It was a warm night on campus and Paige Williams walked confidently through the semi-lit darkness, her backpack slung over her shoulder.  The campus was one of the safest places in the city and while shadows lurked everywhere, the main sidewalks leading to the massive university library were well lit.  She had even passed a bicycle cop who had given her a calculating nod as she walked by.


The cold air conditioning of the library enveloped her and she shivered once at the sudden change between the sweltering heat of a Texas fall and the climate controlled interior of the library.  She could hear the steady thrum of the massive air conditioning units, too powerful to be bothered to slow down for something so paltry as darkness.  Stepping through the airlock style double doors, she turned to her left and peered through the massive panes of glass into the computer lab, a brightly lit room that had been sectioned off from the rest of the library a few years before.  She felt a sudden rush, a jolt of excitement as well as a tinge of fear.  She went to the lab door and pushed her way in.


There were over twenty network stations in the massive computer lab, but only two of the spots were taken by students clearly working hard on their own projects.  A bored graduate student sat at the monitor’s desk, clearly fighting both sleep and the tedium of another research paper as he worked.  Paige stepped up to him, presented her identification card, and was assigned one of the stations.  It didn’t take her long to get seated.


The little chat window came on in seconds, just as she suspected it would.  They had been conversing for a few days now and Paige still wondered who he was and how he knew so much about her.  Part of it scared her.  But he was so polite, so complimentary, that she also felt just a touch intrigued.  It’s not every girl who has a cyber-stalker and Paige felt that despite the topics of their previous online chats, he meant her no harm.


At first she had been shocked to see the chat window open up. She had been in the middle of some online research for her history class, and didn’t have a lot of time.  The first message had been simple.  “You are beautiful,” it said.  She had blinked, glanced around, and then deleted it, closing the window.


But then, a minute later, another message had popped up.  “I’ve never seen anyone as graceful as you.”  That had caused her to corkscrew one eyebrow upward, to shake her head, and then again close the small chat window.


The third message said “I bet you have the personality of an angel.”


She almost laughed out loud, but finally put her cursor into the reply field and typed, “Who are you?”


“An admirer of beauty,” said the words that rolled across her screen.


“So you think I’m beautiful?” she asked, her fingers pecking quickly at the screen.


“A goddess in the flesh,” came the assured reply.


Things had moved on from there, the flattery, the light but seemingly harmless questions.  The person had seemed to know her name as well, never asking put suddenly using it.  Part of it disturbed Paige, and part of it felt good.  She picked up no bad vibes and when she discovered it was well past midnight and that she had been “chatting” with her unseen admirer for over an hour and a half, she bid him good night.  He answered her with a plea to come back the following evening.


She had.  She didn’t know why.  Perhaps it was the idea of forbidden love.  Or maybe it was his flattery.  Mentally she kicked herself.  It was a stupid fantasy, and the idea that some boy somewhere, or maybe even another girl, was sitting in front of a computer, talking to her, knowing all about her.  That was even dangerous.


But she went back and the conversation continued.  When he complimented her on her outfit, she blinked in surprise.  “How do you know what I’m wearing?” she had typed.


“I’ve activated your web camera.  I can see you.  You have beautiful eyes.”


Paige wasn’t computer savvy enough to know that her admirer had just revealed he had deep access into the network if he was able to turn on other people’s cameras without their knowledge.  She merely blushed.


Slowly he began asking more personal questions.  He seemed to already know where her dorm room was, right down to the number and her roommate’s name.  He even had her cell phone number, proving it by sending her a text.  She checked the return number, but it was blocked and she didn’t know how to go any further.  The questions turned to whether or not she had a boyfriend.


“No, not right now,” she replied.


“Why not?  A goddess such as you must have thousands of worshipers.”


She giggled, her fingers flying across the board.  “I don’t think everyone sees me quite like that.”


“I do.  I would worship you. I already do.” The words scrolled across the chat window.


“Oh?” she typed back. “And how would you worship me?”  It was meant to be innocuous, innocent even, but later even Paige would admit that it had been a deliberate opening on her part.  And her admirer had taken it.


