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The Wedding (2005)

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Part 1: The Preparations

The slight squeak of the windshield wipers against the clear glass made Bethany shiver slightly. To her, it was like long fingernails on a lengthy green chalk board, penetrating deep through her spine in agonizing irritation. She tugged on the fluid lever, spraying cleaner over the glass, to mingle with the drizzle, ending the painful squeal.

She glanced down at the clock, relieved she was early. She had taken extra time that morning, luxuriating in a bubble bath filled with salts, bayberry candles, and even the soft romantic music of classical guitar. It had been HER morning and she had been adamant about taking it. Something she wasn't really used to anymore.

Her choice of clothing had been irrelevant, of course. One doesn't go to your own wedding preparations worried about what you are going to wear. She had donned a comfortable set of wind pants, tee shirt, and breaker to dare the increasingly gloomy weather, picked up her duffel bag, and set forth on what she knew would change everything.

She smiled. Alan was so wonderful! The perfect man for her and she reveled momentarily in the memories of their time together. She had gushed when he had proposed, babbling yes, yes, yes, over and over until he had finally silenced her with a kiss. His penetrating blue eyes had melted the last remaining glacier within her.

Her eyes caught site of the building, an imposing structure of steel and concrete, with mirrored glass in slivers. When Alan had told her where he wanted to hold the wedding ceremony, her heart had skipped a beat, but of course she capitulated, giving into his wishes as surely as if she had already married him.

The parking lot was mostly empty, but she expected that. The actual ceremony wasn't going to be held until one o'clock, and her dashboard clock read nine thirty. But she saw three other cars, one still idling, pungent gray smoke emanating from its exhaust. Bethany pulled her car into the space next to the idling car, parking and emerging into the light rain, squinting to see who was parked next to her.

"Morning Beth." A dusky voice said as the other car's passenger door opened, revealing a stunning brunette, tall and elegant. She was dressed in the familiar leather trench coat, a professional business one that made her seem even more the lawyer. Her high heels clicked on the pavement, making Beth's own flat soled sandals seem…corny. Bethany grinned upon seeing her best friend standing there. "Hi, Ann. Thanks for coming."

Ann waved her hand. "Hey. You're getting married. And I was the one who introduced you to Alan anyway." Ann waved at the driver of her car and it pulled away slowly, leaving the two women standing close together. Bethany picked up her duffel bag and together they hurried toward the building.

They opened a set of glass doors that announced quite plainly that the facility was closed for a private wedding that day and Bethany felt that warm flush as her nerves experience the excitement building. Today was the day! Ann moved up to the service window and rang the tiny bell.

A small, slightly dumpy woman wearing a white lab coat and glasses appeared. "Oh! Good morning, Miss Steinman. Good morning, Ann. It's so good to see you both. Come on back."

"Thank you Mistress Gray." Ann responded, unusually demure, her eyes dropping to the floor, so radically different from her regular lawyer persona.

There was a slight buzzing sound as the hallway door lock clicked. Ann moved forward first, tugging at the handle, opening the heavy door with ease. Beth followed her friend.

Bethany followed Ann down the corridor. While Beth had been here many times before, she hadn't seen the back corridors.. Ann led her down the hall to a door with a taped sign reading "Steinman/Eliot Wedding Preparations: Bride's Party". Ann pushed and held the door open for Beth. "Here we are."

Beth stepped into the room. It was a large room, well lit with florescent lighting and partitioned off with white sheets hanging from hooks along the ceiling. She looked around and saw two other women sitting in soft comfortable looking chairs against the wall and they waved and rose as Beth and Ann entered.

"Oh Beth! Isn't this exciting!" asked Heather, her strawberry blond hair braided elegantly into a single strand. Her youthful body bounced in a pair of shorts just a little too short, and a tight tee shirt that left nothing to the imagination, the soft yet perky nipples of youth prominently outlined. Bethany laughed, hugging Heather tightly and kissing her cheek.

