Tales 1 Assignments



New Beginnings – Breanne introduces herself and her sex assignments.


Ben Wa Balls – Today is ben wa ball day!  Put the ben wa balls inside yourself and keep them there for a full nine hours.  You can take two five minute breaks.  No masturbation!


Special Assignment: How To Strip – Special Assignment assigned by Mistress Ellen.   Breanne, you will dress conservatively and drive out to the freeway.  Pull over and stop the vehicle.  Get out of the car and move to the very front of the vehicle.  You will then remove your clothes, folding each one neatly, and place the removed article of clothing on the hood of your vehicle.  You may remove your clothing in any order you desire.  Once you are naked, put on your denim duster, return to the driver’s seat, and get in.  You will not close your duster.  You will drive below the speed limit, in the far right hand lane.  Once you’ve passed 610, you will stop somewhere, masturbate in the car, turn around, and proceed toward home, again below the speed limit, in the right hand lane, with your duster open.


Screw A BananaGet a banana and find some private time.  Screw yourself with an unpeeled banana until you cum.  After you cum, peel the banana and put it back in.  Screw yourself until you either cum a second time or the banana breaks.


Oddball Objects – Find three odd ball objects you’ve never fucked before and do them.  Can be ANYTHING!


Constant Vibrations – Pick out your favorite vibrator. During the day, anytime you are alone, sitting down, you need to put the vibrator in, turn it on low, and keep doing your stuff. You are not allowed to cum. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving or at the computer. Good luck…and stay wet!


Au Natural – Today find a quiet spot outside.  It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, hot or cold, just head outside.  Strip naked, totally and lie down looking up at the sky. Spread your legs wide and lift your arms over your head.  Feel the earth, the sun, the rain…whatever.  Reach down and run your fingers through your sex until you ripen.  Then stand, redress, and don’t masturbate or cum for five hours.


Butt Plug Day – Butt Plug Day!  Grab your bottom plug, lube it up however you choose, stick it in, and keep it there the entire day.  You only get two ten minute breaks.


Punishment Bar – Breanne plays with her punishment bar.


Blow Job Friday #1Today is blowjob Friday.  Find a willing guy somewhere and provide the best blowjob ever…until he cums.


Clothespin Jumping Jacks – Clothespin Jumping Jacks!  Get twenty pegs and your ben wa balls. Go somewhere private, remove your clothing, put in the ben wa balls or vibrator and then put all twenty pegs on your body, concentrating on your breasts and cunt. Then do jumping jacks until the clothespins all fall off. Masturbate to orgasm at the end.


Rubber Bands & Tape – Rubber bands and Tape!  Get three really small rubber bands (like the kind used on braces to straighten teeth) and put one on each nipple.  The third band should go on your clit. Take a piece of duct tape and put it on over each rubber band.  Wear this for no less than six hours.  Remove and masturbate.


Dress Like A Slut DayToday is dress like a slut day. Head for the nearest mall dressed in your sluttiest (is that even a word?) outfit, minus panties and bra, but plus your ben wa balls. Walk the mall three times, making sure to smile at every man and woman who looks at you. If you get any offers accept them.


Naked Chores – Do one of your daily chores completely naked except for a pair of nipple clamps. Have your largest dildo ready and waiting. As soon as you are done with your chore, ram it in and then get dressed again. Take off the clamps but leave the dildo in for three hours.


Blowjob Friday #2 – Today is blowjob Friday. Find a willing guy somewhere and provide the best blowjob ever…until he cums.


Chocolate Mania – Breanne, head to the grocery store and pick out five pieces of candy.  Three of the selections must be phallic, bars of some kind.  I would recommend Three Musketeers, Large Tootsie Roll, stuff like that.  The last two pieces can be anything you want.  Take your purchases home, strip, get in the bathtub, and fuck every single piece of candy until you cum.  Lick your fingers clean.  Shower. 


