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Foreword By Ray Stoste of AfterDark Online

“Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut, Volume 2”, not only tells the story of author Breanne Erickson and her erotic adventures, but is a manifestation of her feelings, thoughts, and desires.  She does more than just tell the story, but makes the reader feel her desires and her passions.

Each “tale” in this book explains a day in the life of a nympho humiliation pain slut and describes the assignments she is given to complete on a day to day basis.  Once she is given the assignment by her various masters, she goes on a wonderful escapade that will both stimulate your mind and melt your socks off.  Each of her adventures are descriptive and vivid enough to make you understand exactly what is going on, leaving you wishing you were there to experience or at least witness the action yourself.

While the archive of Breanne’s assignments can be found at, the well known website of BDSM author Michael Alexander, or regularly posted at Michael’s BDSM Blog (, never before has a complete collection of Breanne’s Assignments been so carefully brought together.  Everything in this book will not only capture your mind, but tantalize the extremities of your body, from above and below.

While Breanne has described herself as a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut, her stories have defined her as the goddess of dark sensuality and BDSM.  She will always keep you excited and fulfilled with her stories.  As I have seen both her creativity and versatility, I am always excited to see her paint erotic pictures with words, while letting me feel the touch of sensuality and expressing those carnal desires that you can taste in your mouth, all at the same time.

For some reason, I LOVE the sensation of a guy cumming inside of me. Their cock gets hard, I mean really really hard, and then you feel this jerking and pulsing, then they get still, frozen in place, and then you feel this throbbing and if they aren’t wearing a condom, occasionally (but I admit not often) you might even feel them spurting. Then they slowly soften, even while still pumping. It’s an incredible feeling.

In this excerpt of the story, she expresses her in-depth point of view of when a man cums inside her, and the enthusiasm for intercourse.  At the same time, anyone reading this story would envision the darker sensuality behind her point of view, leaving them to wander deep inside her desires.

I came of course. Try sitting with your legs spread while a complete stranger masturbates YOU and see if you can hold off. It also didn’t help the vibrator was on full power when she was doing it. I gripped the chair tight, blubbered slightly, and exploded in a wet squirt.

In this second excerpt, Breanne tells the reader she felt her heart pound when another woman masturbated her into orgasm. Every encounter is a mouth-watering one; whether it’s a steamy blowjob with a man, an intense scene with a woman, or a hot threesome. Breanne always keeps you tuned in.
He gave me a very even stare.  "You came again.  That's another ten strokes, but I can't give them to you now.  Your appointment will be on Thursday at two.  Get here a bit early.  Wear something appropriate.  And make sure this is on."  His fingers patted the clitoral stimulator still strapped to my crotch over my panties.
Breanne Erickson is not just an erotic author, but a cutting-edge writer of dark erotica that will keep you mesmerized for more to come. There is something about her when she writes; she will leave you with tingling sensations and a TRUE sense of gratification. It’s the best “Dear Diary” I’ve ever read; whether it’s dark, or simply sensual, she will keep the blood coursing through your veins.

There are good authors and talented authors, but I haven’t seen a writer that is both expressive and unique like Breanne. While there are stories written by other authors of erotica that show you steamy, enticing scenes, Breanne puts the reader in her stories.  It’s like you’re standing right there with her.

For a tale of dark erotica and BDSM, Breanne Erickson has really outdone her first book:  “Tales of A NHPS, Volume 1”. Volume 2 is double the dosage of pain and pleasure that will leave you drugged with euphoria. Her books can be found at and

I recommend you read her book Tales of A NHPS, Volume 2; it’s one of the most vivid books I have ever read. You can read Breanne's "The Nature" and "The Shirt" for free at so I’ll see you there!





Assignment 08/12/2010:
Breanne: The night before you do this assignment you will take your padlock key and attach it to both ends of a four foot long piece of string. Place it in a small paper cup full of water. You will freeze it overnight. The next day you will dress in a skirt and a tee shirt, no bra or panties. You will take your vibroballs, your butterfly stimulator, your Japanese Clover nipple clamps, your wrist cuffs, padlock and frozen key (in a cooler) and select a location where you are within twenty feet of a road by a telephone pole. Once you have arrived, you will remove your shirt. You will insert the vibro balls into your pussy and then attach the clitoral stimulator in its appropriate spot. Put the controller for the vibroballs in to the pocket or waistband of your skirt. Put on your wrist cuffs. Hang, but do not lock, the padlock on your cuffs. Remove the key from the cooler and hang it on your neck with the key in the small of your back. Take clover clamps, attach one clamp to your nipple and run the chain around the telephone pole. Clamp the other nipple. Now turn the vibroballs and stimulator to maximum. Put your hands behind your back and close the padlock.

