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Chapter 1: The Offer
It was late in the afternoon on a hot spring Friday, the last Saturday before Dead Week at the university, and the weather had turned hot.  Dappled sunlight streamed down on the sidewalk that lead up to the large, stately, white-washed house, unadorned even of Greek letters, despite the somewhat common knowledge of the sorority that owned it.  It was a semi-secret sorority, one tolerated not because of its extreme sexual nature, but because of its alumni’s iron fisted control over university officials.   It was the skeleton in the closet, the black sheep among the flock, it was Sigma Epsilon Chi.
Samantha Mayfield stepped gingerly up the sidewalk, her long brunette hair streaming down in a ponytail at the back of her head.  Her porcelain face bore the signs of almost no cosmetics, her “girl-next-door” beauty more than sufficient to attract the longing gazes of both students and professors alike.  Her white blouse was open down the front, just a tad more than modesty allowed, exposing the delicate cream slope of her breasts, both of which were encased in a light pink brassiere that was almost completely visible through the thin cotton.  Her shapely bottom was encased in a black skirt that wrapped its way midway down her thighs.  Certainly higher than her fingertips, it left her white, thigh high stockings just an inch lower than the hem.  Her high heels were strapped delicately around her ankles and toes, arching each foot into that sexually appealing shape that drives men insane.
But Sam barely recognized the suggestiveness, or more accurately, the acute sluttiness of her dress as she shrugged her shoulder, moving her satchel higher up.  She ascended the steps to the porch, seeing the swinging bench, the large thick wood railings, hearing the familiar creak of the planks beneath her feet.

She dropped her satchel on the floor and almost mindlessly began to unbutton her blouse, humming to herself as she did it.  Her fingers flew down the front of her shirt until she was able to shrug it off, draping it over one arm of the swinging bench, her pink bra seeming to repeat in lace the pattern of the sun falling through the budding leaves of the oak that stood to the side of the porch.

She wasn’t terribly worried about being seen.  From the sides, the porch was lost amidst the heavy foliage and overgrown boxwood and fotina that bordered the wooden deck, and while it was possible some stray pedestrian or a passing car might get a glimpse of her via the short walkway and stairs leading up to the deck, it would be just a momentary vision.  Besides, she was hardly shy.

In moments the pink lace joined the folds of white cotton, leaving Sam’s breasts bare.  Two cream colored mounds, tipped in the same shade of pink as the bra, seemed to glow in the muted sunlight.  Her fingers unzipped the skirt, working it down over the swell of her hips until the matching rose colored strands of her thong were exposed, and then disappeared back down into the darkness of her bottom.  She deposited the skirt with the rest of her clothes, and then snagged her thong, yanking it down her long legs with practice and grace.  This left her standing in only her thigh high white stockings and the high heels.

It had only been two months since the sorority had started requiring certain novices to strip prior to entering, and Sam had been the first one to stand in sixty degree weather and strip to the skin.  Her mentor, Sister Kristen, had grinned like a Cheshire cat at Sam’s goose bumps as Sam had shivered in the early spring air.  Now, weeks later, the weather was certainly cooperating, and Sam had lost all her inhibitions, as had many of her fellow sorority novices.

The sorority itself was organized in a hierarchy, with first year members referred to as novices, while older girls were called “sisters” and then eventually “mistress.”  Sam knew that not every novice made it to sister, and not every sister became a mistress, but the she didn’t care.  The last year of friendship, love, sex and discipline had been more than enough to woo Samantha.  She loved the lifestyle.
Gathering her clothes, Sam grasped the door handle and entered the Sorority House.  The main hallway was dark as usual, the light spilling from the glazed glass of the front door, and the far back window.  Common rooms were braced on opposite sides of the hall as Sam’s high heels clacked on the wood, her destination the stairway that led to the upper rooms.

“Samantha,” a voice called out, causing Sam to pause and turn.  Mistress Tami, the senior girl that had chosen and inducted her into the sorority at the beginning of the school year last fall, stood in the doorway of the large common room, her elegant slacks and blouse echoing the richness of her superiority.

“Hello Mistress Tami,” Samantha replied, nodding with both respect and obedience.  The disparity of their dress was more than obvious, echoing their relationship perfectly.  Sam’s nudity, emphasized by the white stockings and heels was the perfect counterpoint to the gray slacks and blue silk blouse of her Mistress.

“Samantha, just leave your belongings in the hall and please come into the common room.  There is someone here who wants to meet with you,” Tami ordered, her voice curiously devoid of emotion.  Sam’s eyebrow went upward with curiosity.  Normally Tami was a very expressive person. It made Samantha wonder. Who could possibly be here at the Sorority House that would put Mistress Tami on edge?  Samantha deposited her belongings on the small hallway table.