Buying A Collar – Assigned by Mistress Ellen:  Breanne, go to your local pet shop wearing your duster and your high heels.  Find a male associate and ask him to help you select a collar.  Make a show of trying on several collars.  Select a thick leather one.  In the process allow your duster to fall open, flashing your breasts and pussy.  Purchase the collar and wear it out of the store.


Toilet Brush Fuck – Fuck a toilet brush.  I got a comment from a reader that he wanted me to replicate a particular video which is located here:



Blowjob Friday #3 – From Master Brandon:  Breanne, Today I want you to post a list of all the toys in your toy box.  Each item needs a sentence or two describing it as well as how you like to use it.  Post it on the blog.  While you are writing out your list, make sure you are sitting on a vibrator, embedded inside you, turned to its lowest setting.


Blowjob Friday #4 – Blowjob Friday.  It’s the final installment of three different blowjob Fridays.  When first proposed I came up with three options to complete the task and I ended up getting assigned to do all three options.  The first week I did a stranger at a club.  Last week was my trip to the porn store arcade.  This week I’m borrowing Robert from my former Mistress Kari (at great cost I might add).  So, on to do a blowjob.


Fuck An Egg – Fuck An Egg.  Put it in a condom and see if you can break it.


Play With Playdo – (Assigned by Master Brandon) Drive to a toy store wearing nothing but your duster and high heels.  Go inside and purchase enough play-doh (children’s putty) to make a six inch dildo.  Go back to your car, get in, open the play-doh and form it into a dildo.  Open your coat, push the play-doh dildo into your pussy, and drive home with your coat open and the play-doh dildo inside.


Rope Torture – Find some very rough rope, at least as thick as your thumb.  Tie one end around your waist with the dangling end at the small of your back.  Run the rope through your butt cheeks and pussy lips, up to the rope around your waist.  Tie it and cut off the extra.  Make sure the rope between your legs is pulled really tight up into your crotch. Get dressed again.  Wear the crotch rope for 12 hours.


Costume – Costume Play (Assigned by Mistress Ellen) Dress up in your duster, black lace bra and panties, black garter belt, and head to the toy store. Bring a vibrator, a bottom plug, and your nipple clamps.  Purchase a toy gun with holster.  Put on the toy gun, push the vibe, bottom plug, and clamps through the garter belt and go on a date with a guy who has never seen you naked.  Go all the way!


Blowjob Friday #5 – Blowjob Day (Ordered by Mistress Ellen) Find a guy in uniform and offer to give him the blow job of his life.


Driving Accessories – (Ordered by Master Brandon).  You will need two clothespins, your vibrating bullets, and two 2 foot lengths of string.  This evening you will dress in blue jeans, tee shirt, and duster. No bra or panties. You may wear any footwear you want.  You will find an acceptable place to remove your tee shirt completely, and insert your vibrating bullets.  You may put your pants back on.  Turn the bullets on to low.  Take the string and tie one piece to each clothespin.  Attach the clothespins to your nipples straight on.  Drape the string through the steering wheel of your truck.  Tie the loose ends of the strings directly to the steering wheel rim, opposite sides.  Make sure that there is very little slack in the string.  You will then drive across town, order a drink at a drive through restaurant, and head back home.


Icy Hot Torment – Icy Hot Torment.  Starting at 11am you will apply IcyHot to your nipples every hour on the hour until 6pm.  Once during that time period you will get a vibrator, lube it in IcyHot, and masturbate until you cum.


Duct Tape Top – Get a roll of duct tape.    Lift up your shirt and push your breasts together. Take one long piece of tape and place it across both breasts.  Lower your shirt.  Go to your local Wal-Mart.  Go to the very back of the store, remove your shirt, and walk out of the store at a normal pace.  When you are back at your truck, drive home wearing just the tape.


