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The Wedding (2005)

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Part 2: The Ceremony

Bethany could hear the excited roar in the tiny anteroom where she and her bridesmaids waited. It had been going on for over twenty minutes as the assembled guests made there way into the congregation hall. Beth knew that Alan had thrown open the invitation to everyone in the organization, but she was totally unprepared for the hundreds of people who had made an appearance.

Ann was sitting on the small leather couch, her red gauze skirt riding up and exposing the red covered mound of her sex. Beth averted her eyes for a moment, but then realized how pointless it was. Her own white coated labia were easily visible despite the thin veil of gauze covering her. Jennifer leaned against the far wall, undulating back and forth, privately intrigued by the feeling of the now completely dry liquid latex. Beth understood Jenny's interest. It felt like she had been poured into an extremely stretched pair of jeans. She felt almost naked, but not, since her skin didn't feel the normal breezes and drafts.

Unlike Jennifer and Ann, Heather was lying on the floor, her hands tied to her feet, rocking back and forth. Tears poured from her eyes. Beth had been alarmed when Heather had been brought in, struggling, but the three attendants had quickly hogtied the petite blonde and left her there giving instructions that they could remove the gag, but not untie Heather. Jennifer had quickly removed the gag and Heather had begun by begging, "Turn it off! Turn it off!" Beth had been mystified until Ann had looked at her and pointed at Heather's bottom. Beth felt her own loins tightening as she watched as Heather trembled.

Each red clad bridesmaid also sported a thick red leather collar, with matching wrist and ankle cuffs that tinkled slightly as they moved. Beth had been a little disappointed she wasn't made to wear the symbolic bindings, until Ms. Gray had told her that special white cuffs would be given to her as part of the ceremony. Heather's wrists and ankles were bound together using these red leather cuffs and Beth knew that so many interesting things could be done with them on.

The anteroom door opened and a dark haired man in a royal blue suit stepped into the room. He removed a small remote from his pocket and pointed it at Heather who stopped twitching and gasped.

"Thank you! Thank you, Sir!" Heather gasped, shuddering. The man stepped over to Heather, squatting down and unclipping her ankles from her wrists.

"Don't thank me to soon, my dear. It's time for the ceremony to begin. You need to stand up and get yourself together." The man turned toward Beth. "Ms. Steinman? My name is Paul Evern. I will be arranging the entry formation, as well as giving you your entrance cue. Come with me." He motioned to the door.

Bethany followed Paul Evern out into the foyer of the building and she gasped as she looked through the glass doors into the congregation hall. The placed was packed, over flowing with people. But more importantly, half of the guests were the same female slaves that Beth had been meeting for the last year and a half at various organization functions. Even more interestingly, most were nude and bound in various ways. It appeared her wedding had become an impromptu contest on how best to NOT dress your slave.

Paul Evern placed Ann in the very front, locking her wrist cuffs together. The sultry brunette appeared even taller than normal thanks to the four inch stiletto shoes she wore, her skin and latex suit reflecting the light. The gauze came down and covered her dainty bottom, crimson on red, and Beth felt a momentary pang of jealousy over her friend's beauty.

Next to be placed was Heather. Her wrists were also bound, but Evern placed a large dildo gag into her clasped hands and told her quite sternly that should she cause noise problems during the ceremony, she would be quickly gagged by her groomsman. Heather nodded.

Evern then held out his hand to Jennifer who moved behind Heather with grace. He placed a length of chain between Jenny's hands and gave her a red pillow covered with a red velvet cloth. Beth could see shaped under the cloth and smiled when she realized that the pillow held the white ankle and wrist cuffs, and the heavy white leather collar. Jenny turned and winked at Beth with a smile.

Finally, it was Beth's turn. Paul Evern positioned her at the rear of the procession and took a step back to admire the line up. Beth noticed another man with a camera appear and begin taking multiple snapshots of the quartet, especially some low waist shots that focused on their unconcealed rubber coated privates. Beth's breath quickened and she felt the peculiar tightness around her breasts. Paul Evern handed her a dramatically huge bouquet of flowers, an intense mixture of white and red roses surrounded by baby's breath and green leaves. Smaller bouquets went into Heather and Ann's bound hands, with Heather shifting the gag so she could hold both items.

Paul Evern seemed satisfied, smoothing down Beth's longer gauze skirt and veil. He hesitated just a moment, and then pressed lightly on Beth's latex covered nipple. Beth bit her lip slightly as the man smiled.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist. You look incredible. Alan will be very pleased." Paul said softly. He moved to the glass doorway, opened it in front of Ann and waved out into the hall.

