No Right to Shoes is Finally Here!


During the fall of last year, Breanne was challenged to a very special assignment. Five days of non-stop torment, during which she would have a choice – which set of shoes to wear.  Each pair came with stipulations focusing on an aspect of her personality – or more accurately – her base, carnal desires. With the stripper shoes came humiliation. The stilettos – pain. The flip-flops focused on her nymphomania, while the final choice was to go barefoot. For weeks, fans were delighted with the in-depth story, featured right here at Michael Alexander’s BDSM Blog. But then… after eight parts… Breanne went silent.

Now the tale is finished. Complete from beginning to end. Over 85 thousand words, hundreds of pages long, it is a tale of seduction, of longing, of sexual torment, and of a girl who reels from one sexual escapade to another like a drunk between bars. Breanne is the perfect girl, loving her own objectification, yet privately mortified at the sexual persona she has become.

If you have enjoyed “Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut,” then you will LOVE Breanne Erickson’s No Right to Shoes.

Now available in e-book format!

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