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Gabrielle and the Leviathan

The quiet hum of the engines filled the darkened compartment and the only source of illumination came from one of the lit computer terminals. A console of green and tawny lights blinked sporadically, casting alternating gold and emerald hues across the control room.  There was an air of quiet despite the steady thrum of the converter, slowly but surely changing the meta-stable metallic hydrogen into gas before it was burned.  Four chairs were arranged around the control room, one at each station, but only the position at the master engineering board was occupied.

She was blond and her regulation French braid kept her golden locks tight against her head.  The artificial gravity field would have brought her hair almost all the way down to a point between her shoulders, but like most space faring vessels, it was almost a religion that everything was either tied down or secured.  Zero G was nothing to laugh about and floating through a veritable cloud of debris during an emergency was not fun.  Neither was trying to hold on during a pressure hull breach while thousands of small objects pelted you from above.

Straight backed, she kept a close eye on the monitor board.  She enjoyed working the third shift.  Her job was simple.  Inventory the various tools stored in the control room and monitor the main engineering console for problems.  Anything major was handled by informing the on-duty bridge officer and then waking the chief engineer.  It was an important responsibility and she had been pleased when she was selected for it.  Once more she glanced at the board.  Everything was in the green and she settled back into her chair, slowly pouring over an engineering manual on one of the side screens.  Perhaps during her next cruise she could get promoted to Engineering Mate, rather than one of the lowest grades of engineering crew. 

She fidgeted in the ship suit, a solid one piece gray coverall that zipped all the way from her collar, down the front, between the legs and half way up the back.  While sounding uncomfortable, in reality it served rather well.  Using the restroom was dramatically easier and the suit’s built in protection shielded the wearer from stray radioactive isotopes, gamma rays, and even stabilized temperature.  It could even serve for a limited time as a pressure suit.  It was the perfect apparel for shipboard duty and if Amber had selected a rather tight fitting size, it wasn’t due to a vain or self-conscious attitude, but a genuine desire to fit her lithe body into an appropriately contoured uniform.  A small sensor bundle was woven into the material just above her left breast, a spot which also sported her rank.

Suddenly a sound came from the elevator shaft and Amber stiffened in her seat, trying to look studious and professional.  She heard the telltale whine of the lifter field cushioning the elevator and then the normal hiss of the doors told her she was no longer alone.

“Hey Amber,” a soft voice said from the doorway.  Amber looked up from the main engineering station and saw another tightly fitting ship suit in the doorway.  She grinned as Lori came into the control room, shaking out her long brown hair.  It was definitely a violation of regulation, but Amber knew that Lori was off duty and frequently bent the rules when it was unlikely that an officer would find out.  As it was, Amber knew that the ship’s executive officer, Rebecca, wouldn’t do her rounds for a few more hours. 

“Hi Lori.  What are you doing down here this late?” Amber asked curiously as Lori sauntered in.  They had both worked together on the second shift before Amber had been promoted, ostensibly with a pay bonus, to the solo third shift.  Their friendship had just begun to get interesting when it was nipped in the bud and Amber had felt the loss rather disconcerting. 

Lori walked over to the control station and laid one hand on Amber’s shoulder.  The touch was light and almost a caress.  “I came to see if you needed anything sweetie, maybe keep you company for a little bit?”

Amber laughed.  “I’m good. I’ve got one of the updated manuals on the transfer conduit control system and after that I can read the field system control manual,” she said brightly.

Lori shook her head and clicked her tongue.  With a little push she turned the chair Amber was sitting in so that rather than facing the indicator console, the blond girl’s knees were touching Lori’s thighs.

“Isn’t that boring?” Lori asked, leaning forward slightly, her face getting closer to Amber.  The little blond blinked as the large and dark brown globes of Lori’s incredible eyes glittered inches away and Amber could smell the scented strawberry lipstick that she knew Lori favored.  Amber swallowed, but then twisted her head to look at the console again.

“Uh… no. I mean… it’s… I’m… I should be…” Amber said, stuttering, but the words seemed to melt away as Lori let her finger glide down Amber’s cheek.  The little blond stiffened slightly and let out a tiny moan. 

“Hush now, Amber” Lori’s fingers slid down the blond girl’s neck and across her shoulders, only to come back in at the nape of Amber’s throat.  Slowly the zipper tab was pulled downward, opening Amber’s suit.