Ginger Root – Ginger Root: (Anonymous Assignment) Buy some ginger root at the grocery store, go someplace private, peel one finger of it and then fuck it until you cum. If it stops burning before you cum, then peel it again and keep going, but now you have to cum twice. If you don’t manage to orgasm twice before it stops burning, peel it again and keep masturbating, except now you have to cum three times.


Blowjob Friday #6 – Blowjob Friday


The Best Sauce – (Assigned by Master Mark) Dress in a skirt, sans panties.  It doesn’t matter what else you wear.  Go out to lunch at a fast food restaurant.  Order finger foods, at least three different items.  Find a comfortable place to sit, your choice.  Lay out your lunch in front of you.  You will eat each item, but prior to eating it, you must slip it between your legs and dip it into your pussy.  Dip it in as deep as possible before eating. 


For A Good Cause – (Assigned By Master Mark) Proceed to your regular stripping spot with a two by one foot piece of cardboard, a black marker, and your duster.  Remove all of your clothes with the exception of your panties.  Put on your high heels and your duster.  Take the marker and the cardboard and write the following: “See my tits for one dollar.  I’ll flash the whole thing for five dollars.”  Then drive to a busy intersection of your choice and stand on the corner holding the sign.  If anyone pays you a dollar, open your duster enough to show them your breasts.  If anyone gives you five dollars open your duster all the way.  Any money you collect should be donated to your favorite charity.  You can leave after ten minutes.


Getting Washed: (Assigned By Mistress Ellen) Proceed to your new stripping spot, driving your dirtiest vehicle. Go to the gazebo and strip, and then return to your vehicle wearing nothing but your duster and high heels. Open your duster and rub your body across the vehicle, getting as much dirt on your breasts, thighs, and bottom as possible. Once you are in the vehicle, drive to a car wash facility – a manned facility. Do not button or close the duster. When you speak with the employee ask if they can wash both you and your car. Cooperate with any and all orders given to you from staff members. You may masturbate at any time.


Basking In The Sun – Tomorrow, arrive at the Gazebo at XXXX wearing jean shorts, your boots, a tee shirt, and underneath a bikini. Bring your IcyHot cream, nipple clamps, an anal plug, and the biggest vibrator you’ve got. You will also need a beach towel. Once you get here, strip down to your bikini, find a sunny spot over there by the tree line, remove your bikini top and put the IcyHot and nipple clamps on. Then pull down your bottoms, put in the vibrator on high, and pull them back up. You will lie like that until a man with a dog approaches you. You will then give him a blow job until he cums. After he comes you will go back to the towel and lie on your stomach. You will then lube the anal plug and stick that in. You will bask under the sun for fifteen minutes. If you need to masturbate you may, but you must do it right there, and only after your fifteen minutes are up. Then you may remove the toys, walk back to the gazebo and get dressed, but go commando: no bikini. That gets removed and you can put on your clothes and drive home like that.


House Warming – (Assigned by Master Mark) On Saturday or Sunday drive around town until you find a partially constructed house.  It needs to at least have the main kitchen cabinets installed.  Once inside, you will strip naked and proceed to masturbate in every single room of the house.  To qualify as a room, the area must be called by a different name.  (For example, if the dining room and the living room are combined into one large room, you must masturbate in both, since the dining room is called something separate.)  You may bring any assortment of toys or lubricants in order to help facilitate this.  You must also bring an envelope, paper, and pen.  When you are finished, you will write a letter addressed to “New Owner”, informing them of what you have done, a contact email, and an offer to “repeat” the entire escapade for them in person if they so desire.


In The Bed – : (Assigned by Master Benedictine) Drive your truck to the mall parking lot. You will climb into the bed of the truck and lay down. Remove all of your clothing. Masturbate in the bed of the truck, face up, until you orgasm. Do not, for any reason, sit up or look around. When you are finished, get dressed and leave.


