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Part Two

Answers and Experiments

            In hindsight, I don’t blame myself for not understanding the premise or hypothesis Dr. Berk and Dr. Madison were testing.  Even now it only barely flits in and out of my mind with the barest of comprehension.  I think I’d need a bit more schooling to understand it.  I do know why we were chosen, Ilsa and Becky, Sherri and me.  We had partnered.  We had developed an emotional attachment to each other and that attachment was absolutely necessary for the experiment.

            That night after Dr. Madison had left to go home, Henry had pulled Sherri from our cell and taken her behind the partition.  I had listened in jealousy, wishing I was Sherri, and wishing I was Henry.  They spent over an hour behind those carpeted walls and I could hear the heavy breathing, the gasps and cries of pleasure.  Unlike my tryst with Madison, clearly Henry was doing things to Sherri that the good doctor hadn’t been willing to do to me.  When Sherri came back to the cell her face was flushed, her eyes glassy, and there was still a few beads of cum on her cheek.  I kissed her, licking them off, tasting the salty flavor of Henry. I had no idea then that I would come to hate that man.

            Sherri was too tired to make love to me after that, but we cuddled and held each other, pleased that the sleeping pad in our little cell was thicker and warmer than the one’s we had shared in the holding tank.  I fell asleep, one hand cradling Sherri’s breast, her head nestled in the pillow of my shoulder.

            The next morning we awoke when Rick relieved Henry and our trays of food were brought.  Small gates in our cage doors were opened and Sherri and I accepted our meals.  To my surprise, we both got different breakfasts, elaborate ones, quite a change from our morning mush and vitamin tablet in the holding tank.  Our eyes widened in surprise as we shared my fresh orange juice and her milk.  The toast was incredible, as was the fresh fruit. I couldn’t believe how much I had missed the basic delights of real food.

            Becky had to wait to eat, but Ilsa didn’t start until after Becky was finished sucking Rick off.  He hadn’t bothered to take her behind the partition, instead forcing her to the floor, on her knees, his cock smacking her in the cheek.  She took it willingly and I wondered why Ilsa hadn’t been selected.  Then I realized that Rick had left before Berk and didn’t know which girls had already been used.  He and Becky were finished before the door opened and both doctors entered the lab.

            It took an hour for them to set things up behind the partition and I was surprised to be selected first.  With an apprehensive glance at Sherri, I stepped out of the cell and followed Rick around to where the bed had been the previous night.  Now it was gone.  In its place was a single wooden armchair with some sort of rubber saddle or pad as a cushion, a desk, and an office chair.  Dr. Madison was sitting in the office chair, working on his notebook computer.

            “Please have a seat,” Madison said graciously.  Rick put his hand on my shoulder and I sat down.  The cushion depressed slightly, but it felt odd beneath me.  There was a ridge through the center that pressed gently upward into my slit.  It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it felt odd, as if someone had laid their hand on my sex, but not begun to tantalize or torment me.  No sooner had I put my hands on the arm rests than Rick strapped my wrists down.  I didn’t struggle, even when Rick strapped my ankles to the chair legs.

            “What is your name?” Dr. Madison asked as Rick finished binding me to the chair.  I blinked. 

            “You don’t know?” I had trouble believing it.  Didn’t they want to know who they were experimenting on?  What about our papers?  I had a pedigree. I was certified for god’s sake!  Sure, I was only a Grade B girl, but still… that was better than a C or god forbid, a D!

            Dr. Madison smiled.  “I know you might have trouble believing this, but when you were purchased from the meat stocks, it was as a bundled package.  Your personal documents certifying your grade and pedigree were burned.  As is obvious, the quality of your body is not very important to our work here, provided you were at least Grade B meat.  However, most scientists like to either name their test subjects themselves, or use their subject’s original moniker.”

            I didn’t like the fact that they had burned my papers.  No doubt my parents thought I was gone already, and what about my little sisters?  Would they be thinking about me?  It’s like I no longer existed.

            “My name is Charlotte, but everyone calls me Charlie,” I replied quietly.

            Dr. Madison smiled.  “Which would you prefer?” he inquired. 

            I shrugged. “Whatever.”