Master Brandon

Hmmm…it seems to me I’ve done this before. Okay, not EXACTLY like this one, but similar. Didn’t I? Of course, the ending this time was VERY different.

With all the remarks I got about the “Rules for Nympho Humiliation Sluts”, I’m really kind of glad that I got to do this assignment. The way it turned out really highlighted the whole controversy about some of the rules. Especially Rule #2.

The whole thing started Tuesday when I tied my string to my padlock key and set it nicely in the bottom of a paper cup. Don’t worry, I measured out everything so that the key would literally be sitting in my hands the moment the ice melted. See? Breanne’s a pretty smart cookie!

I headed out of the house with the cooler and my bag filled with needed items. Except for the vibro balls. Thanks to NHPS Rule #1, I’ve been keeping various sex toys somewhere a little more…personal. In fact, right now, as I’m writing this, I’ve got my Husky dildo in, which makes sitting just a tad bit…interesting. YOU try writing out a sexually explicit journal entry while sitting on a nine inch long four inch wide rubber cock and see how that makes YOU feel!

In any event, even though the vibro balls weren’t on, they were still a bit of a distraction and I kept them in all the way to my chosen location. Where exactly? Oh…just one of those gravel country roads south of Katy, where traffic is practically non-existent. Of course, practically non-existent, and ACTUALLY non-existent are two different things. Let’s be honest. Master Brandon WANTED me observed. During the negotiation we argued a bit about that. Originally he wanted me totally naked. Um…that’s illegal. If the sheriff drives by I want to not have to go to jail. And while the above assignment is… wild. It’s not technically illegal.

Unless my skirt isn’t on.

So anyway, I left the house in boots, tube socks, jeans, panties, tee shirt, and bra, all while stuffed with my vibro balls. After making one phone call on my cellular, I headed out to my chosen spot, butterflies in my stomach, and a very intense longing between my legs.

I drove down the small country road, kicking up loads of dust in the high heat. I knew exactly where I was going: a gravel road separating two fields of soy with a string of telephone poles just between the barbed wire fence and the road. When I got to my selected spot, I got out of the truck, went to the front and began undressing.

It’s been a while since I’ve stripped like this; in front of the truck I mean. It brought back some pleasant and intense memories. I think I’ll ask Mistress Ellen for another stripping public fuck assignment soon. Anyway, I tugged off my boots and socks, and then peeled off my jeans. I left my panties on, to hold the remote for the vibroballs. I took them off a bit later, so don’t worry. Then I took off my shirt and bra and enjoyed the feeling of being naked outside. For all of about four seconds before I felt my skin beginning to fry. Being the smart girl I am, I DID bring sunscreen, the same stuff I used in that last assignment involving my public humiliation while secured to an inanimate object. I quickly and thoroughly lubed my body up, making sure to get every nook and cranny, curve and tender spot. I even did the tops of my toes. It was actually kind of fun.

Then, once I was all oiled up with SPF protection, I opened my bag and got out a few of the necessary items I would need. The first of course, was my skirt. I slipped this on over my panties, and then lifted the denim hem to shuck my panties down. I stepped out of the cotton and laid it on the hood of the truck next to my tee shirt. I tucked the vibroballs remote into my waistband with the wire going down my side and directly into my pussy. I threw my jeans into the cab. I didn’t want them fading in the sunlight. I pulled out my wrist cuffs and quickly put them on. I had the padlock, but I didn’t secure it yet. Then I grabbed the butterfly stimulator and stepped into it, pulling it into place. Lastly, I grabbed my nipple clamps, the Japanese Clover ones that tighten when you pull on them, and the cooler.