“I would worship your heart, your mind, and your body.”


“Simple words.  Specifics please,” she asked.


It took a moment, but then his message appeared.  “For your heart, I would provide companionship, the unending whisper of your value to me.  For your mind, stimulation, engaging conversation and friendship.  And for your body, I would give you unceasing pleasure, rocking your world with sensual delights unlike any you had ever experienced before.”


What Paige read electrified her and that night, she felt a guilty dampness for the first time, the arousal of expectation.  She was speechless, unable to type out a response as her body reacted to her admirer’s words.  Finally she stumbled through another goodbye message and left for home.  Except when she got to the door of her dorm room, there was a package there, wrapped in paper with a bow, addressed to her.  Blinking and looking around, she picked it up.  No one was in the hall with her and she took it into her room feeling the thrill of excitement.


She opened it and found an origami rose, beautifully wrought and folded, except instead of white paper, she saw that each petal had hand written words scrolled across the surface.  She leaned down and saw her name.  Her eyes widened in surprise and she tried to read the sentence, but was unable to make much out due to the folds.  She struggled with the decision.  Should she undo the rose, destroying the beautiful origami, and thus being able to read the message?  Or should she keep it, and ask him just to tell her the next evening?  She bit her lip and struggled with the decision, finally putting the rose on her desk and getting ready for bed.


She had trouble sleeping and the light snoring of her roommate told her that she was the only one awake.  A glance at the clock told her it was close to three in the morning.   Finally she couldn’t stand it.  She hopped out of bed, clicked on her desk lamp, and began unfolding the rose.  Excitement flooded her and her fingers plucked at the petals.  Finally it came loose, a single sheet of parchment, covered with flowing script.


Paige blinked and read.  Each line seemed separate from the other, but the concept was the same.  He talked about her, what he liked about her.  In seconds her heart sped up, beating wildly.  He knew so much!  So much more about her than she had suspected!  He mentioned he liked how she was a dog person.  But her dog had been left at home, with her mom and dad!  How would he know that?  He spoke of her love of seafood.  He mentioned her uncanny fashion sense.  He mentioned her grades and her high school GPA, saying it proved how intelligent she was.  In seconds, she realized that he had gotten a lot of her information off her online profile, but she didn’t understand how.  She hadn’t befriended anyone lately, and she knew every single person she WAS friends with.  How had he gotten access?  Her profile was set to “Friends” only!  But he also commented on her physical beauty, the sculpted perfection of her legs, her darkly glistening chocolate hair, the soft and luscious (yes, he used that word!) curves of her torso.  It made her blush.


Questions circled in her head and she went back to bed feeling even more conflicted than before.  She slept, but fitfully, and was late for her first class the next morning.  All day her mind worked back to the rose, the words of admiration he spelled out for her.  And all day she wondered what was in store for her that evening.


Once more in front of the computer, she demanded to know how he had gotten the information.  He was not forthcoming, turning aside her questions with even more intimate knowledge of her person.  She trembled slightly and their repartee went back and forth.  But still, despite the disturbing knowledge he possessed, she felt no animosity, no threat.


“Are you ready for your next present?” he asked her.


“What do you mean?” she asked, both suspicious and elated.  Suddenly her phone buzzed and she looked down to see a multimedia message flash on the screen.  She grabbed the phone and picked it up.  There was a picture of a present, wrapped in blue with a silver bow.  A line of text appeared beneath it.  Paige suppressed a delighted giggle.  It read “Down to the hub, the glittering gold, the lights, the sounds, the delights that are sold.  In the gallery you’ll find what you seek, look behind grass, brass, and old darkened teak.”


Paige’s brow furrowed.  She turned back to the computer, but the chat window was gone.  She studied the message again and then smiled. Obviously he meant the student union and the small art gallery the school maintained on the second floor.  She quickly grabbed her stuff and headed out.


Sure enough, there was a painting of a field of grass hanging on the wall.  There was brass inlay in the teak wood frame.  Grinning, she put her eye to the edge of the painting, trying to peer behind it.  She spotted the small envelope easily and tugged it free.  Her name was written across the front.  When she opened it however, there was a section of photograph and nothing else.  She peered at it curiously, turning it over, studying it, but was baffled.  Then her phone buzzed again.  Another text message.