            He noted it down in his laptop.  “You and the other woman in your cell seem to be quite a couple,” he commented, seemingly making polite conversation.

            I nodded, a little wary.  “Yes.”

            “What’s her name?” he asked.

            I hesitated.  Would Sherri want me revealing her name?  Would she prefer a pseudonym with Dr. Madison.  We hadn’t even discussed the possibility of him wanting our names!

            Suddenly there was a buzzing noise and a caress between my legs. I gasped in sudden physical reaction.  The cushion saddle was caressing my slit, a small protruding bulb now rubbing against my clitoris.

            “Please?  Answer the question?” Dr. Madison asked again.

            “Sherri,” I groaned, sexual pleasure running through me.

            “And how long have you and Sherri been an item?” he asked.

            My clit throbbed in building excitement.  “S-since I got here,” I stammered, clearly more distracted by the sexual incentive between my legs than I thought. 

            Dr. Madison smiled.  “And what do you like most about her?”

            The questions went on and on, focusing on Sherri, my likes and dislikes about her.  Sometimes the questions were inane, totally incomprehensible, like “if you and Sherri were in a flower garden, which type of flower would you pick for her and why?” And all through the questioning the saddle I was on continued to caress and excite me. 

            But I wasn’t allowed to cum.  Every time it seemed I got close my clit was left alone, the ripples of gel fingers between my petals slowed and I was able to come to grips with my need.  Dr. Madison teased me, using the promise of another caress as a way to get me to elaborate, drawing more from me than just the juices between my legs.  At one point Rick arrived with lunch and a drink and my right wrist was freed while Dr. Madison and I ate together. 

            I know now what he was doing.  He was establishing a profile of me, of my feelings for Sherri, of my likes and dislikes.  It took hours and I was kept in a state of near orgasm the entire time.  I knew when we were done because the saddle between my legs suddenly roared and I exploded in gasps and a rushing wetness that geysered between my legs in desperate release.  I shook violently, but not terribly as the pleasure rushed through me and then Rick was releasing my arms and legs, drawing me up.  Dr. Madison thanked me with a smile and I was walked back to my cage.

            Sherri stood at the door, a worried expression on her face until she saw that I was limp with sexual exhaustion and not from being shocked silly in some sick perverted experiment.  Rick helped me into the cage, but before I could even thank him, or say something to Sherri, she was pulled out and led across the lab to the partition.  I collapsed on the sleeping mat, memories of my examination flitting through my mind.  So much of it was lost to the remembered caress of the saddle.

            I slept and only remember hearing the cage door open with a squeak.  Sherri stumbled and fell in to my arms, collapsing.  She too was shuddering, no doubt overcome with the sexual blossom of release. I held her, stroking her hair, her shoulders, her back, and then to my surprise, our lips touched and another spark leapt between us.  My fingers moved between her legs and I slipped myself inward, touching her delicate folds.  She moaned, opening herself up and then we moved together.  I slid down her body, tasting her, touching her, loving her.

            Late that afternoon Dr. Madison pulled Sherri from my arms and once more took her behind the curtain while Dr. Berk selected Ilsa to fuck.  I sat on the chair, listening to the sounds of coitus, wishing it was me behind that partition.  I tried to get Rick’s attention, but he was focused on his game.  Berk and Madison left, and Henry replaced Rick again and we were brought out one by one to shower.  Once I finished soaping, Henry suddenly joined me and made me wash his cock.  With suds covering our bodies, he told me to get on my knees and raise my ass in the air.  I didn’t realize what was coming, but moments later, with him behind me, water cascading down upon my head and back, he rammed his cock into my soapy ass, fucking me anally for the first time.

            I yelled, rather loudly too, and would have pulled away had he not held me with one fist wrapped in my shoulder length brown hair.  His other hand pulled on my hip as he reamed me and I sobbed as the pain of the penetration changed the very nature of my incarceration.   I felt violated, damaged, and when he made me wash his cock clean I struggled with the desire to grab his testicles and crush them in my hands. 

