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An Ass-warming July 4th

Part One


There are consequences to every decision, even the simple ones, and you might say that I have a better understanding than most people about how those consequences come back to bite you in the ass. Or should I say spank you in the ass?  The trick of course is to know what is correlative and what is causative.  For example, if you were to whip me across the breasts while I was happily dealing with my RVP on full power, there is an excellent chance you would think that your actions CAUSED me to have an orgasm. And yet in truth, you don’t really know. It COULD have been because I can’t stand the buzzing spinning of the Rotating Venus Penis on full power.  However, if I go to Kari’s July Fourth Party to be sexually tortured in exchange for her setting me up for a rather embarrassing lunch, then that is causative.  Wow.  That’s confusing.  Anyway, who cares, right?

To be honest, my day of sexual torment started long before the party.  Most mornings I wake up around 5 am, get out of bed, and then check my computer.  Why?  Well the simple reason is because that’s the “Change Out Time”.  Change out for what?  Well, if you’ve been reading my blog, then you should know.  It’s time to change out the toy I’ve got inside me.  Monday morning when I awoke, I had a pair of nicely quiet, unobtrusive ben wa balls sitting inside my pussy.  Since they’re only sexually stimulating when I walk (which I did PLENTY of on Sunday, thanks to the “ice up your ass” concept, but that’s another story!) I wasn’t in desperation quite yet.  So I fired up the computer and checked my email.

Usually SOMEONE has decided what toy I’m supposed to be wearing and what circumstances surround its use.  It used be a simple “Put your vibroballs inside you.”  But now there are extras: “Put your vibroballs inside you and have them on low all day.”  See?  It’s like everyone says “how far can we push Bre?”   I technically am not getting “used to” having a sex toy in me constantly, thanks to switching them out, but my tolerance for sexual stimulation seems to be going up. I remember a year ago that spending three hours with the vibroballs on low would have driven me up a wall and had me cumming repeatedly. Now I can go practically the whole day.  Of course I’m still a wreck who wants to cum, but I can hold it in. 


But that morning it was Kari who decided on which toy I would wear to keep me in compliance with NHPS Rule #1: A nympho humiliation pain slut should keep her pussy stuffed at all times, preferably with cock. If cock is not available, the NHPS should stuff herself with whatever objects/toys are available in order to keep herself sexually aroused and ready.

So sitting there in my nightgown, my pussy twitching slightly around the ben wa balls, I read Kari’s toy selection.  I was to wear my Husky dildo, a nine inch flesh toned rubber cock complete with balls at the base.  At one point this dildo was my largest and I’ll tell you, I love riding either the tractor or my horse Star with it in.  The only downside is I have to wear panties with the Husky, because otherwise it likes to slide out.  Of course if I DO wear it with panties, it still comes out about three or four inches every time I stand up, necessitating an adjustment by hand (which in public is very awkward, especially if you’re wearing a short skirt) or walking funny.  I guess I should mention that sitting down is also a trial, since you literally get a three or four inch thick penetration. 

Kari’s “circumstances” though were quite… intriguing. 

Breanne – You will wear your nine inch Husky dildo today.  You will wear panties to hold it in.  For thirteen minutes every hour you will masturbate with the Husky dildo.  Go slowly because you must masturbate for the full thirteen minutes regardless of whether you cum.  If you do cum however, you must put on your alligator nipple clamps and wear them until your next session, which cannot be less than forty seven minutes away.  I’ll see you at noon today at the below address: - Kari

Please forgive me about not printing the address. I’ve got good reasons.  Like I don’t want people showing up at that particular spot.  So after sliding in the Husky dildo, posting on Facebook and twitter about my… uh… condition and status… I slipped into a skirt, panties, and a tee shirt, slid my toes into a pair of flip flops, and waddled out to the barn to start my morning chores.  I was half way done when I settled down on a hay bay, spread my legs wide, checked the time, and then pushed my panties aside.

I hate slow masturbation.  It drives me crazy, but I really really didn’t want my nipples clamped with the alligator clamps.  Those things fucking hurt.  They’re metal clamps, with teeth, and chew on you leaving little red marks where ever they bite.  Talk about painful.

So I didn’t cum that first time. I got my thirteen minutes done, and then desperate, horny, soaked, and trembling, I finished my chores.  Of course just as I was finished it was time to masturbate again.  I went back to the hay bale, laid back, slipped my panties down to my ankles, already knowing what was going to happen.  I’m sure had anyone walked in they would have enjoyed the sight of me: shirt up exposing both breasts, my knees bent, spread open, that thick dildo sliding in and out.  I took my time, not even caring, having already made up my mind.  At around the ten minute mark I could feel it.  There wasn’t anything I could do to stop it.  So I embraced it, loved it, moaned loudly, and came with a wet squirt that had me biting my lip to keep from screaming in pleasure.  With a minute or two left to masturbate, I reached down to my skirt pocket and pulled out the alligator clamps.  I put the left one on first, gritting my teeth and wincing as the pain bit through me.  Then the right one went on and little spurts of agony raced through both breasts down to my sex.  And I pumped again.  One minute was just enough to reignite the fire, but not enough to work myself into orgasm. Which was good.  I needed the sexual urgency to build and flame in order for me to stand the harsh clamps.