Suddenly the music began. Johan Pachabel's Canon in D rang out through the building and out into the foyer. Beth swallowed and commanded her nerves to be still as Paul took Ann by the arm and pushed her slightly out into the congregation hall. There was an excited murmur and then Heather moved out under the bright lights of the main aisle. Evern waited a moment to give Heather some space, and then tapped Jennifer lightly to begin her walk.

Beth trembled in excitement. Her three bridesmaids moved down the aisle ahead of her and she smiled at Paul as he waited for just the right moment to let her enter the room. As they waited Beth noticed him holding the remote.

"Watch your friend, Heather." He said, chuckling. He pressed one of the buttons and Heather stopped suddenly, her hands going down to her sex. She let out a quiet moan and then gritted her teeth and continued moving forward. Paul Evern smiled at Beth and held up the remote. "It's your turn Ms. Steinman. Congratulations on your marriage."

He pressed another button on the remote and Beth gasped as the egg inside her sex began humming and vibrating. Her left hand immediately went downward, but she stopped herself, taking a deep breath. Every thought in her mind echoed with one word: control. Evern motioned for her to begin her walk down the aisle.

As Beth began her slow walk she tuned out the hungry stares and compassionate faces of the guests, instead concentrating on keeping her footing in the high heels, despite the incessant buzzing in her wet well. Her body was responding to the stimulation and she felt her nipples harden under the latex, causing the rubber to cling that much more tightly. Beth was glad the latex covered her sex, for as it was, if she had been wearing a real skirt, rivulets of moisture would be pouring down her legs.

Ann, Heather, and Jennifer had each stopped at the front of the hall. Standing upon the dais just one step up stood five men, four of which were clad in black leather outfits with broad shoulders and gold trim. The last was dressed in white and green and Beth recognized him as the minister. Beth's three bridesmaids moved to the sides, each standing in front of one of the groomsmen. Beth stopped and looked up into the smiling face of Alan, who held out his hand to her.

In unison, the groomsmen each pulled out leather leashes and attached the silver clip to the bridesmaid that stood in front of them. Pulling slightly, they guided each woman to their side, pushing Ann, Heather, and Jennifer to kneeling positions on soft red pads conveniently placed. Alan pulled Beth to his side and then also pushed her downward until she knelt next to him, turning to face the minister.

The minister was an elderly gentleman with white hair and a full mustache that he kept trimmed. As one of the founders of the organization, Beth had come to trust him as he helped counsel her when she first joined. She remembered the day, several months ago when Alan had tied her tightly to one of the ravishment benches. The minister himself had sat behind her and slowly pushed his thick shaft into her welcoming wetness.

"Friends, I welcome you all here today so that we may witness the joining of two kindred spirits. The relationship between Bethany Steinman and Alan Eliot has grown since I first met them a little more than a year ago, right here." The minister smiled. "When I first met Beth she was hanging by the wrists on our slave's floor, clamps on her nipples and clit, her bottom, breasts, and pussy red from a whipping, and this beautiful smile on her face as Alan penetrated her from behind. I knew right then that this was a good match."

"Alan," The minister said, addressing the tall handsome man holding Bethany's hand. "Bethany comes to you today willing to serve, wanting to be more than just an obedient brief encounter. She comes to you purified, desiring, and wanting to be more than just your submissive. She petitions for you to accept her as your wife and slave." The minister said.

"Bethany, Alan asks you to give yourself freely and completely to him, to answer his every desire and wish, no matter the consequence; to join with him in forming a partnership, one of respect, one of obedience, and one of trust. You not only go to him as a slave, but as a wife, a partner through thick and thin." Bethany nodded as the minister smiled at her. Her body yearned to be touched, the driving vibrations of the egg inside her sending waves of pleasure through her body.

"Before we exchange vows, does anyone have any objections to voice as to why Alan and Bethany should not be made husband and master to wife and slave?" The minister called out. Beth held her breath, scared for just a moment. Would anyone object? There was a long silence and then a rumbling laugh as the minister chuckled. "I thought not."

"Then do you, Alan, take this woman, Bethany, to be your wife, your slave, in good times and in bad, through sickness and in health, to care for her, cherish her, respect her, discipline her, and control her, till death do you part?" The minister asked.

Alan looked down at Bethany, desire, longing, and love in his eyes. "I do." He said simply.

"And do you, Bethany, take this man, Alan, to be your lord, master, and husband, in good times and in bad, through sickness and in health, to honor him, respect him, obey him, and even suffer for him, till death do you part?"

There was a quiet hush as Bethany looked up at Alan. The vibrations in her sex intensified and she wanted nothing more than for Alan to take her. Her mouth opened in longing and she nodded. "Oh yes, I do, more than anything." Alan smiled down at her, and ran one strong finger down the side of her face.