Getting My Oil Changed – (Assigned by Mistress Ellen) Proceed to your stripping spot and then return to your vehicle wearing nothing but your duster and high heels.  Place a vibrator in the pocket of your duster. Drive across town to the Lube Service station and explain to the attendant that you felt the desire to strip naked in the park and that you now require a lube job.  Hold up the vibrator as you explain this.  If they offer to lube you up, accept whatever “help” or “lube” they provide.  Masturbate, but do not cum, for anyone who cares to watch.  If you are asked to provide blowjobs, do your best, but you do not have to fuck anyone unless you want too.


Stinging Nettles – (Assigned by Master Brandon) Stinging Nettles.  You will proceed out into one of your fields and find a plant called stinging nettle or milkweed.  You will cut three leaves from the plant.  You will then loosen your clothing so that you can have access to your breasts and pussy.  You will place one leaf of the nettle over each nipple.  Then you will put the last leaf over your pussy.  You must keep them on for at least ten minutes.


All In White – (Assigned by Master Mark) When it is raining, you will go to the mall and find a place to change into a new outfit.  You will wear your high heels, a thin white skirt (any length), and a thin white shirt.  No bra or panties.  Bring a shopping bag for your regular clothes.  Once you have changed, take your regular clothes back out to your car, put them inside, and walk slowly back to the mall.  Make sure you are drenched.  Walk at least two sections of the mall, then return to your car.


Wisdom Teeth – Confessions


I’m Back – A Message from Breanne


Breanne On The Rocks – (Assigned by Master Brandon) Breanne on the Rocks.  Make a tray of bottle ice cylinders (the kind of ice cubes that can fit in a sports drink bottle).  Every hour starting at noon, retrieve an ice cylinder, go someplace private, and insert it into your pussy.  Once inserted, you will masturbate. If you orgasm before the ice is completely melted, you must put dabs of your IcyHot cream on your nipples and clit at the beginning of the next session.  Do this every hour from noon until eight pm.


Self Inflicted Pony Ride – (Assigned by Master Brandon) Self-Inflicted Pony.  Go to your barn.  Get two pieces of rope, two clothespins, a broom or shovel handle, and a weight.  Tie one end of the stick to the wall at belly button height.  Take the other piece of rope and tie it to the other end of the stick, and toss the rope over a beam in your barn.  Tie the weight to it so that the stick points upward. Strip naked.  Attach the clothespins to your nipples.  Straddle the stick and move down to the end away from the wall.  Your pussy should push the stick downward and lift the weight off the ground.  You may use your hands to get into proper position.  Once there stay in position for twenty minutes.  Keep your hands clasped behind your head or behind your back.


Another Spanking – Proceed to your stripping spot with your bottom plug, a halter top, mini-skirt, and high heels.  Change into the halter, mini-skirt, and heels.  No panties or bra.  You will then lubricate and insert the plug into your bottom.  You will then find three different guys (individually) who you have never met before, and explain to them that you are a bad girl and need to be punished.  Ask each of them to give you ten spanks on your bottom.  You can barter sexual services in exchange for spankings.  Also, remember Michael’s rule about being bare breasted when spanked.


How Many Guys Does It Take? – (Assigned by Mistress Ellen) Find four guys who have never seen you naked and do not know you and ask them to shave your pussy.  Use whatever means necessary to coerce them into cooperating.


A Knotty Rope Walk – (Assigned by Master Brandon) You will get out the rope with knots you used several weeks ago.  Take a bottle of lemon juice and a bottle of Tabasco sauce and randomly soak ten knots for each fluid.  Then tie the rope at belly button height and use the ratchet puller to tighten it.  Get your pad lock and put the key on the wall above where you’ve tied the rope.  Strip naked and put on your collar, ankle cuffs, and wrist cuffs.  Attach your alligator nipple clamps to your nipples. Lock your wrist cuffs to the collar with the padlock.  Straddle the rope and proceed to walk across the barn with the rope between your legs.  When you get the key, you can unlock yourself and get off the rope.


