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AfterDark Online

"Experience a remarkable adventure at afterdark online, one you will rarely get in the erotic literature community. It's well worth your time." - Michael Alexander

La Crimson Femme

La Crimson Femme is one of the premier BDSM book reviewers and the moderator of the Goodreads BDSM Group. Check out La Crimson Femme to get a handle on the best BDSM literature available!

BDSM Book Review

Check out this phenomenal source to find the very best in BDSM Erotica!

The Writings of Leviticus

"A smorgasborg of literary erotica talent!" - Michael Alexander

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Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is the original bookstore, a fantastic place to sit, drink a tazo chai latte, and just read. Oh yeah, and they sell our books.


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