It all started with just one fateful assignment…



Breanne, for the next five days, you are going to be given a special challenge. You have no right to shoes. So what does this mean exactly, especially since we love it when you wear certain kinds of shoes?


To put it simply, you will have to make a choice. You are allowed four options, each with both pros and cons.


First, you can go barefoot. The good part about going barefoot is that you may wear whatever you want. That’s right. Blue jeans. Tee shirts. Flannels. Anything. Want to wear a burqua? Go for it girl. The only thing is that your feet MUST be bare and visible, and you must be wearing the slave bell anklet. But there are cons too. The con for going barefoot, is while at work, at the top of every hour, Kari will hurt your soles. Ten snaps to each arch, or five strokes of the cane each foot, fifteen strokes of a leather sap to each foot, five minutes of the TENS Unit, set to “excruciating” or even the wartenberg pinwheel. Whatever Kari prefers. I imagine that will make you seriously reconsider going barefoot.


But what about your other options?


Your first options is your stripper shoes. Unfortunately, you can’t wear anything you want with these. If you’re going to wear stripper shoes, you have to be dressed like a stripper. This means your peasant blouse and a mini or micro skirt. The shorter the better. Of course you aren’t allowed to wear panties or a bra, but that’s par for the course for you, isn’t it? But what’s the con you wonder? Flashing. If you are out and about in public, you must (REQUIRED) flash every fifth person you pass. It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman or man. Flash them. And just for fun, alternate between your tits and pussy.


Too humiliating? Well, there is another option. You could wear your black stilettoes. These are fun and sexy, and you won’t even have to flash everyone! Still, you will need to wear something daring and slutty. So in this case, you’ll need to wear that skimpy little black dress you’ve mentioned, the one with all the slits? Of course you’ll be sans bra and panties, as is usual, but again – that’s not a problem for you, is it? The con? Well, let’s just say that wearing the stilettoes is going to hurt. Quite a bit. First, you need to stuff the Thrusting Anal Vibrator into your ass and turn it on. Alligator clamps need to go on your nipples and clit. And finally, you’ll present your ass to any available domme or dom for a spanking, caning, or paddling every hour you’re wearing the stilettos. Yep. Your tushy is going to wish you weren’t wearing those shoes! And if it’s a dom, then don’t be surprised if they want to fuck your ass too.


Still too much? Fine. One last option. Your flip flops. Yes, those simple, sexy, sweet, college beach shoes! Yes, you’ll need another outfit for this one; specifically your white tube top and white stretch mini skirt. No bra or panties again. Next, you’ll wear your clover clamps with chain on your nipples, and clip your vibrator pendant to your clit. Turn it on of course. No cumming now! As for your bottom, I think a jeweled plug would be appropriate. And of course, you should also wear your slave bell anklet. But what about the cons? Well, this is simple. If you are going to wear your flip flops, not only do you have to be dressed in the outfit above, you must have someone’s cum in your shoes. Yep. You have to go blow or fuck a guy, and then get him to ejaculate right onto your flip flops. And only then can you put them on. Worse, when the cum dries, you have to get someone else to cum in your shoes.


So there you have it. Lots of choices, but the key thing to remember is that you technically have no right to shoes. We, as your doms, can take them away at any moment. So enjoy! I look forward to reading about the choices you make. Wow. Five days of it! Awesome! – Master Mark