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In The Dark II

Sample Chapter – from “Calibration - Part Two)
Rosa Lopez led Cassie out of the human resources department and outside into the bright sunshine.  It felt warm and a little too cheerful to Cassie, who was still somewhat in shock from the revelations Lopez had given her in the Human Resources Office.  Lopez walked over to one of several golf carts that sat in a line and quickly produced a small key.  Cassie sat down next to the Hispanic woman and gripped the edges of the metal frame holding up the roof.  To her surprise, the little cart had a lot of zip.

“Right now we’re housing the design and development program in Warehouse 32.  It’s big enough to handle the various testing areas as well as provide offices for the staff.”  Lopez said.  Cassie nodded dumbly as they sped off into the depths of the Acme Manufacturing facility. 

A multitude of turns later they pulled up in front of a building marked with a simple number: 32.  Lopez parked the cart, extracted the key, and motioned Cassie to follow her up to the main door.  Huge metal garage doors lined one side of the building, but both women approached a single glass door a bit further down.

Out of the glare of the morning sunlight, Cassie found herself in a well lit entry room.  A security guard sat at a desk and looked up as Lopez and Cassandra entered.

“Morning,” the guard said as they entered.  Lopez smiled and held up a picture ID emblazoned with the Acme logo.

“Can I get a visitor pass for Cassandra Goldstein please?” Lopez asked.

It took a few minutes and Cassandra was forced to hand over her driver’s license.  Eventually she was issued a badge on a lanyard which she dutifully hung over her head and Lopez nodded.  Together they entered the facility.  Every door they passed through was electronically locked and Lopez had to use her ID card to access the area.

“We take our security pretty seriously here.  As a calibration assistant, you would be given full access.”  Lopez commented as they walked down a long sterile looking hallway.

Finally, Lopez turned toward a door marked “Bullpen” and unlocked it with her proxy card.  Cassandra stiffened slightly as they entered and she found herself in what looked like a drafting room.  Bright work lamps were clipped to drafting desks and piles of schematics and diagrams were stacked on the large illuminated work table in the center of the room.

But what really drew her attention was the variety of pictures and drawings on the walls.  In Cassie’s mind, it was as if a triple X rated bondage film had been combined with an engineering school.  There were hundreds of rough sketches, plans, and even some color photos of actual devices.  But Cassie’s eyes were drawn to bound and naked bodies, of women stretched spread-eagled, hung upside down, folded, impaled, seeming to writhe in sexual torment.

In one corner of the room a man was hunched over one of the tables, slowly and methodically working.  Lopez cleared her throat and he looked up.  Cassie turned her attention away from the perverted wall postings and looked at the man.  Huge spectacles covered his eyes, enlarging them to insect like proportions.  He gave them a startled look and then pulled the magnifying goggles off his face.

“Good morning, Doctor Rawlins.  How are you?” Lopez asked politely but with exaggerated patience.

He gave her a small and slightly wicked smile, as if he were imagining what the HR director would look like naked.

“Not bad actually.  We’re about ready to start testing on a few new Type Two devices today.  We should be ready for production runs in about three months if the calibration goes smoothly,” he said, clearly pleased.

Lopez nodded appreciatively. “Excellent.   Dr. Rawlins, this young lady is Cassandra Goldstein. We have offered her a position as a calibration assistant.  She would like to know a little more about the program before making a decision to accept.” 

Cassie quivered just a bit as Dr. Rawlins turned his attention toward her.  “Well she’s certainly pretty enough,” he said.  Cassie found the comment slightly in poor taste, especially considering the wall of bondage porn to her left.  He pulled himself off the high stool he was sitting at and walked over, holding out his hand.  Cassie took it and felt a weak squeeze coming from the man.

“Dr. Rawlins is our chief engineer.  He has doctorates in both electrical and mechanical engineering,” Ms. Lopez said.

Cassie nodded politely. “That’s a lot of work.  You must have studied hard in college.”

Rawlins laughed.  “I didn’t date much.  Maybe that’s why I like this assignment.”  He grinned and Cassie felt another wave of repulsion flow through her.  He was still holding her hand and she pulled it back against his grip.  A moment later he let go of Cassie’s hand.

