I twisted the key in the lock, fumbling with my books.  It was a balmy if somewhat humid late April afternoon and I had come home from class clutching my awkward collection of reading material across my chest.  It was warm enough for me to feel sticky, but the Houston air wasn’t what was causing it.  A pair of ben wa balls were buried inside me and walking to and from class, not to mention all the way back to the apartment, had been an excruciating lesson in sexual temptation.  At that point in my life, I had trouble handling the step by step stimulation of the ben wa balls.  Maybe that’s why Kari liked to make me wear them.


The rest of my wardrobe consisted of flip flops, a short skirt, no panties, no bra, and a halter top sporting the words “Catholic school girl gone bad.”  Actually, in hind sight, this was one of the better shirts.  I ALWAYS had trouble with the “Don’t Stare.  Touch” shirt.  But despite my sexualized outfit, stimulated pussy, and humiliating tee shirt, I managed to get my key in the door to the apartment that Kari and I shared, opening it to feel the cool dry breeze of air conditioning.  I stepped into the darkened interior, dumped my keys in the basket on the small table by the door, and closed the door.


Normally, I would have stripped first thing.  Kari had a basic rule about our cohabitation.  She was in charge and I was submissive.  That was fine by me, of course it also meant that she made the rules, and rule number one of living with Kari was that submissive girls went bare ass naked.


And honestly, I would have stripped.  Really.  Except that I wasn’t alone in the room and someone technically had beaten me to it.


He was about five five or maybe five four, though it was sorta hard to say because he was sitting in one of our wooden chairs, placed directly in front of the hearth.  He had sandy blond hair and was pretty cute.  Probably a freshman too.  His legs were spread outward to the sides of the chair and his cock was hard and just a tad bit red.  Immediately I knew that Kari had been having a bit of fun already.  The other interesting thing about him was that he was tied to the chair by his ankles, knees, waist, and hands.  His cock was hard, sticking up and out like a flagpole.


“Hi Bre! Do you like him?” Kari asked, walking into the living room, drying her hands with a kitchen towel.  She finished before I could speak and swung the cloth over one shoulder.  Dressed in super tight khaki shorts and a dark tee shirt, she was the normal elegant beauty I wished I could be.  I’m attractive when I’m dressed like a slut.  Kari is attractive when she’s been doing just about anything.


I glanced back at the boy tied up in our living room, wondering why he wasn’t talking.  “Um… he’s very nice, Kari.  Are we keeping him?”


She laughed.  “Only for the afternoon.  He agreed to help.”  She eyed me with a sudden dark look.  “And shouldn’t you be naked?”


Suddenly remembering the rules I nodded and put my books down on the floor.  It didn’t take long for me to undress, slipping the short skirt down my legs and peeling off my religious affiliations shirt.  These were bundled up with my books and I hurried past the naked boy to my room.  I felt his eyes follow me.


My room was the only messy place in the apartment.  I happen to be an agent of entropy for the most part, only cleaning up and putting things away once in a while.  I admit, now that I’m older, I’m much much better about keeping things put away, but in college I was a bit of a pack rat and had a happen of tossing things on the floor.


So unburdened by my books and after kicking off my flip flops, I padded back out to the living room.  Kari was in front of the bow, rubbing her kitchen towel back and forth across the tip of the boys straining cock.  Lightly of course.  She wasn’t trying to hurt him.


“Jeff, this is Breanne.  Please say hi.”


The boy looked up at me, anguish in his eyes.  “Hi Bre.”


I smiled as he stared up at my naked breasts.  I wasn’t covering up at all.  “Hi, Jeff.  How are you doing?”


“Are you going to let me cum?” he begged.  There were actual tears in his eyes.


I blinked.  Kari only had morning classes so she could have been back at the apartment for three or even four hours.  Had this poor guy been sitting here with a hard on that long?


I glanced over at Kari.  “Uh… I’m not sure, Jeff.  But you can beg Kari to let me help you.”


Jeff tore his eyes away from my breasts and possibly my shaven slit and looked at our mistress.


“Please Kari?”


Kari grinned.  “Oh, soon Jeff.  I promise.  Right now Breanne needs you to be hard.”


“I do?” I asked in surprise.


Kari nodded.  She put the towel back on her shoulder with just one more “shine” of Jeff’s throbbing cock and then walked over to the dining room.  I waited with Jeff and she returned with a small metal tin.  Kari handed it to me and I opened it to find it stuffed with condoms.


