Some website work

Thanks to a WordPress update, we’ve gone in and fixed some of the spacial issues throughout the website and Breannepedia. This has improved some of the visual elements of the site.

The Skeleton Closet, which did exist, was a little hard to find, so after some debate, a direct link was placed on the primary menu, allowing those readers with darker tastes to find Michael’s amazing A&E stories. However, we noticed that there wasn’t anything by Bre in the Skeleton Closet, so…

Two new stories were added to the Skeleton Closet – Both by Breanne. Readers can now find a classic tale entitled “Drawn & Quartered” as well as “The Last Hole”, which was only published on Reddit before.

We also added a new logo. The text behind it comes from one of Breanne’s more recent tales – an unpublished one. Not sure when she’ll submit it to the blog, or whether it will be in the one of her later books, but the assignment itself is rather amazing. Master Brandon’s assignment for Bre reads as follows:

Breanne, your assignment for the next three days will be insanely difficult for you. For the next 72 hours, you are to cum, frequently and as powerfully as possible. Your toy of the day should be something that vibrates – intensely. You will also attire yourself in slutty, revealing clothing, as well as NHPS footwear. What’s difficult about cumming though? You MUST have permission to cum. Worse, none of your regular doms or dommes may grant it. They may only work you toward cumming again. So who should you ask? Strangers, your dad, acquaintances – anyone who would be SHOCKED to be asked such an embarrassing question. Make sure they understand that if they do NOT grant you permission, and you cum anyway, they have the right to punish you – ten spanks to your bare bottom. (Don’t forget to bare your breasts too!) Should the person you’ve asked refuse to assist in ANY way, then you will go to one of your dommes or doms for punishment. 10 strokes to each foot, breast, buttock, and to the clitoris. 70 spanks in all. – Master Brandon