            But I didn’t.  Perhaps it was because I’ve been trained over the years to accept what is done to me by a man.  Honestly, had one of my family members, or my dad’s boss chosen to fuck my ass, there would have been nothing for me to do but accept it anyway.  Besides, the main spitting pole used for live roasted girls has a secondary shaft to keep the girl from spinning herself and I’ve seen that little metal attachment being inserted deftly into those poor girls’ rectums repeatedly.

            I was put back in my cage and then it was Becky’s turn to shower.  Night came and slowly we all fell asleep.  Around two in the morning though Henry came and woke us up, pulling Sherri out in a sleep befuddled daze.  I stood at the bars, listening as Henry screwed her behind the partition, her cries of sexual release echoing through the darkened laboratory.  He brought her back half an hour later, now dazed with release rather than with sleep and she stumbled back into my arms and immediately went to sleep.  I lay awake holding her, wondering if this was our life now.

            The next morning brought with it a flurry of activity.  We were generally ignored except for our morning feeding, another breakfast of unimaginable delight.  Sherri and I shared everything, sampling each other’s trays with girlish enthusiasm.  The pastries were incredible.  About mid-morning though Dr. Berk and Rick pulled Becky out of her cage and led her behind the partitions. I thought I heard her crying out, but then there was silence.  Sherri and I sat together on our mat, making quiet love, more from the desire to be close to each other than any sexual urge.  Ilsa was removed an hour later and then both Dr. Madison and Dr. Berk disappeared behind the partitions.

            I had no idea what was going on then, and it wasn’t until both girls were brought back to their cage, dragged and dumped on to the floor by Rick and Dr. Madison, that they pulled Sherri away from me. I cried out, having seen Ilsa and Becky.  They had been slick with sweat, bodies exhausted, hair lank and limp, eyes practically dead.  I heard them groaning and wished I could help them.  Sherri reached out to me as Rick pulled her away and then she disappeared behind the partition.

            My turn came an hour later and I didn’t need Rick’s propelling arm to move me forward.  I was worried about Sherri.  We rounded the carpeted wall blocking the view and I gasped in astonishment.  A large plexiglass room had been constructed on the rug, with two separate cells inside.  A giant heat lamp was positioned above one side, while the other had some sort of cooling ventilation.  To my horror, Sherri was locked inside the oven like box, her body covered in beaded perspiration, her hair dripping.  She looked miserable.  Rick opened the “room” opposite Sherri’s and then grabbed my wrists.  A set of regular handcuffs appeared and he locked my arms behind my back.  I twisted, wanting to get closer to Sherri, but he finished securing me and then let me go. I stumbled forward and slid down against the wall where she lay.  I could feel the heat.  It actually was permeating the plexiglass.  Sherri opened her eyes and saw me.  Her mouth opened and she gasped. 

            Sherri too was in cuffs, but hers were locked in front of her.  I felt a hand on my shoulder and then Rick was there, pulling me around.  He kicked open my legs and with his hand began to roughly fondle my sex.  I couldn’t help getting wet and a moment later he shoved something hard and long into me, making me gasp in a combination of pain and acceptance.  It was buckled in with straps around my thighs and hips and then he left me, the door shutting behind him.  A cool trickle of air came into the room and I looked up.

            For a moment I was distracted by Sherri, but then I began to look around.  One of the things I noticed right from the start was the two water bottles secured to the walls of our prison.  I couldn’t see Madison or Berk, much less Rick, though there were video cameras positioned at various corners outside the plexiglass rooms.  There was also one other strange item in my room.  On the wall, four feet up, was a control panel.  Two metal plates stood in sharp contrast to the blue plastic frame and I saw a set of wires leading outside of the box.  I touched one of the circular metal plates with an elbow, but nothing happened. 

            Then I suffered.  I watched Sherri bake.  Her mouth opened repeatedly and I watched as she crawled over to the water bottle and sip from the small dispenser.  She yelled something I couldn’t understand and then smashed her head against the bottle. I could see the water slosh, but she seemed angry.  Then I realized her problem.  Nothing had come out.  I struggled to my feet again, looking around.  I went to my water bottle and sipped.  Cool, fresh water flooded into my mouth and I looked at Sherri in frustration.  Why were they denying her water?  Why were they cooking her alive like that?