I went over to the telephone pole which was about fifteen feet from the road. It was a tough walk too. Lots of rough weeds and I had forgotten to bring my flip flops, so I was barefoot. Once I was in position, I set down the cooler and opened it, pulling out the frozen key pendant. A large six ounce medallion, cup shaped of course, hung from the string, a silver key embedded the already melting ice. I quickly put the string around my neck, the ice pendant hanging down to the small of my back.

Damn it was cold! I grabbed the clamps and quickly got my right nipple pinched between the two prongs, wrapped the chain around the pole, and then secured it to my other breast. Next, I reached down and turned the vibro balls and butterfly clitoral stimulator to maximum. Even as the sexual sensations rocked me, and before I chickened out, I brought my hands together behind my back, feeling the cold trickle of water along my spine heading toward my bottom, and clipped the cuffs together, locking them with the padlock. Now I was stuck.

Please visualize this. You see a Ford F-150 super cab parked along the side of the road in a weird spot. You slow down. No one in the truck. But there, about fifteen yards further down the road you see movement. You slow even more. You blink, taking another look. You aren’t sure, but it looks like a half naked girl, secured to a telephone pole with a chain, bouncing and shaking in some sort of strange dance as if she’s been covered with ants. She glistens with perspiration and you brake, wondering what the hell is going on. She must be hot, bound out there in the direct sunlight and ninety eight degree temperature. This can’t be right. You stop your vehicle.

When the blue truck stopped I thought it was Becca. Perspiration had trickled down my forehead into my eyes and it was very tough to see. I was roasting. Thank God I wasn’t burning, but I could feel the heat cooking me. I had been there almost a full ten minutes and it felt like hours. There weren’t any ants, but I was bucking and shaking as my clit took the full force vibrations from the butterfly stimulator. Combine that with the vibroballs and I was doing a little hip grinding dance that was quickly leading toward a climax. Also, the ice water trickling down my back had soaked my skirt and I could feel the cold spreading over my rear end and starting to trickle down my crack. It was like Chinese water torture.

I heard a door slam, and then another one and in a flash I realized it wasn’t Becca as two different voices penetrated through my daze. I blinked sweat out of my eyes and even tried to rub my face against my shoulder, but it didn’t really help much. I heard footsteps in the crunch of gravel and then there were two people standing in front of me.

“What the hell?” a woman’s voice said. I squinted slightly in the bright sunlight and made out a rather short and rotund woman, around fifty years old wearing a stain spotted tee shirt and khaki pants.

“I’m not sure, Linda, but I think she did this to herself. Look! There’s a key in this ice around her neck,” another voice said from behind me. It was a man’s voice and I felt a touch as he lifted the partially melted ice medallion up slightly.

“Did you do this to yourself?” Linda asked, her voice taking on a seriously disapproving tone. I nodded.

“Please. I’m all right. Just please leave me alone,” I begged.

The man shook his head, coming back around to where I could see him. His lank brown hair was shot with gray and he had a beard to match. “I just don’t understand why you’d do something like this. It’s not right in the eyes of God.”

Uh oh. And yes, it got worse. Suddenly the two of them started spouting bible verses while I continued to experience direct and intense stimulation to my very delicate parts. I was still jerking around, only half listening to what the two of them were saying when suddenly the woman, Linda, reached out and grabbed my skirt, yanking it down.

“What the hell is that?” one of them asked. I’m not sure which one.

My voice trembled. “It’s a vibrator.” Linda grabbed hold of the fallen remote and picked it up. I could feel the tension on the wire that lead into my pussy. “And this?” she asked.

“That controls the vibroballs,” I gasped, so close to cumming that I was gritting my teeth. My hips were pushing forward and I was literally humping the telephone pole, pushing the butterfly stimulator against my clit with as much pressure as I could manage.

“John, I think this is Ezekiel 23:29,” Linda said. I hate people who just sit there and memorize bible verses. What the hell was Ezekiel 23:29?

John nodded, stepped out of view for a moment and then came back after about thirty seconds. My exertions were pulling on my breasts and my nipples ached even as my clit throbbed, swollen under the butterfly. I saw him hand something long and thin to Linda and then suddenly my ass exploded in pain.

He whipped me! With some sort of weed that he just yanked out of the ground! It stung like the dickens and I yelled, thrusting forward and mashing my clit even harder than I had before. Even as the man was pulling back for his next swing, Linda hit me in the same spot, just across both butt cheeks.