“So you want to know more about the Female Orgasmic Execution System, huh?” he clapped his hands together and then pointed at the wall Cassie was trying to ignore.  “Basically we design machines that sexually torment the condemned prisoner to the point of orgasm and when the bio-feedback sensor detects an orgasmic response it initiates a pre-programmed execution protocol.”

Cassie’s eyes had glazed over, even as she was trying not to look at the hundreds of pictures of bound women.  “Excuse me?”

Rawlins paused, giving her an understanding look.  “Ah.  Okay.  Well, to put it bluntly, we design machines that kill a girl when she cums.”

Cassie swallowed hard.  She had understood THAT statement. 

Rawlins held up a hand.  “Look, Ms. Goldstein, all we are doing is providing a product.  The market is demanding it right now.  Advertisers and sponsors are paying big bucks for new and exciting programs.  The cost of our system is negligible considering the amount of money the government is getting for doing things this way.”

It took Cassie a moment, but she nodded. “I understand.  We don’t make the world, we just live in it” she said softly, feeling dirty.

Rawlins smiled again.  “I’m glad you understand.  Okay, so basically what happens in the process is we engineers come up with an idea.  We flesh it out, draw up schematics and building diagrams.  Then we send those to the fabricators who actually build the machines.  We then do a preliminary test to determine how effective the machine is.”

Cassie interrupted.  “You mean how well it kills a person?”  Her voice was just a little strained.
Rawlins laughed and wave a hand in the air.  “Oh goodness, no!  There are no executions here at Acme.  It’s the sexual stimulation that we test.  Frankly, it isn’t that hard to kill a person.  I mean seriously, our country was electrifying people since the early 20th century and shooting or hanging them before that.  Now that the process has developed into being a televised spectacle, it was only natural that the sex industry and criminal corrections merge.”

Cassie nodded though it made her uncomfortable.  Death and sex were not usually two topics she felt complimented each other. Evidently she was in the minority though.

Rawlins continued, not noticing her discomfort.  “In any event, we use calibration assistants to test the system’s capability to force orgasm.  We currently have three types of devices and all of them are triggered by some sort of orgasmic response.  With Type One devices, it is imperative that we adjust the equipment so that the condemned can hold off as long as possible and may even be able to escape the punishment.”

Cassie didn’t miss the mention of “first stage devices” and she looked at the geeky little doctor apprehensively.  “What’s a second level device?”

Rawlins had been looking hungrily at one of the full color pictures on the wall and he glanced back, slightly surprised at Cassie’s question.  “Oh.  Sorry.  Got distracted.  A stage two device, or Type Two as we call it, is reversed.   Rather than the execution being triggered by orgasm, it is triggered when the condemned does NOT have an orgasm within a certain time frame.”

“You mean that the woman has to work herself on it to keep from being killed?” Cassie asked, startled at the concept.  It was horrifying.  But to her shock, she felt a sudden tingle between her legs.

“Absolutely!” Rawlins said with a grin.  Cassie got the immediate feeling that not only did he watch every single execution on Pay Per View, but that he had taped them and watched them over and over again.  He looked toward the door and then smiled.  “How about we take a tour of the floor and I’ll show you a few of the devices we’re currently testing.  We’ve got both stage one and stage two devices on the floor right now.”

Cassie waffled for a moment and it was Rosa Lopez who smiled.  “We’ll follow you Doctor. Lead the way.”

Rawlins grinned and opened the door, holding it open as first Cassie and then Lopez followed him out into the hall.  Cassie felt awkward with the whole thing.  The idea of taking a look at the various devices that Acme had designed to actually KILL people was almost unthinkable.  But she managed to push her feelings aside and followed the little man out of the drafting room.