The other woman approached and hugged Bethany as well. "Hello, Beth. Are you ready for this?" she asked. Her blue jeans and dark pullover were tight but conservative, unlike the hyperactive blonde at her side.

Beth nodded. "Oh Jennifer, I am SO ready. I know it took me awhile to get into this, but I know I want it and Alan is so perfect." Bethany's eyes teared up in emotion. "I just wanted to thank all three of you for this. You've all sheltered me and helped me and taught me. I just couldn't have done this with out your help."

Ann chuckled and shook her head. "I knew when I first saw you, what you needed. I'm glad we could help."

A door on the far side of the room opened and the small dumpy woman Ann had greeted through the service window entered, followed by three other women. Each was dressed in a lab coat, and wearing sensible shoes. Each walked with the measured step of confidence.

"Good morning again, ladies. We only have a few hours to get you all prepared for the ceremony. I would like you all to follow me." Gray said, her bespectacled face smiling mischievously.

Ann led the way as they trooped followed, entering one of the partitioned sections of the room. A large table stood along the solid back wall. But Bethany noticed the four small rubber mounds, looking like barrels cut in half, sitting on the floor, electrical cords running from each one. Ann led the way to the table and then turned, waiting expectantly.

Gray smiled as the four beauties looked at her anxiously. "Ladies, you will disrobe completely, including footwear. Place your personal items on the table. I will collect them and lock them up so you don't have to worry about them. When you are finished you may assume the presentation position over our sybians. Get to it ladies."

Beth swallowed, and quickly deposited her duffel bag on the table. The zipping sound of her wind breaker filled the room as she began to undress. Her eyes couldn't help wandering to her friends and she gasped slightly as Ann unbuttoned the long leather coat she wore, exposing a perfectly nude body. The slight single triangle above her slit spoke of elegance and demeanor. Heather on the other hand, had enthusiastically tugged her shorts down, baring a bright pink slit, completely bare, smooth, and shiny. Jennifer had been wearing the pull over and jeans and Beth watched as her friend tugged the pull over off, baring a set of lovely cream colored breasts, huge pink nipples exposed.

"Ms. Steinman? Is there a problem?" Gray asked, her eyes narrowing.

Beth jumped and finished removing her jacket. "Uh no, ma'am." She said respectfully.

"You will address me as Mistress during the preparation, Ms. Steinman." Announced the short dumpy woman.

Bethany nodded. "Yes Mistress." She replied. Her fingers found the bottom of her tee shirt and she pulled it up over her head. She felt the slightly cool air touch her bosom and she felt the familiar tightening of her nipples. Ann had already moved forward and was kneeling over one of the sybians, the slightly wet slit of her sex positioned perfectly above a small protruding bump. Gray stepped forward and with her foot pushed the switch at the front of the device. Ann moaned lightly as the little notch began vibrating, rotating around as it massaged her sex.

Beth tugged at her hem as Heather dropped to her knees next to Ann. The little blonde's body was scrumptious to look at, and the tiny fish tattoo on her bottom a cute little foot note to her personality. Bethany smiled as she remembered meeting Heather for the first time on the slave's floor: a whirling dervish of flesh and sex that had swept her literally off her feet. Ms. Gray approached once more and soon Heather's soft moans accompanied Ann's.

Jennifer had finished removing her blue jeans and panties and stood watching as Beth pulled down her wind pants. Beth smiled shyly as her dark red thong came to light. Jennifer chuckled and moved forward to one of the sybians, dropping down without a sound. In seconds the sybian was activated, but Jennifer kept quiet, only her eyes and expression communicating the pleasure she was feeling.

Beth stepped out of her thong and stood naked, watching her three friends as they carefully rode the sexual devices designed to stimulate the libido. She had never ridden one of these but had heard about them. Beth moved forward and knelt, her body lowering down until she felt the soft nodule of the sybian. She pressed a bit lower, letting the knob slip into the folds of her sex. She was already wet; her body excited from watching her three friends begin the wedding preparations.