Lots of condoms.  Of different types.  There were ringed, and lubricated, and ribbed ones.  It was… well… intriguing.  I smiled.  It looked like I was about to replace the sexually aggravating ben wa balls with some real cock!  Excellent!


“Pick a condom, Breanne. And put it on him.”


I smiled and grabbed the first packet.  I tore it open and walked over to Jeff.  I was about to slide it over his thick purple tip when Kari stopped me.


“Oh no, Breanne.  Do it with your mouth.”


I blinked.  “What?”


Kari’s eyes hardened.  “Your mouth.  Put the condom in your mouth and then slide it down his cock.  You can’t use your hands.”


My mouth fell open. “What?  You can’t do that!” I exclaimed.


Kari shook her head. “Oh yes you can and you’re going to learn how.”  She plucked the ribbed condom out of my hand and popped it in between my spread lips.  “There.  Now try.”


The condom did not taste good.  It didn’t taste bad either though, just sort of rubbery.  I like the flavored ones now if I can get them.  But I spent a moment trying to get the condom into position at the front of my mouth and then I bent over Jeff’s lap.


My first attempt was an abject failure.  I tried everything I could think of.  I ended up tearing the condom with my teeth.  While I had been busy trying to figure this out, Kari had retrieved a special little item and when I screwed up she pulled my head back, plucked the torn condom from where it was partially covering Jeff’s tip, and tossed it to the floor.


“Please Kari!” I begged but then the whip slashed out against my tits, making me hiss and bring up my arms involuntarily.  My breasts stung as Kari let me go, ignoring my weakness.


“Try again,” Kari demanded.  She held out the tin and I plucked another individually wrapped condom out of its depths.  It took only a moment before I had a new prophylactic in my mouth and I worked it around like a piece of bubble gum until it was at the front.  I widened the insides of my mouth and bent down over Jeff’s prick.


Eventually I was able to get it over the tip but getting it to roll down properly was really hard.  I was using my lips and teeth and once again I tore it.  Jeff however didn’t care.  All he wanted was the stimulation.  That made things a little harder to deal with because he kept PUMPING too.  But despite the fact that my face was concealing my latest screw up, Kari wasn’t fooled and a moment later I was once again hauled backward, leaning back on my legs. She slung the whip across my breasts.  I gasped and then Kari aimed the whip between my thighs, letting the multi-headed strands strike my pussy.  It was a hard stroke too.  It hurt.


I was handed condom number three and we repeated the process, but when I once again had trouble, tearing the stupid rubber sheath when Jeff jerked in my mouth, Kari ordered me to lean back.  The torn condom was yanked off Jeff’s tip and then she swung her whip.  The first stroke landed on my breasts, a sharp sting that had me wincing.  But then came the full force swing against my clit, the tips of the leather strands curling up underneath my pubis, stinging my ass.  Then before I could even gasp, Kari pulled the whip upward and once more brought it across my chest.


I got the picture at that point.  Third condom equals three strokes.  I wondered what would happen if I fucked up putting on condom number thirty seven.  My nipples tingled as did my clit and I put a bit more thought into the process of applying a condom with my mouth.


The fourth attempt went much better.  First of all, I did a little semi-blowjob action.  Bobbing the head allowed me to work the condom on a little bit at a time and Jeff didn’t jerk so much.  I still screwed it up.  I got to a point where it wouldn’t roll down anymore and when I used my teeth to try to free it, I tore it again.  I muttered a sharp little oath and then I was hauled backward again, still kneeling, my legs spread, while Kari alternated the strokes to my sex and breasts.  Jeff loved each punishment, watching in astonished amazement as I took the punishment.


I messed up the fifth and sixth condoms too.  In one case I realized that I had been spending an undue amount of time trying to unroll the condom upside down.  Stupid me, right?  The other was more about technique.  I eventually realized that I needed to use a combination of my tongue and my teeth and lips, all at the same time.  I was so proud of myself when I managed to get the seventh condom on Jeff’s rod.  It was straining and ready for me to fuck him.  I smiled and stood up, moving toward his lap.


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” asked Kari.  I stopped, inches from plugging myself on Jeff’s ready shaft.


“Um… fucking him?”


Kari barked out a laugh.  “Take that condom off him now!”