At the end of the hall Dr. Rawlins pushed open a large double set of doors and turned left.  Cassie found herself in a giant warehouse type room, separated into individual areas by large cubicle type frames.  She could see almost the full length of the warehouse, down what she could only describe as a corridor that intersected the various rows. Large lights the size of garbage cans hung from steel reinforced cords and the hum of the massive air conditioning system was easily noticeable.  Almost immediately Cassie heard the sound of someone moaning and she turned her head to see Rawlins taking a few steps down the row.  Cassie followed and discovered herself just feet away from one of the most bizarre scenes she had ever witnessed.  Standing in front of Cassie was a beautiful brunette girl who wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing.  Both of the brunette’s feet were locked into heavy metal clamps that closed like boots, stretching up mid-calf.  Worse, her arms were secured above her head.  Between the woman’s legs was a long rod, sticking straight up.  To Cassie’s horror it was jerking rapidly up and down almost a full six inches, enabling the young applicant to see that a large, thick, rubber dildo had been attached to the end of the rod.

Rawlins looked at the whole device and smiled, hands on hips. “This is called the Hammerfuck.  It was one of our first devices,” he announced proudly, glancing at Cassie.  “Basically, the subject is locked in place and the dildo device starts off at a snail’s pace and then slowly builds up speed and penetration depth.  Every time the subject orgasms, then the dildo’s penetration depth increases by an inch.”  He moved over to a small cart that held a touch screen computer monitor and had several other devices mounted to it.  “Come over here, Cassandra.  See this readout here?  That’s Jessica’s bio-rhythm, hormone levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and endorphin and adrenaline levels.  When she explodes, it registers here and this sends an order to the machine to adjust the penetration depth.

“So it just keeps going up into her?”  Cassie asked, her face a mask of revulsion.  She glanced back at “Jessica” who was moaning even as she was repeatedly rammed by the thick dildo.

“Well that’s sort of the idea.  Of course, here at Acme, we have twelve inches as our stopping point.  But in practice, the rubber dildo stiffens at thirteen with an internalized hydraulic line and the dildo keeps going until it penetrates the interior organs.  At fifteen inches it’s designed just to keep going up.”
Cassie looked at Jessica again.  “You mean she’ll have twelve orgasms before you let her off?”  This time her question was filled with incredulity.  Dr. Rawlins clucked his tongue.

“Oh, of course not.  We start out at two inches with a one inch withdrawal.  The first orgasm goes to four inches.  Every orgasm after that causes the penetration depth to increment upward by one inch.  Let’s see.  Jessica is only on her third orgasm.  She was mounted,” he checked a time log on the machine, “only about an hour ago.” 

Cassandra looked at the nude calibration assistant who was obviously struggling not to orgasm.  The woman’s face was red and a light sheen of perspiration coated her skin.  The tips of her nipples were hard and her thighs were soaked from the copious juices that were streaming from between her legs.  Cassie tried to imagine what it would be liked to be mounted like that, a thick dildo rapidly pounding between her legs, trying not to orgasm, knowing that too many would result in death.  To her shame, the very thought elicited a slight moistness between her legs.  Cassandra quickly pushed that thought away.

“What I really like about this one is the fact that we eventually get over a hundred penetrations per minute.  It’s really pounding her!” exclaimed Dr. Rawlins.  His face was hungrily taking in the sight of Jessica and her sexual torment.  Then he sighed. “Wish we could videotape,” he muttered.  Ms. Lopez didn’t hear the comment, but Cassie did.

“Perhaps we should continue, doctor?” Ms. Lopez asked politely.  Dr. Rawlins looked up, then nodded.  “Oh! Of course.  Let’s continue!”

He led the way, moving down the row.  They passed several unused stations, white cotton tarps covering strange looking shapes that baffled Cassie.  Eventually they came to another station that was occupied and running.  This one caused Cassandra to gasp in alarm.

The girl “calibrating” this machine was also naked, a state Cassandra was starting to suspect was the standard “uniform” for Calibration Assistants.  Long chocolate colored hair cascaded down over the poor girl’s shoulders and Cassie could see her chest heaving as if she were having trouble breathing.  She was mounted to a wooden restraint chair which was standing in the center of the space, but it was elevated, providing room for a set of electric motors underneath.  Cassie could see two poles going up into the base of the chair and she suspected that both rods fully penetrated the chair and even the girl.  Her eyes detected movement as well and she saw both rods not only jerking up and down, but vibrating violently.