Ms Gray stepped forward and Bethany jumped slightly as the device beneath her clicked on. There was a soft grinding and Beth could feel the knob begin to rotate around, a soft massage on her clit that slid downward and actually into her body. She closed her eyes, concentrating on breathing, and remembered Ann telling her of being forced to ride the sybian for hours, her legs bound tightly.

Suddenly a sharp squeal came from Heather and Beth opened her eyes to see the petite blond shaking slightly, her legs splayed despite being on her knees, her crotch pumping madly against the sybian. Heather's hands were clutching her breasts and Bethany realized that each tender nipple was locked tight in a self inflicted pinch. Heather let out another tiny wail and squirmed on her seat, sharp little gasps and cries coming from her throat.

Ann grimaced. "Good lord, Heather, must you always put on a show?"

Bethany glanced at Jennifer who was leaning back, running her fingertips from her knees all the way up to her nipples, circling each areola and then running them down to the "V" of her slit. Not a sound came from her as the waves of pleasure ran through her body.

Ann appeared to be mediating, so still and non responsive was she, that Bethany wondered if her best friend was feeling okay. Bethany's own sensations were beginning to flood upward and Bethany remembered that Ann's own master was in the habit of keeping Ann sexually aroused for days, unrelenting need warping the elegant beauty.

Beth felt the first waves of her orgasm hit, striking hard. She bit down on her lip, not wanting to emulate Heather who still squealed softly on the far side. The build up came much faster than Beth expected and her body flushed hotly as she felt the explosion inside. She trembled, her mouth parted, her eyes taking on that perfect look every lover wants to see in the eyes of their partner: a pleasure that almost is painful.

"Everyone stand up." Gray ordered. Bethany opened her eyes and moaned, not wanting to rise. Ann stood up first, her slit glistening and wet, the delicate folds parted to show the deep well of her sex. Jennifer rose next, followed by Heather, whose thighs were coated in a messy sheen of juice. Beth rose, feeling her own secretions coating the soft petals of her flower.

Please return to the table, face it, bend over, placing your arms and breasts upon the table." Ordered Gray as she turned off the sybians.

All four girls turned toward the back wall and approached the table. Bethany tensed up as she lowered her arms and chest to the hard wood, pushing her duffle bag farther up the table. Beth heard several steps and she realized that the other white coated women had approached along with Gray.

Beth felt a touch on her bottom and she glanced back to see Gray's smiling face. "Don't worry, Ms. Steinman. Face forward now. I'm merely going to insert an egg into you." The dominating woman held up a pink plastic and metal egg shaped device with a small black wire trailing downward like a tail.

Beth nodded, knowing the purpose of the device and relaxing. She had been forced to wear something similar before, mostly on dates with Alan. She closed her eyes and tilted her bottom upward, giving Ms. Gray a better path to her sex. Beth felt the press of the egg against the folds of her flower, then the incredible sensation of expansion. The large object widened and then suddenly popped in, causing her to jump reflexively. Beth held her breath as she listened to Heather squeal again on the other side of Ann.

"All done?" asked Ms. Gray. "Excellent. Keep that position ladies." Beth sighed, feeling full and terribly aroused. Once more she sensed Mistress Gray stepping up and Beth prepared herself for whatever preparation was next. She felt a soft pressure against her bottom, and then it built, beginning to press deeper into her anus. Beth gritted her teeth as the pressure increased, widening until she felt as if she were to tear, then the quick pop as the anal plug seated itself.

"Ladies, stand up straight, face each other in a circle, wrap your arms around the woman to your left and to your right." Announced Mistress Gray.

Bethany stood up straight, stretching her back momentarily. She glanced to her left and watched as Ann and Jennifer quickly stood next to each other a ninety degree angle. Heather moved forward, facing Jennifer, leaving a close gap for Beth. Bethany moved forward and both Jennifer and Heather slipped their arms around her waist. Beth's hands moved over the hips of her two friends and she smiled as Ann's hands found hers, gripping them tightly. Beth hadn't realized how erotic this would be until one of Jennifer's large mounds pressed up into her own bosom. With a laugh, all four girls moved inward slightly, pressing together in a soft hug of breast flesh.