            My eyes fell on the control panel on the other side of the room.  Sherri was lying under her bottle, sobbing in dry heaves.  I padded over to the circular plates, trying to understand.  I touched both of them with my elbow, one at a time. I drew my arm across them.  Thinking maybe I had to complete an electrical circuit, I scrunched myself down and touched both plates with my arm.  Nothing happened.

            I snarled in frustration.  I slammed my elbow into the stupid control panel.  Then, pissed off, I ran my entire body into plate and wall itself.  My breasts smashed against the metal and a sharp pain exploded in me from between my legs and at the tips of my breasts.  I screamed, jerking backward and landing on my side.  My shoulders burned from the strain and I trembled violently as my body dealt with the aftermath of the shock.  I twisted my head to look over at Sherri, blinking blurrily.

            Sherri was on her hands and knees, licking the floor.  I blinked, my mind only barely starting to work again and I tried to understand what had happened.  I struggled to my knees and waddled over to the wall separating us.  A thick line of water had splattered the floor of her cell, evidently from squirting freely out of the bottom of the water bottle.

            My mind digested this. What had happened?  Why did I get shocked?  How did the water squirt out of the bottle?  What caused it?  Like any scientist, I worked through a few hypothesis, but as Sherri finished licking up the last of the available water, I realized that I only had one possibility that was testable.

            It certainly was conceivable that Sherri herself had done something to merit a drink.  Or perhaps the water dispenser on her side of the room had a timer.  But I recognized that it was perhaps my actions, the pressing of my breasts to the plate that had caused her to get relief.  I stood, slowly approaching the control plate again.  Once more I touched one of the round copper disks with an elbow, bracing myself for another powerful shock.  But nothing happened, just like before.  Finally, with Sherri’s torment firmly in my mind, I leaned down and gently, slowly pressed my bare extended nipples against the plate.

            I was prepared for the shock, but it still spun me screaming away from the control plate. My breasts felt as if they had been rubbed raw and then perforated with something hard and sharp. My pussy was locked in a series of convulsions around whatever it was Rick had stuck up inside me.  I bucked, my hips churning as I fell over.  The pain was awful and I sucked in air once my throat opened up.

            When I was able to look up, I saw Sherri once more licking water from the floor.  Her desperation for life sustaining fluid overwhelmed her ability to see what was happening to me.   I burst into tears, realizing what I had to do, what I had to experience, in order to save her. 

            I waited for her to finish and then kicked on the wall.  Sherri looked up at me, already clearly better thanks to the drink.  I walked over to my own dispenser and took a drink directly from the nozzle.  I looked back at her, shouting at her to put her mouth on her own water bottle.  It took a while for her to understand, but she finally copied me and when she was in position, mouth open and ready, I quickly whirled and went back to the copper and steel discs of my control panel.

            I pressed myself quickly against the buttons and the electrifying explosion drove me backward and on my ass as surely as if I’d been hit with a baseball bat.  I felt like someone had driven spikes through both breasts and my pussy felt bruised and sore, as if I’d been fucked with that same baseball bat’s business end.  Followed up by both teams.  I hurt in every pore, though most of that was bleed over from the pain inflicted upon my bosom and cunt.

            Sherri was drinking from the water bottle, great thick swallows that seemed to revitalize her.  I watched, my chest heaving as my body reported on the little and great pains it was still experiencing and then she sucked, became frustrated, and then shook her head.  She looked up, saw me on the floor, and became concerned.  She came over, said something I couldn’t hear, and then nodded back at the water bottle.

            I nodded and slowly stood up.  Sherri still hadn’t seen what I was forced to endure each time I activated her water bottle and she gave me a pleading look and then returned to her drink dispenser.  I shook, bursting out into tears.  I couldn’t!  It hurt too much!  I slid down against the wall and then Sherri was knocking on the glass, her eyes pleading.  She held her hands apart, trying to ask what was wrong, why wasn’t I pressing the buttons.  She had no idea what they were doing to me.