For the next hour she traversed the campus, following his clues, finding envelopes in various places.  She found an unlocked science lab and wondered how he had managed that.  One envelope she found inside a piano in the music building.  A vase, complete with red roses, left on a table, with the envelope at the top, her name in the same flowing script, was found in the small café in the Science and Technology Building.  Finally the last cryptic clue led her back to her dorm room clutching her flowers and the pieces of the photograph.  She had tried arranging them and with the center and largest piece missing, all she could do was guess.  It appeared to be a couple, but their faces and torsos were missing.


She unlocked her dorm room, glancing in suspiciously.  Her roommate looked up and grinned.  “Well aren’t you the lucky girl?” she asked wickedly.  “And flowers too?  He must be quite the romantic.”


Paige gave her a wild-eyed look.  “What do you mean?” she stammered.


Paige’s room mate glanced at Paige’s desk.  “I put it on your desk.  Don’t worry. I didn’t open the envelope.”


Paige crossed the room quickly and set the vase down.  There, on her desk, was a silver and blue present, wrapped prettily.


“Who delivered this?” Paige asked urgently.


Her roommate shrugged. “Don’t know. There was a knock on the door and when I opened it, the package was on the floor.  I saw that it was for you, so I put it on your desk.” She grinned. “I did shake it once though.  I think I know what’s in it.”


Paige tore the paper open and found a box of expensive chocolate, the kind she could rarely afford.  How did he know she liked this kind of chocolate?  She glanced suspiciously at the envelope.  Tearing it open she gasped.  The final piece of the picture was there and it showed two people, a handsome looking young man that looked vaguely familiar, and herself!  But the dress she was wearing in the photograph was one she had never owned.  For one thing, the cleavage that was showing was more daring than she would ever try, and the hemline of the dress barely came down mid-thigh!  She let out a disconcerted “hmmmph” and put the picture down.


Her phone hummed.  “Enjoy the Chocolate,” it said.  Paige blinked in disbelief.  How had he known?  Was his timing just luck?  She sat down, stymied, but slightly giddy, and ate her chocolate.


That fourth evening she wondered what was coming.  Could the pattern continue?  Would another present appear?  She quickly logged onto the computer and waited.  To her astonishment, nothing happened.  Grimacing, she surfed the internet for a few moments.


“Williams! Paige Williams?” the moderator at the front of the room suddenly called.  Paige glanced up.


“I’m Paige,” she said.


“You’ve got a package,” he said, waving her forward.  Paige blinked, somewhat surprised, but also somewhat relieved.  She stood up, smoothed her skirt down, and went to the front of the room.  There was a small box, no bigger than her fist, wrapped in white gold paper and tied with matching ribbon.


The graduate student who was monitoring the lab frowned.  “I’m not your boyfriend’s delivery service.  But I guess I’ll let it go this time.”


“But… who delivered it?” Paige asked.


The graduate student shrugged. “Some guy.  Said it was for Paige Williams.  He asked me to give it to you once he left.”


Paige blinked and glanced out of the glass walls of the lab. It could have been anyone.  Was it the boy from the photograph?  She had taped it together, but left the picture on her desk in her dorm room.  She frowned.


“Well, thanks,” she muttered.  The graduate student shrugged and went back to working on his computer.  Paige took the package back to her seat.  Just as she was about to open it, the chat window on her screen came on.


“Wait,” Paige read.


She stuck her tongue out at the computer and made a face.


“Seriously.  Wait.”


Paige rolled her eyes, then put the present aside and typed, “why?”


“Because you need to understand something.”


“What do I need to understand?” her fingers flew across the keyboard.


“That I want you.”


Paige’s eyes widened. “You want me?”


“Yes. I need you.  You are perfect.  But I want you to understand what it will feel like with me.”


“How did you get that picture?  I’ve never worn that dress,” she demanded, her fingers almost hitting the keys of the computer.


“I made it,” he replied.


“Is that you?” she asked.


He didn’t answer.