"Do not break the circle for any reason, ladies. This will be a test of the devices that have been inserted into you. Breaking circle will result in punishment." Ms Gray announced ominously. Beth looked into Ann's eyes, see determination and need.

Suddenly Heather gasped, and Beth felt her friend's body tremble. Her hips did a wild dance and Beth and Ann held her tightly. Beth could feel Jennifer's hand gripping Heather's in the small of her back as little cries escaped from the petite blond. The cries changed into soft moans and Heather opened her eyes and smiled her thanks at the others.

Next it was Ann's turn to stiffen and Beth felt her best friend's nails dig into her palms. Beth felt Ann's trembling and she watched in alarm as Ann's mouth parted, her teeth grinding together. Ann gasped as the other three women held her and her breathing started again.

Beth glanced at Jennifer, realizing that Ms Gray would almost certainly go in order around the circle, ending only last with the bride. Jennifer seemed to have braced herself. The first look of surprise across the tall girl's face was less stoic than Ann's, but just as silent. Jennifer had less control of her body though and Beth felt Jennifer's hips bumping her own as Heather's had done.

Finally it was over and Beth quivered in a mixture of excitement and fear. What would this feel like? Every time Alan had used the egg on her, it had been a soft vibration or a mild electrical pulse. She remembered the first time he had turned it on, a soft candlelit dinner, the waiter standing patiently as she ordered. She had jumped in her seat, her hands flying to her crotch. The waiter had certainly noticed and she had turned scarlet in embarrassment, but then found herself even more turned on by the situation.

Beth tightened her grip on Ann, her eyes betraying her fears. There was an abrupt burst inside her sex as the egg shifted gears from park to overdrive. At the same time Beth felt the hot spark of electricity and the overload of sensations brought her to a mind shattering quick orgasm in the space of three seconds. Her body shook wildly, much more than Heather's had, and Beth let out an inarticulate wail. Her vision clouded and she felt herself dropping as the pain and vibration continued.

The three other women were surprised when Beth dropped, unprepared to support her weight. Both Heather and Jennifer had snagged Beth's hands as they fell, but the bride fell to the floor, her knees knocking. Ms. Gray appeared holding a small black box and Beth stopped twitching, her eyes opening in surprise to find herself lying on the ground.

"Punishment is obviously in order." Ms Gray announced, her face clearly showing her displeasure. "But since you are the bride, I will allow one of your maids to accept the punishment in your stead."

Beth looked up in shock and slowly rose to her feet. Her sex felt as if someone had penetrated her over and over through a five hour period. She shook her head, willing to accept the punishment and she stepped forward toward Ms Gray, despite her fears.

"I'll take it for her." Announced Ann, moving in front of the terrified Beth.

Beth's eyes widened. "No Ann! I broke the circle. I'll take the punishment. You don't have to!" Beth raised her hand to stop her best friend.

Ms Gray looked at both women, her eye brows raised.

Ann spoke again. "It's her wedding. She still has to endure the ceremony, the reception, not to mention her honeymoon. I'll take the punishment."

Tears flooded into Beth's eyes as Ms. Gray nodded. Gray pointed out of the curtained partition and Ann moved back into the main room.

"Follow her." Ordered Ms. Gray.

Ann seemed to know where she was going and Beth, Heather, and Jennifer all followed demurely. Gray and her three other cronies watched as the naked troop marched to the far end of the room.

Beth caught up with Ann. "You don't have to do this." She whispered.

Ann smiled. "Do you even know what the punishment is?" demanded the dark brunette.

Beth swallowed and shook her head. "No."

"Well I do. I've endured it before, and I can again. So let me do this for you." Ann replied.