I shrank back down onto my knees and pulled the condom off Jeff and tossed it down with the growing pile of spent rubbers.  Kari handed me a new condom and I unwrapped it, not understanding.  Why was I doing more of them? I had learned how to do it!


Well, I tore the eighth condom, accidentally of course, and as a result I got four lashes across my breasts and another four between my legs.  Jeff was beside himself.  My pussy was starting to look a little tender, definitely red, and my breasts were a nice matching shade of dark pink.  I was handed another condom.


I managed the next one perfectly but didn’t make the mistake of assuming that meant I got to fuck Jeff.  I looked up at Kari who had a satisfied smirk on her face as she handed me another condom.


And then another.  And another.


By the time we got to twenty I had it down to a pattern.  I would put the condom in my mouth, work it over to the side, and then literally give Jeff a bit of a blowjob. This would prepare him to not notice that I was putting a condom on his cock.  Between one “bob” of my head and the next, I’d move the condom to the front of my mouth, like getting ready to blow a bubble with chewing gum.  I’d stick my tongue directly into the center of the condom and then tongue his tip, pushing down with my lips.  I’d remove my tongue and start bobbing, my lips curling over my teeth while I applied pressure.  Slowly the condom would unroll.  No tearing.  No bubbling.  Just a perfect application – hands free.


Of course, sometimes the condoms that Kari handed me weren’t good.  She gave me one condom at around thirty two that was way too small.  It tore on me and as the lash struck my tits and clit, I just shook and even whimpered.  When it was over, I was handed another condom.


The pre-lubricated ones were the worst of course.  I didn’t like the taste of whatever it was in them.  Spermicide I guess, but I’m not sure.  The ribbed ones were a bit harder to unroll, but it was also easier to get a hold of them and move them downward without ripping the latex.  I learned to figure out which way to unroll them with my tongue.  I learned when to apply pressure, and when to let things move naturally.  Condom after condom went into my mouth, only to be applied to Jeff’s straining, bulging cock.


The tin emptied eventually and as Kari handed me the last condom, I grinned at her.  I thought about fucking up, just to get a final whipping, but then I realized there were no more condoms, which meant no fucking Jeff.  I did my thing, got the condom firmly seated on Jeff, perfectly applied, and looked up at my mistress.


“Good job, Bre.  Go sit on the couch,” she said.  I did as she ordered while watching her untie Jeff from the chair.  His cock was a dark purple and he was covered in a light sheen of perspiration.  I guess an hour’s worth of condom application blowjobs was a bit trying on him.  I gave him a warm, come hither smile, but as he stood, his condom covered wand bouncing, pointing in my direction.  Kari reached out, grabbed his manhood, and gave him a sharp squeeze.


“Thanks Jeff.  I really appreciate your help.  You can go now,” she said.


I think both Jeff and I said it, which got me into trouble, but later.  Kari directed an evil glance at me and I fell silent.  Kari, who was taller than Jeff by an inch or so released him and pointed him toward the dining room.  I watched them go.


I didn’t move.  There was no way.  Kari had told me to get on the couch and so I stayed there.  I heard voices, begging, pleading, then laughter.  Next thing I knew Jeff was being escorted to the door and pushed out, the poor boy in desperation.  His eyes flashed upon me in this “please help me!” expression.  I shrugged.  I wanted to.  Really… I did.  But it wasn’t my game.  The door shut and then it was just me and Kari.  She grinned and came over to the couch, sitting down at the far end.  She grabbed my ankle and pulled me toward her until my ass was almost touching her thigh.  She moved my left leg over her shoulder to drape it across the back of the sofa.  My other leg was slid off the couch and then her fingers touched me, caressing my folds.  It was incredible.


“Well, I’m glad you’ve learned that new technique.  We’ll do another practice session every week for the next two months to make sure you’ve got it down,” Kari said, her fingers sliding through my folds. I shuddered in pleasure.


“Whatever you say, Kari!” I gasped out, my back arching as her fingers fluttered against my clit before sliding back down.


She chuckled, then rubbed her knuckles down my slit, bouncing each one off my clit before letting it slip through my folds.  I thought I’d go mad with desire.


“After all, it is always smart to practice safe sex, isn’t it?” she asked, right before thrusting three fingers of her left hand deeply into my body.


I gasped, my hips arching, my own fingers pinching my still tender whipped nipples.  I came with a shuddering cry, spurting my juices across Kari’s lap.


“Oh God yes!”


Practice safe sex.


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