I stayed outside and curried Star and Rambo (don’t ask.  Dad named him,) trying to ignore both the sensation of being somewhat stuffed , repeatedly sliding the dildo back into myself, while working with both nipples caught in what amounts to something like baby pit bulls latched onto your breasts.  Ostensibly, I was waiting for masturbation session number three, hoping to get the alligator clamps off before heading inside. I wasn’t wearing a TIGHT tee shirt, but under the right circumstances they could be noticed and I’ve been having enough trouble with one of my parents lately that something like this might not be a good idea to flaunt.

Of course, suffering sexually for an hour followed by a thirteen minute large dildo masturbation is not a good mix for getting my alligator nipple clamps off.  I’m sure you can figure out what happened. So after I orgasmed (in the first five minutes and then again during the BACK half!) I pulled my shirt down over my very much still clamped tits and went inside.

After an awkward and short breakfast, I went up to my room and masturbated again.  Fortunately, the pain in my breasts and the fact I had been sitting still for most of the last hour gave me the opportunity to free my nipples from those horrible clamps.  I swore I wouldn’t wear them again.

I managed to make it through most of the morning, but I blew it right after eleven am.  So as I dressed for Kari’s party, I started with the alligator clamps.  My stars and stripes halter top went over them, which made them hurt like hell since my halter top is tight, my blue denim skirt, panties, and my flip flops. I also packed a bag, stuffing some of my toys as well as my high heel fuck me stripper shoes inside. 

Then, with a thick oxford shirt over my halter top, I waved goodbye to my family, kissed everyone, and promised to be back in time for our family fireworks.  Dad grabbed me and hugged me tight and I almost screamed.  His hand went down my back, then over my ass, and he reached under my skirt, finding the extruded base of the Husky dildo.  He pushed it back in and I let out a gasp.

“Have fun, NHPS,” he whispered, pronouncing the acronym as “nips.”

I TOLD you things had gotten awkward around the house.


The address Kari had given me was near her apartment and still within walking distance of Rice University.  I was somewhat familiar with the area, thanks to the number of times I’ve driven around down there, so I was able to find the spot with out much difficulty.  In fact, the hardest part of the drive was trying to ignore the flickers of sharp pain still coming from my nipples.

 I discovered that the address went to a really nice private condominium complex, all decked out with lush landscaping, beautiful architecture, and such well maintained lawns that I KNEW there was a homeowner’s association and no one mowed their own grass.  I found the address Kari had given me on a cul de sac and I pulled my truck up next to several other vehicles, including Kari’s BMW convertible and Robert’s SUV.   My truck made the seventh and I slipped out of my flip flops and into my fuck me shoes. 

I was still a few minutes early, but I didn’t really care.  I carefully walked up the small sidewalk and noticed that the front porch took a sharp turn to the right, granting a lot of privacy to whoever stood ringing the doorbell.  A huge white oleander pretty much guaranteed that no one from the road could see the front door. I contemplated stripping for a moment, but then decided against it.  I didn’t know who would be answering the door, or whose place this was, and I figured I should wait for Kari to tell me what to do.  I reached up, pressed the bell, and waited.

For all of five seconds.  The door opened and Kari stood in front of me.  She was wearing her black leather pants, leather boots and a black leather bustier that pushed her breasts upward and together. Her hair was pulled back in a tight French braid and her lips were ruby red. I blinked in surprise. 

“Breanne,” she said, eyeing me.  I stood there transfixed.  I knew that this party was going to be… uh… intense… but to see Kari in her dominatrix outfit like that… well, it’s a sobering sight.  My nipples throbbed painfully.

“You are not appropriately dressed for the party.  Knock when you’re ready,” Kari said lightly, and then closed the door.

I blinked.  Not dressed appropriately?  Well that could only mean one thing, so I hurriedly stripped, not wanting to leave Kari standing in the doorway waiting on me.  My tee shirt and halter top came off, bearing my nipple clamped breasts.  I pushed my skirt down as well as my panties, locking my thighs together to keep the Husky dildo in place.  I stuffed it all into the bottom of my bag and then, as prepared as I could possibly be, I knocked on the door.