Beth saw them come to the corner of the room. A large winch system stood anchored to the ceiling and Beth saw four cuffs dangling. Hanging from the wall was a series of whips, from bullwhips to crops and Beth bit her lip as Ann, obviously knowing what to do, lay down on her back under the winch.

Ms. Gray pressed a remote on the wall and lowered two of the cuffs to a height just a few feet above Ann's elegantly painted toenails. Without verbal orders, Ann lifted her legs into the air and Gray quickly cuffed the heavy leather bindings around her ankles. A hum sounded as one of Gray's cronies operated the winch and Ann was hauled upward, her legs parted and her arms dangling beneath her.

Beth groaned as she felt a soft vibration begin inside her body, both in her bottom and in her sex. One of Mistress Gray's cronies was using the remote. She saw from both Heather's and Jennifer's faces that they too were experiencing the soft tingling. Beth looked back at Ann who saw the inquisitive stare and nodded.

Ms Gray took a large, leather tipped whip from the wall, its multi headed thongs looking like dreadlocks. She swung it twice through the air, creating a swishing sound that came like the ominous clouds of a storm. Gray took two steps toward Ann and raised the whip high, bringing it down between the outstretched legs of the woman with a resounding thwack.

Ann gasped out in pain, her body twisting as Gray pulled back and swung again. Beth felt the vibrations inside her sex increasing as Gray began alternating between Ann's breasts and sex. With each blow Beth felt the stirrings in her loins. She glanced at Heather, who had her fingers buried in her sex. Jennifer looked like she wanted to grind herself on Heather's hip, but was still controlling herself. Beth pressed her legs together not wanting to experience her own pleasure while Ann was suffering for her.

Ms Gray continued the whipping, bringing a hot flushed look to Ann's sex and breasts. With each blow it seemed the vibrations deep inside all four girls intensified. Heather was far beyond any of the others, her fingers tugging and pulling at her clit. Beth was shocked to see that Jennifer had dropped any pretense and had wrapped her arms around Heather's body, one hand cupping the blonde's breast; the other on the girl's far hip as Jennifer ground her clit into Heather's hip bone, humping the smaller girl like a bitch in heat.

Beth groaned and gave in, reaching her fingers downward to her own sex, taking her clit and rolling it around in her soaked fingers. She could feel the fluids dripping down her thighs and she moaned as the first wave of self induced orgasm rocked her.

"Well! Finally!" Said Ms. Gray who turned and hung the whip back on the wall. Beth stopped and stared as the winch clacked and lowered Ann's legs back to the ground. "I thought you three would never let me finish!" The internal vibrations suddenly ceased and all four girls gave little cries of anguish.

"W-w-what?" Stammered Bethany. Ms. Gray smiled. "Didn't you realize that I was going to whip Ann until all three of you were masturbating?" The dominatrix laughed. "And you…being so morally supportive."

Beth gaped in astonishment, and then blushed crimson as she realized that her own stoic desire to stand strong for Ann had only resulted in her best friend's continued agony. She moved forward and knelt by Ann, smoothing the thick locks and stroking her face. Ann's breath came in ragged gasps as she began to recover. Beth's eyes filled with tears as she examined the red tinged flesh of Ann's body.

"Oh Ann, I'm so sorry!" Beth begged, cradling her friend's head. Ann smiled, a quick short tired smile. "It's all right. I've been punished before. Will be again I'm sure."

"You've got that right." Muttered Ms Gray who was busy unbuckling the heavy leather cuffs from around Ann's ankles. Beth turned to look at the woman but caught sight of Heather and Jennifer. Heather was leaning against Jennifer's huge breasts, her face mashed between the giant globes. Jennifer had the petite blonde's head held in place. Ann tilted her head up to see what Beth was staring at, and then laughed.

"Knock it off you two. We don't want Heather to die of asphyxiation." Ann said loudly. Jennifer glanced at Ann and released Heather's head. Heather gasped as she got some air and then smiled guiltily.

