Website News

After some initial trouble linking the new website to the old home address, we’ve finally gotten some of the issues ironed out. The good news is that we are well on our way to getting things set up for all the fans. With today’s update:

  • We’ve completed the basic structure of the website, including author biographies, a list of both Breanne’s and Michael’s books, and begun the process of rebuilding the Free Story Archive.
  • The Free Story Archive now has four stories in it, including Crimson O and the Hall of Justice, Nature, The One, and The Passion Servant. We’re working on bringing you more of Breanne’s work.
  • Michael decided that the Skeleton Closet needed to be hard to find. So we’re working on the architectural layout, wondering where to put it. We’ll see what we can do!
  • The pdf. copy of Deep Waters, by Michael Alexander, is now available to read online!

So as you can see, plenty going on! As for our intrepid writers, Breanne informs us that she is still working diligently on “No Right to Shoes” her latest novel detailing the events of last fall. She’s been terribly busy with her work for Kari, and not getting in as much writing time as she’d like. She’s also been sick with a pretty bad cold, but she’s recovering.

Michael has also been busy, but with his other job. Right now he’s been mostly working on the third anthology of BDSM tales. Stay tuned!