Sam followed Tami into the meeting room where she had endured so many torments the previous fall. During her pledge week, a line of wooden chairs had been set up across one end of the room, near the ancient fireplace and hearth.  Each had been fitted with a one of the many mounted dildos used by the sorority; novices were only allowed to sit in one of those wooden chairs.  After the ordeal and her acceptance as a novice, those chairs had been removed to other corners of the house.  In their place, an elegant seating set with leather couches and armchairs had been set before the fireplace.  Only one wooden chair remained, a physical reminder that any novice choosing to mingle with the upper echelons of the sorority did so from a very low place.  The chair itself wasn’t terribly uncomfortable, and it was set in view of both sofas.  The heavy wooden phallus sticking up from the seat glistened with oil.  The novices were required to lubricate every dildo in the house twice a day, and not always with their hands.

Two women were sitting on one of the couches.  Samantha immediately recognized her other mentor, Sister Kristen, who seemed to sit demurely and submissively as she chatted with a beautiful woman in an expensive suit.  Samantha felt a flutter of humiliation as the strange woman’s eyes turned, examining her.  Samantha blushed, surprised.  She thought she’d moved beyond that sensation months ago.
“Samantha,” Mistress Tami began, “I would like to introduce Mistress Calli Weston.”

Sam’s eye widened and she stared at Calli Weston.   The name was very familiar to Samantha since both Kristen and Tami had told so many stories about the infamous dominatrix who had revitalized the basement dungeon beneath the Sorority House.  Calli Weston had been Tami’s mentor, and then Mistress, just as she had dominated Kristen’s novitiate.  It was Mistress Calli who had taken both girls downward to sexually torture them beyond what had become accepted practice at the sorority.  Tami, who had been a “sister” at the time, and only provisionally under Calli’s thumb, had not handled the sexual torment well.  Kristen, who had been a novice, had endured it, and been changed by it.  It had been Kristen who had opened the basement door again and shown Sam the same loving attention and the sadistic side of domination Calli had exemplified.

“Mistress Calli, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Samantha said submissively, her eyes downcast, as Kristen had taught her.  “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“I can say the same, Samantha.  You are very pretty, I must say.  Kristen was absolutely correct in her assessment of your physique.”  Calli smiled, her manners exquisite.  “Please take a seat.”
Samantha didn’t have to ask where.  She moved immediately to the wooden chair, spreading her white clad legs to each side.  With very little trouble she positioned herself above the wooden phallus and lowered herself gently. The oiled wood entered her sex and she stifled a groan that seemed to always come when she sat down on one of the many wooden chairs around the Sorority House.  Fully penetrated, she placed her hands on her thighs, palms up, and looked expectantly at the three gathered dominatrix sitting in front of her.

As Samantha expected, Mistress Calli took the lead.  “I see you’ve adjusted well to the different intrusions membership in our sorority has brought to you.  Both Kristen and Tami speak very highly of you and your appetites.”

Sam pressed her lips together in a barely concealed smile as she shifted slightly on the dildo.  There was a slight squelching sound as she couldn’t help her hips thrusting forward, involuntarily working herself on the thick rod she had impaled herself on.  “Thank you Mistress.”  Sam replied gracefully, nodding ever so slightly.

“And so polite too!”  Calli noted, her dark eyes flashing.  She crossed her legs and leaned back, still svelte and professional.  “Samantha, there is an opportunity that I wanted to offer you, as a member of my sorority.  No doubt you are aware that alumni of Sigma Epsilon Chi take special care of their fellow members in a variety of ways.  I am the Special Assistant to the Director of Client Relations at AMT International.  AMT provides a variety of services in the legal, manufacturing, and customer service fields.  My job is to organize the ‘out-of-office’ activities of current and prospective clients when they come to visit, or when we go overseas to form new relationships and form trade partnerships.”
Samantha sat listening, giving her attention to Mistress Calli.  Kristen was unusually quiet, but grinning, while Mistress Tami had a sick look on her face.  Sam wondered what her two best friends at the Sorority knew about this offer.

“I have need of an intern for this summer, as we have several big contracts coming to fruition.  The official title would be ‘Customer Relations Facilitator’ and it would look very nice on your resume.  The position will last seven weeks, so a week after the term ends you would report to me in Chicago.  It’s an unpaid internship, but there is some compensation.  We would pay all of your travel expenses, fees, and provide you with appropriate attire for your work.  As for a place to stay, I’d be happy to put you up at my place.”

Sam’s mouth opened in surprise and her eyes widened.  The offer was a total shock.  She glanced at Mistress Tami still sat quietly, her expression stoic, her arms crossed across her chest.  For a moment Sam grew concerned and she looked back at Mistress Calli.  “What exactly will my responsibilities be?”

Mistress Calli leaned forward.  “On occasion you will be assigned one of our prospective clients.  You will provide our client with anything necessary to make them happy and interested in our company.  You will be their…” she paused momentarily. “Escort.”

Sam stiffened at the word, suddenly understanding.  She glanced at Tami and bit her lip, thinking.  “Why me?  What makes me the right person for this job?”

Calli and Kristen glanced at each other, but it was Kristen who spoke.  “It’s because of what you are Sam.”