Ms Gray and the three other lab coated woman held out towels for all four girls and directed them to clear any body fluids from their limbs, and specifically to dry their privates. Beth found herself soaking the towel, but cleaning herself off and she was glad that she hadn't needed to ask for a second towel like Heather.

Ms. Gray stepped straight up to Beth and smiled. "Ms. Steinman, please follow me. It's time to get you dressed." Gray turned toward the other girls. "Ladies, each of you need to follow an attendant. They will help you get dressed for the ceremony."

Ms. Gray began moving away, clearly expecting Beth to follow. Beth gave a quick squeeze to Ann's hand and then padded softly after the dominatrix. As they went back down the large partitioned room Beth wondered what sort of garment Alan had selected. She hoped it would be elegant. She and Ann had spent a wonderful night web surfing, examining various white teddies and white bondage outfits from a variety of outlets. Beth had laughed hard when Ann had quiet honestly said that what most brides wear on their honeymoon night would more than likely be what Beth wore for the actual wedding.

Beth had felt a little dispirited when she found out how little she would have to do with the actual planning of the wedding. As the process went further she discovered more and more that she was more of a participator who had no say in the activities other than what color or music there would be. She sighed.

Ms. Gray rounded one partition and motioned Beth to enter. A steel bar frame had been set up in the center of the partitioned space, looking like a swing set frame without the swings. Instead, two heave chains with cuffs dangled from the top of the frame. Gray pointed to the spot under the chains and Beth obediently complied.

"Raise your hands, Ms. Steinman." Gray ordered.

Beth brought her hands upward and Gray lost no time in cuffing both wrists, then shortening the chain so that Beth's hands stood high above her head. Beth felt stretched as Ms Gray went to a small cupboard and pulled a long metal rod with more heavy cuffs at each end. Beth felt just a little intimidated as the dominatrix locked each ankle into the spreader bar, forcing Beth's legs apart in an obscene position.

Ms. Gray reached back into the cabinet and removed a medium sized can and a soft paintbrush. Beth watched in confusion as the woman opened the jar, revealing a thick white fluid. Gray dipped the brush into the jar and swirled it slightly before bring the brush up to Beth's breasts.

"Mistress? What is that stuff?" stammered Beth, who had tried to shrink away from the approaching brush.

Gray smiled. "Latex. It's a kind of liquid rubber. Don't worry. It comes off a lot easier than wax does." Gray grasped Beth's left nipple and pulled upward, exposing the underside of the tit. "It's actually kind of nice. First it won't come off easily, which is good since you will have it on through most of the ceremony. Second, it's nice for you since it doesn't hurt going on. Now…it will tighten a little as it dries, but that shouldn't be too uncomfortable anywhere but on your breasts and maybe your clit. It doesn't pinch mind you, but it does provide a bit of discomfort." Gray sounded as if she were lecturing a pupil. She repeated the process on Beth's right breast, and then spent a quick minute brushing the white fluid over each breast until Beth sported a white tight bikini top.

Beth could feel the stuff beginning to dry as Ms Gray began long brush strokes down Beth's abdomen. Looking down, Beth saw that Gray had swirled the strokes so that the started just to the side of her left breast, swirled across her belly button and down to her right hip. With a flourish of artistry, Gray completed the pattern, leaving the outlines of an hour glass shape on Beth's body with the center point being Beth's belly. A long stroke followed from hip to hip and Beth squirmed as the brush dipped lower.

Gray smiled as she refreshed the brush. "I'm going to paint your vagina now, Ms. Steinman. You don't want to have too much of this stuff find its way inside you, so please clench your muscles and hold very still."

Beth nodded and strived to follow the woman's orders. She quivered as the tiny bristles glided over her sex, coating it. Gray actually dropped to her knees and dabbed upward, making sure that the thick cream rubber coated every part, including the base of the anal plug. Beth felt her inner thighs stroked and she looked down to see herself wearing a skin tight pair of white shorts. The folds of her sex were clearly in few and Beth wondered for a second if this was the only dress she would be wearing for her wedding.