Kari opened it immediately, looked at my naked body and then focused on the nipple clamps.  She reached out, snagged the chain connecting them, and then with a wicked grin, pulled me into the condo.  My chest heaved as the excruciating pain exploded through my nipples, and I sort of duck walked into the living room.  It was exquisitely decorated, Kari’s style written all over it, when I realized that the art, the furniture, even the living room rug looked oddly familiar.  It was Kari’s furniture!  From her apartment!

“What do you think of my new place?” Kari asked.  I gasped.

“This is yours?”

Kari laughed and nodded.  “Absolutely. Just wait till I show you around!”

“Wow…” was all I could think of to say.

“Now, you know almost everyone here, but there is one person I want to introduce you to,” Kari intoned, her hand still wrapped around the chain between my nipples.  She pulled me forward into the living room and I realized that the room was almost packed.

Sitting in one of the plush leather easy chairs was a woman I’ve known for over a year.  It was Mistress Sara, a dark brunette lesbian dominatrix who had done some rather viciously awesome things to me during several outings, not to mention one rather brutal caning at her place.    She was dressed in her scarlet leather, in an outfit that almost matched Kari’s black, except Sara’s shoulders were covered in a bolero type leather jacket.  She waved to me and sipped something red from a wine glass.

Another woman sat opposite from Sara and I recognized her too.  It was Mistress Margaret, an attractive older woman who I had met during one of my first year anniversary assignments.  She was dressed in a simple but elegant dress of rich scarlet with black swatches. She too had a glass of wine and from our previous encounters I wondered how much she had had to drink already.   But what was more amazing, was that there was a naked girl kneeling at Margaret’s bare feet, licking and sucking on Margaret’s toes with almost ferocious intensity.  There was a furry “dog’s tail” sticking up out of the girl’s ass and my own rear end puckered in sympathetic memory. I’ve done that before.

The naked girl looked up for a moment and I had another surprise.  It was Lisa, the girl from the Dog Kennel I had been taken too back in February as part of my anniversary assignment from Mistress Ellen, one of my online dommes.  Lisa’s brown hair was loose and hung down around her face, concealing much of it, and she had lost a bit of weight since I had met her   She had cream colored skin, much lighter than mine with no tan lines, a clear complexion, and these huge brown eyes that looked like great big pools of coffee.  There was a thick collar around her neck, but I could tell it wasn’t a bondage collar, like the one I had in my bag.  It was CLEARLY a dog collar, complete with a little doggy bone tag.  She also sported some rather nasty looking bruises and a few marks that looked like they came from a whip.  Her bare breasts hung down low and I could see that the nipples were grazing the carpet.  She went back to licking Margaret’s feet after our eyes met for just a second.

Finally I turned toward the one person I didn’t recognize. “Breanne, this is Mistress Isabelle.”

Kari pronounced it Eee-sa-bel, three syllables not two and I ducked my head in acknowledgement.  “This girl is pleased to meet you, Mistress Isabelle,” I intoned.

Isabelle was wearing a white silk blouse with ruffles and a plum colored velvet skirt.  She had dark lustrous hair and I think she either had Indian or Greek blood in her.  She had dark skin, dark eyes, and almost blue black hair, which fell in curly locks down to her shoulders.  She was in every way the opposite of Kari’s blond, blue eyed, Nordic coloring.  She leaned forward toward me, a hungry look in her eyes.

“I’m pleased to meet you, Breanne.  Spread your legs for me.”

A sudden flurry of panic shot through me.  “Um… Mistress Isabelle? If I open my legs the dildo inside me will fall out.”

Her eyes hardened instantly and I literally felt the anger in her.  “Hold it in.  And I will say this only once today.  You will obey me instantly or you will be punished.”

Yeah.  Well… fuck the dildo right?  I mean in a choice between “let’s not let the dildo fall on the ground” and “you’re about to have the snot beaten out of you for disrespect” it’s not so hard a choice, right?

So I spread my legs.  Wide too.  No half measures.  The Husky dildo immediately reacted to the application of gravity and my poor clenching ability.  It was about at my knees when Isabelle’s hand shot out and grabbed it.

Wow.  Good reflexes. 

I stood there, a little surprised, legs spread, arms down at my sides. Kari had let go of the nipple clamp chain, so really the only thing hurting me at that moment was the residual throbbing of the alligator clamps chewing on my breasts.  Isabelle examined the Husky dildo for a moment, and then placed the tip at my sex again.  Slowly she worked it in to me and I tried very hard to hold still, to not react.  But my hips sometimes have a mind of their own and as soon as she had it all the way in and started to pump it, my loins contracted and began thrusting back against her dildo filled hand.

“No! Do not move!” Isabelle demanded.  Kari moved and sat down on the couch.  Sara continued to sip her wine as did Margaret.  Lisa was still on foot sucking duty and wasn’t watching.