I think I made it through about ten or fifteen strokes (I lost count rather quickly) before I came, crying out in orgasmic release and ecstasy. I think it shocked them because they only hit me two or three more times each before saying some rather derogatory things to me about being a whore and a temptress and having the devil in my heart or some such crap. I told them if there was devil, he wouldn’t be in my heart, he’d be fucking me in the ass.

Ha ha…you should have seen their faces!

Then Linda bent down grabbed my skirt from the ground and then began taking the now almost completely melted ice key off my head. I resisted of course. That key was freedom. But they managed to get it. Thieves. Don’t they know that one of the Ten Commandments is “Thou shall not steal”? More bible verses and the mention of the one I didn’t know… that Ezekiel 23:29.

I watched them get back in their truck with my skirt, the tee shirt AND bra from the hood of my truck, along with my key. Bastards. That bra was like twenty bucks. My nipples were seriously hurting now thanks to all my pulling.

The next five minutes was the longest in my life. I was stark naked, literally chained to a telephone pole by my nipples, with my hands cuffed and locked behind my back, a butterfly stimulator and a pair of vibroballs buzzing away at my pussy at full power, and a stinging rear end that hurt even more as my perspiration slowly trickled down. I closed my eyes and let the sensations overwhelm me.

I heard the roar of an engine and then the gravel crunching and for just a moment I thought Linda and John had come back to send me to hell.

“Breanne! Are you okay?” I heard Becca call out. She hurried up behind me and quickly unlocked the padlock with her spare key.

I nodded. “Yeah, that was a little weird though.”

Becca unclipped my breasts from the telephone pole. “Your ass looks like you sat on a grill. I can’t believe they whipped you like that!”

“Supposedly I’m devil spawn or something like that I said as I reached down and turned off the butterfly and vibroballs. “Bastards took my clothes too.”

Becca made some nasty comments as she helped me back to my truck. Her little Sentra was parked right in front of it. She got my jeans and panties from the cab and then grabbed the bag of spare clothes I keep behind the seat. Smart girl, right?

I guess I need to explain about Becca. She’s one of my good friends. She’s a bit younger than me, and is definitely not a NHPS, but she’s lesbian and we met one night at a dance and while our relationship isn’t a LOVE one, we are good friends and occasionally lovers. She’s not into domming, or being dommed, but she’s there for me when I need her. I don’t mention it very often, if at all, because I’ve never needed rescuing before, but I almost always have backup on these assignments, just in case. When I did the truck stop one for Mistress Ellen, Becca was following behind the truck with the license plate already written down and a particular distance selected for when she was going to call the police. Kari has backed me up, like the time I went into the Ice House. I called her and told her where I was and what time I’d call her back. If I hadn’t, she and Robert would have shown up.

I normally don’t include these little safety nets in my assignments because I usually don’t need them, and frankly, I think its more fun to think I was just doing these things. So hopefully this will be the only time I need someone to bail me out.

Becca helped me get dressed and then I gingerly got into my truck and the two of us caravanned back to her place. She took me into her apartment, we showered, she put lotion on my rear, and then we made sweet quiet love. It was nice.

So that’s the adventure. Crazy huh? Never in a million years would I have expected something like that. Oh. One more thing. I looked it up when I got home.
'They will deal with you in hatred, take all your property, and leave you naked and bare. And the nakedness of your harlotries will be uncovered, both your lewdness and your harlotries.” Ezekiel 23:29



It was Saturday afternoon and I was complaining. Okay, seriously I'm not really a complainer, but I've been continuously stuffed with various sex toys for the last two weeks almost 24/7 and I was getting a little worn out. Sure, the ben wa balls weren't vibrating away constantly, and I rarely if ever turned on the vibro balls, and the Husky dildo, all nine inches of it, really didn't move much inside me, but all together, my pussy was just tired. You try being constantly wet, constantly stuffed, and constantly ready for sexual abuse and see how long YOU can handle it!

I also think I was suffering from a bit of PMS, which is never a good thing for a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut.