“This is Marissa, one of my favorites!” Dr. Rawlins announced with another grin, checking over the bio-readings on the computer.  “Oh my!  She’s close too!  Fourth orgasm!”  He turned and took Cassie’s arm, pulling her forward, ignoring her slight resistance.  He pointed at Marissa, who sat stiffly in the chair, head straight, with black leather straps around her waist, thighs, ankles, wrists, elbows, and throat.  “See the strap around her throat?  That’s an airway restriction strap!  Wait for it!  She’s about to cum!”  Rawlins glanced back over that the bio-sensor read out even as Marissa suddenly squealed and tensed in her seat.

Cassie watched as the poor girl went into shuddering paroxysms and then Marissa’s face turned red.  Marissa tried to cry out but nothing came and Cassie realized that her airway had been cut off even as her body rocked in orgasm.  Cassie almost moved forward to tear the restricting collar away from the trembling girl, but as the orgasm ended, there was a terrible gasp and Marissa, who had been on the verge of unconsciousness, sucked in another breath.

“Autoerotic asphyxia,” whispered Dr. Rawlins, who looked enraptured.  He glanced at Cassie who stood just as fixated, but with a totally different expression on her face.

“How does it kill her?” Cassie asked softly.

“On the tenth orgasm the airway restrictor doesn’t release.  She dies cumming,” Dr. Rawlins replied.  Then he blinked.  “But here there is no killing. Please remember that Cassandra.  On the tenth orgasm here, our Marissa will endure a rather painful, but non-lethal electrical shock.  She knows it’s coming, and so is trying very hard NOT to orgasm.  It was the same with Jessica on the Hammerfuck machine.  At twelve inches, she gets the shock, which simulates the negative aspect of death enough that our calibration assistants do their best to emulate a real subject’s behavior.”

“Dr. Rawlins, please… let’s continue the tour.” Ms. Lopez insisted, glancing back at Marissa, who was sucking in air.  Cassie watched as Rawlins tore himself away from the awful tableau of sweat slicked flesh, pumping phallic rods, and the tense body of the beautiful woman bound before them.  Cassie looked at Marissa and their eyes met.  Cassie tried to convey her concern, her compassion, her hope that things would end well.  Marissa just looked desperate.  Ms. Lopez took Cassie’s arm and they moved down the row.

The next cubical was actually empty, but unlike the other unused stations, this machine was uncovered.  Cassie paused in front of it, trying to understand its purpose.  It was a giant table shaped like a capital “X”.  At the end of each arm was a thick leather bondage cuff.  But what Cassie couldn’t understand was how anyone, of any height, could be comfortable secured.  To make matters even more confusing, there were a series of bent copper hoops embedded at intervals along the limbs and even the center portion of the table.  Cassie assumed they were designed to hold the “subject”, as Dr. Rawlins called them, to the table.  But why then the bondage cuffs?

“What’s this Dr. Rawlins?” asked Cassie.  The little man stopped and whirled back, surprised at the interruption. 

“What?  Oh.  This.”  He said.  Then he smiled.  “Well, we had mentioned that there were three types of devices earlier.  This is a Type 3.”

Cassie waited.  The little man continued after a moment.

“We can’t calibrate or test Type 3 devices beyond proof of concept.  So there isn’t much we can do with this one.  On this device, the subject is placed in the middle of the restraint table and locked into place by these copper retention holders.”  He reached out and actually touched a few.  Cassie stepped up next to him, examining the table and metal restraints.

“Yeah, but why the bondage cuffs then?” she asked, looking up at the diminutive engineer. 
He reached out and grabbed one of the empty wrist cuffs and pulled.  To Cassie’s surprise a steel cable was attached to the cuff. 

“Put simply, the subject is attached to these cuffs, both on her ankles and wrists and she is drawn taut.”  He moved around to the end of the table, fiddled with something underneath, and metal attachment swung upward, right where the “subject’s” parted legs would be.  Cassie took a step back as she looked at the assorted dildos and vibration tools.  There was even one attachment that looked like it delivered electrical shocks. 