“Is that you?” she asked again.


“Do you want it to be me?”


“I want to know who you are,” she replied.


“You will.  But you have to accept my gift of pleasure.”


Paige’s eyebrow went up. “Pleasure?”


“Yesterday was the gift of friendship and pure enjoyment. I know you like puzzles and wanted to amuse you.  The day before that was the gift of intellect and revelation. I wanted you to know how much I admired your heart as well as your mind and body.”


“And today is for my body?” She asked skeptically.




Paige stiffened at the honest response and her heart lurched in her chest.  “What are you going to do to me?” she typed.


“Nothing without your permission.  You are in control, not me.  Open the package.”


Paige bit her lip.  Excitement flooded through her and she realized that she was actually aroused.  What was going to happen?  What was in the package?  Would she meet her secret admirer?  Was he the handsome young man in the photograph?  She opened the package and slit the tape across the top with her fingernail.  Layers of tissue parted to reveal an egg-shaped plastic nodule.  It was silver in color, and there was a tiny black wire that emerged from one end.  Lying next to it was some sort of electronic adapter.  Paige blinked, totally confused.


“Take the adapter and attach it to the micro-USB port on your phone, please.” The words scrolled across the screen.


“Why? What does it do?” she asked.


“You’re about to find out. Please don’t ruin the surprise.”


“It won’t give you access to my cell phone will it?  Let you download all my pictures and contacts and stuff, right?” she asked.


There was a long pause. “Actually, I’ve had access to your phone for weeks.  I’ve looked at the pictures, but I respected your privacy on the contacts and stuff.”


Paige stiffened. “You were spying on me?” she demanded.


“I was researching you. I thought you were the one and I’m pretty sure I was right.”


“The one?” she typed, “the one what?”


“The one for me.”


Paige swallowed.  This was too bizarre.


“Please?  I wouldn’t hurt you and if you said to me that you never wanted me to contact you again, I would respect that. Sort of. You’re worth pursuing which means I’d have to step up the presents and flowers and stuff.”


Paige actually laughed.  “So you’re saying you wouldn’t leave me alone.”


“When you see a piece of chocolate you really want, don’t you buy it?”


“Chocolate doesn’t say go away,” she replied.


“True, but the idea is the same.  I desire you. I want you. I need you.  I won’t give up unless you make it clear that you are not the one.  It is as simple as that.  And I warn you, I take persuading.”


Paige took a deep breath, then she picked up the small white adapter and plugged it into her phone.  For a second, the small egg shaped object in the box trembled, then lay still.


“What was that?” she asked.


“Initialization.  It was supposed to happen.”


Paige bit her lip.  “So now what?” she typed.


“Take the egg and slip it into your panties.”


Paige sat there stunned, her eyes wide. “What?”


“Take the egg and slip it into your panties, at the front so that it nestles against that sweet spot of pleasure.”


Mixed feelings went through Paige. Part of her was revolted by the sudden sexual nature of the present and her admirer’s message.  But still, part of her was intrigued.  The same guilty wetness she’d felt the previous day became obvious and she shifted uncomfortably in her seat.


“Today I pleasure your body.  Don’t worry. I promise it won’t hurt,” the chat window said. “Nor will I embarrass you.”


Paige swallowed. Uncertainty flooded through her. Should she do as he asked?  Carefully, she picked up the little football like object. With a guilty glance around she brought it down to her lap. She pulled her skirt up, making sure no one was watching, then hurriedly slipped the tiny plastic nodule into her panties.


It felt strange to her.  The smooth sides of the toy egg felt cool and slick against the petals of her flower and it settled between her folds as if it were made for that particular spot. She blushed furiously, feeling awkward and obvious, and again she glanced around the computer lab, wondering if everyone there knew what she was doing, and what she had just put down her panties.


“Don’t worry. They have no idea.”


Paige looked back at the screen. “How do you know?”


“The boy behind you is on the Lexis Nexis doing research for his criminology class.  He’s reading a Supreme Court brief and taking notes.  The girl in the row in front of you is writing an email to her sister, complaining about her boyfriend.  The moderator is reading BDSM erotica by Breanne Erickson on her blog.”