Preparing The Fireworks!- What to do for July 4th?


July 4th Special Assignment – Breanne: On Independence Day you will masturbate 13 times with a sex toy of your choice, lubricated each time with IcyHot. This is to remember the 13 colonies. At some point during the day you will find a man willing to use a belt or leather sap on your bare pussy for a full 50 strokes. This will symbolize the current fifty states of the union.


Bucket ListAssigned by Master Brandon. Breanne, you will take your largest vibrator, your butterfly clitoral stimulator, and your Japanese clover nipple clamps and go to your barn. Once you are at the barn, you will need to create a platform for you to lie on, where your breasts can hang beneath you. You will get a bucket and a watering can or hose. You will strip naked. Insert the vibrator and turn it to maximum. Put on the butterfly stimulator and turn it to maximum. Then put one clamp on. Lie down on the platform so that your breasts hang down underneath you. String the handle of the bucket on the chain connecting the clamps and attach the loose clamp to your other breast. Lie face down completely and use one hand to start filling the bucket beneath you. You may get up when either the bucket causes one of the clamps to get tugged off your breast, or when you cum.


Corn In The Cunt – Breanne, you love eating corn on the cob whilst sitting on a bench in the park but you have two problems 1) Corn is always cold by the time you get to the park and 2) your hands get all greasy from holding it so you can’t drive properly. Using your powers of sluttiness you come up with a solution.  You will cook the corn at home making sure to put plenty of butter on it for extra yummyness then using the butter as lube you will slide it into your cunt so it stays nice and warm and your hands don’t get greasy from holding it. Drive to the park, sit down on your choice of bench, slide the corn out of your cunt and eat it as if it were a cock with plenty of licking and sucking. You may deep  throat it for extra credit.  I leave the choice of clothing up to you with the one condition that you can’t wear your duster or anything similar so either a short skirt for ease of extraction or jeans to cover up the butter that will no doubt be running out of you and down your legs.  Oh and don’t burn your snatch with a hot corn cob


In The Bathroom – Breanne, you will get dressed in any outfit you would like, however it must have five pieces, no more no less. You will then visit five different public men’s restrooms. In each one of the restrooms you must make at least one man cum. For each man who cums, you must remove one article of clothing permanently for the duration of the assignment. You must visit all five restrooms regardless of how many men you have made cum, or the current state of your clothing.


Three Clothespins – (by Master Brandon) Breanne, you will choose one day during the next week to wear a short skirt and halter top. You will not wear a bra or panties. You will need to be dressed like this for the entire day. You will keep three clothespins on your person at all times. At the very beginning of the day you will lift your skirt, masturbate with your fingers until you are ready to explode, and then you will put one clothespin on your clit. The other two clothespins will be attached to your labia. Anytime you are alone, you are to remove the clothespins from your labia and move them to your nipples. You may not cum during this assignment. The assignment is over when you go to bed.


On The Fence – (assigned by Master Brandon) The night before the assignment you will put your padlock key on a 4 foot string and freeze it in a 20oz bottle’s worth of water. The following day you will take the bottle (in a cooler), your Japanese Clover Clamps, your butterfly clitoral vibrator, your wrist cuffs, and your padlock and drive to any location you desire provided said location has a chain link fence. When you arrive you will strip naked but you will leave the crotch rope and ben wa balls in and tight. You will put on the butterfly vibrator and then clip the clamps to your nipples. You will tie the end of the string that is attached to the bottle and key to the middle of the chain connecting the nipple clamps. Toss the bottle over the top of the fence so that it dangles on the other side, pulling on your nipples. Activate the butterfly vibrator and turn it to its maximum setting. Attach your cuffs and padlock them to the fence so that you can get to the key when it is finally freed from the ice. You may cum if necessary. In the event that you are approached, you must ask them to spank you but you can not let the crotch rope be removed.


Rules For Nympho Humiliation Pain Sluts



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