The minister beckoned to Jennifer, who along with the groomsman who held her leash, approached the minister and stood next to him, looking down at the loving couple. The minister pulled the red cover off the pillow and Bethany saw five bright white loops of leather, soft down on the insides. Silver buckles and hoops had been sewn into sections and Beth felt a shiver of anticipation as the minister picked up both of the largest loops.

"Bethany, these ankle cuffs symbolize your willingness to follow where Alan leads you. Times before you have had them placed upon you, to bind you, to control you. This time you will place them on your own ankles, yourself, symbolizing that your way is now his way. Where he goes, you will follow." The minister handed the ankle cuffs to Beth.

Beth tried to figure out an elegant way to put the cuff on and finally decided to raise one leg up so she was on a single knee. With careful movements she unbuckled the strap and opened the cuff around her ankle. Her fingers didn't even tremble as she closed it. She followed the same procedure for her other ankle, buckling the solid leather around her ankle just above the strap to her high heels. When it was buckled she returned to her kneeling position.

"Bethany, these wrist cuffs symbolize your willingness to help your Master in any way he desires, from domestic matters, to those of the heart. When you've been bound before it was to restrict your movements, but these cuffs will increase them, since they now are to be used to benefit your Master. Place them upon your wrists." The minister said, handing her the two wrist cuffs.

Bethany buckled the leather wrist cuffs on, feeling them wrap tightly around her wrists. She had worn cuffs before, most often with Alan, but these felt different. She realized after a moment that they had been made special for her. She glowed with pride as she finished the last buckle and looked up at Alan, smiling.

The minister nodded and picked up the white leather collar. "Bethany, this collar serves as a reminder that you are a slave, your entire purpose to serve the one whom you call Master. It controls you, and more importantly, serves as a symbol to all others that your heart, mind, soul, and body all belong to one person. By placing this collar around your neck, you announce in ways louder than any words can communicate, the affirmation of your vows." The minister handed the collar to her.

Bethany took the collar in her hand and saw the exquisite tooling on the band. With trembling fingers she buckled the collar around her neck, closing the buckle tightly. She brushed her hair out of the way when she was finished and then dropped her hands and looked up at Alan. The minister raised his hands.

The minister looked at Alan and then nodded. Alan reached into his pocket and pulled a small gold ring out.

"Out in the real world, you may not be able to wear the cuffs and collar you don to today, but you can wear this ring. This circle of metal that connects you to him. Alan? Place the ring on Bethany's finger."

Alan bent slightly and gently encircled Beth's finger. She shivered as it went on, her heart fluttering. Finally it was on completely, a sparkling brightness. Alan smiled at her with love.

"Alan? You may whip the bride." He announced with a grin.

Beth's eyes flew open wide as the entire crowd cheered. The Best Man handed the groom a large black leather cat of nine tails. The two other groomsmen each grabbed one of Beth's wrists and pulled her taut as the entire crowd cheered. Alan smiled at her, raised the whip over his head, and brought it swinging round hard in a full force lash across both of Beth's breasts.

Beth cried out as the sharp sting rushed through her body. It seemed to go straight down to her sodden sex. She looked down to see flaps of latex hanging loose between the ropes binding her breasts. Light tan skin flashed, and even a touch of pink nipple and Alan swung again, this time catching her left breast solidly and practically ripping the entire swath of latex off the creamy mound.

This time a low cry through gritted teeth came from Beth's throat. Everyone could tell the last lash had hurt. Thin red lines appeared on her breast. Alan swung again, this time at her right breast, but it took two additional swings for him to completely rip the latex covering from her skin.

Beth looked down at her bosom and saw the bright pink marks of her whipping. The straight welts across her full curves bloomed against the white of the rope and the little strips of remaining latex. Her body trembled, her arms aching as she pulled against her captors.

"Turn her round to face the crowd, please." Said the minister. The two groomsmen who held her quickly rotated Beth so that she could see the sea of faces staring at her. Her chest rose and fell in quick breaths as the crowd took in the marks of her submission. Beth's face flushed scarlet as hungry eyes devoured her bare breasts.

"Spread your legs, Beth." Alan murmured in her ear from behind her. Bethany parted her legs, spreading them as wide as she could. The latex stretched and the rope that Ms. Gray had strung between the lips of her sex dug deeply. Beth heard a swish from behind her and then a powerful force exploded between her legs, directly centered on the wet latex covered well. Beth almost collapsed except for the two groomsmen who held her. Her sex erupted in wet red pain that flashed upward all the way to her breasts. Bethany groaned loudly, her knees closing before the wall of agony faded. She shuddered and reopened her legs, not wanting to force Alan to order her to spread them again.