Paige blinked.  “You know all this?” she typed.


“I’m monitoring them.”


“You can do that?”




Paige leaned back in her chair, a little disturbed.  Finally she shook her head and leaned forward.  With one hand she typed, “now what?”


Suddenly the little egg in her panties began vibrating.  The sound was quiet, barely audible, but having it trembling there, right next to her clitoris was like being hit by lightning.  Paige stiffened, both hands going to her thighs, her knees pressing together.  She let out an involuntary gasp, stifling it almost immediately.


The delicate rumble between her legs subsided into stillness and she let out another gasp, sagging in her seat.


“How did that feel?” The words appeared on the screen.


Paige sat there, stunned.  How did it feel?  How did it feel?  She tried to think of what to say, what to tell him.  She leaned forward, her fingers hesitant over the keyboard.


“It felt amazing, but someone will notice!”


“I doubt that. Do you want more?”


Paige bit her lip, trying to decide. Did she want to risk one of the other students, or the moderator noticing? Her hands hesitated over the keyboard, but then the nodule against her sex once again erupted into vibration. She was a little better prepared to handle it the second time around and managed to keep even quieter, but he also left it on longer, teasing her horribly.  Just as she felt herself getting to a point where she wouldn’t be able to keep quiet any longer, the light shaking stopped and the delicate egg shaped device went still.


“Please!” She typed frantically. “Not here!”


“I agree.” He typed back. “I don’t think you can stay there in the lab.  Let’s play another game.  Pack up you things and go outside.”


“How will we talk to each other?” she typed back.


“I’ll text you.  Don’t worry.  I’ll keep an eye on you.”


Paige quickly stood up, feeling the exquisite dampness of her arousal.  She felt sticky, but wanting, desperate for something more.  She grabbed her backpack and purse and practically ran out the door of the lab.  Outside in the dark heat, she stopped.  Looking around, she wondered what was coming next.  She headed for the large decorative fountain in front of the library building, just so she wouldn’t be standing at the entrance, when the vibrator between her legs once again came to life.


She stumbled, but caught herself.  The rumble felt more intense, more vibrant.  She actually began to tremble and she sat down, her knees pressed together, on the large fountain edge.  The stone sill made an excellent bench and the sound of the splashing water completely enveloped her and made the vibrating toy silent, even to her own ears. Her phone chirped and she struggled against the waves of sensation to pull it out and check it.


“If you want the feeling to continue, you will head for the art building,” her phone read.  Even as she read it, the egg against her slit quieted to only a percentage of its previous intensity. Again she moaned, this time out loud, not even realizing that she was pumping her hips lewdly. She sucked in a breath and began heading for the art building.


Almost immediately the vibrator’s intensity increased again, though still nowhere near the high levels she had felt at the fountain.  Paige increased her speed, realizing that the vibrations were increasing the closer she got to her destination.  She was right and by the time she opened the front door of the almost empty building, she could barely walk, the toy was buzzing so hard.


Her phone chirped again.  “Go right, down the hall, and open the first door on your left,” the text message on her phone read.


With one hand on the wall she wobbled down the corridor until she found the door. The room was dark inside and she flicked on the light before entering.  The classroom was empty, but there was another white and gold present lying on one desk.  She crossed the room and picked it up, her fingers trembling as she unwrapped it.  In seconds she found another egg, exactly identical to the first one.


“Good.  Now, do you know where that one needs to go?” he asked her.


Paige blinked, confused.  She wasn’t sure.  “Where?” she said out loud, not sure if he could hear her.


“That one goes inside you, in your depths, where I wish I could be to pleasure you.”


Paige blinked and gasped as the little egg between her legs began rippling, pulsing with intensity, the vibrations changing frequency and strength.  It almost made her collapse.  And then there was the mental component.  What would having this second egg inside her feel like?


She was alone. She was sure of it.  So she pulled up her skirt.  The buzzing of the first egg filled her ears, though it quieted down a bit as she brought the newest toy to her soaked petals.  Trembling, she ran the silver colored egg through the shiny wetness of her pink slit.  Then with need, she used her thumb to drive it upward into her well, letting it sink from sight with a gasp.