Finally Ms Gray finished, standing up and stretching silently. She walked around Beth quite a few times, examining the quickly drying latex with a careful eye. Beth felt so totally exposed, bare to this woman's penetrating gaze.

"Want to see your friends?" Ms Gray asked softly. Beth's eyes widened and she smiled, nodding to the woman in front of her. "Yes Mistress, I would really like to." Beth replied. Beth had been wondering how each of her friend's were faring. She knew Ann would be stoically enduring whatever was dealt to her. Jennifer would be silently suffering, revealing her emotional distress, but only through body language. Heather on the other hand would have been making every possible noise known to woman as her body was prepared for the ceremony. Beth wondered why she hadn't heard Heather.

Ms. Gray smiled knowingly and walked to one of the partitioned curtains. With a quick yank, she pulled it back toward the wall. All three of Bethany's friends were bound tightly to a large frame similar to Beth's. Ann stood silently on the far side, her arms and legs bound wide, her body already covered with the same latex, but a brilliant red. It was obvious that she was drying; Ann's face a careful neutral. Jennifer was on the side closest to Beth and she was also finished. Her body undulated in her bindings, seeming to dance to unheard music.

Bethany's eyes widened as she saw Heather. Unlike all three other women, Heather had been bound upside down, her legs spread unnaturally wide. Done in red, just as Ann and Jennifer, Heather's body seemed to be wiggling wildly. A thick rubber ball gag had been placed in her mouth, and her hands had been bound behind her. One of the attendants held her hips as the other began to run the brush downward from Heather's clit to her breast. Heather jumped and wiggled wildly, obviously reacting to the brush strokes and Bethany found herself giggling as the petite blonde bucked.

Bethany laughed loudly. "She's ticklish!" Together, Ms. Gray and Bethany watched as the other attendants tried desperately to hold Heather still as the third one painted the trembling girl.

Ms Gray sighed. "I think your latex is dry now, Ms. Steinman. Time for the bindings." The dominatrix held up a long length of white silk rope.

Beth tensed momentarily then relaxed, but the sudden vibrations that started inside her body revitalized her nervous system and she watched in suspicion as Gray came close.

"Does it feel good?" Gray asked as she looped the rope over Bethany's shoulders, letting the end dangle down evenly into twin pools beneath the bound woman.

Bethany nodded. The egg was purring gently and Beth could feel herself ripening.

"Did you know that the latex will keep all that wonderful juice inside you? Soon that little toy will be swimming in Bethany's pool." Gray commented as she took the rope and made two loops around Beth's breasts.

Beth grunted slightly as Gray tightened the loops, and then ran the two lines downward through Beth's outstretched legs and back up to the line that crossed the back of her neck. Beth felt the soft silk dig in to her slit, but not deeply. She felt the pressure of the line press into the base of the bottom plug. Neither of those two things bothered her as much as the tight grip the rope had around the base of each breast.

Gray brought out additional lines and began tying them in a pattern, crossing them down Beth's belly, matching the underlying latex. Beth groaned in sexual stimulation as Gray added more rope to Beth's bosom, tightening and pulling backward the already bound breasts.

Beth looked down and saw flashes of tan skin through the white. Mistress Gray finished the bondage, leaving Beth in a web of white silk that tugged at her breasts and pulled upward into her slit. The small dumpy woman picked up the can of latex once more and began dabbing it on Beth here and there, where ever the original layer had torn. Finally, Gray attached a long thin gauze veil to a silver and white head band and placed it on Beth's head. The gauze wrapped around her body in a spiral, ending at her waist as a sort of over skirt. Beth rocked back and forth through the whole ordeal as the vibrator continued its internal massage.

Ms. Gray stepped back and examined Bethany one final time. "Ms. Steinman, you look beautiful. A stunning sight." Ms. Gray pulled out a camera and began taking several pictures of Beth. She paused momentarily. "I hope you're ready, because it's just about time for the ceremony."



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