The exposure seemed to snap Amber out of her sexually induced haze.  “Wait! I mean… we CAN’T, Lori!  Not here! I’m on duty!” Amber said roughly, pulling away slightly.  Lori let out an impatient sound and straightened.  Her fingers found the zipper of her own ship suit and pulled.  Seconds later tanned brown skin showed clear and Amber could only gape at the bare expanse before her.  Lori had elected not to wear anything underneath the ship suit; something that, while not forbidden, was definitely discouraged.  Even earth under things were better than going naked and the captain had made it clear that she preferred everyone to wear the issued support bra and briefs that had been handed out at signing. 

Lori pulled open the suit and Amber got her first look at Lori’s breasts.   They were huge, capped with dark pink nipples that seemed to be in perfect contrast to the dusky skin and curled chocolate colored hair.   The parted ship suit seemed like an opening curtain revealing the incredible curves and perfect skin to Amber’s eyes.   Down past Lori’s belly there was a tiny trimmed sliver of hair, more stubble really, before the perfectly smooth petals of Lori’s shaven slit came into view.  Amber let out another gasp.  Lori was wet, dramatically wet, the glistening moisture of her arousal not only visually apparent, but aromatically as well.  Amber could almost taste Lori’s need.  The brunette woman leaned forward again, this time pushing her exposed breasts against Amber’s face, practically force feeding one of the soft and perfect mounds into the little blonde’s mouth.  For a fraction of a second Amber resisted, but then it was just too much.  She suckled the soft flesh, running her tongue over the nipple, smitten with the texture and flavor of Lori’s skin.  She didn’t realize that Lori was pulling the zipper tab of her ship suit downward until her own bosom burst free of the restraining material, only to be caught short by a the rather bland elastic breast band issued as part of the uniform.

Lori clicked her tongue against her teeth.  “Oh for shame, Amber.  I expected something a little sexier from you.”  The metal zipper opened lower and pulled away from Lori’s questing lips.  One of Lori’s nipples glistened with wetness from Amber’s mouth and the brunette knelt down between Amber’s legs, pulling the ship suit zipper down until Amber spread her thighs, giving the stunning brunette access. 

“Oh… now this is so much better!”  Lori exclaimed.  A thin layer of cotton covered Amber’s sex, an alternating white and blue striped set of panties.  The small triangle of material barely covered Amber’s sex and the scent of the blond girl’s arousal mingled with Lori’s.  The brunette reached forward and ran her nail down the center of the cotton covering, eliciting a hip rocking thrust from the blonde girl.  Lori worked the zipper even lower until it curled up behind Amber.  A lifted leg and a quick twist in the seat exposed Amber’s back side and the zipper moved even farther, coming to rest in the small of Amber’s back.  She settled back down in the chair, slipping forward as Lori’s head came forward.  Fingers moved aside the damp panties and Amber, totally intoxicated by Lori’s seduction, moaned loudly as the first electric touch of Lori’s tongue slipped through her petals and then dabbed against her clit.

Amber had never before felt anything like it.  She was no stranger to self-pleasure. What girl on an all female crewed ship didn’t know the sensation of her own fingers slipping through that secret vault?  But to have Lori’s tongue lapping at her clit, slipping through the petals, was so different and new for Amber that she couldn’t help herself.  She spread her legs farther and lifted her ass up from the chair.  Two fingers penetrated as Lori continued to work Amber’s clit and the cute blond was soon gasping, her hands moving from Lori’s hair to her own exposed body.  The elastic band covering her breasts was yanked up and the hardened nipples of Amber’s bosom were exposed to the air.  Amber pinched each nub, twisting them as her body’s needs overwhelmed all other considerations.

But Lori wasn’t quite ready to let her cum, not like that.  With a grin, she pulled away from her gasping fellow engineering crew member and leaned far across the room to pull one of the tools from the nearby rack.  It was a sonic wrench and she brought it back to where Amber was twitching in sexual apoplexy.  With a grin, she turned on the wrench to its lowest setting and brought the socket up between Amber’s legs.

Had Amber’s eyes been open, she no doubt would have objected, unsure of what would happen.  She had used sonic wrenches hundreds of times, but never had she had one applied to her clit!  There was this amazing sensation of both buzzing and static electricity, a faint but delightful prickling, and then her clit seemed to vibrate and turn as if someone were rubbing it with the lightest touches.  The feeling was beyond anything she had ever felt.  It was even better than Lori’s tongue.  She stiffened in her seat, lifting up.  She felt Lori’s fingers thrust into her again, only to have one slip out and move to her other opening.  The brunette slipped her forefinger into Amber’s ass while her thumb drove into the wide opening of Amber’s womanhood.  And through it all the sonic wrench continued its maddening caress.