Anyway, I was online having a very nice conversation with Master Mark. I like Master Mark. He's relaxed, a little soft spoken, very polite, and caring. I like that in a master. Out of all the various online doms and dominatrixes that I converse with, Master Mark was the only one who really took the time to consider what I've been going through while following NHPS Rule #1, which is of course "A NHPS should keep her pussy stuffed at all times, preferably with cock. If cock is not available, the NHPS should stuff herself with whatever objects/toys are available in order to keep herself sexually aroused and ready." That has been the toughest rule to abide by. I alternate of course. Ben wa balls, then the husky dildo, then the vibroballs, then back to the husky dildo. I guess I need to make a trip to the toy store just to find some different things to stuff myself with.

But getting back to Saturday. I was more than a little tired and wasn't really all that happy with the fact that I had two elliptical egg shaped bullets buried in my pussy. They were distracting me, and Master Mark was very understanding.

So he gave me an assignment.
"Remove the vibro-balls from their little love nest. Take a mini-skirt, halter top, and flip flops, and no panties or bra. Go find a candy store. A REAL candy store. Go inside and purchase several lollipops. One can be regular size, but the other two need to be large and shaped differently. One should be long and wide. After you have the lollipops proceed to any park you would like, find a bench, spread your legs as wide as possible, and get out your first lollipop, the smallest one. Taste it. Lick it. Suck on it. Then fuck yourself with it for five thrusts. Then it goes back in your mouth for not longer than a minute. Then it needs to go back into your pussy. Follow this process until the lollipop is gone. Then do it again with the other two lollipops. Do not stop eating/fucking the lollipops, even if observed, unless you feel that doing so will endanger you or involve law enforcement."

My goodness. To be honest, I was more than ready to get the vibro-balls out, and even better, drive somewhere and walk somewhere without enduring the constant stimulation that keeps me wet but doesn't actually make me cum. Usually. So later that afternoon I removed my vibro-balls, cleaned them, put them in my bag, and slipped a short flared denim mini-skirt and my halter top into the bag. I told my parents I was going out on an errand, jumped in my truck, and cranked the air conditioning to maximum. It was 97 or so degrees out... sweltering... and I drove to the south side of the farm and pulled over on the side of the road.

It's a country road, with little to no traffic, which makes it a perfect, highly public, yet generally private place to strip. Following the process Mistress Ellen laid down months ago, I went to the front of the truck, removed my tee shirt, bra, boots, socks, jeans, and then panties, pretty much in that order. Standing naked in the heat and sun, I quickly folded everything, which is a requirement BEFORE getting dressed. Then I pulled my denim skirt up to my waist, yanked the blue spaghetti strap halter top down over my head, and slipped my burning feet into my flip flops. I admit, I looked slutty, but in a college co-ed sort of way. Everything went back into my bag and I chucked it into the cab before jumping in myself.

Then I went to the mall. Oh My God. This was like the first time I've been to the mall by myself while not stuffed, half naked, preparing to be stripped naked, or some such. It was lovely. Okay, sure... I was still dressed like a slut, but that's getting more and more common these days. I was one of a zillion girls, rather than one being singled out due to some serious sexual tomfoolery. I made my way to the candy store. Not the chocolate one, but the real candy store.

Did you know there are like a billion different kinds of lollipops? I didn't. I'm not a huge lollipop fan. Yeah, when I was twelve I really liked them, but they really haven't appealed to me in years. Give me a tazo chai latte any day instead. But despite all the choices I was able to do my shopping relatively quick. When I was done I had a classic large cherry Dum Dum, a standard blue lollipop shaped like Mickey Mouse's head, and lastly a nice seven inch long cream lollipop, spiraled around a stick.

Since it was around three o'clock, I knew that most of the parks around town would be deserted, even on a Saturday, which was fine by me. I headed toward Thomas Park and decided that I would head back to my favorite bench. I've sat here before for the occasional sexual fuck fest, and I would be able to see oncoming pedestrians and cyclists long before they would be able to see me. I put my bag down next to me on the bench, leaned back, and spread my legs wide apart.