Alan swung again, the same strong underhand stroke, the tips of the whip wrapping themselves around Beth's white covered labia. The black leather bit through perfectly and the crowd applauded appreciatively as the pink edges of Beth's flower was exposed. Two additional strikes denuded it of the latex, leaving only a sodden silk rope, buried in two fat folds of wonderful red flesh.

Beth was sobbing as the groomsmen turned her back around to face her husband and the minister. Beth didn't notice Jennifer had returned to her kneeling position to the side. Beth's mind and body were overloaded with the sensations flooding through her. Her sex was a riot of pain and pleasure. Alan moved around behind and to the side of her and Beth tensed as she sensed him raise the whip.

The lash exploded against the soft curve of her bottom with intense heat. She shook from the blow and screamed. It was the hardest Alan had ever struck her. Her sobs came out in a rush as the pain faded and the deep heat began. Two more blows removed the last shred of latex from her creamy bottom. Both groomsmen dropped her limbs and Alan quickly went to his knees, gathering her up in his masculine arms to comfort her.

It took almost a minute for the crowd to quiet down, a full minute where Beth did nothing but sob into Alan's shoulder. Her body felt so different, so completely his, so totally out of her own control. Her loins clenched repeatedly, her sex desiring him so badly. Her breasts, bottom, and sex felt hot, and Beth slowly realized that she had soaked the rope between her legs and each thigh now glistened with a sheen of wetness.

The minister raised his hands as the crowd quieted down. "Friends, what Bethany has just endured is the physical manifestation of a slave's vows. Let us now renew our own vows with ten spanks on the bare bottom to all our slaves."

The crowd rustled as countless girls and even a few men were bent over the pew in front of them. Most bottoms were already bare, but a few women hustled to pull up their skirts, or shimmy out of their pants. A few industrious couples had already started and the combined sound of over two hundred slaves receiving ten hard spanks to the bare bottom filled the room. There were more than a few squeals and cries and even Beth roused to see the spectacle.

Ann, Jennifer, and Heather were on all fours, their heads up and facing the crowd as each groomsman slapped them hard upon the bottom. Heather's face was stuffed with the gag and Beth realized that sometime during the ceremony, Heather must have made a commotion. Tears poured down the petite blondes face and Beth could see that the latex around the blonde girl's flower had split, letting loose the torrent of juices that had been pent up inside.

Finally the crowd subsided as each slave was righted, hugs exchanged, tiny bouts of laughter and a few playful slaps were given. Alan continued to hold Beth in his arms, quieting her. Her breathing returned to normal and she leaned into his shoulder.

"Master, please Master, I need you so desperately. I'm aching for you." Beth whispered.

Alan laughed softly. "I know dear heart. I know. The vibrator inside you has been going the whole ceremony. You've done so well, far beyond my expectations." Alan laughed suddenly and nodded toward Heather. "You should be glad you're not Heather, my love. Her vibrator has been giving her nothing but electric shocks."

Beth's eyes flew open and she craned her head to see the diminutive blonde girl. Heather was once more on her knees, her hands cuffed behind her back. Her legs were pressed tightly together and her hips were pumping back and forth wildly. Beth noticed the tiny spasmodic jerks every few seconds and the tense stress Heather's face displayed.

"Friends!" The minister called out once more. "Alan and Bethany invite you to attend the reception, which will be held in the west hall and arena. There are refreshments, music, and other entertainments. As usual, the same rules apply for the reception as they do for any of our other gatherings. And finally, may I ask you all for a round of applause for our newest couple: Mr. and Mrs. Alan Eliot, known to us as Master Alan and Slave Beth."

Alan helped Beth to her feet as the room erupted in applause. Cheers, wolf whistles, and even a few war whoops brought a smile to Beth's face. Alan's arms tightened around her and together they stepped down from the dais and began the walk down the main aisle. A cascade of white flowers showered down around them as they moved, arm in arm. The traditional "Wedding March" by Felix Mendelsshohn filled the air as Alan and Beth passed between the rows of pews, shouts of encouragement and congratulations coming from both sides of the aisle.

Behind them, a look of stoic resolve on Ann's face betrayed the sexual torment the tall brunette still faced. Ann's steps were measure and controlled. Her red leather collar still attached to a leash held by one of Alan's groomsmen. Heather followed, still pausing every few seconds, with a momentary seizure as sharp jolts of electricity shocked her more sensitive organs. Finally came Jennifer, whose face was flushed with sexual ecstasy. Together they gathered in the foyer, arms wrapped around each other, each woman taking comfort in the soft embrace of their friends.


 The End

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