“The executioner chooses which sexual stimulator to use on the subject.  With every orgasm she experiences, the cuffs are pulled one inch.  Our medical staff has told us that the human body can handle only two inches of pull before the shoulder and hip joints are dislocated, so we’ve only tested it to that point.”

Cassie gasped in horror.  “You mean you PULL her apart?” she demanded.

Dr. Rawlins looked up.  “Essentially, yes.  And this device is in high demand.  We’re building twenty of them for the first run.  The girl will continue to orgasm until her arms and legs are pulled out of their sockets and then finally will continue to be sexually stimulated until she is torn to pieces.” 

Cassie gagged and almost vomited.  She took a step back and away from both the device and the perverted, disgusting engineer who was lovingly caressing the device.  Ms. Lopez looked at Cassie with concern.

“Ms. Goldstein, maybe we should cut this tour short.  I’m beginning to think you might not be the right choice for this position.  I’m sorry for having wasted your time.  I’m sorry that the administrative position you were seeking has already been filled, but we’ll keep your application on record and if another spot opens, we’ll consider you,” Lopez said softly.

Cassie realized her chances at getting a job were plummeting and she held up her hand.  “Please!  Wait, Ms. Lopez.  My personal revulsion is based more upon the finished… product.  Not the process.  I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you.  My objections are more about the killing thing, not the testing.”  Cassie said hurriedly, trying to stem Lopez’s decision to withdraw the job offer.  Granted, Cassie wasn’t ready to accept it in the first place, but she wanted to be the one who decided.
“Shall we continue?  There is an excellent Type One device just ahead.”  Dr. Rawlins said, interrupting.
Ms. Lopez gave Cassandra a penetrative look.  “If Ms. Goldstein feels up to it.”

Cassie took a deep breath and turned back to Rawlins.  “Absolutely doctor.  Let’s continue.”

Dr. Rawlins smiled and once more stepped briskly down the aisle.  A few more white covered stations were passed and then Cassandra found herself watching three people, all dressed in lab coats.

“Cassandra, please let me introduce to you Dr. Devon, Mr. Edwards, one of our physician’s assistants, and one of our Calibration Assistants, Rebeka.”  Dr. Rawlins said.

Cassie was surprised to encounter another Calibration Assistant who wasn’t on a machine and she was astonished to find the woman dressed in a typical lab coat.  In fact, the only difference in uniform between the engineer Dr. Devon and the Physician’s Assistant, were her shoes.  Unlike the two men, she was wearing open toed high heels. 

“So are we getting ‘the Chair’ ready?” asked Dr. Rawlins.  His counterpart, Dr. Devon, laughed and nodded.  “Absolutely.  We got a request to see if we could make the action last a full two hours.  We’ve dialed back the frequency and depth levels and we’re going to see if that makes a difference.”
“Oh… yes.  Very good,” Rawlins replied.  “If you don’t mind, we’ll stay and watch while you get set up.  We’re giving a prospective Calibration Assistant candidate the tour.

“Ohh! You’re thinking of being a Calibration Assistant?” asked Rebeka, looking at Cassandra with new interest.

Cassie flushed.  “Um, well, I’m still undecided.  It’s been quite a tour and looks intense,” she stammered.

Rebeka laughed.  “It is!  But this is the best job I’ve ever had.  I come to work every day and have my brains fucked out.  Every day!  And I get paid for it!”

Cassie’s eyes widened at the crudity of Rebeka’s language.  She swallowed a bit.  “But don’t some of the machines, um… hurt?”

Rebeka smiled wickedly.  “That just makes it better sweetheart.  You try cumming your fifteenth time, knowing you’re about to get zapped and the explosion is like fireworks going off inside your brain.  It’s awesome.”  She reached up and started to unbutton her lab coat.  Cassie’s eyes were drawn to the brown expanse of skin that suddenly appeared.  Rebeka shucked out of her lab coat and stood completely naked in front of everyone.  A few steps took her up onto the platform where she stood next to a metal and wooden chair, complete with two metal dildos sticking up from the seat.