Now generally, most of my skirts will not allow me to hold this position and not show off everything between my legs. However, my flared denim skirt just barely conceals things. I chose this for a reason. It meant that I could really spread myself open, which I like, and not even have to close up if some old lady walked by. So I got out my first lollipop, the Dum Dum, ripped off the wrapper, and stuck the golf ball sized sucker into my mouth. Mmmm.... cherry. I like cherry. It was quite nice. I sucked on it, licked it a few times, and then pulled it out and lifted my skirt, exposing a rather pink, wet, and EMPTY slit. Well, it wasn't empty for long. I tapped the lollipop a few times against my clit, then began sliding it up and down my petals until I was able to force the bulb into my hole. Five thrusts in and out followed and I felt rather cheated. Evidently all those videos of girls fucking lollipops are for guys, because frankly that little Dum Dum didn't do much for my libido. Sure it felt nice, but it didn't turn me into a raging storm of sexual lust either. After fiddling around between my legs I pulled it out, noticing how gooey and rather musky the cherry flavor had become. I sucked my own juices off the thing, tasting Breanne mixed with cherry. It wasn't bad either. Maybe not good enough for a new ice cream flavor, but for a sexual escapade? Sure.

I rolled it around a minute, sucking like mad and the pushed the lollipop back into my pussy. Long story short? It took about ten minutes to wipe out that little Dum Dum. Mmmmmm... tasty. Eventually it broke off the stick. In my mouth, so don't worry. And I finished it off while enjoying the stretched feeling in my thighs and getting out the next lollipop.

The Mickey pop was made of basically the same sort of hard candy the Dum Dum was made of, but this time it didn't actually fit in my mouth. Evidently you're supposed to eat the ears first, then suck on the head. This only worked out so so. I licked the whole thing, and sucked on both ears, and then discovered that I could actually wiggle the thing into my pussy and stir myself into something close to sexual nirvana. Yes, the ears made the ins and outs awkward, but they quickly melted away as I alternated sucking on them with what became some rather furious and fast paced fucking. I did WAY more than five thrusts at a time. At the time it never even occurred to me that I was breaking the specifics of the assignment with all my furious fast paced lollipop masturbation. All I knew was that it felt good and different and rather fun! I did notice however that my labia were definitely turning blue. I guess I should have stayed with cherry flavor.

Then one of the ears broke off in my pussy. This was so awkward. I could feel it. There were somewhat sharp edges and I jammed the rest of the lollipop in my mouth while my fingers went digging. I was sticky and sweet and wet, and I couldn't get a handle on the little piece. Finally I gave up, letting it slowly dissolve inside me while I sucked on the remnants. The other ear broke off in my mouth and I sucked it into oblivion. I didn’t put the last bit back into my pussy until it too was almost gone because I was waiting for the other ear to dissolve. When I couldn’t feel it anymore I gingerly stuck the last bits of blue lollipop into my hole and realized that my pussy was just as good at “eating” lollipops as my mouth! It took only two more in and outs to finish off the second pop.

I admit I was a little concerned about the last lollipop. It was seven inches long and about two inches thick. In fact, now that I think about it, it was rather cock-like. I guess training girls to suck dick at an early age is okay now. I unwrapped it, took a tentative lick, liked the cream flavor, and then deep throated it. Once it was nicely lubed, I brought it down to my pussy, ran the tapered tip along my slit, and then pushed it in. I moaned softly closing my eyes. It even FELT cock-like. Oh sure, it was hard and the spiral ridges felt… different. But had I KNOWN about these at twelve… well who knows what might have happened!

My eyes popped open when I heard the sound of machinery, just in time to see a bicycle zip past me. I’m afraid that I reacted just a bit unconsciously, yanking the lollipop out from between my legs. I heard the bike’s brakes hiss and saw the rider looking back at me. I ignored him and sucked on the lollipop. He didn’t stop, but after a long look backward he shook his head and pedaled off.

What kind of moron goes bike riding at 3:30pm in the middle of a Texas summer? Granted, he had on one of those water filled backpacks and he was dressed properly – all spandex – which looked good on his frame, but afternoon cycling? Very strange.

I admit another question stuck me after my less than generous thoughts about the cyclist. What kind of moron masturbates on a bench at 3:30pm in the middle of a Texas Summer? Granted, I was in the shade, but I only brought lollipops, which in retrospect wasn’t the smartest thing ever. Maybe a water bottle would have been a good move too.