Calli’s hand rose, attracting Samantha’s attention.  “Let’s be totally honest, Kristen.  Samantha, there is an expectation that some, if not most of the services you will be providing our clients will be sexual in nature.  You will attend parties and other outings with them, but you will act as a willing partner for their every need.”  Mistress Calli paused momentarily.  “Normally, my regular staff handles these kinds of assignments.  The reason you are perfect for this position is that several of our prospective clients this quarter have some very unique tastes in sexual matters and those tastes are exactly the kind of activities that you have been exposed too here at the Sorority House.  I need someone with your flair for the dramatic.”

Samantha leaned back in the chair, Calli’s honesty overwhelming her.  “You’re asking me to be a whore,” she said softly.

“Samantha, I’d like you not to think of it that way.  You will be improving client relations,” Calli replied.

Tami snorted.  Sam couldn’t tell if Calli’s comment was sugar coating or just sophistry, but the woman seemed honest.

Sam fidgeted in her seat, feeling the wooden rod impaled in her sex dig into the sides of her well.  Kristen’s eyes flashed with amusement and Samantha knew what Sister Kristen would advise.  But it was Tami’s expression of dour disapproval that made her curious.  Her imagination flashed through a multitude of possible scenarios and she looked up at Calli, her decision already made, though she knew it would upset Mistress Tami.

“And I can stay with you?” Sam asked.

Mistress Calli nodded and then smiled at Kristen. “You were right, Kris.  She is perfect.”  Calli turned to Samantha.  “That’s right Samantha. I have an extra guest room at my home.  We will also provide you with a company car while you are in Chicago, though you may not need it, since you can always ride with me.  Also, we need you to go get your Passport since we will be traveling overseas.  I’m not sure exactly where, but I know we will be going to Japan at least once, possibly twice, and several locations in Europe.”

Sam nodded, still too stunned to reply.

Mistress Calli smiled at the pretty sophomore girl.  “Samantha, I am looking forward to having you with me this summer.  I wish that I could spend some time right now with you, especially in my old dungeon, since I would enjoy hearing you beg me to hurt you, but I have a plane to catch and need to get to the airport if I’m to get back to O’Hare before the end of the day!”  Calli stood up and reached out a hand to Samantha who took it, squeezing lightly.

“Thank you Mistress.”  Samantha said, shaking Calli’s hand.

“Just Calli from here on in, Sam.”  Calli chuckled softly.  “As common as things are at the firm, I don’t think they would handle ‘mistress’ too well.”

Sam nodded.  “Yes, Calli.”

“I’ll be sending you a plane ticket and the name of a respected tailor here in Dallas.  You will need to go and get measured so that we can provide you with all the necessary apparel you will require.
Calli grinned again and then turned to Kristen.  “Walk me out, Kristen.”  Kristen immediately stood and followed the no-nonsense businesswoman as she marched from the room, leaving Samantha alone with Mistress Tami.

Tami sighed and turned toward Samantha.  “Sam, I wish you hadn’t taken this job from Mistress Calli,” she said, her voice soft and slightly sad.

Samantha cocked her head.  “Why not, Mistress Tami?” she asked curiously.

Tami stood up and moved toward the large fireplace, her back toward Samantha.  “Because of what she wants of you.  In almost every case you will be submitting to men, Sam.  Men who will use you, abuse you, torment you, and think nothing of it.  Sam, she needs you because the normal girls she has working for her aren’t going to tolerate the physical tortures that these prospective clients will inflict upon you.”  Tami looked back at Samantha, genuinely distressed.

“Sam, I told you at the beginning of this semester that I saw a disturbing pattern in your behavior.  You like being submissive too much.  You are the epitome of a nympho humiliation pain slut.  I know of Kristen’s antics with you, the vulgar punishments, the public abasement.  I’ve seen so much of it and I see how much you respond to it, and I’m not sure whether you will be able to make the transition from novice to sister.”

Sam didn’t move a muscle.  Sam’s relationship with Tami was unusual, since Tami’s requirements of her had been miniscule and barely sexual compared with Kristen’s Calli-like tastes.  The occasional spanking and a once weekly full body massage followed by sexual release seemed all that Mistress Tami had needed from Sam.  Privately, Sam had found Tami to be a weak Mistress, but now Sam began to wonder if Tami’s undemanding behavior was more in response to Kristen’s excess.  She didn’t know what to say.

Tami went on however.  “If you take this job I think you will not be able to transition at all.  I’m worried about you serving directly under Kristen as well, and I fear for the next novice who serves under the both of you.  Even if you are promoted to Sister rank, I fear that it will be in name only, since Kristen will dominate you as thoroughly as now, if not more, never letting you build up your own will to dominate.”  Mistress Tami turned and looked at Samantha.  “Am I making any sense, Sam?”
Samantha looked down at her lap.  She felt such empathy for Mistress Tami, and at the moment, a great deal of love for this tall, auburn haired goddess who seemed to care so much.  For a moment, she almost decided to yield to the passive demands of the woman who had brought her into this life, but she knew she couldn’t.

“I’m sorry Mistress Tami.  But I already said yes.”

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