Dr. Devon hurried forward and quickly lubricated both rods, smearing what appeared to be some sort of gel along the lengths of metal.  When he was finished, Rebeka stepped to the front of the chair and lowered herself down.  Cassie watched in amazement as the woman willingly impaled herself, working one rod into her ass while the other penetrated deeply into her sex.  Suddenly Cassie felt a different sensation, one that surprised her considering the circumstances.  She pressed her thighs together, embarrassed that her own sexual organs were reacting to the display.

Rebeka spread her legs, helping Devon and Edwards to strap her legs to the frame of the chair.  Her labia were completely exposed, wrapping around the steel pillar embedded in her sex.  Cassie couldn’t tear her eyes away, watching as the two men secured Rebeka’s arms, and then even wrapped one leather strap across Rebeka’s forehead. 

“I’m ready for the clamps,” Rebeka announced, totally immobile except for being able to wiggle her fingers and toes.  Devon laughed but brought out three sets of clamps, each one connected to another device by black and red wires.  To Cassie’s astonishment and growing sexual discomfiture, they were attached to Rebeka’s nipples and clit, eliciting a soft moan of gratification from the bound girl.
Dr. Rawlins sidled up to Cassie.  “Makes you wish you were the one getting on, doesn’t it?” he asked with a tone that made it clear he too wished it was Cassie getting on the chair.  She looked at him in shock, but his suggestion brought forth a sudden gush of wetness between Cassie’s legs and she squirmed in both humiliation and revulsion at the little man’s perversion. 

“This device is designed to allow the subject just one orgasm; the final one.” Rawlins said informatively.  “Rebeka will be subject to intense sexual stimulation and told not to cum.  Of course, over the course of the preset time, the amount of electrical current applied to the subject’s genitals and mammary glands increases steadily.” Rawlins supplied. 

“You mean this is an electric chair?” asked Cassie. 

Rawlins nodded.  “Yes, except instead of getting the jolt in one lethal second, we work up to it with the lethal amperage coming at the moment the subject can no longer keep from orgasm.”  He grinned again.  “According to the bio sensors, women who experience that final lethal shock during orgasm experience the most mind blowing orgasms of their life.”

Suddenly Rebeka gasped, stiffening in her chair.  Cassie could see the petals of Rebeka’s pink flower clench around the metal phallus penetrating her and there was a gentle hum as the electric current pulsed into the bound girl’s nipples and clit. 

“There’s electric current going between her pussy and clit as well.” Dr. Rawlins said, leaning over and putting his lips near Cassie’s ear.  “Can’t wait, can you?  You can imagine sitting on that chair, with that phallus inside you, vibrating like mad, stimulating you toward release, all while you get slowly fried?”
Cassie could hear the leer in his voice.  She turned away and stepped closer to Ms. Lopez.
Rebeka let out a deep gasp and Dr. Devon moved closer.  “Think you’ll last the two hours required?” he asked her. 

She shook her head.  “I doubt it,” she said between deep breaths.  Her voice was already strained.  “I can feel the increase already and the frequency change isn’t really making a difference.”

Devon frowned.  “All right.  Well, do the best you can and after you finish we’ll let you take a thirty minute break while we make some additional adjustments and then we’ll zap you again.”
Rebeka groaned, her hips now doing a strange roll as her body tried to thrust itself up and down on the electrified phalluses penetrating her bottom and sex.  “Please!  Don’t say things like that!  The idea is turning me on even more!”  Devon and Edwards just chuckled.

Suddenly, Devon’s tablet computer beeped and he looked down at it.  With a smile, he turned toward Dr. Rawlins.  “David, Bethany is about to have her tenth climax if you want to take your newbie over to watch.  You’ve got about three or four minutes.”

Dr. Rawlins face brightened.  “That would be perfect.  Come along, Cassandra.”

He turned and hurried down the aisle, with both Cassandra and Ms. Lopez following behind.  All three of them ignored the rising volume of Rebeka’s cries of pleasure.

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