After my obligatory “sucking on” moved my lollipop back down between my legs and ran the tip along my slightly blue stained petals. It went in smoothly and deeply, eliciting a small groan of satisfaction from me. I took a great deal of pleasure slowly thrusting it in and out, eyes open this time of course, completing around five or six thrusts before extracting the candy and licking it clean of my sexual goop. Cream and Breanne went a lot better together than blue candy and Breanne. In fact, now that I think about it, I’m still not sure what flavor the blue stuff was. I did some noisy slurping and then put the lollipop back in between my legs.

Realistically I was doing about a minute in each spot. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take very long to fuck yourself when you’re limited to a measly five thrusts. And even though I was usually doing a few extras, it was still a quick torment followed by a tasty treat. Thus I managed four or five more repetitions before I saw the cyclist again.

Thomas Park is a big loop, or at least it does kind of circle around. Usually, because it’s so small, most cyclists don’t go around it. They go through it and continue cycling the neighborhood beyond. Going around a loop no more than three quarters of a mile long gets kind of boring unless your walking with a companion or handing out fliers announcing you plan on stripping in the gazebo on the east end at around 3pm (yes, I’ve done that too.) I realized quite suddenly that there was only one good reason for a cyclist to repeat the circle, and since I had the lollipop already positioned between my legs, I left it there, spread my thighs a little wider, leaned back just a tad bit more, and wiggled my cock-like lollipop in and out like an engine piston.

The cyclist slowed down and I could hear the ticking of bike as he rolled to a stop in front of me. I didn’t bother stopping my wrist and continued to pump as he stared in rapt astonishment. When I was sure I had his complete attention I pulled the lollipop out and stuck it in my mouth. Oh yeah, I also said “hi.” He was kinda cute. Dark sandy blond hair, in shape, and a very nice bulge in the front of his biking shorts.

“Hi” he replied. “Uh…” His eyes couldn’t decide whether to watch me deep throat the lollipop or stare at my completely exposed pussy. I decided to help him make a choice.
I plucked the lollipop out from between my lips, gave him my million watt please watch me fuck myself with a lollipop smile, and then deliberately brought it back down between my legs and very slowly pushed it in.

I admit, I was being a bit dramatic, but I was horny and having an audience was a big turn on. I pumped the lollipop a bit, way more than five thrusts, making a bit of a scene as I worked myself. Then, just as I was feeling the edge of a real orgasmic wave, I tugged the lollipop out and sucked it clean.

Unlike the Dum Dum, or the mouse shaped pop, this extra long, extra thick cream pop seemed to be dissolving at a much quicker rate. I noticed that the tip had gone from a taper like end to something a little bit more dangerous and I bit the end off, crunching the candy noisily between my teeth as I licked around the now broken tip. After a moment I pulled my lollipop out and noticed it had gone from seven inches to around five, which was quite a disappointment when I put it back in my pussy.

My cyclist just sat there enraptured. I guess watching girls masturbate with lollipops isn’t a normal event in most guy’s lives. I can understand that. It’s sticky. It’s messy. It’s not quite sexually satisfying. After bringing myself back to the edge again, I extracted the still dwindling remains of my lollipop, lifted it up and grinned.

“Want a taste?” I asked. His eyes bounced between the lollipop and my pussy again and I laughed and then put the candy in my mouth. I sucked it clean. It was much easier to deep throat this time, thanks to the shorter length and I actually felt cheated. I plucked it out from between my teeth and held it up, a look of dissatisfaction on my face.

“My lollipop got smaller,” I said in a playfully sad voice. “Do you happen to have a lollipop that’s big and hard?”

He found his voice finally. “Oh yeah baby. I sure do.”

I sat up, the denim skirt covering my pussy. I grinned. “There are some bushes right behind me. Let’s go over there and you can show me your lollipop,” I replied. I stood up, grabbed my little bag, and dumped the remnants of my cream pop into the trash barrel beside the bench. My cyclist got off his bike and let me take his hand. It wasn’t more than twenty feet or so and while we didn’t really have privacy, at least we were off the path.

I went to my knees as he let his bike fall in the leaves and then his bike shorts were in my hands. I tugged them down and found bare skin underneath and then a hard cock literally fell out of the front of his shorts and whacked me on the nose. I didn’t mind. I took him in my mouth and started slurping and sucking and deep throating his cock, just like I had done the lollipop. It didn’t take him long to succumb to my powers of sexual stimulation and I stopped when I sensed him close to cumming. I grabbed my bag, extracted a condom, got that on him, and then laid down in the leaves and grass, spreading my legs. My denim skirt rode up around my waist and then he was kicking off the shorts and diving right in.