            I rose.  Slowly I stumbled across the room.  This time I barely grazed the steel and copper plates with my nipples, but it made no difference.  The toy between my legs felt as if it had grown pins while my nipples reported they had been sliced off only to have my nubs drenched in lemon juice.  I screamed in agony even as Sherri was rewarded with another thirst quenching stream of water.  I toppled like a tree, spasms fluttering through my body as my nervous system overloaded.  My toes curled and my fingers tightened even as my pussy clamped down on the probe between my legs.  Everything hurt and I shrieked madly, pain laced fire burning through my clit and nipples.

            And Sherri drank.  I laid there, unable to move, my body feeling as if it were torn and bleeding, despite no visible damage.  Sherri knocked later on the plexiglass wall, her eyes filled with concern, trying to understand as the heat lamp above her merely continued to cook her dry.

            Thirty minutes later and she was desperate for water again.  I held off as long as I could but the begging look in her eyes was too much.  I stood in front of the panel, the steel plates frightening me.  My nipples puckered and I stepped backward, terror at the extreme pain over riding my desire to save Sherri.  But then I glanced at her. I saw her holding on to the water dispenser, desperate, needy, and tears came to my eyes.  Once again I pressed myself to the control panel.  Pain exploded through me, my breasts and pussy feeling the worst of it and I fell, blacking out.   

            When I woke, I was in my cell and Sherri was there.  We were both on our sleeping mat and I rolled over, groaning. 

            “Sherri!” I cried out, my voice cracking.  She opened her eyes and looked at me, reaching out.

            “You saved me,” she whispered.  Her voice too was coarse and raw. 

            “Water!” I gasped. “Do you need…” She shook her head.

            “I drank when they brought us back,” she whispered. 

            I burst into tears and Sherri held me, her long fingers stroking me.  The natural scent of her body filled my nose and I buried my face between her breasts.  Moments later my tongue began lapping at her nipples.  Our bodies moved and I ground my hips against hers.  Her hands traveled down to my thigh and I twisted away from her, exposing my slit, wanting her hands to touch me.

            And it hurt.  I gasped and moved away.  Sherri’s eyes widened and then she sat up.

            “What did they do to you, dearheart?” she asked softly.  I shook my head, the pain between my legs still brutal.  Then I spread my knees and she looked down at my sex, gasping. Both sets of labia looked bruised, as if I HAD been beaten between the legs.  I gingerly touched myself, only to experience another rush of agony.  I grit my teeth and moaned.  But despite this I slid a single finger into myself.  Sure enough, whatever had been inside me was gone.  I groaned and collapsed onto the bed, shuddering as Sherri wrapped her arms around me, comforting me as we rocked back and forth.

            Later that night we were allowed to shower and when Henry drew me away from the streaming water and pushed me down on the floor, I cried out and protested.  It didn’t matter.  He was bigger and stronger than me and even when I fought him it wasn’t enough to stop the brutal prick from shoving his fat cock into me.  My screams seemed to encourage him and by the time he was finished I was bawling, my loins feeling the agonizing pain of the penetration and repeated thrusting.  He grabbed me by the hair and yanked me up, only to swing me, still dripping and wet, at my cage.  I slammed into the wire door and more pain sprang up from my breasts.  He unlocked it and then pushed me inward into the waiting arms of Sherri.

            “Bitch. If I want to fuck you, you goddamn better spread those fucking legs or I’ll go get a restraint chair and you can spend the rest of the night screaming as a punishment phallus shocks the crap out of your cunt,” he snarled.

            “Please!” cried Sherri, still holding me, shielding me from Henry’s furious expression.  “She was hurt there today and she just couldn’t handle it!” 

            Henry just turned away, a cold look on his face.  I would come to know his horrible touch and brutal fuckings for my entire time in the lab.  I became his favorite, not because of any virtue of mine, but because he knew I hated it.  In the end, his threat to mount me in the restraint chair became a nightly torment while Sherri was forced to watch as I sat there, tightly gagged against the muted cries as the nine inch electrified phallus was repeatedly driven into my body, arms outstretched and nipples clamped and pulled taut away from my sternum.  I’d ride the restraint chair for an hour or two, depending on how Henry was feeling, only to be released, fucked in either the ass or my pussy, and then thrown back into my cell.


To be continued… shortly.




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