It began buzzing immediately and her body began rocking.  She wrapped her arms around herself as the vibrating toys tormented her, pushing and shoving her along the path toward orgasmic release.  But then, just as she was about to cum, both eggs stopped , slipping into silence and leaving her shaking, mad with desire.


“What? Why? Please!” she gasped.


Her phone chirped again. “No. Not yet.  Part of pleasure is foreplay. You need to know that I find foreplay to be fun. I want to tease you, to torment you, to make you so desperate and wanting and needy that you would willingly be mine to mold.  Are you mine to mold?” he asked via the text message.


Paige nodded. “Please!”


“Then take off your bra.  You may leave your shirt on.”


Paige blinked.  For a second, her mind said “NO! RESIST! IT ISN’T RIGHT!” but then her hormones got in the way and she peeled her shirt off and dumped it on the table.  Whether he could see her or not was immaterial. She reached behind her back and unclasped the white lace bra she wore and then tossed it on the table.  Bare breasted, her magnificent nipples dark pink, she lifted the phone and looked at it.


“There!  Please let me cum?” she begged.


The vibrations started up again, soft and quiet, but steadily increasing.  Paige began cupping her breasts, her fingers squeezing the nipples as her body rocked back and forth with desire.  Her loins couldn’t stay still and she squirmed and swung, thrusting back and forth, her clit and depths massaged and stimulated with increasingly specific vibrations.  He played her like a violin and when the orgasm came, it blasted through her like a bullet, entering and leaving with rapid, but bone-shattering force. She groaned in her release, a vocal cry that couldn’t be mistaken as anything other than explicitly sexual.


She sagged against the desk, then collapsed into one of the student chairs. She felt the sexual euphoria that came with orgasm and to her surprise, both vibrators went still, as if respecting her body’s need to recuperate.  She lay there, lost in the bliss, trying to recover. Her phone was silent, left on the nearby desk.  Finally she rolled to her feet and stood.  She wobbled, unsteady, her body still awash with adrenaline.  She picked up her phone.


“I hope you’re not finished,” the text message read.


“I’m not sure I can take anymore,” she said aloud. He heard her and his response rolled across the screen.


“But you can, I’m sure of it.  You just need the proper motivation.”


She laughed and shook her head, but the vibrator inside her well began purring softly.  She gasped again and pressed her thighs together. “I’m not sure I can!” she pleaded.


“Try. For me.  Please?”


Paige bit her lip, then nodded. “Okay.  Now what?” she asked aloud.


“Put your shirt, on, but not your bra.”


Paige did as the text commanded her.  Her breasts pressed against the tight material and she could see her nipples, two hard little bumps.  She took a deep breath and arched her back slightly. To her surprise, she could already feel the arousal beginning to build again.


“How did you know?” she demanded.


“Know what?” the phone asked, the words almost inhuman.


“That I would be able to get aroused again?”


“Most women are multi-orgasmic under the proper circumstances. I just needed to put you in them.”


Paige ran her hands up her sides and flicked her fingers across her nipples.  “MMMmmm, okay,” she moaned.


“Now, there’s another present waiting for you at the statue in the middle of the campus.  Do you know the one I mean?”


“The statue of the school President from twenty or so years ago?” she asked, still a little befuddled by the sexual stimulation going on between her legs.


“Yes, that one. You’ll find another present on the ledge.”


Paige picked up her phone and book bag and against stumbled across the room. Even set to their lowest setting, the two rumbling sex toys made a hash of anything remotely resembling resistance in her mind. She made her way out of the art building and again headed across campus, every few steps punctuated by the increasing buzz between her legs.


At the statue there was another white gold present, and she tore into it without a word.  She was expecting a third egg, but to her shock two pairs of rubber tipped clamps, connected with a silver chain, lay in the tissue.  Her mind reeled even as she was rocked by the now intense vibrations of the eggs against and inside her sex.


“You know where those need to go, right?” he asked.


