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Sigma Epsilon Chi

A Samantha Mayfield Novel

Michael Alexander


"Sigma Epsilon Chi" is technically a sequel to "The Waxers", a short story available in the Free Archives. It is not necessary to read "The Waxers" to understand the plot of "Sigma Epsilon Chi."


 Chapter 1 – The Invitation

            The still oppressive heat of summer rustled the leaves and baked the sidewalks of the southern university campus, and despite the excited throng of students, Samantha Mayfield was barely cognizant of her surroundings as she made her way to class.  A river of undergraduates flowed in the same direction and Sam walked on oblivious, her mind deeply entrenched on other things.  Her book bag was slung over one shoulder, padded by the plaid patterned button down shirt she wore. 

Her flip flops clapped loudly as she walked, but the sound was muted by the dull roar of returning students who spoke eagerly about the new school year, and the gossip of the last.  Samantha, who had heard more than enough about the strange duo The Waxers throughout the end of her freshman year, tuned it out.

Her dark brown hair was still worn long, and her ears were accented with small conservative earrings.  Her denim shorts weren’t slutty, nor overly long, merely the perfect length which bespoke a well mannered, respectable, sophomore student.

But the truth was that Sam’s encounter with the Waxers had changed her, in several ways.  She was more cautious, more alert when alone, but more importantly, it had changed her views on sexuality.  All last year and during the summer, back at her parent’s house, she had spent quiet stolen moments caressing her own body, touching herself, and once in a few stolen hours, baby oiled herself and poured hot candle wax over her own breasts while she masturbated.

These secrets she carefully hid, as she hid the fact that she maintained the careful trimming and shave that the Waxers had given her that fateful night five months earlier.  She had never told anyone of her kidnapping, of her bondage, or of the hour long massage and waxing she had endured.  Not even Chelly knew of it, though Jamie, her roommate, had certainly been suspicious.

Samantha looked up at the wall of the lecture building and saw a flurry of fraternity and sorority posters hanging on the wall.  It was pledge week, the second week of school and it seemed that every little group that could find a copy of the Greek alphabet had displayed their symbols widely across the campus.  Lambda Epsilon Chi, Theta Kappa Iota, and countless others were exclaiming their virtues and crying out for fools to join them.

She shook her head.  One thing Sam knew was to stay away from the Greek Clubs.  Dues were expensive, and while the idea of close sisterhood was appealing, the idea of having to endure the ritual hazing given pledges, despite university rules, was not something she wanted to experience.  Chelly had stated her intention to try for Phi Kappa Beta, a sorority that her mother was still a member of.
Sam shrugged her backpack on more securely when she felt a light touch on her other shoulder.
“Are you Samantha Mayfield?” a soft feminine voice asked.

Samantha turned and found herself gazing into a pair of crystal blue eyes surrounded by a wealth of rich blonde hair.  The girl’s mouth was smiling and she seemed to be beaming friendliness. 
“Yeah, I’m Sam Mayfield.”

“Kristen Cox.  I’ve got something for you.”  She held out her hand, clutching a thick white paper envelope.

Sam’s eyebrow shot up.  “What is it?” she asked, looking quizzically at the stunning blonde.
Kristen laughed softly.  “An offer, if you’re interested.” Then she shrugged.  “See ya’ around, Samantha.”  With that Kristen moved away, disappearing into the sea of humanity flowing from point A to point B before the next class began.

Sam looked down at the envelope.  Across the front was her name, written in bold and flowing script, but from what was obviously the hand of a woman.  She flipped the card open and her breath caught as she saw the splash of wax, sealing it.  Her fingers trembled as she slipped a finger under the cardstock flap and she watched as the wax popped off, sticking to the top flap. 

There was a card inside and Samantha pulled it out.  In large script letters of glittering red ink were three Greek sigils: Sigma Epsilon Chi.  Samantha looked about and then up at the posters above her.  Nowhere could she find Sigma Epsilon Chi advertising, in fact, she didn’t even remember it from the list of approved fraternities and sororities that were allowed to operate at the university.
Sam opened the card.  Once again, the handwriting that had addressed the card flowed across the inside.

            Dear Samantha,
                        Welcome back to a second year here.  We at Sigma Epsilon Chi want to extend that welcome to you by giving you the opportunity to join our sorority.  We accept very few sisters each year, usually only four or five, and all are carefully pre-chosen.  Your name came highly recommended to us, and what we have discovered about you pleases us greatly.  You would be a valued addition to our covey. 
            We are a PRIVATE sorority, and we like to stay out of the limelight of the school, so please do not mention this invitation to anyone.  If you are interested, or would just like to know more, please meet myself and Kristen Cox at the University Student Union in the food court tonight at six.  We will buy you dinner and we can talk.  Just talk…
            Hope to see you tonight!