Just as Amber stiffened and was about to cum, Lori pulled the wrench away and once more brought her mouth down upon Amber’s sensitive clitoris.  The wrench was raised and Lori pressed the tool against Amber’s exposed left nipple.  As expected, the sonic field agitated the little tip, twisting and vibrating the pink button as Amber began trembling.  Lori sucked harder, stabbing at Amber’s clit with her tongue.

The sound of the elevator was unmistakable and both women stiffened in alarm. Amber reacted first, pushing Lori out from between her legs even as the sonic wrench dropped to the floor.  Lori stood and then darted away, slipping out of sight into a niche in the engineering access doorway.  Amber stood, her sex literally dripping as she struggled to grasp the zipper at the small of her back.  As it was, she barely had managed to get it down to the crack of her ass when the elevator doors whisked open and the executive officer and the captain herself waltzed onto the engineering deck.

There was an awkward moment as both older women looked at Amber.  The poor girl had frozen, her ship suit still completely open, her bared breasts, wet slit, and glistening thighs completely in view.  Her cheeks turned scarlet and her hands dropped down to her crotch as the XO glanced down at the fallen sonic wrench.  It was fairly clear that both women had at least an inkling of what was going on.


“Get that suit zipped up, Crewman!” snapped the XO, an outraged look on her face as the Captain looked on with a stone cold expression.  Amber nodded, tears already forming in her eyes as she struggled to zip up her suit.  With her panties back in place and the elastic band covering her breasts, she brought the zipper up the front of her body, setting it into place under her chin. 

The executive officer approached and bent down, picking up the sonic wrench.  She handed it to Amber.  “Put this back in the tool cradle, immediately.”  The XO’s crimson hair seemed to match her temper, tightly confined in the regulation French braid.  Amber swallowed hard, nodding, and took the offered tool. It was quickly returned to the tool rack and Amber almost ran back to her duty post. 

The Captain was examining some of the various consoles that lined the walls of the engineering control room.  Her hair was cut short, a curious mixture of brown and gray that gave her an unusual look of both aged wisdom and youthful exuberance, combined with the body of a thirty year old woman.  Her angular face was impassive and the few times Amber had spoken with the captain, her impression had been one of cool calm.  It was the XO’s fiery reprimands every one feared.  But on the rare occasions that one of the ship’s regulations had been willfully violated, the captain had been cold hearted and ordered the expected lashing without pity or mercy.

Amber quaked, her heart thumping.

“Crewman Amber, I’d like an explanation,” said the captain, still facing away from the trembling and frightened blond.  “Your position on this vessel is one of major importance and I find it disturbing that you would willfully disregard your responsibilities.  In fact, I find it odd considering the above average performance your evaluation reports have highlighted.  Would you care to explain yourself?” 

Amber licked her lips, struggling with her explanation.  Should she tell them about Lori, who was hiding from them only a few feet away?  She took a deep shuddering breath and then decided against it.  What good would it do to get both of them punished?  It didn’t matter did it?  She had allowed Lori to touch her, to lick her, to make love to her, hadn’t she?  She had forgotten her basic duties!  She hung her head as the tears began to pour down her cheeks.

“I have no excuse, Captain Jennifer.  I’m sorry.”

It was Rebecca who stared at her incredulously.  “So you’re saying you just decided that now was a good time to take a sonic wrench to your sorry cunt and give yourself relief?” 

Amber cringed at the crudity but she nodded.  The XO snarled something and turned away.  Amber stood there at attention.  The captain finished her circuit of the room, making sure that nothing was wrong with the engine systems.  Finally she turned toward the XO.

“Rebecca, you will relieve Crewman Amber at her post until I can have another engineering crewman assigned.  It will be about twenty or so minutes.  Sorry.”

Rebecca dipped her head, her tight crimson braid bobbing.  “Certainly Captain.”

“As for you, Crewman Amber.  You will report topside to the punishment square, to remain there until first shift for captain’s mast.”

The color drained from Amber’s face.  She had expected it, but to actually hear the Captain’s words was like ice being forced through her veins.  She actually trembled.  “Yes Ma’am” she whispered, shaking like a leaf.  She licked her lips and then headed for the elevator.  The door slid open and she stepped into it, letting it take her upward toward the main deck and her looming punishment.

Captain Jennifer looked over at her XO.  “I’m a little surprised at Amber.  She seemed so level headed.  This isn’t going to go well.”  The captain let out a deep sigh. 