I tried hard not to move but it had been over an hour now since I had last masturbated and I was horny.  Isabelle hand fucked me for a few minutes and then, when I had proved that I had absolutely no control over the lower half of my body, Isabelle ordered me to turn around and bend over.


I turned around and spread my feet again.  Then I grabbed my ankles and got bopped in the nose by the alligator nipple clamp chain.  It wasn’t a very comfortable position and it didn’t help when Mistress Isabelle began ramming the dildo into my pussy again.  I ended up having to put my hands on the floor to maintain my balance.  This went on for several minutes before suddenly she repositioned the Husky dildo a little higher, aiming for a different hole.  I gasped as she shoved.  A full inch went in before I involuntarily tightened, yelping at the anal penetration.  It hurt frankly.  But the hard and vicious spank on my right buttock had me unclenching in seconds.  Another few inches went in and I groaned and let out a little sob as the deep aching pain of another butt fuck speared through me.

So with half the Husky dildo stuffed up my butt, I got another slap on the ass that stung and I heard Mistress Isabelle say “Now sit down facing us and keep those legs spread.”  I cringed at the thought but knew that there was no way to get out of it.  I moved to all fours and the slowly turned around into sort of a crab position, facing Isabelle and Kari.  Kari was holding her cat-o-nine tails in her hand and before I even had a CHANCE to sit down, thus driving the Husky dildo deeper, she flicked her wrist and the whip sliced down between my spread legs, hitting my clit and pussy and bringing a gasp of shock and pain to my lips.  My back arched and my hips jerked while my knees involuntarily started to close.

“Don’t you dare close your legs, and sit down now!” Kari said, the tone in her voice absolutely clear.  There are times when you can get away with certain things.  Every submissive girl knows that.  And then there are times when it really doesn’t matter how you feel.  You either do it or accept the consequences.  So gritting my teeth I told my brain to tell my knees to get spread or there were going to be some dire penalties.  Then I tried to sit down.

Have you ever sat down with a nine inch rubber rod up your ass?  No? I thought not.  Most people haven’t.  Unless you are a frequent anal masochist with a wide assortment of various plugs, no one is prepared to sit on a nine inch rubber dildo.  I certainly wasn’t.  Sure, I’ve HAD cock up my ass, even big cock.  But usually I’m prepared for it.  Now granted, I’d lubricated my ass that morning. I do EVERY morning.  A little squirt of grapeseed oil in there keeps things well oiled and ready.  But I was expecting a butt plug, or maybe a small vibrator, or maybe the anal beads.  I wasn’t expecting a thick human analog giant rubber cock.

It went deeper as I put more weight down toward my ass and I groaned as it speared me.  It hurt too and as I dropped further down my body felt like a baseball bat was being unmercifully shoved up my colon.  I don’t like things in my ass and I went down as fast as I could, which meant pretty damn slow.  Kari evidently didn’t like that and before I could even protect myself I got another vicious stroke between the legs.

Yeah, well THAT worked.  I tipped backward and the dildo went in another inch and then folded as I lost my balance. I plopped down, my hands behind me, my legs trembling and open wide in front of the two women on the couch.  I bit my lip as the pain in my ass spread through me like a smoldering fire.  God my butt hurt!

Kari handed Mistress Isabelle the whip and I cringed as she raised it.  “Keep your legs open Slave,” she said and I closed my eyes and braced myself.  The first stroke Isabelle laid on me hit my left thigh and stung like hell. It actually hurt enough to diminish the pain in my rear.  She didn’t wait either, but struck again, this time leaving red marks on my right thigh.  As my legs trembled and I sat there in that ridiculous pose, half reclined, supporting my upper body with my arms, my legs spread, knees wide open, and my hips rocking forward I knew what was coming.  It did too.  The third stroke landed right on my pussy and felt like a bucket of hot wax had just been dumped on me. 

Isabelle hit me between the legs another two or three times, enough for me to have problems keeping my legs open.  My crotch was on fire.  Kari sat there through the whole thing just watching too.  My labia had swollen slightly and my petals had spread wide.  My pussy was gaping open at that point and you could probably have driven a semi truck in without too much trouble.  Isabelle snapped her fingers and barked “Lisa!  Here girl!”

I blinked, still mentally reeling from the fiery introduction to Mistress Isabelle.  I turned and saw Lisa crawling toward Isabelle, on all fours, her furry little tail up in the air wiggling.  She got to the couch and put her hands up on Isabelle’s leg, stuck her tongue out, and actually panted.

What the fuck?

Isabelle stroked her hair, then her shoulders, and then her breasts, tweaking the nipples slightly.  “Go lick Breanne’s cunt little doggie.”


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