                                                                        Tami Cohen

            Sam’s brow creased and she stuffed the card into her backpack.  She shook her head with a roll of her eyes.  A secret sorority!  She knew she needed to belong to a secret sorority like she needed another hole in her head.   Slowly she turned and picked up speed, finally finding the lecture hall where her best friend Chelly was waiting.

“Hey Sam,” Chelly said softly as Sam dropped her back pack underneath the half desk seat in the auditorium. 

“How was geometry, Chel?” Sam asked, sitting down, her smooth legs crossing in front of her, the light pink flip flops dangling from her toes.

Chelly made a nasty face.  “Terrible.  It’s nothing like Algebra.  Algebra I can do.   You just plug in the numbers.  Geometry, it’s all spatial.  Shapes and lines and angles.  I’m not sure I’m going to ace this like I did my Algebra class last year.”

Samantha laughed.  “Its nice to see you finally experiencing what I deal with every math class I take.”
“I don’t understand how you have trouble with it.  It’s so easy!” Chelle replied, pulling out a heavy notebook and pen.

Sam squinted a moment.  “Hey, Chelle, you’re into the Greek thing.  Ever heard of a sorority called Sigma Epsilon Chi?”

Chelle stiffened, her eyes widening just as the professor moved to the podium.  He coughed and began speaking.

“Good afternoon everyone.  Today we will begin our lecture covering the events that lead to the civil war.  Please take copious notes since the test will contain questions covered here, but not in the text.  I will answer questions throughout the lecture.”

Chelle bit her lip and quickly wrote upon her paper, pulling it out of the notebook and passing it over.

            Sam, I’ve heard of that sorority.  They only have one interest and it’s not sanctioned by the university.  Look at their name:

                        S   E   X
                        i    p    i
                       g    s
                       m   i
                       a    l

Why do you want to know?

Chapter 2 – The Meeting

            Hours later Samantha sat in the lounge area of the Student Union, flip flop clad feet up on the padded seat beside her while her History book lay open before her.  Her thick five subject spiral lay propped up against her knees, covered in the scrawling notes from the lecture.  There were a few doodles that lay in the margins, but at some point in the lecture she had scratched in the letters S.E.X.
Sam sighed, pulling out the heavy embossed card, opening it once more.  Her mind had been in turmoil since History and the whispered derision of her friend Chelly.  Chelly had pulled her aside after class and Samantha remembered the conversation clearly.

“Sam, I’m serious.  I’ve heard a few things about that sorority.  They’re sexual perverts.  All sorts of sex games and stuff happen at their house.  I’ve even heard they keep sex slaves,” Chelly said, her fingers on Sam’s elbow.

“Sex slaves?  Come on, Chelly,” Sam replied, a look of sarcastic disbelief on her face.

“Well…I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard that they have ‘punishment’ sessions for poor grades over there; whippings and ice and hot wax.”

“Hot Wax?” Sam asked suddenly, her throat tightening and her mind flashing back to the previous spring when she had laid bound to a table as two men masturbated her and poured hot wax over her body.

“Yeah!  Hot wax!  Anyway, I’d rather join a respectable sorority than something like that any day of the week,” Chelle declared.  She continued to talk but Samantha wasn’t listening.  Sam nodded, her mind far away.  That had been hours ago.

Now she couldn’t seem to get the idea out of her mind.  It was only a quick walk to the dining area of the student union, a single flight of stairs to the food court and only a few minutes before six.  She fingered the embossed card a final time, her heart fluttering and her stomach tightening.  Finally she stuffed her book and spiral in her backpack, her decision made. 

Samantha Mayfield stood and slung her back pack over her shoulder and strolled purposefully down the hall.  Mounting the stairs she entered the food court and looked around.  The room was only partially full, the food court being more of a lunch time eating establishment for commuting students.  Only a quarter of the tables were occupied.  Samantha found an empty table in the center of the room and plopped down in a seat to wait.

“Hi, Samantha.  Mistress Tami asked me to come over and invite you to our table,” a soft musical voice said in Sam’s ear, startling her.  She looked up and saw the blond mane of Kristen, the girl who had given her the card.  Her petite frame was well complimented by the lavender halter top and blue denim skirt she wore and for a moment, Sam felt dowdy compared to her.  Sam scooped up her backpack and stood.

“Sure.  Where is Tami?”