“She made her choice, captain.” Rebecca said.  She went to one of the storage cubbies and pulled out a cleaning kit.  She returned to the center station console and began wiping down the seat.  It still had quite a bit of Amber’s personal lubrication coating the plastic.  The captain merely watched.

“Captain, how did you want to handle that cargo problem?” Rebecca asked as she swabbed away the last of Amber’s arousal.  The XO tossed the cleaning kit into the nearest incinerator chute and sat down at the control station, checking the various readouts and displays.

Captain Jennifer sighed and crossed her arms across her ample breasts.  Despite her silver shot hair, she was still a beautiful and attractive woman.  The captain seemed to think a bit more and then sighed. 

“I suppose if we’re to ensure that the crew get’s paid, we’ll have to keep the Leviathan alive.”

The XO gave the captain a hard stare.  “You know what that means.”

The captain nodded.  “I know. I’m not pleased about it. I’d do it myself or ask for volunteers…”

Rebecca shook her head.  “There are only eight crewmen on board with the appropriate blood type.  You can’t do it.  Neither can I.”

The captain suddenly let out an explosive breath and slammed her fist into one of the metal bulkheads.  It popped loudly and she shook her head.  “This whole deal sucks.  Never again will I be willing to provide transport for living creatures.  This whole thing stinks.  When Suuki briefed you on the process, did she explain why it had to be like this?”

Rebecca nodded.  “Evidently the enzymes produced are a sort of catalyst for the Leviathan’s feeding.  Their home waters have those enzymes in abundance, but in order for them to be transported, fresh compliments have to be generated, and they can’t be synthetic.”  The XO grimaced in distaste.  “I don’t like forcing a crewman to do this.”

The captain nodded.  “It can’t be helped though.  See if you can get volunteers first.  We only have to get through four more days.  Select them randomly and if you have trouble with motivation, you can offer a courage bonus to them for each feeding they’re willing to undertake.  Four damn days.”  The captain shook her steel gray hair.  “I’ll send you some relief. I’ll need to go prepare the charges for the captain’s mast.”

Rebecca nodded as the captain turned and headed to the elevator.  The doors opened with a hiss as the various atmospheric pressures equalized and then the captain disappeared from view, whisked back to the bridge and her cubical office.  A sort of quiet descended on the engineering deck as Rebecca finished checking all of the essential equipment.  When she was finished at the control station she stood up and moved with quick steps to the access control niche. 

She didn’t bother to look, but merely reached into the darkness and yanked.  Her fingers found an arm and she hauled Crewman Lori out onto the main deck with a fierce glare.

“I should have known,” the XO snarled.  Lori held up her hands.  Her ship suit was immaculate, completely closed with the zipper latched in place at the hollow of her throat.  Her hair, while not exactly in the regulation French braid, was still mostly contained in what appeared to be a hastily weaved style.

“Were you a voyeur or an active participant?” Rebecca demanded.

Lori blanched, but kept a straight face.  “I haven’t done anything wrong!” 

“Really? So what are you doing down here on the engineering deck when it’s your normal sleep period? Catching up on your systems education?  Think you might actually pass your next engineering promotion exam if you actually studied?” Rebecca sneered.

Lori’s face colored with anger but she was wise enough not to rise to the XO’s bait.  She clasped her fingers together and grit her teeth.

“I wonder what I might find if I unzipped that ship suit,” asked Rebecca, stepping a bit closer.  “I wonder what you’re wearing tonight.” 

The tall brunette took a step back, her hands coming up to the top of the suit, unconsciously cupping her breasts with her arms.  “You wouldn’t dare!” she stammered. 

Executive Officer Rebecca took a step back, a self-satisfied smirk on her face.  “You’re right of course.  I wouldn’t.  But I think I’ll be seeing what’s under that ship suit sooner than you think.  You’re on my list, Crewman Lori.  A negative, isn’t it?”

Lori gave the executive officer a perplexed but wary glance. She had no idea what the executive officer was talking about.  “Am I dismissed, Ma’am?” she demanded, wanting nothing more than to escape from the engineering deck.  Rebecca nodded, returning to the engineering console and Lori practically ran for the lift.  As the doors opened Rebecca turned.

“Don’t forget to be there for the captain’s mast.  I’m sure Amber wouldn’t appreciate it if you missed her flogging.”

Lori’s lips pressed together hard and then she was whisked upward, leaving the XO in the barely lit room.

“And then after Amber’s amercement, Crewman Lori, I’ll take you down to the Leviathan.  And that can be your punishment.” The words were quick and sharp and lost in the darkness.


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