I'm okay."

"Was this what you wanted?" I asked, perhaps just a little cruelly.

She paused as she considered it. "Yes. The last explosion was maybe just a little much. I almost passed out." Her eyes twinkled and she winked. "But it was the most intense, longest, most incredible orgasm I've ever had."

Together, we lifted her up and I loved the sound of her body releasing its silver intruder. I pulled her off the console, setting her down on the concourse floor, and had to hold her tightly to me to keep her from falling. Her legs shook and she couldn't even hold herself up. She clung to me with a desperate tightness.

I walked her to the restroom by the theater, just a few feet away, helping her all the way in. She leaned herself against the vanity and I grabbed hold of some paper towels, bending down to help clean her off. Her thighs and loins glistened from her juices, and I was especially gentle as I cleaned her.

Her flower was a bright red, and every time I touched it, she jumped, holding on to me. Its sensitivity, doubled or even tripled by the Tower, was more than she could bear and more tears began to flow. I finished cleaning her, planting a kiss against the small bump of her hip.

I had to assist her again as we left the rest room, holding her upright as we made our way across the concourse to her forgotten clothing. I felt like a wayward parent, helping his toddler dressing, as I supported her and pulled on her clothing piece by piece. Finally she was once more attired in her capris and black polo, wrapped in the protecting clothing of her job. I left her sitting on an Iceball, recovering as I gathered her and my belongings.

She was too sore to drive, and I drove her home that night, walking her up the driveway, and supporting her as best I could. At the door she stopped and turned to me, leaning forward and planting a chaste kiss upon my cheek.

"You're the best boss a girl could ever have."


The End

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