Kristen smiled and pointed to the far corner of the dining area.  “We have one of those booths over there.  Sam looked down to the far corner of the room and could see a series of booths against the glass windows.  The light outside was still bright and Sam could only make out silhouettes, one being a softly curving figure with long hair sitting at the very end booth.

Together Kristen and Sam walked toward Tami.  The resounding click of Kristen’s heels clashed with the slap clap of Sam’s flip flops.  As they approached, Sam was able to see her dining partner more clearly.  Tami Cohen was easily two to three years older than Sam, and even appeared to be older than Kristen.  She was dressed in a black spaghetti strap dress that didn’t seem appropriate for the fast food venue of the student union food court.  The low cut dip in the front fully accentuated her figure though and Sam grimaced for a moment as she realized that of the three girls, she was poorest dressed.  Tami’s long red hair seemed to flow like a river of crimson gold against dark velvet.

“Um…sorry I didn’t have time to go get into anything more…well, I thought this would be informal since we were meeting here,” Samantha stammered as Tami Cohen smiled up at her.

“You need not apologize, Samantha.  I gave you no indication, nor instruction about dress requirements.  Please have a seat,” Tami motioned to the bench across from her.  “What are you interested in for dinner?”

Samantha seated herself, dropping her book bag on the floor, not sure where Kristen would sit.
“Uh…the regular vegetable sandwich from the sub place would be fine; that and a Diet soda,” Sam said.

Tami nodded and looked at Kristen.  “Please go get our dinner, Kristen.”

Sam looked up at the blond girl who seemed almost to bow and quickly turn away, moving toward the string of restaurants across the dining area.  Sam’s eyes widened a little and she wondered whether there was a little more truth behind Chelly’s rumors than she previously thought.

Tami smiled and folded her delicately long fingers on the table in front of her.  “Samantha, I appreciate you coming to meet with me.  No doubt you have some serious questions about our sorority, whether you have heard of it or not.  I will certainly give you an opportunity to ask those questions.  As to how we got your name, let’s just say that some friends of the sorority gave it to us and said you came highly recommended.”

Sam looked at Tami quizzically.  “Highly recommended?  I don’t understand.”

Tami nodded appreciatively.  “Of course.  Let me tell you a little of the benefits that we provide for our younger sisters before we get into anything else.  First of all, we offer the companionship, friendship, and sisterhood of the sorority to our first year members free of charge.  There are no dues whatsoever.  We also provide free tutoring, special lessons, and free rooms for first year sisters.”

Sam’s eyes popped open.  “Excuse me?  You provide free room and board?” 

Tami shook her head.  “Well…room yes…board no.  We have a kitchen at the sorority house, and try to keep it stocked with snacks, but no one really likes to cook so most of us either eat out, or keep an account open at the University’s cafeterias.  We’re closest to Bruce Hall, so we eat there a lot.  But we don’t charge first year sisters for their sleeping quarters.”

“Wow,” Samantha said, thinking about the several thousand dollars she had spent for her dorm room.  She thought about it and then smiled.  “What’s the catch?  My dad says that anything you get for free is worth what you paid for it.”

Tami laughed, a tinkle light peal of bells.  “Your father seems to be a wise man.  To be truthful, there is a catch.  The sophomore sisters have some regular duties that they must perform.”  She paused momentarily.  “And they must meet certain requirements.”

Samantha looked at Kristen who was walking back across the dining room with a laden tray.  “You mean like clean the sorority house and fetch dinner?”

odded with a knowing smile.  “Yes, fetching, as you so elegantly put it, is a part of those duties, as is cleaning the sorority house.  However there are a few more that we add to the list.”

ere was a long pause as Sam waited.  Finally she lifted her chin.  “Like what?”

Kristen put the tray down in the center of the table and immediately began to divvy up the contents.  Sam thanked her as the blonde placed the garden sub in front of the brunette sophomore. 

“Don’t get used to it.” Kristen said, her mouth curling upward, her tone slightly dark.

Samantha recoiled, wondering what she did to offend the girl.

“Kristen, that was not polite.  Samantha is considering joining our group and your attitude is unacceptable to an outsider examining the benefits of joining the sisterhood.  Apologize.”

Kristen looked up with something akin to fear in her eyes.  Samantha could actually sense her uneasiness. 

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to be rude.  It’s just that I was a sophomore last year and this year I’m a junior and I’m still trying to figure out what that all means.”

Samantha looked at her with a raised eyebrow.  “Um…yeah sure.  No problem.”

Tami smiled and opened her own salad and began to pour a small packet of dressing over it.  She nodded to Kristen who began to open her own chicken sandwich.

“So…what are the other duties?” asked Sam before taking a bite of her sandwich.