Paige merely nodded, her face flushed and drawn.  The purring in her loins was almost strong enough to drive her to her knees.  The darkness closed in around and her phone chirped out another text message.


“Lift your shirt and put them on.”


She was beyond rational thought.  Every nerve in her body felt as if it were trying to crawl out of her very skin.  Her breath came in ragged gasps and she shook with need, her depths rattling with the urgency of the vibrating toys.  She whimpered slightly as she plucked the clamps from the box and she dropped the packaging on the ground, too far gone to even care.  She pulled up her shirt quickly and then closed her eyes as she put first one, then the other on the delicate tips of her breasts.


The pressure wasn’t painful, merely insistent and it sent her even higher into oblivion as she pulled her shirt back down over the clamps.  The chain that dangled between her breasts felt cold on her abdomen but it was just another sensation that sent her rapidly toward the edge.  She took a few steps back from the statue, stumbled in the grass, and fell.


She closed her eyes, twitching, her hands between her legs, pressing hard through the fabric of her skirt.  One of the vibrating eggs slid against her clit while the other continued to churn deep within her.  It was too much.  She couldn’t control herself any more and she threw herself back, her hips rolling in orgasmic delight.


A hand, a real hand, frightened her, even as the sexual release began to explode through her. She glanced up, eyes open in fright, but when she saw him, the real man, the young man from the photograph, she relaxed into it.  Now she knew him. He had been in several classes with her, but never spoken to her.  She clung to him as he gathered her up, holding her shaking body, clutching her to his chest.  She sobbed with release, the pent up need rupturing ever inhibition, sending waves of pleasure through her that overwhelmed every sense.


And then the vibration slowed and ceased. She opened her eyes. A tablet computer was in his hand. He put it aside as she sucked in air, her chest heaving, the imprint of the clamps still visible underneath the taut tight cloth.


“Are you okay?” he asked and she heard his voice for the first time. It was strong and deep and she started to laugh hysterically. His eyebrow went up and he gave her a quizzical look. “What?


She shook her head and tried to control her laughter but it took a little while and he glanced around nervously. Already a few late night passersby had glanced at the cute couple sitting on the grass behind the Administration Building.  He sat through it though as she laughed uproariously, the sexual euphoria bleeding off until she finally quieted with a unladylike hiccup.


“Better now?” he asked as she flushed crimson, only to let out another tiny hiccup. Her hand flew to her mouth and she looked down.


“Pardon me,” she said, averting her gaze and it was his turn to chuckle.


“I think you’re fine,” he answered his own question and smiled.


She took a deep breath.  “Couldn’t you have just asked me out?” she said with chagrin as he pulled up. He was a good six inches taller than he was.


“I don’t do things like that. Besides, technically I haven’t asked you out yet. There is a dinner dance tomorrow I was wondering if you’d attend with me.  The dress from the photograph will be delivered to your dorm tomorrow morning.”


Her eyes narrowed and she glared at him, but with a light smirk underneath. “How do you know my size?”


His eyebrow went up.


She sighed. “How do you know I’ll say yes?”


He grinned and then tapped a few buttons on his tablet computer. Paige gasped as the vibrating eggs began a gentle purring thrum inside her and against her clit. In seconds she felt the stir of need building inside her. She grabbed his arm, eyes wild, mouth half open, gasping. He reached up, lifting her shirt until the chain was visible and he began tugging on it softly.


“So will you go out with me tomorrow?”


“Tomorrow?” she said, trembling.  “Take me tonight,” she said.


He grinned. Then he wrapped his arm around her and began walking her back through the campus. The vibrating eggs still continued to dance inside her and against her clit and she struggled to maintain her composure.


“Is every night with you going to be like this?” she asked, teeth clenched against the surge of sexual need that was again running through her veins.


He stopped, catching her as she stumbled against him. He turned her so that their eyes locked. His face was mere inches away.  Then he bent and kissed her, softly, gently upon the mouth.  She melted into his embrace, welcoming it.  Finally he pulled away, tugging against her desire.


“No,” he said shaking his head. “It will be even better. Because I was right. You are the one.”


She put her hand in his and felt the vibrations, and knew that he was right.  He was the one.


The End