I can’t even begin to describe how awesome having cock inside me was. It had been a while, trust me, and no amount of sex toys, vibro balls, husky dildos, or ben wa balls do as much for me as real hard cock. I wonder if I could get Kari to let me have Robert for a day. I’d dose him with Viagra, put him on the couch, and just keep his hard cock inside me all day, fucking myself over and over. I’d be gentle with him, but it would be interesting to see how long I could handle keeping real cock stuffed in my pussy.

That would really cost me, wouldn’t it? Oh well.

It didn’t take long for either one of us to cum. Granted, my cyclist came first, but I followed almost immediately. For some reason, I LOVE the sensation of a guy cumming inside of me. Their cock gets hard, I mean really really hard, and then you feel this jerking and pulsing, then they get still, frozen in place, and then you feel this throbbing and if they aren’t wearing a condom, occasionally (but I admit not often) you might even feel them spurting. Then they slowly soften, even while still pumping. It’s an incredible feeling. Some of my most powerful orgasms occur right after a guy cums inside me. Clitoral orgasms are nice, but vaginal ones rock.

It was hot, and having sex, even in the shade, on a hot blustery day is not exactly a super smart thing to do. Would you believe that he screwed me while wearing his water pack, and he gave himself a decent squirt. I looked on in jealousy and he got the message. I got a nice drink myself as he stood up. Quickly I stopped him.

“After fucking the lollipop, I’m supposed to suck on it again.” I told him. This seemed to surprise him, but he moved closer, letting me grasp his flaccid wet shaft and suck on him. I tasted me, but the flavor was odd… sort of creamy and sweet. Definitely an improvement on my usual taste. I did a really good job too. I even managed to get him hard again. I stroked his balls and bobbed my head up and down and then pulled him down beside me. Another condom appeared from my bag and I put it on him with my mouth.

This time I was on top. I managed to straddle him as he struggled out of his water pack and I rode him rather aggressively. I was still horny, still wet, still sweet, and I wanted his cock back inside me. Hey, NHPS rule #1 right? “A NHPS should keep her pussy stuffed at all times, preferably with cock.” Well… I was stuffed with cock. I came again and then kept riding him as his hands pushed my halter top upward and kneaded my breasts. We fucked for maybe ten or fifteen more minutes before he gasped and came again. It wasn’t the same as the first one. Probably cause I had taken quite a bit out of him. But he shuddered and exploded, which was nice. I took a moment to savor it, then got off him, pulled my shirt back over my breasts, and smoothed my skirt down.

“Thanks for the lollipop.” I said sweetly, and then just walked away. I could hear him scrambling behind me as I made it to the path and started heading back to my truck. It took him a bit longer to get his shorts back in place, grab his water pack and bike and catch up to me. But he managed. I didn’t slow down though.

What was said? Oh, the usual. Hi my name is Drake. Do you do this often? Do you live around here? Want to go out for dinner? Blah blah blah. I was polite. I told him my name, but really didn’t give him much more information than that. I just smiled when he asked for my phone number. Instead I told him to Google search “Breanne” and “NHPS” and click on the first thing he finds. He walked/rode me back to my truck and I unlocked the door with my key.

As I climbed in I stopped and rifled through my bag. It only took me a moment to find the vibro balls. Since we were the only ones in the parking lot, I didn’t mind spreading my legs, giving Drake another nice view of my soaked and sweet pussy as I pushed both little bullets deep into my well.

“You’re insatiable!” Drake exclaimed as I closed my eyes, feeling the little objects settle inside me. Just for fun I turned on the remote and shuddered as the vibrations rattled my insides and immediately got my juices flowing again. I gave Drake another grin and swung my legs together and into the cab. He helped me shut the door, but I unrolled the window and leaned out to give him a kiss.

“Yes, I’m insatiable, but it’s just another rule for being a NHPS. Got to stay stuffed,” I said after pressing my lips to his. I turned the engine on.

His eyebrows narrowed. “What’s a NHPS?” he asked as I basked in the cool air blowing from the vent of my truck. I gave him a wink as I put the truck in gear.

“A Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut,” I replied. “See ya!”


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