Tami hesitated with her fork between her sensuous mouth and the bowl.  She lowered the fork.
“Samantha, are you a virgin?”

The half eaten bite solidified in Sam’s mouth as her body stiffened in shock.  “Well…too be honest, no.”
Tami nodded, taking a bite of her salad as Samantha answered.

“Are you heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual?”

Samantha put down her sandwich.  She had been prepared because of Chelly’s rumors, to hear something sexual in nature, and she quickly berated herself for not anticipating these questions.  She glanced at Kristen and studied her for a moment, quickly, thinking in her mind what it would be like to have a sexual encounter with her.

“Well…I guess I’m still kind of undecided,” Samantha said, wanting to take a non-committal route.
Tami actually smiled.  “Excellent.  Most of the sisters are bisexual, though there are a few who are heart hardened lesbians.”

Tami Cohen took a few more bites.  “To be totally honest with you, Samantha, the first year girls serve as subordinates to the older girls.  Junior girls are allowed limited domination over the first years, as they are groomed to be Seniors.  Seniors have total control of all younger sisters in the sorority.  They meet out assignments and chores, handle grade oversight, and mete out punishments.”

“Punishments.”  It was a statement, not a question that came from Samantha.

Tami nodded.  “Punishments.  Let me give you an example.”  Tami turned toward Kristen who was finishing her Chicken sandwich.

“Kristen?  I realize that you have already apologized to a prospective novice for your rudeness, but I want you to reflect for the rest of the evening on your behavior.  Sisters of Sigma Epsilon Xi should be well mannered and polite at all time.  Please get out your punishment clips.”

Kristen’s eyes went wide and her face drained of color.  Sam watched in frightened astonishment as Kristen reached for her purse and pulled two brass clamps from her purse, connected by a short gold chain.

Tami nodded, seemingly pleased.  “Now, please lift your halter top, one breast at a time, and apply a clip, level two for both please.”

Samantha’s mouth dropped as Kristen lifted her shirt, baring her right breast.  The full curve of her bosom was totally exposed and Sam glanced around the room, wondering if anyone was watching this.  No one seemed to notice what was going on and Sam turned to watch Kristen carefully position the clamp over her hard nipple.  With a quick squeeze, the two halves of the clamp came together with a snap.  Kristen sucked in a long hard breath, but then squeezed it again, letting a second snap float in the air.

Tears seemed to well in Kristen’s eyes as she lowered her halter top, the clamp and chain easily visible under the tight top and bared the other breast.  Carefully, the blonde repeated the process to her other nipple, once more squeezing it to tighten it to the second level.

Kristen lowered her halter top back down, the stretched fabric obviously pressing hard against the clips.  Her chest heaved as she fought down the quick breaths of agony that seemed to be crushing her.  Samantha had frozen, appalled at the cruelty of the punishment.  She opened her mouth to beg Tami to let Kristen release the clamps when she felt an odd sensation with in her own sex.
Samantha realized that she was turned on.  Her own body had lubricated itself, flooding her with juices and chemicals that had made her look at Kristen’s body in desire.  Sam licked her lips momentarily, unaware of the look of pure rapture that crossed her face.

Tami seemed to notice the look and continued quietly.  “Oh yes, there are punishments, frequent ones, but there are also rewards, Samantha.  We can promise you the fulfillment of your needs, a scholastic career, and deep friendships.  Every year, if you are accepted, you will have the option to remain and progress through the ranks.”

Sam turned back to the auburn haired beauty.  “Accepted? But…”

Tami held up a hand and smiled.  “Just as every sorority and fraternity, we have a pledge week.  It is a grueling test of your willingness, your abilities to submit, and your sexuality.  It is not hazing, but it is an ordeal.  The only thing that I can promise is that everything required of you will be explained, in full, prior to the activity, and that you may refuse to do something at any time, though if you do, that will end your application to our sisterhood.”

Sam merely stared, glancing at Kristen who was biting her lower lip, her breasts pulled together by the short chain.

Tami nudged Kristen and nodded toward the dining area.  Kristen slid out of the seat and stood up, her shirt a ridged mass of obvious bondage.  Tami slid out afterward and looked down at Samantha.
“If you wish to apply, meet us at this address on Sunday evening.  You will not be spending the night, so you will not need anything when you come.  If you do come, we assume that you wish to enter the sorority and that you will become a pledge.  If you do not show up, then I hope you enjoyed dinner.  Good night.”   Tami placed another red embossed card down on the table.

Mouth agape, Samantha could only stare as Tami Cohen and Kristen Cox made their way from the food court. 




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