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Since 2009, some of the best BDSM erotica on the internet has been found in the coffers of Michael Alexander and Breanne Erickson. With hundreds of sexy, daring, dark, and erotic stories, several full length novels, and a host of incredible characters, sexual escapades, Michael’s unique story telling, combined with Breanne’s confessional erotica, creating a sexual experience like no other. Whether read quietly, along, in the shadows, or shared with a partner, Michael and Breanne take their readers to a whole new level of sexual delight. Join thousands of other fans as these two talented authors take us all to new heights. Explore the World of Michael Alexander and Breanne Erickson…


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Everyone’s favorite “Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut” is given a new assignment, one guaranteed to test her mettle. For five days Breanne is faced with a difficult choice – which set of shoes to wear, knowing that each selection comes with humiliating, uncomfortable, and sexual consequences. Breanne reels from day to day, struggling to come to grips with her desires, her trepidation, and the overwhelming need to cum. Will she figure out what her mistresses desire of her before it’s too late?



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